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  1. Don't worry about getting old, we appear to be on the right track!


    Learning a second language can have a positive effect on the brain, even if it is taken up in adulthood, a University of Edinburgh study suggests.


    The findings indicate that those who spoke two or more languages had significantly better cognitive abilities compared to what would have been expected from their baseline test.


    The strongest effects were seen in general intelligence and reading. The effects were present in those who learned their second language early, as well as later in life.


    Dr Bak said the pattern they found was "meaningful" and the improvements in attention, focus and fluency could not be explained by original intelligence.




  2. There are different forms available from SCHUFA, have a look at the website.. The first link below is free of chage and can be requested once a year. The second link is in English and costs 24,95€


    Die Selbstauskunft nach § 34 BDSG kann 1x pro Jahr kostenlos beantragt werden.

    Mit Selbstauskunft.com erstellen Sie kostenlos, einheitlich, schnell & unkompliziert Anträge zur Bestellung Ihrer Selbstauskunft bei zahlreichen Auskunfteien deutschlandweit




    Yes, I would like to order a SCHUFA credit report at

    the price of 1 24,95 (inc. 19 % VAT) and consent to

    the debit charge procedure.




  3. Speculation: Perhaps the Person concerned is heavily in debt and is trying to pay his debts off.


    Fact: A sick note has to be handed in on the third day AT THE LATEST.

    An employer can damand that the sick note be handed in on the first day of illness. You wrote that your employer had already demanded this. The employee has clearly ignored this instruction so is already liable for a written warning (Abmahnung).


    Fact: To hand in a sick note and then work for another company is dishonest to say the least.

    Company A is paying his sick leave and perhaps overtime for his co-workers who are having to cover for him. The ill person is receiving two salaries.


    Fact: The employers permission is usually required if someone who has a full time job takes on another job. Written warning number two.


    Fact: It is your responsibility to inform your employer what is going on. You also have a duty to the honest, hardworking employees who are having to do their own work and cover for the “ill” person too. You probably won’t be the only person who has seen him at his other workplace. What will you say if somebody else reports this and the “ill” person says he thought it was ok because you had seen him working there weeks ago and nothing happened?


    The person concerned should be invited to state his side of the story before a decision is made. With two written warnings already being due, things don’t look too rosy for him.


  4. Major industries have a "Manteltarifvertrag" which specifies the rules and regulations of employment and pay in this area of work.

    Employees are placed in a specific Entgeltgruppe according to their qualifications for this profession and years of experience. Experience in other branches of work are not usually taken into account.


    The Manteltarifvertrag is not accessible to everybody. The Human Resource Department needs a copy so that they can group the employees. The Betriebsrat need to verify this so they also have a copy.


    I would suggest you make an appointment with somebody from HR or your Betriebsrat and ask them to explain why you have been put in your Gehaltsgruppe.


  5. The Irish Pub o'Reilly's showed the last world cup games and there was a geat crowd there every time.


    They are also showing the Wembley Cup Final on Saturday. I hope there aren't too many Arsenal supporters there on Saturday :-)


    Irish Pub

    o'reilly's irish pub

    Reuchlinstrasse 27

    70176 Stuttgart



    Tel: +49 711 626578

    Fax: +49 711 2635671

    mailto: oreillysstuttgart@yahoo.com


  6. Good to hear you have got everything sorted out. You took the iniative and have acted correctlly all along. You asked questions and were given answers. I would think your "file" in this matter has now been closed so you don't have to worry about it anymore. Although it might be a good idea to note the date of your appointment at the TK and the name of the person you spoke to, just in case for future use.


  7. So sorry to hear that things are not turning out as expected.


    Perhaps some publicity would help, I am sure most decent minded people would be appalled about what is going on and this may help sway the court's decision.


    @Tap: You stated in your post of 20.12.2013 that Lee's sister had given an interview to the magazine NEON. Do you think Marie would be willing to talk to the press (English and German) and also is she strong enough? What about your local TV or radio station?




