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  1. It was a nice evening and we didn't get wet after all. Since attending the DUMB evenings I have discovered some nice restaurants I would probably not have gone in to before. I think it is a good idea to try and meet somewhere different each month. There are loads of restaurants we haven't been to yet.


    I enjoy the  interesting conversations, the food is not my primary reason to attend. Yesterday, I learned what "it sucks" and "that's awesome" means too.:D


    @Guest hope to see you at one of our next meetings.


    @the.frollein: You are doing a good job. Weiter machen!




  2. Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Thursday, 20th July 2017 at 7:00 PM


    1. Frollein

    2. Tincablinca

    3. Tincablinca +1

    4. Keroleen

    5. Kapokanadensis

    6. JRH

    7. Alana

    8.White Rose of Yorkshire



    I'm for Café Künstlerbund on Schlossplatz. It is situated in the city centre and is easy to reach. The food was good the last time we went there.  





  3. I fully understand what you are going through and believe you have made the right decision even though it is a painful one. I think one of the mistakes most ex-pats make(including me) is to believe that life here will be similar to life back home. Well, it certainly isn't and if you cannot accept this and get on with your life, chances are you will not be happy here.  


    Where I live in Baden-Württemberg, there are lots of family owned companies and it quite common for people to do their training and then spend their entire working lives with the same company. Suggestions on how to do something differently and more efficiently are met with "We have always done it this way." Which drives me crazy. After a while you realise that you have to accept that things here are the way they are or return to your own country. 


    You have clearly spent a  lot of time thinking through your options and have come to the decision that you will not find happiness here. You have had the courage to do something about it and I wish you lots of luck for the future. 


  4. The advice given to you by your accountant is correct. IMHO he should have also explained the reason why you should change tax classes. 


    To put it very simply, the person in tax class III doesn't have to pay so much tax if the other person (i.e. a housewife /no income) is in tax class V. If however husband and wife more or less earn the same then IV/IV is correct as the ex housewife in tax class V would have to pay a lot more tax than her husband even though she doesn't necessarily earn more than him.    


    Tax category III

    Applies, upon request, to married workers if both spouses reside in Germany, are not living permanently apart, and

    the worker’s spouse does not earn a wage, or

    the other spouse also earns a wage, but is classified under tax category V upon request by both spouses,

    and to widowed workers, for the calendar year following that of the spouse’s death if both were residing in Germany, and were not living permanently apart, on the day of death.


    Tax category IV

    Applies to married workers if both spouses earn a wage, reside in Germany, and are not living permanently apart.


    Tax category V

    Applies to one of the spouses instead of tax category IV if, at both parties’ request, the other spouse is classified under tax category III.





  5. The rules about paying into the state pension scheme are laid down here. http://www.sozialgesetzbuch-sgb.de/sgbvi/2.html


    It would be in your own interest to make an appointment with the Rentenversicherung to get professional advice. As proof that you were there and have been given advice, make sure you get it in writing that you have to pay into the scheme or not.


    BTW are you a member of The English Language Teacher's Association ? http://www.eltas.de/partners/ They offer free workshops for members, guest are also welcome but have to pay a fee.


  6. @Sixtheninth: All the people who replied to your post left their home countries to come here. I would dare to say that a lot of us had problems when we first moved here but when you move to another country you play by the rules of the said country. That is the way it is. BTW in some professions you have to pay into the German state pension scheme too. Note have to pay, membership is compulsory according to the work you do. 


    Over the years I have found this forum to be very useful and people are usually very willing to give good advice and share their experiences with others. 



  7. This statement is directed at terrorists not Muslims in general. Some of my colleagues are Muslims and are nice decent people.


    We let them build mosques in our Christian countries,.They have access to our health and education systems which they probably don’t have in their home countries. They can choose which newspaper they want to read and which TV channel they want to watch. Why do they hate us and our way of life? I just cannot get my head around this.


    If they hate us so much, nobody is asking them to stay. Why don’t they emigrate to a country of their choice? Perhaps it is ok for them to live in a land of "unbelievers" as long as you  have access to unemployment benefit and child allowance etc.  


    I would love to have seen the faces of these losers when they got to the other side and found out that the 100 virgins they thought would be waiting for them do not exist.


    Here is a link to the WE ARE NOT AFRAID  movement.






    I printed out the London Underground sign with the   WE ARE NOT AFRAID   logo and hung it in my window this morning.  Every time these losers carry out an attack I will hang it there again.


  8. On 19.05.2017, I posted a statement about an event on 21.05.2017. No spelling mistakes, date, time and location clearly stated.


    26.05.2017 at 9.21 (five days after the event) someone altered the title.


    26.05.2017 at 9.22 they altered their own text again.


    I then posted a comment about someone having too much time on their hands which has since disappeared.


    30.05.2017 The same person altered the title again.

    Don't you have anything better to do with your time then to alter the text to an event that has already taken place? 

    Is this statement going to disappear too?


  9. The 10th annual Highland Games will be held in Asperg on Sunday, 21.05.2017. Fun and games for everybody and tea & scones will also be served.

    The actual games begin at 2.00 p.m. with the Heidelberg and District Pipes and Drums.


    Location: In the Bürgergarten behind the Stadthalle, Carl - Diem - Strasse 11  71679 Asperg.

    Time: 11.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.








  10. 2 hours ago, MartinMu said:

    My contract with the umbrella company states:
    The Excluded Services (which the Consultant shall not be obliged to
    perform) shall include obligations relating to:
    * management and monitoring of appropriate local taxation and social security payments;
    * filing and administration of annual tax return in country of assignment, including the payment of any necessary social security; 




    The best thing would be to go to the tax office and explain what went wrong and offer to pay the outstanding sum in monthly rates as soon as you have access to your bank account again. This should not cost you anything and shows you want to deal with the problem.  


    Do you have any health insurance? It is an offence to live in Germany without health insurance.

    Tip: Never ignore official letters in Germany, if you do your problems will just increase.