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  1. For anyone else who is interested in this thread, I have compiled some information about the German Urlaubsbescheinigung.


    According to Geman law, every full- time working person who has worked for 12 months between January and December in the same year is entitled to 24 days paid holiday per year. If you change jobs between Janaury and December in the same year your ex-employer must state how many days holiday he has given you so your next employer knows how many days you have left until you have taken your 24 days holiday.


    § 1 Urlaubsanspruch

    Jeder Arbeitnehmer hat in jedem Kalenderjahr Anspruch auf bezahlten Erholungsurlaub.


    3 Dauer des Urlaubs

    (1) Der Urlaub beträgt jährlich mindestens 24 Werktage.


    § 6 Ausschluß von Doppelansprüchen

    (1) Der Anspruch auf Urlaub besteht nicht, soweit dem Arbeitnehmer für das laufende Kalenderjahr bereits von

    einem früheren Arbeitgeber Urlaub gewährt worden ist.

    (2) Der Arbeitgeber ist verpflichtet, bei Beendigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses dem Arbeitnehmer eine

    Bescheinigung über den im laufenden Kalenderjahr gewährten oder abgegoltenen Urlaub auszuhändigen.


    Example. You worked for employer A between 01.01.-31.08. so are entitled to 16 days holiday 24 ./. 12 x 8 = 16. You are entitled to 24 days holdiay per year according to German employment laws so your new employer must give you 8 days holiday for the months September-December.


    According to what profession/trade you have it could well be that a workers council agreement states that you are entitled to 30 days per year.


    Another important point, because it explicily states that the holiday is an “Erholungsurlaub” see paragraph 1 above. You are not allowed to work during your holiday


    § 8 Erwerbstätigkeit während des Urlaubs

    Während des Urlaubs darf der Arbeitnehmer keine dem Urlaubszweck widersprechende Erwerbstätigkeit leisten.




  2. The 40 hours your ex employer deducted from your salary was because the company had paid you 40 hours for which you had not worked so wanted the money back. This has nothing to do with anyone else and will not appear on a Urlabsbescheingigung because it has nothing to do with your holiday entitlement.


  3. I think it is really nice that so many people have offered you some good advice.


    Here are some tips from me.


    A colleague of mine used to take his grandfather's gold pocket watch to the local pawn shop when he was short of money. Do you have anything you could take there like a watch, camera or something similar? It would mean you get some immediate cash to help you out.


    Have you thought about asking for a job at the post office like sorting the mail for instance. People there work shifts but I don't suppose they have to speak a lot of German.


    As mentioned in previous posts, a job in a restaurant or bar means you will get paid and probably have access to cheap meals &food.

    Some of the old fashioned brewery restaurants sometimes offer a room with the job.


    Buy a ready cooked chicken from your local supermarket. It will give you a good meal for several days. You can eat it with noodles, rice or salad and make sandwiches or a soup out of the leftovers.


    The Salvation Army or the Bahnhofs Mission may be able to help you.


  4. I take Sinupret Forte and it really helps. Gelomyrtol doesn't do me any good at all & makes me feel sick.


    I also use an inhaltor with bronchforton salbe. I bought it from a chemist and it really helps when I am all bunged up.


  5. Many regions of Germany offer a hotline service for people needing advice in situations like yours. The number is 115 regardless of where you live. Hope the information below is of help to you.


    115: The public administration's customer service

    By dialling 115 citizens, but also businesses and public administration have a direct connection to authorities in Germany – regardless of the government level concerned. 115 is the public administration's customer service.


    What started in 2009 with a few municipalities has developed into the service standard of many German authorities. 115 is one of the most important driving forces of a modern and efficient administration close to citizens' needs. The aim is to introduce this service throughout Germany.






  6. Has one of you changed their surname? If so you need to notify all the organisations you have dealings with like bank, health insurance, life insurance etc about the change of name and status. The tax office need to be notified and you should also change your tax codes from single to married person.


    Your employers need a copy of the marriage certificate. You may be entitled to an extra days holiday. This is normally valid for the wedding day or one of the honeymoon days and is usually applied for before the wedding takes place.


  7. When you leave a company you are entitled to a written reference. Apart from stating the responsibilities you had etc, it also states why you left the company. If you agree to being dismissed and have no new job to go to how are you going to explain this to a future employer. Don’t forget in Germany you have to show all your references when applying for a job all your working life.


