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  1. There is a law in Germany which states that if you have worked a full year, you have the legal right to at least 24 days holiday. Some companies have a "Mantel Tarifvertrag" which states that they give their workers a few days more.


    When you leave a company, your employer will inform your health insurance company that you are no longer working for them. You will also be given an "Urlaubsbescheinigung" which states how many days holiday you have taken while employed at this company. If you have already taken 24 days holiday and your new company only gives their employees the minimum 24 days holiday a year, then you cannot take anymore days holiday in that year.


    § 1 Urlaubsanspruch

    Jeder Arbeitnehmer hat in jedem Kalenderjahr Anspruch auf bezahlten Erholungsurlaub.


    § 2 Geltungsbereich

    Arbeitnehmer im Sinne des Gesetzes sind Arbeiter und Angestellte sowie die zu ihrer Berufsausbildung

    Beschäftigten. Als Arbeitnehmer gelten auch Personen, die wegen ihrer wirtschaftlichen Unselbständigkeit als

    arbeitnehmerähnliche Personen anzusehen sind; für den Bereich der Heimarbeit gilt § 12.


    § 3 Dauer des Urlaubs

    (1) Der Urlaub beträgt jährlich mindestens 24 Werktage.

    (2) Als Werktage gelten alle Kalendertage, die nicht Sonn- oder gesetzliche Feiertage sind.






  2. @Robinson100: I think summer flu can sometimes be worse than winter flu. Hope you will soon be feeling better.

    I hate the way temperatures seem to go up and down so suddenly over here. Red hot one day and freezing the next.


  3. I am happy today because the annual summer festival at the local animal rescue centre was a great success. Lots of sunshine and lots of people buying things für their pets. To top it all, three cats found new homes today.


  4. Ha ha Ena Sharples that brings back memories. I remember the scenes when she used to sit in the snug with Minnie Caldwell.

    In real life she looked really well dressed. Same with Hilda Odgen, you wouldn't recognise her without her curlers and headscarf. 


  5. At our local animal rescue centre there is an info board for private adverts for things like looking after someones pet during the holidays etc. There are also adverts for dog owners looking for an apartment. Maybe you could do something similar at your own local rescue centre, offer to pay or donate something beforehand.


    You could also take a photo of you and your dog and post a” looking for a flat” advertisement in your local newspaper or pet shop windows.Property owners are interested in future tennants who have a permanent contract and a regular income, so be sure to mention these things. Google dog clubs in your vicinity, often it is a case of knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone….


    People who have pets themselves are not so bothered about having cat or dog hairs on the sofa as people who don’t have a pet. Hope you and your wet nosed friend soon find somewhere nice to live.


  6. DM sells cat food called Dein Bestes ohne zucker zusatz. Which means without added sugar.

    My four legged sweetheart loves fish, liver and chicken.


    Wishing you lots of joy and laughter with your cat.




  7. The Summer festival at the animal rescue centre  will take place in Botnang from 30.06 - 01.07.2018 from 11.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m..


    Browse around the flea market and pet stands. Take a look at all the cats and dogs and other animals waiting to be given a forever home.


    Food and drinks will be sold throughout the festival.


    Tierschutzverein Stuttgart und Umgebung e.V.

    Furtwänglerstr. 150

    70195 Stuttgart-Botnang









  8. As I see it, if you are registered as someone that charges VAT you must do this. You are not an employee, they cannot tell you how to write your own invoices. I would re-submit the first invoice with VAT as you have no legal reason not to do so. If they refuse to accept this, inform them that you will  enquire at the local tax office if you are allowed to do this as you are VAT registered. You don’t have to go to a tax advisor and pay a lot of money at all.


    The only reason I know why you wouldn’t have to do this would be if the language school had applied for a VAT exemption. Language schools can apply to be exempt from VAT (Umsatzstuer befreit)  according to § 4 Nr. 21 a UStG.   If this is the case they would be able to inform their Freelancers about this and ask them to write this on the invoices. If they don’t have this exemption why shouldn’t you charge them VAT?


  9. The annual book sale will take place on 16.06.2018 from 10 o' clock to 4 o'clock.



    St. Catherine's Church

    Olgastrasse 56

    70182 Stuttgart


    If you have any books you no longer need, please send an E-Mail to booksale@stcatherines-stuttgart.de and someone will contact you

    to arrange a hand over as the centre is not always staffed. 








  10. Star Wars Day: Heathrow celebrates with fake flights to Alderaan and Death Star on departures board.


    Heathrow Airport cancelled a flight to the planet Alderaan - which was destroyed by the Death Star - in a tribute to Star Wars Day.


    "May the 4th be with you" has become an unofficial day to celebrate the Star Wars franchise - and locations across the UK have been joining in the celebrations.

    An additional Departures board in Heathrow listed destinations in the Star Wars universe replete with references to the films.


