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  1. „There is a warning to people with particular £20 or £50 paper notes in the UK that they could face long queues if they try to exchange them. This type of cash becomes redundant on Friday, September 30.   The Bank of England has advised people to remain patient when they try to change them for new polymer notes, which are harder to fake. There is no deadline to swap old notes for new ones, but consumers are still rushing to swap them, Manchester Evening News reports.   The Bank says that long queues are forming and that people could wait for more than an hour if they rush to change the money. The paper notes can be swapped for new polymer ones at the Bank of England, as well as high street banks and some Post Offices.   If you need to get old banknotes swapped on the same day, the Bank of England is your best bet. However, the Bank has warned of long queues to swap these old notes. A Bank of England statement said: "The Bank of England Counter is currently open from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday and is experiencing very high demand. "There will be long queues and you may encounter waiting times in excess of an hour. We would ask that you kindly consider the long wait times when travelling to the Bank to undertake an in person exchange - if you arrive after 2pm it is possible you may not get served before we close.   "Unless you require your banknotes immediately, we would suggest sending your banknotes via the post." If you go to a Post Office from September 15, you can swap banknotes - but only at certain branches. You can also only swap up to £300 in old banknotes.“ The notes which can be exchanged are: Elizabeth Fry paper £5 note Charles Darwin paper £10 note Adam Smith paper £20 note Boulton and Watt paper £50 note   https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/bank-england-10-day-warning-7604265        
  2. Bank of England 10-day warning over old £20 and £50 paper notes

    I have just checked, I have 2 Adam Smith notes and 1 Elizabeh Fry note. 
  3. September Events in Stuttgart

    16.09.2022 THW Rock Night 7.00 p.m. 18.09.2022 Open Day at THW   Zuletzt haben wir im Jahr 2019 unsere Pforten geöffnet und gemeinsam unseren Tag der offenen Tür im THW Ortsverband Stuttgart zu feiern. Nach langem Warten und pünktlich zu unserem 70-jährigen Bestehen freuen wir uns, Ihnen am Sonntag, 18.09. ab 11 Uhr wieder spannende Einblicke in die Welt des THW und anderen Blaulichtorganisationen zu bieten.  Am Freitagabend, 16.09.2022 laden wir ab 19 Uhr zur THW ROCK NIGHT mit der Cover Band rabbit-food.   Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk Ortsverband Stuttgart Burgholzstraße 31 70376 Stuttgart   https://ov-stuttgart.thw.de/aktuelles/aktuelle-meldungen/artikel/ankuendigung-tag-der-offenen-tuer-des-thw-am-18-september-findet-statt     Autumn Fest in Vaihingen 16.09-18.09.2022    Sunday shopping on 18.09.2022 from 01.00 - 6.00 p.m.   Vaihinger Herbst 2022  Fr. 16.09.22, 18.00 – 22.30 Uhr Sa. 17.09.22, 10.00 – 24.00 Uhr So. 18.09.22, 11.00 – 21.30 Uhr – verkaufsoffener So. 13.00 – 18.00 Uhr   Tipp: In der Schwabengalerie kann man neben vielen Aktionen der dortigen Geschäfte kostenfrei am verkaufsoffenen Sonntag  parken.   Kunstmeile Sa. 17.09.22, 10.00 – 19.00 Uhr So. 18.09.22, 11.00 – 18.00 Uhr https://www.vvf-aktiv.de/veranstaltungen/225-vaihinger-herbst-16-18-sept-2022.html  
  4. September Events in Stuttgart

