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  1. As you didn’t have a tax identification number your employer was legally obliged to class you in tax bracket 6. I would suggest you contact your local tax office and explain your situation to them, perhaps they can backdate your tax bracket to your first day of work. Your employer must act on the information they receive from the tax office so they are the people you need to contact.


    You may get a tax refund on your computers but this will be in 2021m after you have submitted your tax return for 2020.


  2. On 14.1.2020, 06:32:58, dj_jay_smith said:


    Actually this is not always the best approach!


    I was told once by a works council member that it is often better not to say anything.  Because if it goes to court then they already know your defence in advance and can counter against it, whereas if you don't provide a response then they have to react immediately during the court case and have no time to prepare a counter argument!




    1. If he ignores the accusations and doesn’t deny them, then he more or less admits what he has been accused of because he hasn’t offered any counter arguments.


    2. Going to court is a last resort and comes after a lengthy exchange of letters between employer and employee and their legal advisors. Sometimes both sides come to an agreement and there is no need to go to court.


    3.  It could take several weeks or even months to get a court hearing.      


    4. When his case is heard, one of the first questions he will be asked is how he responded to the accusations against him.




  3. 14 hours ago, SpongeOver said:

    Letter was folded in such a way that it had my name, address and the line "Kündigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses vom" clearly visible through the window. Called. Told it was true, just the date in the letter was wrong. 




    Which date was wrong, the date they wrote the letter or the date your contract will be terminated?

    Don't want to build your hopes up but if the date they wrote the letter was wrong it could be that the letter is invalid as the notice period may be wrong.


    Have you contacted a legal advisor? You won't get your job back but you could get some extra compensation if the dates are not correct. Also data protection laws seem to be unknown if all the world could see that the word "Kündigung" was visible in the window of the envelope.


    I wish you the best of luck finding a new job.  


  4. @robinson100: So sad to hear that. I hope you will have lots of nice colleagues in your new place of work.

    Make sure you get a good reference and think about some of the things you would like mentioned.


  5. If Prince Harry and Meghan had had half a functioning brain between them, they could have said Megan was suffering from postnatal depression and Prince Harry was taking time out to be with his family. Nobody would have said anything against them and they would have had time to discuss things in depth with the family. To make a public statement like they did against the wishes of the family shows what a self-centered pair they are.


    The Queen is 93 and Prince Philipp is 98 and not in the best of health. They shouldn’t have to be dealing with things like this at their age.


  6. Warning letters should be given as soon as the cause for complaint is known.


    Were the things you are accused of known at the time of happening or were they discovered at a later date? For example, if you repeatedly turned up late for work in October/November you should have been given the warning letters then not months after.


    If you receive three written warnings then a termination of your contract is usually on its way. Perhaps this is what your company is planning to do. Does your company have a Betriebsrat?


    Do not ignore the written warnings, give an explanation or denial to all the accusations against you.


    As Someonesdaughter suggested you need a laywer specialised in Arbeitsrecht.





  7. You have to read between the lines here.


    "Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family…….."


    The royal we, or majestic plural (pluralis majestatis), is the use of a plural pronoun (or corresponding plural-inflected verb forms) to refer to a single person who is a monarch. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_we


    Her Majesty didn’t say working members of the Royal Family she said FULL-TIME working members


    The Queen did not use their titles, she said Harry and Meghan that says it all.






  8. 3 hours ago, kiplette said:



    Absolutely. Even if between them they have literally no marketable skills, then they would be fine just because of who they are  - there is no 'without the royal image' - they are still going to be undertaking royal, or public duties when required. This seems very clear from the statements which have been made.


    You cannot be a part-time royal.


    3 hours ago, fraufruit said:


    Lots of rich kids and not rich kids born with huge expectations placed on them. It's a major stress and leads to feeling not good enough whether big money is involved or not.


    I applaud Harry for protecting his wife and son and future children from what his mother went through. Not an easy decision to make.


    Prince William also suffered and protects his wife and children in the UK without stepping back from his royal duties. 


    5 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    In case anyone missed it, Meghan has signed a contract with Disney to do a voice over provided that her money goes to Elephants Without Borders charity. Doesn't look like she is hurting for money.


