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  1. Here in Stuttgart there have been similar problems due to Stuttgart21. I heard in one area the Deutsche Bahn paid for hotel accommodation for people living near the railway tracks.

    You could contact the Ordnungsamt. It is responsible for noise levels and approving work on Sundays, Bank Holidays and work carried out during the night. Special rules apply for noise made after 10.00 p.m.

    The Mieterverein can help in all sorts of ways. They can help you check the noise levels and also advise you if you can reduce your rent payments due to the noise and work carried out after 10.00 p.m.


  2. I have just had a phone call and am somewhat perplexed. The caller asked me if I wanted  to update my website as Google has announced some dramtic changes to desktop version websites. I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about and politely declined. I then did some internet research and found this.   


    "Desktop sites will be dropped and m-dot sites may experience bugs in Google’s anticipated March 2021 mobile first index update."

    "The Deadline

    Google has officially set a March 2021 deadline for companies to create Responsive websites. At that point, Google will no longer index desktop-only websites. In fact, desktop-only websites already in the index will be dropped.  If you’re not sure if your website is already subjected to mobile-first indexing, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool".




    "Ab März 2021 indexiert Google keinen Desktop Content mehr – Darauf musst du achten

    Desktop Only Websites werden ab kommendem Frühjahr komplett aus Googles Index verbannt. Außerdem könnten Mobilversionen (oder M-Dot Websites) künftig mehr Bugs aufweisen.

    Bei Search Engine Journal berichtet Roger Montti von Muellers Aussagen auf der Pubcon Pro Virtual 2020. Dort sagt er zum Fahrplan für die Mobile-First-Indexierung:"


    „ But actually, it is the case that we will only index the mobile content in the future. So when a site is shifted over to mobile first indexing, we will drop everything that’s only on the desktop site. We will essentially ignore that […] anything that you want to have indexed, it needs to be on the mobile site. And the final deadline we’ve come up with is March 2021.“


    „Usually we try to show the appropriate version, desktop or mobile version, in the search results, the URL at least. The indexed content is […] only the mobile version. But with m-dot sites it can sometimes happen that we just have the m-dot version where we didn’t actually pick up that there’s a connection to a desktop version here. This is a lot more likely if you have a m-dot version and use an hreflang. The only solution there is essentially to make sure that you redirect your users from the m-dot version to the desktop version when they use a desktop browser. And I don’t see us changing this in the near future or probably at all.“




    If I have understood this correctly, all websites need to be changed by the end of March if you want them to be found in Google.








  3. Even though Krankenkversicherung, Pflegeversicherung and Rentenversicherung are separate organisatons,  Employers pay all Sozialversicherung contributions to the Krankenkasse.

    So if you are a a member of the AOK, your employer sends all your Sozialversicherung contributions to the AOK. The Krankenkasse then transfers the respective contributions to the Pflegekasse and Rentenversicherung.


  4. Versicherungspflichtig means all social insurances, Krankenversicherung, Pflegeversicherung, Arbeitslosenversicherung und Rentenversicherung.


    Each December pay slip shows your December salary and also the yearly contributions to social insurances and taxes.


    At the beging of each year all employees receive a „Bescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung“. This document shows what was paid in the previous year to the various social insurances mentioned above. This document is also handed out when a contract is terminated.


    Your Krankenkasse should have a record of all contributions paid so you could ask them  to print you  the desired informaton out. This does not apply to private health insurance


    VBL stands for Versorgunsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder and is for Betriebsrente.



  5. Your rating is not just based on your ability to pay your bills. Have you lived in a lot of different places in Germany? Have you lived in different appartments during your stay here? Have you worked for different employers in a short space of time? Even though there may be a good reason for these things, they give a negative impression in Germany.

    When I buy something online from certain companies, I get a confirmation that the money has been received. Comparing the date of the invoice and the date I payed the bill shows how much time I took to pay the invoice. From one company I even got a letter thanking me for paying so punctually one year. If you have something like that, you can perhaps  use it to prove that at least you pay your bills on time.



  6. A farmer who was half kidding when she suggested hiring out her goats out for Zoom meetings during lockdown has said making £50,000 shows it was no joke.

    Dot McCarthy, from Rossendale in Lancashire, said the number of people paying for "show goat" Lola and others to butt in on calls had been "insane".

    She said it had kept Cronkshaw Fold Farm open and staff in work and had also paid for improvements to the site.

    She added that it was "more fun" than selling manure to make ends meet.




  7. I was working on my pc when the following message came on my screen in red.


     Microsoft Excel Fehler bei Produktivierung . The same message appears by Microsoft Word


    I then got a message saying that support for Excel 2010 ended on 13.10.2020. It then shows another screen with Microsoft 365 kaufen.  Has anyone else experienced this?



    Do I really have to buy Microsoft 365 or is it possible to somehow update the old version?



  8. I really feel sorry for you in this situation but it is no use throwing good money after bad. The first thing anybody will ask you is why did you send the documents if you didn't want them to do anything. Can you prove that you gave instructions not to file your tax claim at the moment? Did you really believe they would just look at your documents or store them free of charge somewhere until you contacted them again? The best thing you can do is ask to pay the amount in monthly rates and try to get some sort of financial assistance.  


    There are some goverment schemes to help self-employed people. Details about the latest scheme will be unveiled at the end of this week. 



     If you cannot apply for goverment aid for self-employed people, you can apply for Grundsicherung assistance but will be required to give details of your savings and the financial situation of anybody you live with.


    These are really hard times and I wish you the best of luck.