    It appears strange to me that after working there two years and doing a good job (according to your statement) that they have decided that you are not cut out for the job. Is somebody’s sister/brother or whatever looking for a job and waiting to step into your shoes?


    Here are two main reasons for terminating a work contract.


    Aufhebungsvertrag: In many cases when an employee has done something wrong he agrees to sign such a form to prevent being taken to court. The company wants rid of the person without having to go through all the trouble of a court hearing. The employee signs the form knowing that he will not be immediately entitled to unemployment benefit but will not have to go to court where everything he did will be made public. The expression “….im gegenseitigen Einvernehmen” will be written in the reference and means in mutal agreement there is no reason given why the contract was terminated. If you sign such a contract and have no job to go to, it will not make a very good impression on a future employer unless you have a really good reason for doing so.


    In some situations there may be good reasons to sign an Aufhebungsvertrag but only if you have another job to go to. According to your statement this is not the case so why sign?


    Betriebsbedingte Kündigung

    This usually means that the person was dismissed because the company had no work for him/her or for instance a whole department has been closed down. It is also usually the reason employers and employees agree to write in a reference after a court hearing. If this is written in your reference it is not a bad sign as the reason for your dismissal had nothing to do with your performance or behaviour.


    Make copies of all your documents from this company which state what a good worker you are and give them to your lawyer.

    Listen to your lawyer and go to court if necessary.


  8. The way you worked out your holiday entiltement is correct if you worked for a full month in January also 10 full months altogether.


    The correct name of the document is Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung, Art der Meldung-Abmeldung. Your ex employer must de-register you from

    the health insurance company, the state pension scheme, (Rentenversicherung) and Bundesagentur für Arbeit. As you are privately insured you will see the numbers 021 by Beitragsgruppe, KV/RV/BA on the document. 0 because you are privately insured, 2 is for the state pension scheme and 1 for the Bundesagentur for Arbeit.


    Along with your personal contact details, bank account etc, you have to give each new employer the Urlaubsbescheingung, the Abmeldung and also a certificate from you health insurance company certifying that you are a member of this particular insurance company. Your new employer then registers you with the health insurance company, the Rentenversicherung and the Bundesagentur für Arbeit and you will recieve a Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung, Art der Meldung-Anmeldung.


    Although the said institutions also recieve a copy of the documents, they do sometimes get lost even in Germany. They are very important as they prove that you have paid into the various insurance schemes. When you retire these documents are worth their weight in gold in proving that you worked for company X in 2013 and what you paid into the schemes in each year. Company X may not exist when you retire so there is no way the said institutions can request a copy from them if they should need one.


  9. According to your contract or union agreeement you may only be entitled to a holiday for every full month you are employed there, check your contract or ask the people in your HR department. If you are entitled to several days holiday you either take them or the company has to pay them out.


    When you leave the company you should receive a statment that your employer has de-registered you with your health insurance company (Krankenkasse Abmeldung)and a holiday entitlement form (Urlaubsbescheinigung). Every time you begin a new job you have to hand these documents over to your new employer.


  10. What really annoys me about German references is that they state your date of birth and where you were born. Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, I am not touchy about telling anyone how old I am, I just don't think it has anything to do with the job I have been doing. When you apply for a job here you send a complete stranger these documents with this information. Date and place of birth normally fall under the data protection laws. Strangely enough not one of my German colleagues and no one from the HR department could explain why the Germans do this, Es war immer so! It is also fact that people over the age of 40 are classed as old on the job market even though people in this age group have to work another 27 years before they can officially retire.


  11. 50 Reasons Why Hull is The City of Culture 2017


    19. London 0 Hull 4: Apparently one of David Cameron’s favourite albums, much to the dismay of ex-Housemartins singer Paul Heaton.


    38. This City Belongs To Everyone. The afore-mentioned video created by Hull’s Nova Studios, especially for the bid presentation in Londonderry last week. It’s already been viewed by more than 87,000 people in 143 countries


    49. Dean Windass: His Wembley goal to send Hull City into the Premier League for the first time will be forever etched on the fans’ memories – along with his bleached blond crewcut.