    This is why our royals cannot take on a paid position because we expect them to do charitable work and be patrons of various charitable organisations. We also expect them to let us have an insight into their lives. See how Prince William and Catherine share details of the birth of their children, christenings, first day at the Kindergarten etc. You cannot take public money and then exclude the public from your life.


    It is not possible to be a part-time royal, it is like having your cake and eating it.  That the Royal family will agree to the Queen ‘s great grandson being brought up outside the UK is hard to believe even if Prince Harry renounces all his titles and royal income.


    I feel sorry for the baby. Will he have to go to Nursery School from January –June in Canada and then July-December in England. Will he ever have real friends when he spends six months of the year in another country or just hangers on?      


  9. After spending six weeks in Canada, Prince Harry and Meghan flew back to London on Tuesday without their son. Wednesday they went to the Canada’s High Commission in London, camera team in tow to thank Canadians for the lovely time they had had in Canada. They don’t like the press but when it suits them they take a camera crew with them. Meghan then flew back to Canada on Thursday without her husband.


    It would be interesting to know if they flew privately or with a normal plane and also who paid for the flights and security. Their carbon footprint is also a big issue.


    “One thing the royal couple might need to consider is immigration laws. Canada is part of the Commonwealth and Prince Harry's grandmother the Queen is the head of state so although he will see her face on the currency, he's not a citizen. As a Briton, the prince is entitled to spend up to six months a year as a visitor in Canada - anything longer than that and he would have to apply for a visa. As an American citizen, the same rules apply for his wife”.



    If I were the Queen,  I would kindly request the Canadian Government not to grant them a visa. That would really put a spanner in their works.



  10. They got married in a relatively short period of time for royal standards. When Princess Anne got married the second time round the marriage took place in Scotland. When Prince Charles and Camilla got married, they had a civil ceremony and a church blessing. When Prince Harry and Meghan (also divorced) got married, it was a white church wedding and Prince Harry got special permission from his Grandmother to wear his uniform even though he had a full beard. Lots of exceptions and special rules from the start and then they moan that they want a normal life. At the time most Brits were happy that Prince Harry had seemed to found the love of his life and welcomed Meghan into the royal family.


    Sadly things have changed since then.

    High turnover of staff in the Sussex household.


    "The Duchess of Sussex lost three assistants within the span of a few months.

    Not to mention, baby Archie — who was born in May 2019 — reportedly had "three nannies in six weeks," according to The Sun.


    "One of the more salacious rumors surrounding Meghan Markle is her alleged mistreatment toward one of Kate Middleton's staffers. The claim came to light in December 2018, not too long after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding, with an insider recounting to The Scottish Sun how Middleton supposedly reprimanded Markle for her poor behavior. It's not exactly clear what inspired the dressing down, but the Duchess of Sussex allegedly "b****ed" out Middleton's staffer to the point where the mom-of-two had to step in. "That's unacceptable, they're my staff and I speak to them," the Duchess of Cambridge supposedly told her sister-in-law, an intervention that led to the pair's falling out."



    In such a short period of time things have turned sour. Reports of Prince Harry informing his staff that Meghan gets whatever she wants. The two brothers going their sperate ways, the newly weds acting against their families advice and going public and when things get hot Meghan goes back to Canada. 


    I hope I am wrong but I wonder if they will still be together in ten years time.


  11. Hope you can visit your Mum and support her in her hour of need. Make sure you tell her how much she means to you and that you will always be there for her. Hope she finds some comfort in your words.


    Cyber hugs from Stuttgart.


  12. Dickie Arbiter mentioned some interesting points:


    “Former Buckingham Palace press officer Dickie Arbiter suggested the decision showed Prince Harry's "heart ruling his head".

    Asked how being a "part-time" member of the Royal Family might work, Mr Arbiter said he did not know.

    "If they're going to be based in the UK, it means they are going to be doing a lot of flying [with] a big carbon footprint," he said, adding that this may "raise eyebrows".


    He also questioned how the couple would become financially independent.

    "I mean, Harry is not a poor man, but to settle yourself in two different continents, to raise a family, to continue to do your work - how's the work going to be funded?


