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  1. What a wonderful bunch of people you are.


    Has anybody been in contact with the Weisse Ring? The organisation helps people who have been subject to a criminal attack. It also helps their relatives and in some cases offers financial help. Pehaps someone could help Marie apply for financial assistance for her travelling expenses and accommodation.


    So hilft der WEISSE RING

    Der WEISSE RING hilft Kriminalitätsopfern und ihren Angehörigen auf vielfältige Weise: quer durch alle Deliktsbereiche - von Handtaschendiebstahl über Wohnungseinbrüche oder Körperverletzung bis hin zu häuslicher Gewalt oder Stalking.


    Die Hilfeleistungen reichen von menschlichem Beistand und persönlicher Betreuung über die Begleitung zu Terminen bei Polizei, Staatsanwaltschaft und Gericht, der Gewährung von Rechtsschutz bis hin zu finanziellen Unterstützungen von tatbedingten Notlagen.




  2. Sorry to hear you have had such a bad start in Germany, hope things get better for you.


    The telephone number of the secretary's office at the Westfälisce Wilhelms Universität is 0049 251 832 4696.If you phone them tomorrow they should be able to give you some advice about what to do.


    In most major German cities there is an organisation called The Tafel (the table). It is open to anyone who is in financial difficulties and offers free food and sometimes a hot meal as well. According to a newspaper articele from Janaury 2014, the one in Münster is thinking about opening something at the university itself as there are so many students who need their services.


    In Münster wird sogar darüber nachgedacht, eine Ausgabestelle direkt an der Uni zu eröffnen: Damit wäre die Hemmschwelle deutlich niedriger, das Angebot von Gratis-Lebensmitteln anzunehmen, glaubt der Vorstand des münsterschen Tafel-Vereins.



    The address of the tafel organisation is:

    Münster-Tafel e.V.

    Weseler Straße 370a

    48163 Münster

    Telefon: 0251-6743122

    E-mail: kontakt@muenster-tafel.de





    Don't lose hope, things can only get better.


  3. Hello SammyL,


    "He told me he didn't want me in the flat anymore, so I moved upstairs." WHY? Have you always done what he tells you to do?


    Did you both sign a rental agreement for your former flat? Have you a rental agreement for your present flat?


    "I've got to sort out hot water and cooking facilities in the flat, but at the moment I have absolutely no money". Have you any health insurance? Have you heard the word maintenance before??


    Black1, CVM, Anne.K, Mic and NoBullJim Spot on, my opinion too.


    Finally, I do not wish to sound harsh and feel really sorry for you but you have been acting far too passive. You alone are resonsible for your life, read the tips the people above have kindly given you and take immediate action for you and your daughter NOW!


  4. German rules and regulations are so complicated, even the Germans don't understand them all. The man at the Job Centre might have done you a favour by sending you to speak to someone else who may be an expert in such matters.


    Here in Baden-Württemberg the Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) have regular events for people who are thinking about setting up their own business. Ask for an appointment at your local IHK (perhaps with someone who speaks English) the people there will be able to give you lots of tips.


    There may be a deadline for applying for financial help when starting a business after unemployment. Ask about any deadlines at the Job Centre.


  5. Perhaps this may be of interest to you, The Áine Halpin Irish Dancing School in Stuttgart.


    It is our pleasure to introduce you to the world of Irish Dancing here in Stuttgart, Germany.


    Here over 80 dancers are taught Irish Dance by Áine Halpin, a fully qualified teacher (a member of CLRG, the largest governing body of Irish Dance worldwide with the highest standards for teachers and students), whose goal is to share her love for Irish Dance with students both young and old and coach them in becoming the best possible Irish Dancer through proper technique in a fun atmosphere.




  6. Do you work near a photocopy machine or printer? These machines omit toxic gasses and can make you very ill.


    Office Photocopier Machines and laser printers are potentially hazardous to health if operated in a manner that ignores:


    1. Location – to allow adequate ventilation and to minimize noise.


    2. Maintenance – poor maintenance can increase the emission of toxic chemicals.


    3. Usage – large print ‘runs’ will aggravate the above factors.


    A major Danish study on copier pollution found that ozone and other chemicals could exceed the ‘occupational exposure limit’ (OEL) when the room where an Office Photocopier Machine is situated is:


    1. Too small


    2. Ventilation conditions are poor


    3. Photocopier Usage is too high


    ChemicalsAvoiding office photocopier machine health risksOzone gasOzone is produced during the high voltage electrical discharge in Office Photocopier Machines and laser printers. Ozone is a photocopier health risk factor. It is highly toxic and possesses a sweet smelling odor and if you can detect its presence then the level is too high. Though ozone gas can decompose quite rapidly in the atmosphere, this process can be repressed by high humidity, temperature and office furnishings.