    Read more: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/50-reasons-Hull-UK-City-Culture-2017/story-20116239-detail/story.html#ixzz2lPrSQqhP


  12. Sonntag, 01. Dezember 2013 | 16:00 Uhr

    ONE GENIE TOO MANY – Märchenspiel in englischer Sprache

    für Menschen ab 4 Jahren




    This year, NEAT will be performing “One Genie Too Many”, which is based on the story of Aladdin, an all-time panto favourite. Come and meet all the folks that hang out at Widow Twankey’s Laundrette (the best launderette in Stuttgart!): Aladdin, Widow Twankey, his larger-than-life mother; his brothers and sisters, who are seeking stardom as ‘Wishee-Washee and the Wash-Tubbies’, the wicked wizard Wazir and his dragon, and not one, but two genies... And as we all know: one genie’s company, two’s a crowd!


    Reservations Kulturzentrum Merlin: Tel: 0711/618549 E-Mail:karten@merlinstuttgart.de






  13. I agree with plantwhisper. There are some really good German born teacher's of English but to presume to correct a child of a native speaker is way out of line in my opinion. How many of us who speak fluent German would correct a German if we thought he/she was pronouncing a word differently to what we have learned? People speak with different accents and dialects in every country and this is what makes people unique and interesting. I have heard several Germans say Mrs Thatcher spoke a very good understandable English and wondered why other English people spoke entirely different English. I couldn't speak like Mrs Thatcher for the life of me nor do I want to, my Yorkshire accent is a part of me.


  14. Some years ago I did a distant learning course and had to travel to Münich once a month for Saturday lessons with our group and tutor. I attached all the train tickets and receipts for books, pens, pencils and so on to my tax form and they were all accepted. The important thing is to prove that you have done or bought the things you are claiming for.


  15. Sorry to hear about your loss, I know what you are going through.


    If you have any relatives you could ask them to call by and take anything they need away with them. Local hospitals and care homes are usually happy to receive books, nightdresses etc and towels. It is amazing how many people are admitted and have no nightdress, towels and things like that with them.


    You could rent a stall at a flea market for a lot of the things you want to sell. The salvation army, your local church or a home for refugees might be interestd in any clothes or household goods that you may wish to donate.


  16. Have you stil got the form you filled in with the name etc of the person who should have received the money?


    The customer service hotline is 00800 3940 3940 but is only open until 06.00 p.m. on a Saturday, closed all day Sunday and open Monday-Friday from 09.00 a.m until 06.00 p.m. If you want to send a customer complaint by E-Mail, the homepage is www. westernunion.de Apart from that you could take your documents to the Westernunion office and ask to speak to the Manager.


  17. St. Catherine's Church in Stuttgart has an international English speaking congregation and is always looking for volunteers.


    The annual church bazar takes place on Saturday 16.11.2013 from 10.00-04.00. Perhaps you would like to help out there.




    There are a number of contact addresses for voulunteers on the Stuttgart Website. It is all writen in German but that shouldn't be a problem for you.


    Die Freiwilligenagentur fördert und koordiniert ehrenamtliches und freiwilliges Engagement in Stuttgart. Sie ist Ansprechpartnerin für alle, die sich ehrenamtlich engagieren möchten oder die nach freiwilligen Unterstützern suchen.


    Bei der Suche nach der passenden Tätigkeit helfen die ehrenamtlichen Berater(innen) der Freiwilligenagentur. Die Beratung ist kostenlos.


    In der Online-Freiwilligenbörse finden Interessenten über 900 Einsatzbeschreibungen von gemeinnützigen Organisationen.



    Neben der Koordination von Angebot und Nachfrage führt die Freiwilligenagentur auch eigene Projekte durch:


    Ausbildungspatenschaft für Realschüler(innen)

    Jobpatenschaft für langzeitarbeitslose Menschen

    Jugendfreiwilligentage "Vollkontakt - herzhaft zupacken"

    Gestaltung und Herausgabe des Freiwilligenmagazins W!N

    Verschiedene Wettbewerbe




  18. I'm chuffed to bits!


    Yorkshire rose to feature on Tour de France yellow jersey

    The White Rose of York will feature on the yellow jersey for the 2014 Tour de France in a tribute to the host county of the Grand Départ.


    The design of the iconic jersey was announced following the official announcement of the 2014 route this week, which will see the cyclists ride through the Broad Acres of Yorkshire.


    The white heraldic rose appears in translucent form on the front of the the Tour’s leaders’ jerseys, manufactured by Le Coq Sportif.


    The white rose will also feature on the white and green jerseys for the leaders of the best young rider and points classifications.


    The yellow jersey design is inspired by the maillot jaune of the 1951 Tour de France.

    The White Rose of York is said to date back to Edmund of Langley in the fourteenth century and it has since been adopted as a symbol of Yorkshire as a while.