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  1. @Rhody: Why did you write there are no quotas? This is not true, in Germany there are legally defined quotas regarding the number of disabled people a company must employ.


    If a company employs an average of 20 or more people in one year, they are obliged by law to employ a certain per cent of disabled people. If the company does not comply with this quota they have to pay an "Ausgleichsabgabe" to the Job Center.


    The deadline for informing the Job Center is 31.03 each year. This is taken very seriously, failure to do so or not meeting the deadline results in a fine.




  2. Sorry if I have broken any rules, I just copied and pasted the text concerning the disability laws here in Germany and assumed that everybody would be able to understand it. I only joined this forum a few months ago.


    If anyone thinks they may qualify for a disabilty pass apply for one now. A disability pass is not only for those who have no arms or legs or who are blind. If you have had a big operation or a serious illness and cannot give 100% in your job because of this you may be entiltled to a disability pass. You must apply for a disability pass and each case is considered invidually. There are different organisations to apply to according to the Federal State you live in (see my statement above) but you can also apply via your health insurance company. (AOK,KKH etc) or the Rentenversicherung.


    You can also get a disability pass if you are only 30% or 50% disabled.


    Some advantages of having a disability pass.


    If you are employed and the company must decide who will be made redundant, people who have a disabilty pass are at the bottom of the list because they may find it more difficult than most to find another job. This is known as Kündigungsschutz.


    If you are considered to be at least 50% disabled and are in full employment you can get an extra 5 days annual holiday as well.


    If you were born in a certain year you may be able to retire at 60 years of age.




    If this topic is of interest to a lot of people I could open a new thread with translations of the German text when I have the time.


  3. Are you officially classed as a disabled person? If not apply for a disability pass straight away.


    Die Zuständigkeit für den Antrag auf Feststellung der Schwerbehinderung ist in den einzelnen Bundesländern unterschiedlich geregelt. Zuständig ist etwa das Versorgungsamt, das Amt für soziale Angelegenheiten, das Amt für Familie und Soziales oder das Amt für Versorgung

    Antrag auf Schwerbehinderung beim Versorgungsamt

    Die Schwerbehinderung wird nur auf Antrag festgestellt. Auch die Feststellung eines höheren Grades der Behinderung erfolgt nur auf Antrag. Der Antrag kann einmal bei der zuständigen Behörde oder auch bei jedem Sozialleistungsträger, also einem gesetzlichen Rentenversicherungsträger, der Arbeitsagentur oder der gesetzlichen Krankenkasse gestellt werden. Auch alle Gemeindeverwaltungen müssen den Antrag auf Feststellung einer Schwerbehinderung entgegennehmen.

    Der Antrag erfordert keine besondere Form. Die Versorgungsämter stellen allerdings Antragsformulare zur Verfügung. Auf dieses Antragsformular muss jedoch nicht zurückgegriffen werden; es beschleunigt jedoch das Feststellungsverfahren.




    A disability pass will give you certain rights such as a parking permit and it will be difficult for an employer to dismiss you because of your illness. If you do have to give up your present position and are considered fit for some kind of other work, you may be able to get advice and financial assistance regarding a different job (go on a training course) from the Job Center.


    Behinderte Menschen im Beruf


    Der besondere Kündigungsschutz nach den §§ 85–92 SGB IX ist ein Kernstück des Schwerbehindertenrechts (Teil 2 SGB IX).


    Den besonderen Kündigungsschutz nach § 85 SGB IX genießt ein Arbeitnehmer nur, wenn es sich bei ihm um einen schwerbehinderten Menschen nach §2 Abs. 2 SGB IX handelt. Danach sind Menschen schwerbehindert, wenn bei ihnen ein Grad der Behinderung von wenigstens 50 vorliegt. Den besonderen Kündigungsschutz genießen daneben auch Menschen mit einem Grad der Behinderung von mindestens 30, die nach § 2 Abs. 3 SGB IX einem schwerbehinderten Menschen von der Agentur für Arbeit gleichgestellt wurden.




  4. You wrote, my contract states that...., so you obviously have a contract and a name. You need to contact the person who signed the contract on the employer side.


    If for some reason this is not possible, contact the people mentioned below in the following order.


    1. The person who signed the contract.

    2. The Human Resources Department. Who did you hand your documents to when you began work at the company? Did you hand your documents, tax code, name of your health insurance company etc in on time? You may be able to get the money you are entitled to from HR or payroll department.