    Selenium & cadmium sulphide chemicalsSome office photocopier machines and laser printers use a drum impregnated with these chemicals. This is another health risk associated with office photocopiers and laser printers. The gases they emit, especially when heated, can cause throat irritation and sensitization to exposed workers. This is mostly a health risk to office photocopier maintenance staff when cleaning or grinding the surface of the photocopier drum.


    Nitrogen oxide GasNOS gas may be produced when there is a spark in the electrostatic Office Photocopier Machines and laser printers – its effects on people are similar to those produced by carbon monoxide. Apart from being a serious health risk, it also requires regular photocopier maintenance and inspections.


    Carbon monoxide gasCO gas is produced when photocopier or laser printer toner (containing Carbon Black) is heated in an inadequate air supply. In an insufficiently ventilated environment this can induce headaches, drowsiness, dizziness and increased pulse rate and carbon monoxide gas can even cross the placenta and affect the unborn child in case of expecting workers.


    Photocopier TonersToners used in office photocopiers and laser printers are usually a combination of synthetic resin and Carbon Black mostly with other supplements. Carbon Black is categorized as ‘nuisance dust’, but will contain impurities that are carcinogenic. Photocopier toners should be handled with caution, protective gloves should be used, dust release must be minimal and the instructions should be carefully observed as part of the maintenance procedure. Direct Photocopier exposure to skin can cause itching and other health risks can include severe headaches and eye irritation. Maintenance staff is at risk from repeated contact which can result in skin and eye sensitization.




  7. Beverley makes it into Sunday Times Best Places to Live in Britain list


    CIVIC leaders and residents are being urged to "brag about Beverley after it was named as one of the best places in Britain to live by the Sunday Times.


    Beverley Civic Society and ward councillors say more should be done to promote the town in order to benefit from the tourist economy.


    They hope the town's appearance in The Sunday Times Best Places To Live list tomorrow will give it a boost but also want more exposure nationally.


    The 15 Yorkshire and north-east towns are:


    • Barnard Castle, Co. Durham


    • Beverley


    • Chapel Allerton, West Yorkshire


    • Easingwold, North Yorkshire


    • Harrogate, North Yorkshire


    • Helmsley, North Yorkshire


    • Malton, North Yorkshire


    • Masham, North Yorkshire


    • Morpeth, Northumberland


    • Otley, West Yorkshire


    • Quayside, Newcastle


    • Richmond, North Yorkshire


    • Ripponden, West Yorkshire


    • Skipton, North Yorkshire


    • York, North Yorkshire


    Read more: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Beverley-makes-Sunday-Times-Best-Places-Live/story-20811319-detail/story.html#ixzz2w3yiiWwh


  8. There are quite a few English progrmmes on German television at the moment.


    Saturday: 3 SAT 18.00 Uhr English Gardens**


    Monday: 20.15 Uhr ZDF Neo Inspector Barnaby**


    Monday:ZDF NEO 22.00 Uhr Ripper Street**


    Tuesday: 20.15 Uhr ZDF Neo Vera**


    Wednesday: 13.30 Uhr Phoenix Guernsey


    Wednesday: 13.10 Uhr Arte Große Erwartungen (Great Expectations) by Charles Dickens


    Thursday: NDR 20.15 Uhr Schottlands Nordseeküste


    Thursday: NDR 21.00 Uhr Englands Nordseeküste


    Friday: 20.15 Uhr NDR Zu Gast in Irland


    Friday;00.00 Uhr NDR Robbie Williams


    ** Weekly.


  9. HULL City fans are on their way to Wembley after the Tigers reached the semi-final of the FA Cup for the first time since 1930.


    The KC Stadium erupted in a wall of noise when the final whistle blew, signalling City’s march to Wembley after a 3-0 victory over Sunderland.


    City will now meet League One outsiders Sheffield United in the semi-final.


    The FA Cup semi-final between Hull City and Sheffield United will be played on Saturday, April 12 or Sunday April 13.




    I hope the tigers win.


  10. I used to buy diabetic chocolates for a friend for Christmas. Apparently, the EU has now forbidden chocolate manufactures to print this on the labels as it has not been proved that so called diabetic chocolates are really ok for diabetics to eat.


  11. I hate to disillusion you but the chances of the people at the Jobcentre paying for your furniture are not good. As you wrote yourself you should inform them BEFORE buying anything.


    In situations like this you should first submit a claim . This is then considered, are these things really necessary, is the price ok and then approved or not. You do not have the right to buy things first and then expect someone to foot the bill for you. This is the way things are usually done in Germany. First the paper work, then wait and see if it is approved or not. You cannot do anything until you have official approval for something with a signature, date and a stamp on it.