    01-09.09.2022   Das Programm richtet sich an Kinder im Alter von etwa vier bis zehn Jahren und geht vom 28. Juli bis zum 9. September. Alle Termine, Infos und Buchungsmöglichkeiten gibt es unter    www.neckar-kaeptn.de/kinderferienprogramm.     Wein Festival 17.08-04.09.2022   Marktplatz Stuttgart https://www.stuttgarter-weindorf.de/stuttgarter-weindorf-2022/     02 - 06.09.2022 Horse Market & Fair in Bietigheim   https://www.bietigheimer.de/Pferdemarkt/       03 - 04.09.2022 Opening Ceremony at theTractor Museum   Pfadäckerstraße 5 Stuttgart-Hofen   03.09.2022 03.00 p.m.   04.09.2022 11.00 a.am   Instagram: Traktormuseum-_Stuttgart   Tel: 0170 23 73 99 41   https://www.stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inhalt.sammlerfreude-in-hofen-stuttgart-bekommt-ein-traktor-museum.7665355d-7047-4770-8310-34e33f8210b9.html?reduced=true     Tram Museum Stuttgart   Sonntag           10:00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m.   Montag              10.00 a.m. -04.00 p.m.   Dienstag          10.00 a.m. -04.00 p.m.   Mittwoch          10.00 a.m. -04.00 p.m.   https://www.shb-ev.net/web/index.php?id=247   https://www.shb-ev.net/web/index.php?id=9       09.09-12.09.2022 Feuerbacher Kirbe   11.09.2022 Shops are open from 01.00-6.00 p.m.     https://www.mvfeuerbach.de/?page_id=120       18.09.2022 Feuersee Fest Shops are open from 12.00 - 05.00 p.m.   https://www.stuttgart.de/rathaus/stadtbezirke/verkaufsoffene-sonntage.php       23.09-09.10.2022 Stuttgarter Beer Festival   25.09.2022 11.00 a.m. Parade from Kurpark to the fair ground. Shops in Bad Cannstatt are open from 01.00-6.00 p.m.   https://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/e-stuttgart-beer-festival-2022       24.09 - 03.10.2022 Historische Volksfest am Schlossplatz   https://www.historisches-volksfest.de/       25.09 - 03.10.2022 Agricultural Exhibition   Animals and farming machinery . Entrance is to the rear of the fairground   https://www.lwh-stuttgart.de/     Ludwigsburg palace and fairytale garden   www.schloss-ludwigsburg.de/en/visitor-experience/palace-garden/the-garden   26.08 - 04.12.2022 Pumpkin Exhibition Ludwigsburg   https://travel.ludwigsburg.de/start/events+_+festivals/ludwigsburg+pumpkin+festival.html
  5. What made you laugh today?

    Knitted and crocheted tributes are just one of many ways people across England have found to honour the late Queen. Queen Elizabeth II died at her Balmoral estate in Scotland on Thursday at the age of 96.   Since her death a number of postboxes across the country have been decked out with special woolly tops.   The Royal Mail said it appreciated "the creativity" but has asked people to ensure they do not prevent mail from being collected or posted.   Many of the toppers feature images of the late monarch, her beloved corgis and an array of crowns.   https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-62893596
  6. There will be an exhibition in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the town hall in Stuttgart on Saturday 17.09.2022.  Viewing times: 11.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.   Rathaus Stuttgart Marktplatz 1 70173 Stuttgart       St. Catherine‘s Church  Olgastr. 56  70182 Stuttgart   Daily: ringing of bells until and including funeral date of 19th September   Wednesday 14th September – 13:00-15:00 – church open for reflection, private prayer and the opportunity to light a candle   Thursday 15th September -12:00-14.00 – church open for reflection, private prayer and the opportunity to light a candle   Sunday 18th September – 12:00 – Holy Communion with Church of England liturgy written specifically for this ‘period of mourning’   On Line: – light a virtual candle – sign the official CofE book of condolence – listen to the St C bells – pray the released official prayerI   https://stcatherines-stuttgart.de/  
  7. Fristlose Kündigung for non-paying of usury rent

    In spite of what Karin and Krieg wrote, you still do not seem to understand the seriousness of your situation. No tenant can take the law into their own hands as you have done, it is simply not allowed. You should have gone to a lawyer and done this through the German legal system. You would have likely won your case, probably got some money back  and it would have been official. You have simply reduced your rent payments yourself without a court order which is illegal.   As you have given your case to the Mieterverein All correspondence must be done by them, do not interfer. Your landlady should not write to you at all. All letters must be addressed to the Mieterverein. They are experts and know full well what to do. Your landlady will know full well that she should do this. Perhaps she is waiting for you to make another "innocent" mistake so that she has more to prove against you.   Make an appointment with the Mieterverein and ask what the latest stand is. They will not be pleased to hear that you have been corresponding with your landlady but you are obliged to inform them and make copies of all letters received from her.   The Germans have a saying, being in the right and getting justice are two different pairs of shoes.   I hope you now fully understand what a mess you are in and wish you the best of luck.
  8. There is a condolence book for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the British Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart. Opening times are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 12:00 p.m until  September 19th.   Britisches Honorarkonsulat Stuttgart Königstraße 1 A 70173 Stuttgart Telefon +49 711 518923-46  
  9. Queen Elizabeth

