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  1. This is really strange. The same thing happened to another British magician/comedian on 15.04 1984. He was always shaking his hands and his catch phrase was " I did it just like that"


    "TOMMY COOPER was always going to be a hard act to follow.

    But at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Westminster, on the night of April 15, 1984, Les Dennis and Dustin Gee found it more difficult than they could possibly have imagined.


    The comedians were the next act on the bill of LWT’s Live At Her Majesty’s, and Cooper had just collapsed from a fatal heart attack midway through his routine in front of millions of TV viewers.


    An assistant had helped Cooper put on a cape, and host Jimmy Tarbuck was hiding behind the curtain, passing different props to Cooper who then pretended to pull them from under his cape.

    Believing it was part of the routine, the assistant smiled at Cooper and the audience laughed uproariously as he fell, gasping for air. But as Tarbuck’s manager tried to drag Cooper back through the curtains, the director realised something was seriously wrong and cut to an unscheduled break."






  2. 3 hours ago, annieb8822 said:


    My husband has a full time contract with the company. He´s not been sacked or made redundant. He is also not working. He´s not being paid either. Apparently he´ll get €400 basis.

    Our problem is we have used all of our savings to move and renovate this place that we´ve ended up in. I gave up my work, our house is being sold, we can´t claim unemployment because he´s not been sacked and he can not afford to leave.


    As far as I know, the contract must still exist because it has not bee terminated. 


    As you do not seem to have any income at the moment, I do hope that you both have something to eat and some cash to buy things for your daily needs with. 


    You can ensure and prove that important documents have been delivered if you send them by Einschreiben mit Rückschein. This means that someone from the company has to sign the label from the post office certifying that the document has been delivered. The sender then receives this signed label with their post. If things come to a head you have proof that the document was delivered and nobody answered it.


  3. 15 hours ago, Wherearewegoingto said:

    Interesting part to me is that they employ a nappy changer not a toilet trainer.


    And instead of trying to help and train the kids on the skill they lack teachers complain and accommodate. Whats coming next?


    If you leave it as it is the next generation will not be different at all.



    Where do you think the money comes from to EMPLOY a nappy changer? Schools are awarded money from the state and where does the state get the money from to pay for this, the TAXPAYER.


    Unfortunately, the article does not mention if the nappy changer is in the classroom all the time or if they have to call for her to come from a nearby room. Is the child then taken out of the classroom to have the nappy changed or is it done in the classroom? If you take a class of 20-25 children could be more and two children have to have their nappies changed in a 45 minute lesson, how much teaching time has been lost for the other children?


    Drivers drive, painters paint, managers manage and teachers are supposed to teach not change nappies.


    Lack of table manners can be a real job-killer in later life. I have heard several cases of young aspiring managers entertaining important clients. As nobody had told them how to use a knife and fork and that you do not begin to eat or drink until all your guests have been served, they did things they should not have done. Do you think they got the contract?


    I have never understood why people who cannot sort their own life out, bring children into this world knowing full well that the child will have a difficult life. I am not talking about money and wealth, I am talking about a solid intact stable family for a child to grow up in. I know several people who came from poor families who talk about what a happy childhood they had even though their parents could not afford to buy them things other families had and that they had to wear clothes from older brothers and sisters.




  4. How to use a knife and fork or hold a pen should be taught at home by the family. I wonder what sort of food is put on the table at such homes. Do they eat as a family sat around the table and talk about their day?


    I've just thought, perhaps they don't have a table.  


  5. Walsall Infant School Employs Nappy Changer


    "An infant school has employed someone to change nappies because so many pupils are not toilet-trained, a councillor has said.

    Chris Towe, Walsall Council's portfolio holder for education, said: "We are talking about five-year-olds here and it is not acceptable."

    He said it was among many examples of children in the West Midlands borough starting school without basic skills.

    Schools told him many pupils could not communicate or hold a pencil properly.


    Head teachers had also raised concerns that school starters could not use cutlery or dress themselves.

    Mr Towe told the BBC he had spoken to the heads of 80 infant and primary schools and found the lack of basic skills to be a "massive issue".







  6. When you write your CV you state how long your period of employment was with each company you worked for.


    According to the duration of employment, you must have an Arbeitsbestätigung or an Arbeitszeugnis for each company you worked for.


    As you worked for your previous employer for longer than 6 months, you are entitled to an Arbeitszeugnis.


    Here in Germany, these documents are very important as you have to provide them for each job you apply for all your working life.


  7. How long did you work for your ex-employer? If it was less than six months, your ex-employer is not obliged to give you an Arbeitszeugnis. You are then only entitled to an Arbeitsbescheinigung which states the duration of your employment and the position you had there. 


    I am not a lawyer and cannot give you any legal advice. 


  8. I am angry with myself. I have just lost the third pair of gloves this winter.  I was sat a bus stop on the other side of town and remember taking my gloves off and now they are missing. Three pairs of gloves lost in one winter, unbelievable.




  9. Are you a member of the Mieterverein? If not I would suggest you arrange an appointment there as soon as possible. Your  Landlady is breaking all the rules in the book, what she is doing is illegal.


    “Streitthema Schlüssel

    Der Vermieter muss einem neuen Mieter sämtliche Schlüssel aushändigen. Nach Darstellung des Deutschen Mieterbundes (DMB) gehören nicht nur Haus- und Wohnungsschlüssel dazu, sondern auch Keller, Briefkasten und Garagen-Schlüssel. Der Vermieter darf auch nicht „für alle Fälle“ einen Schlüssel zur Wohnung behalten. Überlässt ein Mieter dem Vermieter freiwillig ein Exemplar, darf dieser dennoch nur mit Einwilligung des Bewohners die Wohnung betreten.”



