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  1. What really annoys me about German references is that they state your date of birth and where you were born. Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, I am not touchy about telling anyone how old I am, I just don't think it has anything to do with the job I have been doing. When you apply for a job here you send a complete stranger these documents with this information. Date and place of birth normally fall under the data protection laws. Strangely enough not one of my German colleagues and no one from the HR department could explain why the Germans do this, Es war immer so! It is also fact that people over the age of 40 are classed as old on the job market even though people in this age group have to work another 27 years before they can officially retire.


  2. 50 Reasons Why Hull is The City of Culture 2017


    19. London 0 Hull 4: Apparently one of David Cameron’s favourite albums, much to the dismay of ex-Housemartins singer Paul Heaton.


    38. This City Belongs To Everyone. The afore-mentioned video created by Hull’s Nova Studios, especially for the bid presentation in Londonderry last week. It’s already been viewed by more than 87,000 people in 143 countries


    49. Dean Windass: His Wembley goal to send Hull City into the Premier League for the first time will be forever etched on the fans’ memories – along with his bleached blond crewcut.


    Read more: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/50-reasons-Hull-UK-City-Culture-2017/story-20116239-detail/story.html#ixzz2lPrSQqhP


  3. Sonntag, 01. Dezember 2013 | 16:00 Uhr

    ONE GENIE TOO MANY – Märchenspiel in englischer Sprache

    für Menschen ab 4 Jahren




    This year, NEAT will be performing “One Genie Too Many”, which is based on the story of Aladdin, an all-time panto favourite. Come and meet all the folks that hang out at Widow Twankey’s Laundrette (the best launderette in Stuttgart!): Aladdin, Widow Twankey, his larger-than-life mother; his brothers and sisters, who are seeking stardom as ‘Wishee-Washee and the Wash-Tubbies’, the wicked wizard Wazir and his dragon, and not one, but two genies... And as we all know: one genie’s company, two’s a crowd!


    Reservations Kulturzentrum Merlin: Tel: 0711/618549 E-Mail:karten@merlinstuttgart.de






  4. I agree with plantwhisper. There are some really good German born teacher's of English but to presume to correct a child of a native speaker is way out of line in my opinion. How many of us who speak fluent German would correct a German if we thought he/she was pronouncing a word differently to what we have learned? People speak with different accents and dialects in every country and this is what makes people unique and interesting. I have heard several Germans say Mrs Thatcher spoke a very good understandable English and wondered why other English people spoke entirely different English. I couldn't speak like Mrs Thatcher for the life of me nor do I want to, my Yorkshire accent is a part of me.


  5. Some years ago I did a distant learning course and had to travel to Münich once a month for Saturday lessons with our group and tutor. I attached all the train tickets and receipts for books, pens, pencils and so on to my tax form and they were all accepted. The important thing is to prove that you have done or bought the things you are claiming for.


  6. Sorry to hear about your loss, I know what you are going through.


    If you have any relatives you could ask them to call by and take anything they need away with them. Local hospitals and care homes are usually happy to receive books, nightdresses etc and towels. It is amazing how many people are admitted and have no nightdress, towels and things like that with them.


    You could rent a stall at a flea market for a lot of the things you want to sell. The salvation army, your local church or a home for refugees might be interestd in any clothes or household goods that you may wish to donate.


  7. Have you stil got the form you filled in with the name etc of the person who should have received the money?


    The customer service hotline is 00800 3940 3940 but is only open until 06.00 p.m. on a Saturday, closed all day Sunday and open Monday-Friday from 09.00 a.m until 06.00 p.m. If you want to send a customer complaint by E-Mail, the homepage is www. westernunion.de Apart from that you could take your documents to the Westernunion office and ask to speak to the Manager.


  8. St. Catherine's Church in Stuttgart has an international English speaking congregation and is always looking for volunteers.


    The annual church bazar takes place on Saturday 16.11.2013 from 10.00-04.00. Perhaps you would like to help out there.




    There are a number of contact addresses for voulunteers on the Stuttgart Website. It is all writen in German but that shouldn't be a problem for you.


    Die Freiwilligenagentur fördert und koordiniert ehrenamtliches und freiwilliges Engagement in Stuttgart. Sie ist Ansprechpartnerin für alle, die sich ehrenamtlich engagieren möchten oder die nach freiwilligen Unterstützern suchen.


