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  1. I went to a city organized funeral last year. The person concerned came from an Eastern European country and had no relatives.

    The coffin was made out of plain wood, no fancy handles or anything. The funeral service was just like a normal funeral service with hymns and prayers and a short speech about the deceased person. We all took flowers and laid them on her coffin. After the service we were asked if we wanted to take the flowers with us as they would be thrown away afterwards!!! 


    A group of about five people came to the funeral and introduced themselves to us. They told us that they believe nobody should be buried alone and they always attend funerals at which there are no known relatives. What kind souls they are.



  2. You must inform your employer as soon as possible. Perhaps you could work in a different department until your Mutterschutz begins. 


    If  this is not possible and there is a health risk to you or your baby during the pregnancy, your  Doctor can issue a “Beschäftigungsverbot” which means you are not allowed to work at all. 


    "Generelle Beschäftigungsverbote

    Sie gelten für alle werdenden und stillenden Mütter ohne besonderes ärztliches Attest. Die generellen Beschäftigungsverbote sind mit der Bekanntgabe der Schwangerschaft sofort wirksam und der Arbeitgeber ist verpflichtet diese umzusetzen. Beschäftigungsverbote vor der Schutzfirst werden nach § 4 MuSchG ausgesprochen, wenn:

    die Schwangere mit schweren körperlichen Arbeiten und mit Arbeiten beschäftigt wird, bei denen sie schädlichen Einwirkungen von gesundheitsgefährdenden Stoffen oder Strahlen, Staub, Gasen oder Dämpfen, Hitze, Kälte oder Nässe, Erschütterungen oder Lärm ausgesetzt ist."










  3. TTown posted: "In the Manteltarifvertrag to which my contract refers, it is stated that "Die Kündigung ist nur zum Vierteljahresschluss zulässig. Die Kündigungsfrist beträgt mindestens 6 Wochen.".


    There is usually a difference between a white collar workers contract and a blue collar workers contract. The quote he posted is normal for a white collar worker, 6 weeks to the end of the quarter. If the employee wants to leave the company before the agreed notice period the company may have difficulty finding a replacement at such short notice.


    The reference he/she receives will state the exact date he left the company and the reason he left which depending on the circumstances could make a bad impression on a future employer.    



  4. The problem is when you write a CV in Germany and state that you left one or more companies in the middle of the month and not at the end of a quarter, 31.03/30.06/30.09/31.12 you probably will not be asked to an interview. People will think rightly or wrongly that you will be a problem employee.


  5. A contract should state the employers name and address, when the employee begins working for the company, rate of pay, number of holidays and how the contract can be terminated.


    Has someone from the said company asked your husband to fill out a form concerning name, date of birth and address etc. Have they asked for a tax number, Sozialversicherungsnummer or written proof that he belongs to a certain Krankenkasse? If not your husband could be in deep trouble as he may be accused of working illegally.


    This happens so often that the Zollamt (not the police) sometimes carry out raids on construction sites to check if all the workers are officially registered.


    Send them an E-Mail asking them to send your husband a contract so you have proof that your husband is trying to do things by the book.


  6. As a teacher you will have been a compulsory member of the German state pension. You can enquire at the DRV if you are entitled to a pension.


    Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

    10704 Berlin

    Telephone: 030 865-0



    Wishing you all the best.


  7. It is a good that you have contacted a lawyer. Your situation seems very complicated. Have you asked your lawyer if it is legal to live in Germany and not be registered at the Einwohnermeldeamt?


    You have to register at your local job centre immediately when your employer terminates your contract not when your contract ends.. Have you done this? Apart from your personal documents they will want an address and a bank account from you.


    Do not sign anything from your employer without consulting your lawyer first. According to the German holiday laws it is not allowed to use holidays for days lost due to illness. 


    § 9 Erkrankung während des Urlaubs

    Erkrankt ein Arbeitnehmer während des Urlaubs, so werden die durch ärztliches Zeugnis nachgewiesenen Tage

    der Arbeitsunfähigkeit auf den Jahresurlaub nicht angerechnet.


    § 10 Maßnahmen der medizinischen Vorsorge oder Rehabilitation

    Maßnahmen der medizinischen Vorsorge oder Rehabilitation dürfen nicht auf den Urlaub angerechnet

    werden, soweit ein Anspruch auf Fortzahlung des Arbeitsentgelts nach den gesetzlichen Vorschriften über die

    Entgeltfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall besteht.




    I am not a lawyer.


  8.  If you registered with the job centre straight away and filled out all the forms they gave you, you seem to have done everything correctly.

    Why don’t you make an appointment to see the person dealing with your case at the job centre and show them the letters you have received from your health insurance company. If they can at least inform your health insurance company that your case is being dealt with you might have some peace and quiet for a while.


    If all else fails you could contact the manager of the job centre stating your problems.



  9. @LeonG: If companies want to open on a Sunday or a public holiday they must apply for permission to do so stating the reasons and how many people will be working on such days.

    The local church must also be informed.


    (1) In besonderen Ausnahmefällen können die Ortspolizeibehörden von den Vorschriften des § 7 Abs. 2 und des § 11, die Kreispolizeibehörden von den übrigen Vorschriften dieses Abschnitts befreien.

    (2) Das Innenministerium kann aus wichtigem Grund allgemein Ausnahmen von der Vorschrift des § 6 Abs. 1 zulassen.