    Besichtigungsrecht des Vermieters


    “Will der Vermieter die Wohnung neu vermieten oder das Haus verkaufen, darf er die Wohnung zusammen mit Interessenten oder einem Makler betreten und besichtigen. Der Mieter muss die Miet- oder Kaufinteressenten aber nur in seine Wohnung lassen, wenn sie zusammen mit dem Vermieter kommen.

    In jedem Fall muss der Vermieter die Besichtigung aber rechtzeitig ankündigen. Bei dringenden Handwerkerarbeiten können 24 Stunden Vorlauf genügen. Im Regelfall ist aber von mehreren Tagen auszugehen. Das Ablesen der Heizkostenverteiler kündigen die Wärmemessdienstunternehmen 10 bis 14 Tage vorher an.

    Grundsätzlich muss der Vermieter nach Darstellung des Deutschen Mieterbundes auf eine Berufstätigkeit des Mieters Rücksicht nehmen. Besichtigungstermine – insbesondere mit Kauf- und Mietinteressenten – müssen mindestens 14 Tage vorher vereinbart werden. Sind dem Mieter derartige Termine nur ab 19.00 Uhr oder an Samstagen möglich, ist das zu berücksichtigen.
    Dauer- und Massenbesichtigungen müssen Mieter auch in diesen Fällen nicht akzeptieren. Es reicht auch, wenn sie sich einen Besichtigungstermin in der Woche für maximal drei bis vier Interessenten frei halten.”




    As Jeba suggested you could install a camera in your apartment. You could also print out the above text and pin it on your door. Allowing strange people into your flat in your absence is a no go.


    When people are being shown around your apartment you could comment on all the things that you Landlady hasn’t seen to in your flat. You could say something like, Oh don’t forget to inform them about  the tap that has been dripping since...    have you told them about the mold in the bathroom or shall we show them it together?  People like your Landlady need to be taught a lesson so that this sort of behaviour will stop.


  10. 15.11.2018 - 06.01.2018  Christmas Garden in the Wilhelma



    28.11.2018 - 23.12.2018 Stuttgarter Christmas Market 



    01.12.2018 St. Catherine’s Bazaar from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00.p.m.

    Location: Olgastrasse 56  70182 Stuttgart


    16.12.2018 St. Catherine’s Carol Service at 5.00 p.m.

    Location: Leonhardsplatz 26  70182 Stuttgart








  11. There is a law which stipulates that families must financially care for their members . How much they have to pay is laid down in the Düsseldorfer Tabelle.


    BGB §1601  Verwandte in gerader Linie sind verpflichtet einander Unterhalt zu gewähren.




    "Der Unterhaltsanspruch versteht sich als einer der Hauptpfeiler der sozialen Sicherheit, der Sozialfürsorge schlechthin, er ist eine der Grundlagen der sozialen Absicherung, die darauf beruht, dass sich Familien finanziell und materiell unterstützen. Der Unterhalt beruht auf dem Solidaritätsprinzip sowie dem Prinzip von staatlicher und innerfamiliärer Fürsorge. Die Familie ist eine Bedarfsgemeinschaft. Die Unterhaltshöhe ist in der Düsseldorfer Tabelle verzeichnet, sie wird regelmäßig aktualisiert."



    "Germany has a rapidly aging population, and the cost of caring for the elderly is growing. A court has confirmed that there is a legal obligation in Germany for people to contribute to the cost of their parents' care."




    I am not  a laywer and cannot give legal advice..











  12. This is a really big fun event so expect to queue to get in.


    On Halloween, the Wilhelma is open from 8.15 a.m. - 8.00 p.m. last admission is at 6.00 p.m. Admission is free to all children under 18 years of age in Halloween costume.  


    "Alle Spenden, die zu Halloween in der Wilhelma gesammelt werden, kommen dem Artenschutz zugute. Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns bei dieser wichtigen Aufgabe unterstützen und wir so gemeinsam etwas Gutes tun."








  13. Landwirtschaftliches Hauptfest 29.09 - 07.10.2018.


    The Agricultural Show is a huge event which is held every four years. This year will be the 100th show with lots of special events.

    Tractors, combine harvesters, farm animals and horses can be seen at the show.


    The Agricultural Show is situated at the back of the Volksfest Fairground. 


    The U11 tram runs daily between the city centre and the Volksfest ground during this time.










  14. Cannstatter Volksfest 28.09 - 14.10.2018


    This year will be the 200th Volksfest jubilee with lots of extra attractions and events.


    The Volksfest Parade is an annual event which always takes place on the last Sunday in September, which will be on 30.09.2018 this year.


    “A spectacle for the whole family is the Volksfest parade on the first Sunday of the festival. Magnificently decorated horse-drawn brewery wagons, groups in traditional costumes and bands, historical militia and a variety of groups from throughout the state all parade from the Cannstatter Kursaal through the narrow streets of the Bad Cannstatt suburb of Stuttgart to the Wasen.”


    The U11 tram runs daily between the city centre and the Volksfest ground during the festival.





  15. If you had a contract and received payment from the company, you were an employee. Contracts cannot be terminated immediately by an employer unless the person concerned has commiteed a criminal offence like stealing or hitting somebody.


    Does the company have a Betriebsrat/Workers Representative? If so, your employer must inform them that they want to terminate a contract and when the contract will be terminated, end of the month or quarter. I would suggest you contact them as soon as possible.


    If you are planning on staying in Germany, you will have to show all your references every time you apply for a job for the rest of your life here.