    Bei der Suche nach der passenden Tätigkeit helfen die ehrenamtlichen Berater(innen) der Freiwilligenagentur. Die Beratung ist kostenlos.


    In der Online-Freiwilligenbörse finden Interessenten über 900 Einsatzbeschreibungen von gemeinnützigen Organisationen.



    Neben der Koordination von Angebot und Nachfrage führt die Freiwilligenagentur auch eigene Projekte durch:


    Ausbildungspatenschaft für Realschüler(innen)

    Jobpatenschaft für langzeitarbeitslose Menschen

    Jugendfreiwilligentage "Vollkontakt - herzhaft zupacken"

    Gestaltung und Herausgabe des Freiwilligenmagazins W!N

    Verschiedene Wettbewerbe




  9. I'm chuffed to bits!


    Yorkshire rose to feature on Tour de France yellow jersey

    The White Rose of York will feature on the yellow jersey for the 2014 Tour de France in a tribute to the host county of the Grand Départ.


    The design of the iconic jersey was announced following the official announcement of the 2014 route this week, which will see the cyclists ride through the Broad Acres of Yorkshire.


    The white heraldic rose appears in translucent form on the front of the the Tour’s leaders’ jerseys, manufactured by Le Coq Sportif.


    The white rose will also feature on the white and green jerseys for the leaders of the best young rider and points classifications.


    The yellow jersey design is inspired by the maillot jaune of the 1951 Tour de France.

    The White Rose of York is said to date back to Edmund of Langley in the fourteenth century and it has since been adopted as a symbol of Yorkshire as a while.




  10. Both places have something to offer. As stated above, it really depends on what sort of person you are and what you like doing.


    Yorkshire named third best visitor destination in the world.


    That is the view of Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world.


    Yorkshire has been given the accolade in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014, a collection of the world’s hottest trends, destinations and experiences for the year ahead.


    The book states, “If the good people of Yorkshire were proud of their heritage before, the 2012 London Olympics only served to cement what they have always thought: that their county is better than – and really the best of – all the English counties.


    “Recently this rough-around-the-edges gentleman of the North has kicked away the walking cane. Bradford has become the world’s first Unesco City of Film, fashion-thirsty Leeds has cut the ribbon on an ambitious retail development at a time when malls elsewhere in the UK are stalling, a new state-of-the-art gallery in Wakefield is giving London a run for its money, and Yorkshire now has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other county outside London.


    “In 2014, this welcoming region of rugged moorlands, heritage homes and cosy pubs will be able to hold its head even higher when the Tour de France begins its Grand Départ from Leeds.”


    Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 contributor, added: “It’s about time that travellers wake up to the wonder that is Yorkshire. Listing the county as one of the best regions in the world for visitors in the coming year is in recognition of it being a fantastic all-rounder; with some of the most stunning scenery in the country, dynamic cities, friendly people and a burgeoning food scene.”


    Yorkshire is third in the list of top regions behind Sikkim in India and The Kimberley in Australia, but ahead of Texas, Mallorca and Hunan in China.


    Dalesman is a monthly magazine all about places in Yorkshire and the people who live there. Yorkshire people are friendly, open and kind but we don't suffer fools gladly and we say what we think which doesn't always go down well with our German friends.



  11. Have you read the book The Farm by Richard Benson? I can really recommend it, it is a true story sometimes hilarious and sometimes so sad it moved me to tears.


    ...After two hundred years of farming in Yorkshire, the Benson family were forced to sell up. They found like so many other farmers that big business was wiping out a way of life they had known for generations.


    Do you remember the group Showaddywaddy? They also get a mention in the book. One of my favourite passages in the book is,


    "Maxine English was a robust blonde woman who ran the bar in the White Horse at the top of the town. It was rumoured that she had had sex with all seven members of Showadddywaddy on the night they played Bridlington Spa Hall in 1978."


    Penquin Non-fiction ISBN: 0-141-01294-3


  12. Western Union Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard®

    The Western Union Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard® is an instant issue prepaid card available at Western Union Bank locations in Germany and Austria and via selected retail stores in the United Kingdom.


    It is a great card to manage your general spending, as being prepaid means you can't spend more than you have on the card. Like any other MasterCard card, you can use the card to purchase items in any store displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, online and to withdraw funds from domestic and international ATMs.