    3. The Betriebsrat, is there someone from the workers council you can contact?

    4. The Job Center, the tip Gaberlunzi gave you was correct. If all possibilities mentioned above fail, take you contract to the job centre they may be able to give you a sum of money to tide you over. They usually then make contact with the company concerned and the sum of money lent to you will be taken out of your next salary.


    Please let us know how things turned out.


  5. You wrote, " I called them". You cannot file a telephone call for future use, you may someday need WRITTEN proof that this is what they told you. I suggest making an appointment discussing this with them again and asking for a short written statement confirming what was discussed and agreed upon.


    I too have heard horror stories about back payments but mainly in the state pension scheme. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund has a list of all professions that automatically make you a compulsory member of the state pension scheme. A lot of self-employed people have later found out that they should have paid contributions from the beginning and have to pay contributions for past years. If you cannot pay you will be charged interest each month for the missing contributions.


  6. Germany doesn't have a minimum wage in a lot of sectors. Even if employees are paid according to the Tarifvertrag, some employees may get an additional Leistungszulage and others a Freiwillige Zulage which is always individual and top secret of course.


  7. Attending a German interview is like playing poker. At first you talk about why you applied for the job and what experience you have. This is usually stated in the letter of application but they ask anyway. When all this has been dealt with you are asked what salary you have in mind.

    The first time I was asked this I almost fell of the chair, I didn't know what to say as I was waiting for them to make me an offer.

    When you have lived here for some time you do have some sort of idea about what sort of salary you are worth and need to live on but you still don't know what they are prepared to pay.


    As I was always in employment when I went for an interview I always had to apply for half a days holiday or sometimes a full days holiday in order to be able to go to the interview so my employer would not ask too many questions. I have lost count of the number of times I had made an appointment at the hairdressers, taken a day off to go to an interview only to find out at the end of the interview what they were prepared to pay. In several instances I would never have bothered applying for the job and travelling there if I had known beforehand what salary they had in mind.


    The person or company advertising the position has a budget for the said position but instead of saying we are looking for a ... and he/she will begin with a salary of ...€ as in England, they wait for the applicant to name a sum of money. The applicants sum is probably below the salary they are prepared to pay so the company saves money right from the begining most of the time.


  8. When you begin work with a new employer, he needs the following information and documents in order to calculate the compulsory contributions he must deduct from your salary.


    Your tax code to calculate how much tax you have to pay and if you have to pay church tax or not.

    The name of your health insurance company and your insurance number. You will receive a document from your previous employer stating that your employer has informed your health insurance company that you are no longer working there. This is called Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung-Abmeldung

    A statement from your last employer stating how many days holiday you have taken in the current year. This is known as an Urlaubsbescheinigung


    These documents are compulsory and are handed over to the person concerned AFTER the last day of work at the company.


    You are not allowed to work for two employers in a full-time job at the same time. If you somehow do so you will not only have to pay tax according to tax code 6 because you have no tax document, you will also have to pay health insurance, old age health care, unemployment benefit and contributions to the state pension scheme for BOTH employers.


    Here is an example of what will happen.

    Employer A informs the above mentioned organisations that Mr X worked for my company from 01.01.2013 until 31.10.2013 on or after 31.10.2013

    Employer B informs the same organisations that Mr X began work with my company on 01.10.2013 during the month of October.


    This will really screw the perfectly organised German system up which Germans absolutely hate. You will then receive question sheets from all the above mentioned organisations asking you to state which "Meldung" is correct. According to the system only one of them can be correct, how are you going to explain this???


  9. You cannot be employed by two companies for the same period of time.


    If you are taking your rest holiday from your first employer, you are not allowed to work during this time. It could be that you are taken ill during your holiday in which case you will normally be entitled to sick pay and your holiday will be paid out. This will show on your Krankenkasse Abmeldung and your health insurance company will also be sent a copy. If your new employer then registers you as of 01.11.2013 not knowing that you are still under contract to your first employer all the authorities concerned are going to receive statements from both companies with conflicting dates and will write to you asking you to clarify the conflicting statements. I hope your German is good enough to do this.


    As mentioned above in another posting, when you begin a new job you have to hand over certain documents tax card etc. to your new employer. You will not be given these documents before your contract with your first employer ends. You will then receive a reference stating how long you worked for the company i.e. until 30.11.2013, how will you explain this to your new employer? You will also receive a "Krankenkasse Abmeldung" showing the last day of your employment by the company. Your new company requires these documents as soon as you begin working there, you will not receive them until after 30.11.2013. If you do not hand in your tax card to a new employer he is required by law to put you in tax code 6 which means you will pay so much tax there won't be much left at the end of the month.


