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  1. If you planned to work in a high position there may be a fine to pay as the company has to start the interviewing process again. Due to the termination deadlines of most contracts to the end of the quarter, the company could have to wait 6 months or longer to fill "your" position again. 


  2. What do you mean by details for your employer? Your employer must be notified that you are too ill to work immediately. Employers are not informed why you were signed off work just how long you have been signed off. If you have ever seen a German sick note, there is a code in the box for the name of the illness to prevent the employer obtaining this confidential information. Even if your sick note is in French, you do not have to translate it your Krankenkasse does this. Should your employer want more (confidential) information tell them to contact your Krankenkasse.


    All your employer needs to know  is how many days you were unable to work to calculate your salary/sick pay. Why you were unable to work is highly confidential, hence the code on the German sick notes.




  3. A difficult case and  I cannot understand how you could agree to let complete strangers into your flat when you are not there. Did you give your key to your landlord so the cleaning company could enter your flat?  Cash payments for services rendered are not usually allowed here. You should always ask for an invoice and then pay it through your bank so everything is documented. Did you receive an invoice from the cleaning company?


    You could contact the office for data protection. They may also be interested in why your landlord uses this company and if the cleaning business is registered.


    Der  Hamburgische Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit.



    Klosterwall 6 (Block C), 20095 Hamburg
    Phone: 0049 40 4 28 54 - 40 40
    Fax: 0049 40 4 28 54 - 40 00
    Mail: mailbox(at)datenschutz.hamburg.de










  4. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Wednesday 15th March 2017 at 7:00 PM


    1. Frollein

    2. Guest

    3. Keroleen

    4. White Rose of Yorkshire

    5. Tincablinca

    6. Ja.Bitte (coming bit later)

    7. Wim

    8. MechEng (maybe)

    9. Vivan G

    10. Tony

    Really looking forward to a tasty cheeseburger on Thursday. 

    We'll be meeting at Restaurant Lichtblick - an easy walk from both Rotebühlplatz/Stadtmitte and Feuersee.


  5. What would you like to improve or change in Stuttgart? What  would you like to be included or excluded in the 2017 budget?


    Post suggestions for the Buergerhaushalt 2017 here. www.buergerhaushalt-stuttgart.de 


    Monday, 20.02.2017 is the last day to put forward any suggestions.  Suggestion rating takes place between 07 - 27.03.2017.





  6. You have already starterd the Reha treatment so it isn’t about refusing a Reha it is about breaking off the treatment which is a different thing altogether. You said you  are now at home. Are you doing a sort of ambulant Reha where you are picked up in the morning and brought home in the evening?


    I  went to a Reha after having an operation and in the second week I was told I had to go to the fitness room. I didn't feel at all well but went along with it. When I returned to Stuttgart, I told my Doctor about this and he was very annoyed and said I should not have done these sorts of excercises.  


    You should not be in pain after attending a Reha. Make an appointment with your Doctor as soon as possible and tell him sbout your pain and the things you are expected to do at the Reha. It may be possible to continue the therapy at another Reha. 


    I hope you will soon be feeling better. 


  7. If you don't want to consult a lawyer, you could contact The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) .


    "Modern family policy means aims on supporting a good reconciliation of family and work, maintaining economic stability of families, promoting child-wellbeing as well as helping people to fulfil the desire to have children."









  8. Join the Mieterverein as soon as possible. They will advise you what action to take and will probably even write a letter for you. It looks more official when the logo of the Mieterverein is on the letterhead and the response is usually very quick. You will also be advised about reducing your rental payments because of the mould in your living quarters.

    Do not take matters into your own hands and ask someone to come and fix it. You need expert advice from the Mieterverein. 


  9. If anybody has received an E-Mail asking them to have their company inserted in the EU Business Register please read the link first.


    "Die Domain eubusinessregister.com ist schon seit 2010 registriert, der Server steht zur Zeit mit der IP-Adresse in Rumänien.

    Ein Suche bei Google fördert zu Tage, dass diese Masche schon sehr lange mit wechselnden Domains läuft. Allerdings besteht offenbar keine Notwendigkeit die Domains nach einer Weile aufzugeben, weil sie verbrannt sind."




  10. As Engelchen said as long as you are receiving money from employer 1 you need their permission to work during this time.Your new employer must register you with a health insurance company of your choice as soon as you start to work there.. The same goes for the pflegeversicherung, rentenversicherung and arbeitslosenversicherung   So you will be paying all these contributions twice. Your tax class details must remain with your old company as long as they are paying you. Your new employer will tax you with tax class 6 until your first job ends. I suggest you  clear this first with your employer and the above organisations.


  11. Do you have any documents proving where your Father worked in Germany?


    Do you know the name of the health insurance scheme he paid into? Do you have his insurance number it is called Versicherungsnummmer in German?


    Either way write a letter stating his birth date and last known address in Germany to  drv@drv-bund.de or phone them the  telephone number is  030 865-0 







  12. I believe the problems you are facing lie not with your website/Facebook advertisements but with the fact that you are in Germany. Not many people own property compared to other European countries.  A lot of people live in flats which have no garden. People who do own a house often do the gardening themselves. As others have said you should concentrate on your target customers -rich  people who have a big house and garden and are able to pay you for your work.


    The posh areas of Stuttgart where you may find such people are Degerloch, Killesberg, Gansheide, Lenzhalde and Sillenbuch.  Have you thought about advertising your services at care homes, hospitals or schools? They usually have large recreational areas and gardens which need tending to. 


  13. “Der Arbeitgeber ist grundsätzlich verpflichtet, Entgeltumwandlung im Rahmen einer Pensionskasse oder Pensionsfonds (oder Direktversicherung) anzubieten, jedoch kann er den Anbieter der betrieblichen Altersversorgung bestimmen (§ 1a BetrAVG).”



    The purpose of a Direktversicherung is to increase the money you will receive when you retire. So you will have a mixture of state pension and private pension at your disposal. There are however lots of rules and regulations regarding tax and helath insurance contributions etc. You should really get expert advice before you sign anything, particularly if you are not sure if you will remain in Germany.  


  14. The fact that you are ill is not necessarily  the reason to terminate your contract alone. However, your employer could say you have been ill for xx months and they cannot be expected to keep your position open anymore so they must terminate your contract. They could also say they have to employ someone new to do your work.


    I interpert the text from your contract as saying that you seem to be on a flat salary when there is not a lot of work for you to do. The hours on your flexitime account will be used to make up some missing hours. 



  15. Why should you agree to terminate the contract? You are not costing them anything at the moment as you are on sick pay. Bear in mind that if you agree to your contract being terminated, you will have to explain this to the Arbeitsamt/Job Centre which in the case of you being fit enough to work again but unemployed will stop your unemployment benefit for a certain period of time so what will you live on?


    This is not about saving taxes, it is about saving paperwork and them having to find a reason to sack you. In which case you could look for a lawyer who will say the termination of your contract was unlawful or something similar.  


    If you do decide to agree to your contract being terminated, don't forgot to include your holiday entitlement, bonus payment etc.