    On a positive note it is good that they are prepared to pay for your German course. The jobcentre only works with accredited language Schools so don't sign a contract for a language course without checking the details with your local jobcentre first.


  12. I forgot to mention, if anybody likes tulips visit Gönningen around the middle of April. Thousands of tulips bloom there at this time, they even have a Webcam so you can watch them grow all year round.




    Die alte Tradition der Gönninger Tulpenblüte ist von den Einwohnern des Dorfes am Fuß der schwäbischen Alb neu belebt worden: Ab Mitte April blühen auf dem Friedhof, in den Vorgärten und überall in Gönningen Tausende von Tulpen und Narzissen-Arten. Wie vor einem Jahrhundert können sich Einwohner und Besucher im Frühjahr an einem wahren Blumenmeer erfreuen.




  13. Here are some links which I hope may be of use to you.






    The main source of employment for people in Gönningen (near Reutlingen) used to be growing plants and vegetables and sending bulbs and seeds all over the world. I visited the small museum there some years ago and found it very interesting.


    Das Museum im Rathaus der ehemaligen Samenhändlergemeinde Gönningen zeigt Gegenstände aus der einzigartigen Händlertradition des Ortes. Im 19. Jahrhundert verdiente rund die Hälfte der Gönninger Einwohner ihren Lebensunterhalt mit dem Hausierhandel von Saatgut und Blumenzwiebeln.


    Neben vielen Dokumenten und Zeugnissen, die die Handelsreisen der Gönninger in Europa und über Europa hinaus belegen, ist auch die Rekonstruktion einer Samenhändlerpackstube zu sehen.




  14. The amount stated by the Krankenkasse was probably calculated from your last salary. As you are now earning less than before this needs to be taken into consideration by the Krankenkasse. Your Krankenkasse will need proof of your income and also how many hours you work in order to be able to assess how much health insurance you should pay. Ask about the "Mindestbemessungsgrundlagen" this is for people who have a low income.


  15. Did you receive a Bescheingung zur Sozialversicherung - Abmeldung from you employer when you left the company?


    Without knowing the full details it seems that you Krankenkasse has classed you as freiwilligversichert as you are now working as a freelancer and they had no information from you that you had insured yourself elswhere. In my opinion the best thing to do is to talk this over personally with someone from your Krankenkasse.


  16. As stated above register with the Job Centre straight away. You can put your profile on their homepage and so increase your chances of getting a new job. A lot of employers use the Job Centre homepage to find new employees as it is free and cheaper then placing an advert in the local newspaper.


  17. Unless an employer has a very good reason for doing so, he/she cannot advertise specifically for only a male or a female worker. For instance a restaurant owner cannot advertise for a waiter as this would discriminate against a waitress.


    § 1 Ziel des Gesetzes

    Ziel des Gesetzes ist, Benachteiligungen aus Gründen der Rasse oder wegen der ethnischen Herkunft, des Geschlechts, der Religion oder Weltanschauung, einer Behinderung, des Alters oder der sexuellen Identität zu verhindern oder zu beseitigen.




  18. @darsk98: Pleased to help you out and glad things seem to have worked out well for you. I work in Human Resources and often have to deal with such things.


    If anyone is interested in German court proceedings, go to the local Arbeitsgericht and see for yourself how things are done in Germany. You don't have to register or pay anything, just walk in the room and take a seat. Sometimes the things you see and hear there are a lot better than anything you can watch on TV.


  19. @pog451


    My statement was 100% true because of the following reasons.


    The definition of an Erholungsurlaub is a holiday where you relax and restore your energy levels so will be top fit and able to do your job to 100% after your holiday.


    § 1 Urlaubsanspruch

    Jeder Arbeitnehmer hat in jedem Kalenderjahr Anspruch auf bezahlten ERHOLUNGSURLAUB


    § 8 Erwerbstätigkeit während des Urlaubs

    Während des Urlaubs darf der Arbeitnehmer keine dem Urlaubszweck widersprechende Erwerbstätigkeit leisten.


    There have been numerous threads here about working for two employers at the same time. It usually states in your contract that your employer must consent to this. He is not allowed to consent to you working during a holiday because you are not allowed to work during this time see §8.


    What happens if you have an accident while you are working when you are supposed to be on holiday? Do you really believe an employer or a health insurance company will pay for your sick leave when they find out that you have been working as a ski-ing instructor during a ERHOLUNGSHURLAUB and have broken your arm or leg?


    What usually happens in such a case is that the person concerned is sacked on the spot.