    Why don't you just tell your present employer that you have found a new job and they have asked you to begin work earlier than expected and ask if you could you leave on 31.10.2013 instead of 30.11.2013?


  10. I would suggest you make an appointment with your local Industrie und Handelskammer(IHK). They should be able to advise you about what you need to know when setting up your own business. The IHK often holds seminars for people thinking about setting up their own business.


    According to which profession you have, you could be a compulsory memeber of the state pension scheme. If you haven't already dealt with this make an appointment with the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund who will advise you about any contributions you may have to make. There are an awful number of self-employed people (not just English speaking people) who thought they didn't have to pay into the state pension scheme because they were self-employed. Many of these people are now having to pay contributions for past years.

    The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund has a list of professions which have to pay into the state pension scheme, if your profession is on the list you cannot opt out.


  11. Hope this helps.


    Dangerous Dogs Law for the State of Baden-Württemberg


    Dogs/breeds not listed above that are aggressive, bite, and chase and kill other animals are also considered dangerous dogs by this law.

    In order to receive a permit have a dangerous dog in Baden-Württemberg the owner needs to provide a legitimate interest why they need to bring into this state.

    The requirements for all dangerous dogs older than six months are:

    - owner must have permission to own a dangerous dog from the local police station at their place of residence in Germany.

    - owner must request in writing that their dog be temperament tested (Request Sample Letter, Questionnaire)

    - dog must be temperament tested at your expense by a German police officer or state veterinarian regarding their potential increased aggressiveness (fee is approx. 165 Euro per dog)

    - a dog that was less than 15 months old when temperament tested must repeat the test between the age of 15-18 months.

    - dog must be tattooed or microchipped

    - dog must be current on rabies shots




  12. @ Yorkshire Lad: thank you for the information. What really annoys me is the English company concerned had previously asked for my bank details and then they send a cheque. Is it perhaps cheaper for them to send a cheque than to transfer the money direct to my bank account?


  13. Buy a ready cooked chicken from your local supermarket or butchers. I saw one today for 5,95 €. You can eat it for a number of days with rice, noodles, salad and the rest can be used for sandwiches or to add to chicken broth and you have a real home made chicken soup for another day.


  14. I paid a UK cheque into a German bank account about two weeks ago for the very first time.


    This is what they charged me:


    Courtage 3,50 €

    Scheck-Abwicklungsgebühr 15,00 €

    Spesen 3,80 €


    I phoned the bank and asked them to explain the above charges. I was told Courtage is for processing the check, so I asked them to explain what Scheck-Abwicklungsgebühr stands for. The woman from the bank seemed at a loss about what to say and then told me a colleague of hers would phone me next week and explain the charges.


  15. Every four years there is a big agricultural show in Stuttgart. The next one will take place on 27.09-05.10.2014.





    There is a very interesting agricultural museum in Hohenheim. Das Deutsche Landwirtschaftsmuseum der Universität Hohenheim.




    On Sunday, 29.09.2013 the big Volksfest Parade takes place in Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart. It begins at 11.00 a.m. in the König-Karl-Strasse and then wanders through Bad Cannstatt and ends at the fair ground. There are usually lots of old cars and tractors to see as well as people in traditional costumes and beautifully decorated shire horses pulling carts from local beer companies.




    On Sunday, 21.10.2013 the 34th Filderkraut Festival takes place. The Spitzkraut-Classics parade of old cars, Lanz Bullldogs and other old tractors begins at 12 0'clock in the Bahnhofstrasse in Leinfelden.


  16. Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013 um 17 Uhr im Theater an der Halle in Ostfildern-Nellingen, Esslinger Str. 26

    Musik von der Insel - Symphonisches aus England

    Solist: Christoph Zantke

    • Edward Elgar (1857-1934): Pomp and Circumstance Marsch Nr. 1 op. 39

    • Edward Elgar (1857-1934): Cellokonzert e-Moll op. 85

    • Benjamin Britten (1913-1976): The young person’s guide to the orchestra op. 34

    Das Plakat zum Konzert.





  17. Yorkshire has beaten Berlin, London and Madrid to win the title of Europe's Leading Destination in 2013.


    The prize was awarded at the World Travel Awards in Antalya, Turkey, which are described by organisers as the "Oscars of the travel industry".


    Yorkshire is the first location other than a major city or country to have won the Leading Destination title in the 17-year history of the awards.


    Tourism agency Welcome to Yorkshire said the award was a "major coup"