    Are there any English speaking organisations in Frankfurt that you could contact and inform them what is happening? Networking always helps to spread the word and you never know who has good contacts until you do something like this.


    On a different note, I would like to thank you for helping Marie, my heart really goes out to her. It must be terrible having to relive everything again.


    If you or Marie ever come to Stuttgart, send me a PN, I would love to meet you both personally and invite you to tea and cake.


  8. Someone very close to me is blind due to an illness so I know at first hand how many difficulties they have to cope with day to day. Imagine walking alone to the shops when you cannot see a thing in front of you. I hope the people concerned rot in hell.


    A blind woman who was regularly sworn at by bullies and nearly mugged took to wearing a body camera so police could identify the culprits.


    Siobhan Meade, 30, said the weekly abuse she suffered relating to her disability "nearly destroyed" her life.


    She handed camera footage to police, who spoke to the perpetrators, and the abuse she had suffered in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, stopped.


    A police spokesman said this kind of hate crime was "under-reported".


    Ms Meade, who has been blind since the age of 16, said that after she moved from Norfolk last November "numerous incidents of disability hate crime" had made her life "uncomfortable".


    'Last resort'


    "[it has] ranged from being sworn at in the street, young people circling me and deliberately walking me into lampposts and nearly being mugged," she said.


    "They actually said 'let's mug her and see how much she can see'... I was horrified.


    "It was extremely distressing and it nearly destroyed me as a person... It was intimidating beyond belief."





  9. It is not posssible to disinherit certain family members to 100% in Germany, hence the expression "Pflichtteil." If you want to pursue this, you need expert advice from a laywer who specalises in such matters. As in most cases there will be a deadline for making a claim so do not wait too long.


    1) Was ist der Pflichtteil? Wie berechnet sich der Pflichtteil?


    Mit dem Pflichtteilsanspruch garantiert das deutsche Erbrecht bestimmten Familienangehörigen unabhängig vom Willen des Verstorbenen grundsätzlich eine Art Mindestbeteiligung am Nachlass - den sog. Pflichtteil.

    Der Pflichtteilrechner berechnet die Pflichtteilsquote desjenigen, der von dem Erblasser durch ein Testament oder einen Erbvertrag von der gesetzlichen Erbfolge ausgeschlossen wurde, zu gering bedacht wurde oder aufgrund lebzeitiger Schenkungen des Erblassers Pflichtteilsergänzungsansprüche hat. Der Pflichtteil wird als prozentuale Quote angegeben.

    Der Pflichtteil, genauer gesagt die Pflichtteilsquote, beträgt die Hälfte des gesetzlichen Erbteils. Um den Pflichtteil berechnen zu können, muss daher zunächst die gesetzliche Erbfolge ermittelt werden.

    Die jeweilige Familienkonstellation und der eheliche Güterstand des Verstorbenen haben deshalb bei der Berechnung Auswirkungen auf die Höhe des Pflichtteils.



  10. I would recommend waiting at least until your probation period is over before deciding to buy a house. As Engelchen rightly pointed out buying and selling a house here is more expensive and more complicated than in the UK. Who knows perhaps you or your family will not like living over here. Do any of you speak German?


    The International School in Degerloch (a suburb of Stuttgart) is not the only such school in the area. There is also an International Swiss School a few kilometres outside Stuttgart in a town called Fellbach.




    A lot of regigonal trains and also the underground line connects Esslingen with Stuttgart. Your son would have to travel into Stuttgart and then travel by tram or bus to Degerloch. The public transport system here is on the whole very good so that would not be a problem for him


  11. Some information is missing here. You had a Minijob from November-April, what did you live on?


    Make an appointment with your health insurance company straight away and take all documents from your mini-job with you. Your health insurance company will advise you what needs to be done and will inform you if and how much money you owe them. Explain that you have started a new job and are willing to pay any money you may owe in monthly installments. You will have to pay your normal monthly health insurance fees AND the monthly installment rate at the same time. You will probably pay xxx Euros for your health insurance and xx Euros in installments.