      Laws are made and passed by an elected parliament. No member of the royal family can make or change a law. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth as head of state had to sign laws passed by Parliament regardless of her personal views.    Members of the royal family caught speeding had to pay a fine just ike everybody else and that is the way it should be.
  10. State pension pflegegeld

    Items that fall under Sachleistung are such things as a hospital bed that you can lower and raise automatically, a wheelchair, a commode things like that. Help in washing and dressing a paitent by a Pflegedienst may also be possible.   You appear to be a full- time carer so are not able to work.  Have you thought about applying for Arbeislosengeld II?  You will have to state the financial situation of all the people in your "Bedarfsgemeinschaft" (people who live with you under one roof) if you make an application.   https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/arbeitslosengeld-2/voraussetzungen-einkommen-vermoegen    
  11. State pension pflegegeld

      According to the UK goverment website, your parents must be registered with a statutory German health insurance organisation. "How to use an S1 form in Germany You must register your S1 form with your chosen statutory health insurer in Germany. See a list of statutory health insurers (in German). Contact them to find out what documents you need to provide. It usually includes:       your passport     proof that you’re registered as a resident in Germany     proof of income or that you’re a pensioner   Once you’ve registered your S1, you’ll get a health insurance ID card. This shows that you’re entitled to healthcare on the same basis as a German citizen."   https://www.gov.uk/guidance/healthcare-in-germany   To obtain Pflegegeld you must first contact your Krankenkasse who then contact the Pflegekasse. The Pflegekasse then inform the Medizinischer Dienst, they in turn send you a quesion sheet basically asking what the patient can do themselves and how you assist the patient. An appointment at your home will be arranged and the patient will be assessed. Can they wash themselves, do they need help going to the toilet, do they need assistance to eat and drink? Things like this will be discussed at your home.   There are five levels of Pflegegrad, depending on how much help the patient needs. If the claim for Pflegeld is approved, the Krankenkasse will also pay a monthly contribution to your Rentenversicherung.   https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/pflegegeld.html Although I am not an expert, I hope this information helps you.  
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

     I choose the following music for the funeral which had everyone in tears myself included. Two of my friends stood at either side of me and held my hand as the coffin was lowered which I found very touching.   Hinterm Horizont geht′s weiter  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1qMVXowIhI   You'll Be in My Heart  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=git6DCXSqjE     Smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X7mEmT7JWs   The funeral went better than I expected and we had a nice meal afterwards. It was all very uplifting in a strange sort of way.                    
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts, you are all so kind.   @JG52 I understand what you are saying. My husband had bowel cancer which had spread to his liver and lungs. When I phoned  112 I informed them of this and when asked that he was not breathing. I did not say anything about a Patientverfügung because I did not even think about anyone trying to resucitate him at the time. I mistakenly thought that they would come and certify the time of death and leave so that I had a death certificate. I now know otherwise. In Baden-Württemberg, two independent Doctors must examine the deceased. The second Doctor came about 8.00 p.m examined my husband for about 5 minutes and then gave me the death certificate and left. He informed me that in Baden-Württemberg you are allowed to keep a deceased person at home for up to three days. We had some special time together, just the two of us on Sunday. I didn't tell anyone he had died till late Sunday evening. The funeral director came at 7.00 p.m. on Sunday and took my husband to the chamber of rest.     Yesterday I went to the funeral parlour and arranged for the funeral to take place on Thursday.  
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    My husband had a terminal illness and died at home yesterday. I dialled112, informed them of his illness and past treatment and then they asked me if he was breathing to which I replied no. SIX people arrived and all hell broke lose. They laid my husband on the floor, put something in his mouth, did an EKG and tried to resucitate him. I screamed for them to stop and said he did not want to be resucitated. They asked if he had a „Patientverfügung“  I was shaking so much I could hardly get the document out of the file. I showed them the document and then they finally stopped. What should have been a peaceful passing, changed into a hectic, frantic scenario which will stay with me for the rest of my life.              
  15. Why are you unhappy today?