    "How is their security going to be funded?

    "Because they're still going to have to have security - who's going to have to pay for this? Where's the security coming from? Is the Metropolitan Police going to be providing it and if so whether there's going to be any contribution in covering the security cost?


    Mr Arbiter also suggested questions would be raised over why £2.4m of taxpayer's money was spent on renovating the couple's home, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, if they will now be living elsewhere for some of the year."






  13. In your case a Reiseunfähigkeitsbescheingung would state that the person concerned cannot travel back to Germany because he is not fit enough to do so. Your Portuguese Doctor is the only one that can confirm that you are unfit to travel back to Germany at this moment in time.


    If he cannot provide you with a written confirmation of the above, it can be in a letter, (the above form was just an example) you must travel back to Germany and speak with your Dr here. If your Portuguese Dr  decides that you are well enough to travel, ask for a sick note. You may be able to take your holidays at a later date according to the information on the sick note. Your German Dr  cannot back date a sick note. He can only give you a sick note dated on the day when he sees you. 


    What is very important is that you keep your employer fully informed the whole time as to when you will arrive back in Germany and when you can begin to work with written confirmation covering the holiday period.


  14. A Doctor can give you a Reiseunfähigkeitsbescheinigung for your employer. It should look something like this.




    If you have to cancel your flight it might be a good idea to ask for one for the airline company and also one for the school too.


    In the past, many people registered ill while on holiday abroad and so extended their holiday that things got a bit out of hand. There are tales of people being able to buy a sick note in some countries too. No offence meant. This is the reason why many employers request a certified document that the person concerned is too ill to travel back to Germany and be treated here. If you are fit too travel you can then submit a German sick note to your employer.  


    Regarding making an appointment with your Doctor in Germany. I just thought because of the Christmas/New Year holidays you might have difficulty arranging an appointment at short notice. A Doctor cannot back date a sick note to a period of time when you were on holiday. 


    Hope you will soon be feeling better.






  15. To prove that you really are ill and unable to walk do the following:


     Ask for a Reiseunfähigkeitsbescheinigung, which means you cannot travel back to Germany at the moment  due to health problems.


    What language are the documents in? Your employer doesn’t have to accept documents in a foreign language.


    Scan or fax the documents to your employer immediately with a little note explaining that you cannot walk.


    Make an appointment with your Doctor in Germany now.


    If your company accepts the documents and your explanation, you will be registered as ill and can take the number of days as a holiday at a later date.






  16. Events in December 2019


    14.11.2019 - 06.01.2020 Christmas Garden



    26.11.2019 -22.12.2019 Christmas Market Esslingen



    26.11.2019 - 22.12.2019 Christmas Market Ludwigsburg



    27.11.2019 -23.12.2019 Christmas Market Stuttgart




    27.11-23.12.2019 Antique Market Karlsplatz Stuttgart



    28.11 - 29.12.2019 Waldweihnacht  Marktplatz Göppingen

    Montag bis Donnerstag von 11 bis 20 Uhr
    Freitag von 11 bis 22 Uhr
    Samstag von 10 bis 22 Uhr
    Sonntag von 11 bis 20 Uhr
    Heiligabend von 10 bis 14 Uhr
    1. und 2. Weihnachtsfeiertag geschlossen



    30.11.- 21.12.2019 Christmas Market Fellbach



    30.11 -21.12.2019 Christmas Market Schorndorf



    03 - 08.12.2019 International Chocolate Festival Tübingen



    Model Railway Club Stuttgart





    Der Modelleisenbahnclub Stuttgart öffnet seine Clubräume jeweils an den Sonntagen vom 8. und 15. Dezember sowie am 6. und 26. Januar, immer zwischen 10 und 18 Uhr. Zu finden sind diese im Mittelstock der S-Bahn-Haltestelle Universität, Ausgang Schranne. Die Erbauer verraten ihre Tricks und zeigen alle Einzelheiten in Aktion. Die Eltern können das kleine Café des Clubs besuchen, Kinder dürfen sich im Bastelzimmer ihre eigene kleine Modellwelt bauen. Der Eintritt kostet für Erwachsene 3,50 Euro, Kinder von vier bis 14 Jahren zahlen einen Euro, Familien acht Euro.