    Western Union in partnership with Western Union Bank is now proud to introduce the MyWU Prepaid card*. As a Prepaid user in Austria you will have the opportunity to upgrade your existing card to the new MyWU Prepaid card and be able to access the full MyWU membership benefits.




  13. My Mum was in hospital and as we expected her to come home, I decided to save my holiday and be there for her when she came home. Sadly my Mum died in hospital, it was a terrible shock. At the time it seemed the right decision not to fly over and visit her in hospital, family and friends visited my Mum every day but I still feel guilty and wish I had seen her one last time. Death is so final, so visit or phone your loved ones as long as you can.


    A lot of town halls allow weddings to be filmed or skyped and now the crematorium in Grimbsy allows funerals to be broadcast on the Internet.

    If this were possible for you would it help you make your decision? Whatever you decide, I send you a hug and wish you all the best.




  14. Yorkshire has been named as one of the top places in the world to visit in 2014 in a new travel booklet.


    Lonely Planet put the area third in the top 10 world regions, behind destinations in India and Australia.


    The guide mentions Yorkshire's "rugged moorlands, heritage homes and cosy pubs" and that next year's Tour de France's grand depart will be in Leeds.


    The 13th Century York Minster cathedral also makes it into the guide's top 10 global "sights to make you feel small".


    The guide also refers to the success of Yorkshire athletes - including heptathlete Jessica Ennis, cyclist Ed Clancy and boxer Nicola Adams - in the 2012 Olympics, which resulted in winning seven gold medals.


    Lonely Planet's top 10 regions

    1. Sikkim, India

    2. The Kimberley, Australia

    3. Yorkshire, UK

    4. Hokuriku, Japan

    5. Texas, USA

    6. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

    7. Mallorca, Spain

    8. West Coast, New Zealand

    9. Hunan, China

    10. Ha'apai, Tonga

    It said the medals had added to the Yorkshire population's belief "their county is better than - and really the best of - all the English counties


    It isn,t a belief it's a fact:-)



  15. Some years ago, the Job Centre and the department dealing with state benefits were combined which is why you have to go the Job Centre if you are in need of financial help from the state. The Name Job Centre is a bit misleading because it implies that it only deals with people looking for work but this is not so.


    You are obliged to register with the Job Centre as soon as you have a written notice of dismissal and no other job to go to not on you last day of employment with the company.


  16. You wrote it is a performance related bonus. Is a performance bonus payment mentioned in your contract or is it a bonus payment dependent on the performance of the company? An individual performance bonus means you are usually given things to work on or improve for the coming year and the bonus is paid out the following year, is this so in your case? If this is correct you will be judged on your performanxe for the said year, what you do the year afterwards has nothing to do with it as you will be given new goals to meet.


  17. More than 6,000 tins of beans have been stolen from a parked-up lorry.


    Thieves cut a large hole in the curtain-sided lorry and took nearly two pallets of the tins of Heinz baked beans with sausages.


    The lorry had been parked in a lay-by on the A441, at Cookhill, near Redditch, Worcestershire, when the raiders struck.


    The driver had been asleep in the cab when the tins were taken during Monday night.


    "Police are appealing for information, especially about anyone trying to sell large quantities of Heinz baked beans in suspicious circumstances," a force spokesman said.




  18. The points Ruapehu and Metall made are worth noting. On the up side if you work less hours you earn less so pay less tax and insurance contributions. On the down side, if you become unemployed or ill your unemployment benefit or sick pay will be a lot less than if you were on a full time salary. You will be paying less into the state pension scheme and so will receive a smaller pension when you retire. If your company pays holiday money or a christmas bonus this will also be a lot less than on a full time salary. Depending on if you work reduced hours Monday-Friday or reduced hours on certain days your holiday entitlement will be reduced accordingly.


    Are your working hours going to be reudeced permantely or for a limited period of time (i.e for 6 or 12 months). You could suggest this to your employer. Whatever you decide you need a new contract in writing.


  19. Some time ago I read an interesting article about a German supermarket. The manager (who may have seen this in England) decided to put a member of staff at the back of the cash desk to pack the shopping for the customers. Well, the customers didn't appreciate this at all and said in no uncertain terms that they wanted to pack their own shopping and didn't need any help at all.