  9. Everybody in Germany must have a valid health insurance there are no exceptions.


    Financial Aid from the goverment for self-employed people has been in place since April. Google Corona Hilfe and see links below.

    Unterstützung für Selbstständige und Unternehmen im November





    The Verband der Gründer und Selbständigen Deutschland e.V. has a wealth of information on their homepage and there are regional groups in most areas.https://www.vgsd.de/



  10. It depends when your Direkversicherung began, see links below. If you terminate your Direktversicherung you will have to pay back the tax  you saved on all previous payments. You can continue to pay as a private person but there will be no tax advantages. I would suggest you make an appointment with the company who deal with your Direktversicherung before you sign  or agree to anything.






  11. 10 hours ago, Taffyhereford said:

    While we're on the subject of thing we miss from the UK. My pregnant wife is constantly on about how she is going to need more clothes post birth and there aren't cheap clothes like primark here? I think she's angling for expensive brands but if there are cheap stores I can keep my eye out for?  

    Otherwise I suppose it'll be online


    I'm in Filderstadt BTW.. 


    There is a large Primark in Stuttgart and also a C&A. Both stores are in the city centre.




    Königstrasse 27-27a

    70173 Stuttgart








    The address is  Königstr 18  70173 Stuttgart but the entrance is on Eberhardstrasse.



    There is also an English shop in Stuttgart. They sell food, whisky, flags, tea cups and things and English books but are not cheap.


    Piccadilly English Shop

    Schellingstraße 11

    70174 Stuttgart







  12. I unwittingly really messed up  one of these super modern digital systems  that are supposed to save everyone time and money today.


    Some weeks ago I made an online appointment for the Hautarzt which took place today. I put my health insurance card in the little machine and clicked on the ok sign on the monitor on the wall and went and sat down in the waiting room when I was asked to come to the reception desk. The receptionist was staring at her screen and said my health insurance card was faulty. I replied I had  been to another Doctor the week before and there had been no problem with my health insurance card. Receptionist called a colleague and two people stared at the screen to no avail so a third colleague was called. All three stared at the screen until receptionist number three asked me why I had booked two appointments in the same quarter. I replied because I would be given some ointment and told to come back for a check-up in about five weeks time and almost all the appointments for this year had been taken . Receptionist number one said she must cancel my appointment in December so that the system would accept my health insurance card. I  told her I had been in this situation before and would definetly need the appointment in December and then I was called into the examination room.


    The Doctor prescribed me the ointment and said I should come back again in December. I informed her what had happend and said the receptionist had cancelled my appointment. Dr went to the reception desk with me and confirmed that I must come back in December for a check-up. I went out grinning like a cheshire cat.  


  13. As stated in the link below, you don't have to sign a Kündigung at all. You can sign a declaration that the notice of dissmisal was handed to you on date xxxx.

    Saturday 31st October was the last day of the month, did you wife work on this day? If not, the Kündigung should bear the date it was handed out, There may be some legal issues here concerning the notice period even though the Kündigung is fristlos. It is important that the letter be dated 02.11.2020 because of the three day rule of notifying the Arbeitsamt within three days of receiving a Kündigung. The people at the Arbetisamt will be able to advise you what to do.

    Depending if your wife is registered as  a full time self-employed person or as a  part-time self-employed person -Nebenbeschäftigung you wife needs to contact her Krankenkasse. 


    If your wife worked for longer than 6 months at the restaurant she is entitled to a reference. If she worked for less than 6 months she is entitled to an Arbeitsbsbescheinigung.


    Last but not least, these are hard times for everybody but particularly for self-employed people, it could be that the employer is not aware of the importance of the date etc. 


    You will find more information in the link below.



     Disclaimer: I am not a laywer.




  14. 18 hours ago, galego said:

    The document I've been handed is titled 'Abwicklungsvertrag' but it states quite early on 'Die Parteien sind sich einig, dass das zwischen ihnen bestehende Arbeitsverhaltnis durch die von der Gesellschaft am xx.xx.xxxx ausgesprochene ordentliche Kundigung aus dringenden betriebsbedingten Grunden fristgemass mit Ablauf des xx.xx.xxxx endet'


    ..Die Parteien sind sich einig ... means that both parties agree to the dismissal. If you agree to your  contract being terminated and you receive a redundancy payment, you may have to face the first few months without any financial support from the Arbeitstagentur (AA) and have to pay your own health insurance etc.



    In case of a dismissal, the employee does not have to sign anything. The company may ask the employee to sign a form stating that on day xxx the employee received the Kündigung. This is to prove that the employee was given the dismissal within the notice period.



    Have you already registered with the AA? You have to register within 3 days of receiving your notice.  Make an appointment and take a copy of your dismissal notice, passport and  a document  showing membership of your health insurance- Mitgliedsbescheinigung. The people at the AA will advise you what to do concerning your signature on the document and if you will be given financial support from day one or at a later date.



    Regarding your holidays, does you contract end at the end of the month or end of the quarter. If you have more holidays than working days, the remaining holidays can be paid out.   













    On 3.10.2020, 09:59:58, Waschbär said:

    When grandma was alive she had been collecting her retirement and grandpa's pension (totaling over 1500 euros per month, for more than 20 years). Each month, my partner's mom would withdraw some cash from the bank for grandma. Because it was more than grandma needed, she gave both her children a small monthly "allowance" when they visited or came over to do errands.



    Maybe I am the only one here who sees things in a different light.


    Why was more money taken out of the account then Grandma needed? If it had been left in the account it would have gained interest each year.

    To give her children money for visiting their own Grandma or doing little errands for her leaves me speechless.