    Freya could still be alive if people had left her alone   „People refused warnings not to get too close to the 1,300lb (600kg) animal, putting her and themselves at risk.   On one occasion, police blocked off a bathing area after the walrus chased a woman into the water, local media say. Last week, Norway's fisheries ministry issued a photograph of a large group of people, including children, standing within touching distance of the animal. On Sunday, the director general of fisheries, Frank Bakke-Jensen, said the decision to put the animal down had been based "on an overall assessment of the continued threat to human safety".   "Through on-site observations the past week it was made clear that the public has disregarded the current recommendation to keep a clear distance to the walrus. Therefore, the Directorate has concluded, the possibility for potential harm to people was high and animal welfare was not being maintained," Mr Bakke-Jensen said in a statement."   He added that other options had been considered, including moving Freya out of the fjord, but they had been discarded out of concern for the welfare of the walrus.“   „The operation to euthanise her had been carried out "in a humane fashion", with the body taken for further examination by vets.“   How on earth can it be „humane“ to kill such an animal? I hope the people who ignored the warning to leave her alone are utterly ashamed of themselves.   https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-62539485              
  16. Why are you unhappy today?

    Have a safe journey and treasure every minute you can spend with your loved ones.
  17. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    Just received my new payback coupons. DM now requires bought goods for a minimum of 20 € to get  x15 points and Penny requires bought goods for a minimum of 25 € to get x 5 points. Another example of poor customer services, they tell you how much you must spend in their stores.
  18. August Events in Stuttgart

    01.08-31.08.2022 Boat trips www.neckar-kaeptn.de   Boat trips for children Piratenfahrten auf dem Neckarbesen ab Stuttgart https://neckar-kaeptn.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/NeckarKaeptn_Flyer_Kinderferienprogramm.pdf   05-06.08.2022 Wine tasting   www.stuttgart-tourist.de/e-weinmeile-unterm-wuerttemberg   17.08-04.09.2022 Wine Festival www.stuttgarter-weindorf.de     09-13.08.2022 German Open Dancing Competition   Kultur- & Kongresszentrum Liederhalle Berliner Platz 1-3D-70174 Stuttgart   www.goc-stuttgart.de/en     13.08.2022      Verdis Oper „AIDA“ als Open-Air      Killesberg   www.spardawelt-freilichtbuehne.de/veranstaltungen     19-21.08.2022 International Firework Festival Scharnhauser Park Ostfildern https://flammende-sterne.de/   19-31.08 Mercedes-Benz open-air cinema www.mercedes-benz.com/de/classic/museum/open-air-kino   26-29.08.2022 Markgrönninger Schäferlauf www.schaeferlauf.de/startseite   Ludwigsburg palace and fairytale garden   www.schloss-ludwigsburg.de/en/visitor-experience/palace-garden/the-garden   26.08-04.12.2022 Pumpkin Exhibition Ludwigsburg https://travel.ludwigsburg.de/start/events+_+festivals/ludwigsburg+pumpkin+festival.html    
  19. August Events in Stuttgart

    01-10.08.2022  Summer Festival Markplatz Esslingen   https://estival-esslingen.de/     13-14 08.2022 Die Stuttgarter Steillagentage, das "schönste Weinfest direkt am Neckar", findet zum zwölften Mal und zwar am 13. und 14. August 2022 statt. Es wird wiederum ein umfangreiches Rahmenprogramm angeboten: fachlich geführte Themenwanderungen durch die Weinberge, Weinausschank in den Wengerthäusle und entlang des Neckars, Speisen passend zum Wein, Weinfrühschoppen am Sonntag und Gottesdienst inmitten der Weinberge, beleuchtete Rebhänge und Wengerthäusle in den Abendstunden. In den letzten Jahren waren ca. 4000 Personen zu Gast und waren begeistert vom besonderen Flair der steilen Weinberge und der wunderschönen Naturkulisse direkt am Neckar und am Max Eyth See.  Am besten zu erreichen mit der U14 oder U12 Haltestelle Auwiesen und von dort ca. 5 Minuten Fußweg zum Steillagenfest.   If you travel with the U12 or U14, get out at Auwiesen and walk back towards Stuttgart. Go down the steps to the Neckar and walk in the direction of Stuttgart until you see the food stalls.   http://www.weinbauern-muehlhausen.de/index.php/steillagentage                
  20. What are you watching right now?