    Health insurance companies are usually relieved and impressed if someone in your situation takes the iniative and contacts them and is willing to pay in installments.


  12. Hull is in the headlines again. Has anyone seen the Slipstream sculpture while passing through Heathrow?


    WEIGHING in at a whopping 77 tonnes and measuring 78m, Slipstream is a pretty impressive welcome mat.


    The giant Hull-made sculpture is set to become one of the world's most viewed pieces of public art – and the first thing more than 20 million travellers a year will see when they pass through Heathrow Airport.


    The aluminium artwork, which was built by engineering firm Commercial Systems International (CSI) Ltd at an anonymous east Hull warehouse, was unveiled as the stunning centrepiece of Heathrow's new £2.5bn terminal yesterday.


    The sculpture was designed by acclaimed artist Richard Wilson, who praised the Hull firm for turning his vision into a reality.




  13. Book & bake sale at St. Catherine's Church on 17.05.2014 from 10.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m. Buy a book and have a cup of tea with home made cakes at the same time.


    St. Catherines's Chuch

    Lorenzstaffel 8

    70182 Stuttgart




  14. The opinion, downright rudeness and conduct of Rhodes3 Boss fits in well with the way certain men in southern Germany still behave. They believe that women are destined for a life of what is known here as the three K's Kinder, Kirche und Küche.


    Up to 30.06.1958 a husband could legally terminate his wife's work contract without her permission. As a married working woman could not open a bank account until 1969, her wage was given to her husband. It wasn't until 1977!!! that a woman could work without her husband's permission to do so.


    Das Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch schrieb es vor: Wollte eine Frau arbeiten, musste das ihr Ehemann erlauben. Erst 1977 wurde das Gesetz geändert. Bis 1. Juli 1958 hatte der Mann, wenn es ihm beliebte, den Anstellungsvertrag der Frau nach eigenem Ermessen und ohne deren Zustimmung fristlos kündigen können. In Bayern mussten Lehrerinnen zölibatär leben wie Priester – heirateten sie, mussten sie ihren Beruf aufgeben. Denn sie sollten entweder voll und ganz für die Erziehung fremder Kinder zur Verfügung stehen. Oder alle Zeit der Welt haben, um den eigenen Nachwuchs zu hegen.


    Die erste Frau mit eigenem Bankkonto


    Bis 1958 hatte der Ehemann auch das alleinige Bestimmungsrecht über Frau und Kinder inne. Auch wenn er seiner Frau erlaubte zu arbeiten, verwaltete er ihren Lohn. Das änderte sich erst schrittweise. Ohne Zustimmung des Mannes durften Frauen kein eigenes Bankkonto eröffnen, noch bis 1962. Erst nach 1969 wurde eine verheiratete Frau als geschäftsfähig angesehen.




    The only way to beat them at their game is to be honest with yourself and hitting back way below the belt. I like the German expression unverschämt. They don't understand anything else.


  15. Hearing things like this really makes my blood boil. How on earth did someone like this get to be a boss? These questions are 1. illegal and 2. have absolutely nothing to do with anybody else. Some men and women would love to have children but just haven’t found the right partner or due to medical reasons they cannot have children. How does he know that this is not the case with you? This has nothing to do with anyone else and is a very private matter. THE QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS HE MADE ARE ILLEGAL.


    If he is German than he should be aware of the paragraphs below. If he is not German than he needs to go on a seminar about German labour laws and cultural differences immediately.


    If he makes comments like this again, ask him if he also asks men this question. If he answers no then quote Article 3 from the German Grundgesetz to him and also the paragraphs from the Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgestz below.


    Whatever you do, don’t be intimitaed by this ****** stand your ground. Even if you don’t believe this say something like Oh, I am far too intelligent to wipe babies bums and stand in the kitchen all day. Is that what your wife does?


    If all else fails, report him to your works council and try and get a witness to verify what he said to you if possible. Chin up and good luck!