    (3) Vor der Erteilung einer Ausnahmebewilligung sind die zuständigen kirchlichen Stellen zu hören. Dies gilt nicht, wenn von Vorschriften zum Schutz des 1. Mai oder des 3. Oktober eine Ausnahmebewilligung erteilt werden soll.

     zum Seitenanfang


    (2) Die Ordnungswidrigkeit kann mit einer Geldbuße bis zu 1 500 Euro geahndet werden.

    (3) Verwaltungsbehörden im Sinne des § 36 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 des Gesetzes über Ordnungswidrigkeiten sind die Ortspolizeibehörden.





  10. When I first came here I couldn't understand why one of the first questions strangers seemed to ask was "What do you do for a living?" I would have expected and prefered something like "Where abouts in England do you come from or how do you like living in Germany?" I believe Germans tend to judge people according to their schooling and jobs but this is my personal opinion. Why on earth do they have to write which school they attended when they apply for a job?


    @Emkay: Take no notice of others it is your life so do what you think is best for you.


    @Futura123: I agree with you 100%.


    There was a very interesting programme on Tagesschau24 this evening at 7.15 p.m. Frauen in der Rentenfalle. 


  11. Unless your job is in a hospital or somewhere similar,I find the part about working on a Sunday and public holidays very strange. Why do you think all the shops and companies close on these days? It is because according to German labour laws they are not allowed to open on these days.



    The UK terror threat has been increased to the highest level following the attack on a Tube train in south-west London, the prime minister has said.

    Theresa May said the threat had been raised from severe to critical, meaning an attack is expected imminently.

    An "improvised explosive device" was detonated at Parsons Green station on a District Line train from Wimbledon.

    A hunt is under way for the person who placed the bomb, with so-called Islamic State saying it is behind the attack.




    OMG will this never end. The powers that be obviously know something we don't know.



    The Verband der Gründer und Selbständigen Deutschland e.V. is hosting a Experten-Telko on Wednesday, 13.09.2017

     „Überhöhte Krankenkassenbeiträge – das kannst du tun” from  4.30 – 5.45 p.m.


    The discussion topic is what a self-employed person can do to reduce the monthly health insurance payments.


    You don’t have to be a member to register and there is no charge for taking part.


    Im ersten Teil wird der VGSD-Vorsitzende Andreas Lutz u.a. folgende Fragen beantworten:

    Was kann ich tun, damit für mich niedrigere Mindestbeiträge zur Krankenversicherung gelten?

    Welche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten habe ich darüber hinaus, um meine Beiträge zu reduzieren?

    Was ändert sich zum 1. Januar 2018?

    Was kann ich dieses Jahr noch tun, um 2018 Beiträge zu sparen?










  14. "Why Berlin won’t come to UK’s rescue on Brexit”  What makes you think that the UK wants to be rescued?


    People voted and love it or hate it the majority voted to leave the EU.


    The author uses lots of suggestive sentences in the text. “Such wishful thinking is understandable..” Who is wishful thinking here?


     How does retreating from a club of like-minded democratic countries allow Britain “to take back control,” they wonder”


    “Like minded countries” like Poland, The Czech Repulic and Hungary who are against certain EU policies


    “Britain’s Brexiteers have claimed they don’t want to leave Europe, just the European Union. But that statement only proves how little they understand about how Germany sees the bloc.”

    This statement works the other way round, how little Germany understands the reason people voted as they did. 


    “Some in the U.K. have expressed hope that a coalition government of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) will take a more pragmatic approach and put the country’s economic interests first.”


    Who are these “some in the UK” The CSU represents one Federal State from 16  member states. The FDP isn’t even represented in the present German parliament. 






  15. @Xargon: My heart goes out to little Charlie and his parents. I hope they may all find peace.


    I read an interesting article in Sky News today which for the most part echoes my sentiments too.


    "Great Ormond Street was defending a central tenet of British medicine, and the guiding ethical principal to do no harm, when it said "we do not treat our most vulnerable patients just because we can".

    These doctors, among the best in the world, make agonising judgement calls every day as they treat the most gravely ill children."






  16. If for instance a company has no work for its employees due to lack of contracts this could be a reason to close a department down.

    There are recognised guidelines however concerning which workers have a protected status by mass redundancies. For example, if you are a certain age, are married with school aged children or are disabled you are awarded points


    I hope this information I found on the internet can help you.


    A.      Bewertung der Sozialdaten:

    I.       Betriebszugehörigkeit 

    Je volles Beschäftigungsjahr   1 Punkt

    II.     Lebensalter (maßgeblich sind zum Stichtag vollendete Lebensjahre)

    bis zu 20 Jahren                          0 Punkte

    21 bis 30 Jahre                           1 Punkte

    31 bis 40 Jahre                           3 Punkte

    41 bis 50 Jahre                           6 Punkte

    51 bis 57 Jahre                           8 Punkte

    Über 57 Jahre                            10 Punkte




    You can ask for a "Zwischenzeugnis" from the HR department so you have written reference about the type of work you have been doing to show to a prospective future employer. You will be handed your final reference when your contract expires.  You should register with the local Job Centre straight away. Take your ID documents with you and a copy of your Kündigung.




  17. You must write your income and expenses on your tax declaration form for 2017. When you receive your "Steuerbescheid" from the tax office you will see if they have accepted all the expenses you claimed for. A copy from the "Steuerbescheid" must then be sent to the AOK. The AOK will then send you a letter informing you how much health insurance you have to pay each month.