    05.12.2019 - 06.01.2020 Christmas Circus



    15.12.2019 at 5.00 p.m. Carol Concert in the Leonhardskirche


    Heustiegstrasse 22

    70182 Stuttgart



    21 - 22.12.2019 Holy Shit Shopping

    Phoenixhalle im Römerkastell Naststr. 43-45

    70376 Stuttgart

    One idea, four cities, hundreds of young designers with products on offer and wonderful customers – that’s HOLY SHIT SHOPPING! What’s special about HOLY SHIT SHOPPING: Since 2004 this Christmas season design platform has toured Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart, transforming unusual locations into gigantic POP-UP DESIGN EMPORIUMS.




    31.12.2019  Schloßplatz Stuttgart

    Admission at 9.00 p.m.

    There will be a big event on Schloßplatz, admission is free. There will be a security control at the entrance and all fireworks will be confiscated as they are not allowed this year. Instead of a firework display there will be a “Licht-, Laser- und Multimediashow”





    Well, that’s it for this year folks. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    I will begin posting again around Easter.


    Save the dates 2020

    18.04.-10.05.2020 Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest



    25.09-11.10.2020 Stuttgarter Volksfest



    25.11-23.12.2020 Stuttgarter Christmas Market






  17. 9 hours ago, schnellermachen! said:

    Or am I screwed because of the law saying that all teachers have to pay the DRV?


    And what if I get married to my German girlfriend, as this is also an option for me? Will the ABH still hassle me to contact the DRV, or will a lot of my problems then disappear?


    Thanks in advance, this forum has really helped me on a number of occasions!


    Why do you expect an immigration lawyer to know about the complex German pension system?   It doesn’t matter if you are married or not. Contributions are based on your profession and what you do. If you are a teacher you are a compulsory member and have to pay your monthly contributions which is income based. You must send a copy of your tax return to the Rentenversicherungsanstalt every year and they then inform you how much you have to pay for the coming year.


    You should have made an appointment at  your local Rentenversicherung office as soon as you became aware that you should be paying into the system. The consultation and advice given wouldn’t have cost you a penny. The best thing you can do is come clean and ask if you can pay the money you owe in installments.  


    "Handwerker, Künstler und Publizisten, Hebammen und freiberufliche Lehrer – so unterschiedlich ihre Tätigkeiten auch sind, eines haben diese Selbstständigen gemein: sie sind gesetzlich pflichtversichert."








  18. I agree with you. Even though your employer may have changed the transfer method, the terms of your contract are still applicable. Ask your bank how long it takes for money to be transferred from a Euro account in the UK to Germany so it is in your account by the end of the month and then inform your employer in writing.  


    “Under your contract of employment, you have a legal right to be paid on time. If your employer is regularly late when paying your wages and you are still employed by them, you can use a two-stage procedure to enforce your legal right to be paid on time.

    First, you should try to resolve this dispute with your employer, by using any internal complaint or grievances procedures that are available (Stage 1 below). Then, if this does not work and your employer is still paying you late, you can make a formal complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission (Stage 2 below).

    At both stages, you should use any supports available, such as a trade union or your local Citizens Information Centre”.










  19. The first few weeks of sickness are usually paid for by your employer. After that your Krankenkasse should send your employer a form to fill in about how long you have worked for the company etc and also what you earned each month. You cannot do this yourself. The feedback from this form is used to calculate the amount of money you will receive from the Krankenkasse.


    Please check:


    Did you send all your sick notes on time to your Krankenkasse?


    Has your Krankenkasse sent this form to your employer?


    Has your employer received the form and sent it back to the Krankenkasse?


    BTW :Please ignore the hurtful statement from TraceKira who has -105 red points.  He clearly has no idea about how  German Health Insurance works.  It is based on a solidarity principle, our monthly contributions go toward people like you who are really ill and need help ( and that is good so) but also to my fat neighbor who smokes likes a  chimney and wonders why he is always short of breath.


    Apart from the excellent advice others have already given, you could send a letter of complaint to the Manager of your Krankenkasse.


    Wishing you all the best and please keep us posted as to how things develop.