    Grundgesetz Artikel 3

    (1) Alle Menschen sind vor dem Gesetz gleich.


    (2) Männer und Frauen sind gleichberechtigt. Der Staat fördert die tatsächliche Durchsetzung der Gleichberechtigung von Frauen und Männern und wirkt auf die Beseitigung bestehender Nachteile hin.


    (3) Niemand darf wegen seines Geschlechtes, seiner Abstammung, seiner Rasse, seiner Sprache, seiner Heimat und Herkunft, seines Glaubens, seiner religiösen oder politischen Anschauungen benachteiligt oder bevorzugt werden. Niemand darf wegen seiner Behinderung benachteiligt werden.




    Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz


    § 1 Ziel des Gesetzes


    Ziel des Gesetzes ist, Benachteiligungen aus Gründen der Rasse oder wegen der ethnischen Herkunft, des Geschlechts, der Religion oder Weltanschauung, einer Behinderung, des Alters oder der sexuellen Identität zu verhindern oder zu beseitigen.




    § 3 Begriffsbestimmungen


    (1) Eine unmittelbare Benachteiligung liegt vor, wenn eine Person wegen eines in § 1 genannten Grundes eine weniger günstige Behandlung erfährt, als eine andere Person in einer vergleichbaren Situation erfährt, erfahren hat oder erfahren würde. Eine unmittelbare Benachteiligung wegen des Geschlechts liegt in Bezug auf § 2 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 bis 4 auch im Falle einer ungünstigeren Behandlung einer Frau wegen Schwangerschaftoder Mutterschaft vor.


    § 13 Beschwerderecht


    (1) Die Beschäftigten haben das Recht, sich bei den zuständigen Stellen des Betriebs, des Unternehmens oder der Dienststelle zu beschweren, wenn sie sich im Zusammenhang mit ihrem Beschäftigungsverhältnis vom Arbeitgeber, von Vorgesetzten, anderen Beschäftigten oder Dritten wegen eines in § 1 genannten Grundes benachteiligt fühlen. Die Beschwerde ist zu prüfen und das Ergebnis der oder dem beschwerdeführenden Beschäftigten mitzuteilen.


    (2) Die Rechte der Arbeitnehmervertretungen bleiben unberührt.




  16. You will have to pay the monthly health insurance contributions yourself.Explain your situation to your health insurance company before you do anything else.

    Here is a link from the AOK about unpaid leave, each case is individual you need some expert advice.




  17. For every month you work you recieve a holiday entitlement. You cannot take a holiday in advance. As Corcaigh stated above, check with your health insurance company if you will be insured during this time. Failing that if you are feeling ill due to your pregnancy go to the Doctor's

    and talk things over with him/her.


  18. Welcome to our forum and thank you for being so open, it helps others to help you.


    I cannot understand why you came to Germany. Yes, London is expensive but London is not England. You could have moved to another English City. Your German wife must know how the system here works, was she homesick or did she ever mention what difficulities you would have to face over here? As others have pointed out Germans are obsessed with bits of paper stating what you have learned, where you gained this knowledge and on what date. You even have to have an Ausbildung to sell bread rolls here. Hairdressers who have done three years training and passed their exam are not allowed to open a hairdressing salon. They have to continue studying for a Master qualification and only then can they open their own salon.


    There are three branches of work which are always looking for new workers, Hotels and restaurants, supermarkets and old people's homes.


    Some supermarkets train on the job and you can move up the ranks quite quickly. Hotel and restaurant workers need a formal Ausbildung if they want to make a career out of it. Working in old people's homes will certainly be a safe job for the future but not everyone can do this sort of work. For all of these jobs you need a good standard of German.


    According to your statment, you seem to be prepared to do any sort of training course. An Ausbildung here is not something you do to say you are a qualified worker. It is the job you will be doing for most of your working life. What sort of things do you like doing? Do you like working with people? Do you prefer an office job or something like painting and decorating? Have you a dream job? You could go to your local job centre and talk things over with them.