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  1. According to your statment, you work full time and want to continue working in your job and start your own business aswell. What are the terms of your contract and your work permit? Do you have to inform your employer about your plans?


    How are you going to manage to work full time and run a business at the same time?


  2. There is a libary at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum James-F.-Byrnes-Institut e.V. in Stuttgart.



    Our small, but diverse library targets readers of all ages, our selection is highly attractive for students and teachers.


    We provide English-language novels as well as resource books. There is a young adults section, easy readers and books on Abiturvorbereitung.


    We offer an ample variety of magazines with contents ranging from politics to recreational activities as well as the latest issues of German and American newspapers.


    In addition, our collection of media includes American TV series as well and both fictional and non-fictional movies to entertain you and to broaden your mind.


    Check out our recent addition in the library! We now have access to eLibrary USA, a huge database, which opens up a new dimension of resources for you.


    Information, education, entertainment and advice – It’s all here. Come and get it!


    Opening hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 6p.m. and

    Friday: 9 a.m .- 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.


    Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum

    James-F.-Byrnes-Institut e.V.

    Charlottenplatz 17

    70173 Stuttgart

    Telefon 0711-22 81 80

    Telefax 0711-22 81 840

    e-Mail: info@daz.org






  3. This only applies if you employ a long-term unemployed person that is registered at the Job Centre.


    Apart from the reasons EL Jeffo mentioned, the only reason why some long-term unemployed people have difficulty in finding a new position is because of their age or lack of certain qualifications. For example man/woman 40+ has no German qualifications or computer skills.


    Sometimes the person concerned is a qualified worker but due to age discrimination is considered to old for the position by an employer.


    The Job Centre dosen't pay anyone to employ a long-term unemployed person but if certain conditions are met, the person concerned continues to receive money from the Job Centre for a limited period of time while working for a company.


  4. The fairground and beer tents.






    The Volksfest Parade

    Sunday, 28.09.2014 The Volksfest parade begins at 11.00 a.m. 105 organisations are taking part in this years parade.




    The parade route in Bad Cannstatt.



  5. A couple of weeks ago, we saw an advertisement on the internet and booked a table at a restaurant which was advertising a seafood buffet on a Wednesday evening.


    When we arrived there, there was no seafood buffet to be seen. The cook came and said they had stopped doing the Wednesday seafood buffet two weeks ago as most of the customers ordered fish dishes from the menu during the week and the seafood buffet is now on a Saturday evening. He must have seen how dissapointed we were because he apologised and offered to do a three course seafood buffet with a bit of everything just for the two of us for the same price as the said buffet and also said two glasses of sekt were on the house.


    To begin with, the waiter brought a large silver platter to our table covered in mussels and various pieces of hot and cold fish, this was just the starter.


    The cook personally brought the main course to our table on a huge silver platter with rice, potatoes, different pieces of fish and various kinds of fish on a skewer. After eating all this we were so full but then he brought the dessert. He had made chocolate mousse with white and dark chocolate that tasted out of this world really chocolaty and the plate was decorated with fresh raspberries, and strawberries too.


    During the course of our meal, the waiter and the cook enquired several times if everything was to our satisfaction and if we required anything else. We had a beautiful meal and can really recommend this seafodd resaurant.


    If you like seafood too, the restaurant is called Fisherman Tom and is in the Rosenstrasse in Stuttgart www.Fisherman-Tom.com


  6. Hi Leonardo, welcome to Stuttgart and the Toytown Forum.



    Two new shopping centres will open shortly in the city centre of Stuttgart. Gerber in September and Milano in October, both of them are looking for people to work there


    Gerber the smaller one, will have 86 shops and several restaurants, it opens on 23.09.2014. It is a few minutes walk away from the S-Bahn station Feuersee.




    On 09.10.2014 a new shopping centre with 200 shops will open in Stuttgart. It is called Milaneo and is situated behind the railway station. They are looking for all sorts of workers from shop managers and shop assistants to waiters and kitchen staff at McDonald's.




  7. Hope everyone got home safely yesterday evening. It was nice to see you all again.


    Haha, I think I must be turning into a sort of Jeykkell & Hyde Person. Last month Halfrght said I was a party animal and now Alana says I have a calming influence on her. What are our monthly meetings doing to me? :D


    I'll be back in Stuttgart for our next meeting so see you all on the 18th.


  8. Leipzig is a very interesting place to visit. If you have time, I would suggest you visit the Stasi Museum which is near the railway station.

    You can see the room where the Stasi opened all the envelopes addressed to people in the West. The machine had to be heated up first and then all the envelopes were opened, read and sealed again before someone decided if they would be sent on or not. There is even a pile of letters which were not sent on to people in the West in the corner of the room.





    Another great place to visit is the zoo. The tram takes you direct to the zoo entrance.




    Hope you have a great time in Leipzig.


  9. Each Bundesland has ist own state organisations. Even though you do not live in BW, perhaps the links below will be of some use to you and point you in the correct direction of the people you should contact where you live.



    State Medical Chamber of Baden-Württemberg


    Our tasks:

    Promoting health prophylaxis of the population and cooperating with other health care professions.

    Representing the professional interests of physicians as well as consulting politics and administration

    supervising fulfillment of physician's professional duties

    promoting that physicians are on good terms with each other

    taking care that the professional code of conduct is maintained

    promoting medical education and continuous education

    ruling medical continuous education and promoting this through information and consultation

    developing and carrying out means for securing quality in medical treatmentorganizing the education of medical assistants.




    Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg

    Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts

    Jahnstraße 40

    70597 Stuttgart

    Telefon: 0711 - 769 89 0

    Telefax: 0711 - 769 89 50

    E-Mail: info (at) laek-bw (punkt) de




    Unsere Aufsichtsbehörde

    Ministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung, Familie, Frauen und Senioren Baden-Württemberg

    Schellingstraße 15

    70174 Stuttgart


  10. According to your statement you are a very responsible dog owner and consider your dog to be part of your family. I have had dealings with several people who are similar to the woman in your description and they all seemed to let power go to their heads. Yes, she is in a powerful position and probably lays the laws down for her organisation but she should be thankful that one of her charges has found a good home. That is what her job is about, finding good homes for homeless animals.


    Apart from acting upon the advice already given, have you thought about contacting the local press and telling them your story? People like the woman concerned absolutely hate publictity like this. As American citizens will your Embassy be able to give you some advice about what to do in this case?


    Please let us know how things turn out.


  11. My other half is now out of hospital and getting on my nerves a bit ;) so I'll sign up for the DUMB meeting on Thursday.


    Signup for DUMB on Thursday, 14 August at 7:00 pm - please vote for your preference of where!


    1. Guest (he'll probably be happy to go wherever beer is served...)***

    2. Frollein - I liked Brauhaus Schönbuch, but the service was abysmal - so I vote for Carls Brauhaus

    3. mkwiede - Carls Brauhaus or Ochs'n'Willi

    4. White Rose of Yorkshire I'll go for Carl's Brauhaus too.




  12. Anyone interested in going to the football match VFB-Hull City? Kick off is at 4.oo p.m.


    Karten für die Partie gegen Hull City

    Am Sonntag, 10. August, lädt der VfB Stuttgart seine Fans wieder zum großen VfB Opening in den NeckarPark ein. Das Programm beginnt von 11 Uhr an auf dem Parkplatz P9, gegenüber der Mercedes-Benz Arena in der Mercedesstraße. Von 16 Uhr an rollt dann der Ball auf dem Spielfeld in der Arena, wenn die Mannschaft mit dem roten Brustring den englischen Premier-League-Klub Hull City A.F.C empfängt.


    Für diese Partie sind ab sofort Eintrittskarten in der Cannstatter Kurve, auf der Haupttribüne sowie dem Unterrang der EnBW Tribüne erhältlich:


    Kategorie Preise

    Cannstatter Kurve keine weitere Ermäßigung EUR 5,-

    EnBW Tribüne Vollzahler


    ermäßigt EUR 10,-

    EUR 8,-

    EUR 5,-

    Haupttribüne Vollzahler


    ermäßigt EUR 15,-

    EUR 13,-

    EUR 7,50


    Die untersten vier Reihen der Haupttribüne werden zum Gegentribünenpreis verkauft (auf dem Stadionplan blau markiert). Die VfB Dauerkartenbesitzer haben mit ihrer Chipdauerkarte Zutritt zu dieser Begegnung. Inhabern von Blockdauerkarten werden in den kommenden Tagen Tickets für das Spiel für Ihre Plätze zugesandt. Die Untertürkheimer Kurve, sowie der Oberrang der EnBW Tribüne bleiben an diesem Tag geschlossen. Inhaber von Dauerkarten in diesen Tribünenbereichen erhalten ebenfalls in den kommenden Tagen Papiertickets für andere Bereiche der Mercedes-Benz Arena zugesandt.


    Parkplätze stehen im Daimlerparkhaus (P7) und auf dem Wasen (P10) kostenlos zur Verfügung.




  13. I didn't like all the sketches but found most of them to be very good. There were some good old favourites. I love the Lumberjack song and I think the dead parrot sketch is hilarious.


    I wasn't too happy with the German translation of some of the text though.


  14. Eintritt = Date of entry.


    abweichender Eintritt = People sometimes leave a company and then return to the same company after a short time. According to the Manteltarifvertrag or company agreement, your date of entry is then not the date you joined the company for the second time but the first date will be taken and changed depending on how long you were absent from the company.


    Austritt = Date you left the company


    Fahrgeld stpfl. What does stpfl mean? Stpfl. stands for steurpflichtig = taxable, taxable travelling expenses.


    Altersvermoegen st.fr.= st.fr = steuer frei = non-taxable parts of a pension saving scheme.


    VWL what do these abbreviations mean VWL = Vermögenswirksame Leistung A savings scheme for employees.


    Son. Steuerbrutto What would Son. mean? Son. = Sontiges = other taxable payments


    LSt pausch. AG = Taxable contributions which the employer ( AG =Arbeitgeber) pays.


  15. Cars, Burger and more - 7. US-Car Meeting in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in Kooperation mit der Stadt Leinfelden-Echterdingen von Samstag, 26. Juli bis Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014.


    The Biergarten is next to the S-Bahn stop in Leinfelden. You can travel there with S-Bahns S2 and S3, leave the S-Bahn in Leinfelden.




    Schwabengarten oHG

    Stuttgarter Straße 80

    70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

    Telefon 07 11 - 745 7 555

    Fax 07 11 - 745 7 556

    E-Mail: info@schwabengarten.com


    Video from last years Meeting.