    I watched a documentary about Roy Orbison yesterday evening. I didn‘t know how tragic his  life was before he met his second wife who was from Bielefeld. Roy died on 06.12.1988 and 23 years later his wife died on the same day.  RIP Roy your music lives on. https://www.arte.tv/de/videos/107166-000-A/von-pretty-woman-zu-only-the-lonely/  
  21. What made you laugh today?

    A cheeky bird steals packets of crisps from a shop.   https://web.de/magazine/panorama/18-chipstueten-gestohlen-raeuberische-seemoewe-raeumt-laden-yorkshire-37107282        
  22. Why are you unhappy today?

    So sorry to hear about your Father passing away, my heartfelt condolences.   "It will be the little things that you will remember, the quiet moments, the smiles and the laughter. Although it may seem hard right now, it will be the memories of these little things That help to push away the pain and bring the smiles back again."    Sending you a big Yorkshire hug.  
  23. July Events in Stuttgart

      Mercedes Summer Concerts 07-10.07.2022 https://www.mercedes-benz.com/de/classic/museum/konzertsommer/   Jazz open 07-17.07.2022     Sting     17.07.2022    https://www.jazzopen.com/   Abendmarkte  From June to August there are weekly eveining events from 05.00-10.00 p.m. in Bad Cannstatt, Stammheim, Untertürkheim and Vaihingen.   Bahnhof Untertürkheim           Thursdays   Kirchplatz Stammheim            Wednesdays      Marktplatz Bad Cannstatt        Fridays        Rathausplatz Vaihingen          Saturdays www.abendmarkt-stuttgart.de     08.07.2022 Liederhalle Stuttgart Fachmesse rund ums Sehen in Stuttgart https://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/inhalt.besser-sehen-fachmesse-rund-ums-sehen-in-stuttgart.c26a8b6f-588b-4400-aaca-edacfea5ce6f.html     07-17.07.2022 Hamburger Fischmarkt  www.fischmarkt.events/stuttgart/     09.07.2022 Lichterfest Killesberg  Fireworks and music in the Killesberg park https://www.stadtwerke-lichterfest.de/de/home/     12-17.07.2022 Culture Festival Stuttgart https://sommerfestival-der-kulturen.de/     14.07.022 Bob Geldorf    Bürgerplatz Leonberg https://leonpalooza.de/#programm     Winterbach Zelt Spektakel 2022   19.07.2022 Alan Parsons Live Project   20.07.2022 James Blunt   21.07.2022 Rag’N’Bone Man https://zeltspektakel.com/     20-24.07.2022 Food Festival in Böblingen  Schlemmen am See                 So. 31.07. 2022   2.30 and 4.00 p.m. Guided tours of  the air- raid shelter in Feuerbach. Tiefbunker Feuerbach, Wiener Platz 3 Feuerbach http://www.schutzbauten-stuttgart.de/  
  24. Tax deduction--rent from a 2nd apartment used as an office?

    Lack of housing is a big problem in Germany. You  cannot rent an apartment and turn it into an office without permission which will not be granted anyway.   Google coworking in Berlin. Coworking offices can be found all over Germany and will suit your purpose.  You can rent a desk for a few hours, days or permanently.
  25. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Here is what a rail worker states as being the real cause of the strike. "They want all operatives across the country to be gone and replaced with a job role called assistant technician. "The duties of this role would include travelling to various locations throughout the country in your own vehicle, therefore using more fuel and having to change your insurance policy to allow for business use, therefore costing the worker more money. "They also want to bring in cross-discipline working so they want staff to be able to work with various departments using skills that people have mastered over years of experience.   Mick Lynch says his union is prepared to negotiate with government "However, they expect us to do their highly skilled work even though we are not trained to do the task.   "Network Rail wants to attack our pension scheme and make us work more weekends with reduced rest periods between shifts, therefore making staff more fatigued and increasing the risk of serious injury."   https://news.sky.com/story/rail-strikes-worker-explains-reasons-for-walkout-saying-it-has-nothing-to-do-with-money-12637876