    The flight code for Tatooine was R2D2, while the flight to Alderaan - the home planet of Princess Leia destroyed by the Death Star - was cancelled.





  11. I always send really important letters per Einschreiben mit Rückschein. When the letter is delivered someone has to sign for it and the receipt  is then sent to you. If the letter gets lost within a company, at least you have the date and the name of the person who signed for it .  


  12. SSB bus drivers and tram drivers will be on strike in the Stuttgart area on Thursday, 12.04.2018 the whole day. Some buses run by private companies will be running, see text below. 


    Der Streik betrifft alle Stadtbahnen (U1 bis U34) und Busse der SSB, die im Stadtgebiet Stuttgart und mehreren Nachbarstädten wie zum Beispiel Fellbach, Remseck, Gerlingen und einigen Städten auf den Fildern verkehren. Auch die Zahnradbahn und die Seilbahn der SSB werden bestreikt. Die Kundenzentren der SSB und die Fundstelle bleiben geschlossen.
    Dagegen werden die Busse von Privatunternehmen, die im Auftrag der SSB auf SSB-Linien fahren, nicht ausfallen. Von dem Streik nicht betroffen sind die Linien 36, 38, 64, 66, 67, 90 und 98. Auf folgenden Linien finden einzelne Fahrten statt: 35, 37, 54, 60, 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 und 91.
    In Esslingen am Neckar fahren die Busse des SVE auf den Linien 101, 102 (teilweise), 103 (teilweise), 105, 113, 115 und 118 nicht. Auf den Linien 102 und 103 finden die Fahrten, die vom Verkehrsunternehmen Fischle gefahren werden, statt. Bei den privaten Busunternehmen Fischle, Schlienz, Schefenacker und GRO wird nicht gestreikt. Die Busse der Linien 104, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 119, 120, 121, 122, 131, 132 und 138 sind wie gewohnt unterwegs.





  13.  The members of the Englischspokenstammtisch meet on the first Monday of each month in the centre of Stuttgart.


    Location:   Weinstubekachelofen

                      Töpferstrasse 10

                      70173 Stuttgart


    Time:12.00 – 01.30 p.m.  


    On 09.04.2018 our key-note speaker will be Frau Schwarz who will talk about her journey to Iran.


    The key-note speech begins at 12.30 and lasts about 25 minutes after which we all have lunch together.


    The Englischspokenstammtisch is open to anyone who is interested in English culture and would like to practice their English in a relaxed atmosphere over lunch.


    There is no fee to pay and everyone pays for their own food and drinks.





  14. Please make sure that you are allowed to rent the parking space to someone. Read the contract carefully.  I know of someone who was in a similar situtation to you, wanted the flat but had no car. The owner of the apartment block said he would not allow the parking space to be rented out to someone who was not a tenant. The parking space was in front of the building and the owner said he didn’t want any strange cars on his property. 


  15. Someone wrote a letter to the Foreign Office enquiring about the travel costs for delivering the letter triggering Article 50. 


    “This Freedom of Information release relates to the cost of travel for delivering the letter triggering Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union.


    The Article 50 letter was taken to Brussels by two civil servants travelling on Eurostar. The costs associated with this travel are as follows:


     2 x Eurostar Business Premier Tickets @ £491.50 each (including £1.50 booking fee)  1 x Change fee @ £2.50     Total: £985.50

    There were no other quantifiable costs associated with their travel.  Meals were provided on the Eurostar and the two civil servants stayed overnight at the Residence.  The letter was then delivered to the President of the European Council by Sir Tim Barrow as part of his duties as UK Permanent Representative to the European Union at no additional cost. “





  16. Here are some links to animal rescue centres in the Stuttgart area. Apart from the cats in the photographs, they usually have other cats and kittens that are being cared for in private homes. 


    Tierheim Botnang

    Adresse: Furtwänglerstr. 150 · 70195 Stuttgart - Botnang

    Telefon: 0711 6567740



    Katzenhilfe Stuttgart



    Tierheim Ludwigsburg

    Tierschutzverein Ludwigsburg e.V.
    Kugelberg 20
    71642 Ludwigsburg

    Telefon: 07141 – 250410
    Telefax: 07141 – 250462
    E-Mail: info(at)tierheim-lb.de






  17. I have just read the homepage of the British Goverment on Brexit and signed up for the Brexit alert. There is also some interesting information for Brits who live in Germany. 


    "Agreement on rights for UK nationals and their families

    The agreement we have reached for UK nationals and their family members is:

    UK nationals, as well as their family members covered by the agreement, who are lawfully residing in a EU27 Member State by 29 March 2019, will be able to continue to reside in that Member State.


    Children born or adopted outside of a UK national’s resident Member State after the 29 March 2019 will also be covered by this agreement.

    Close family members (spouses, civil partners and unmarried partners, dependent children and grandchildren and dependent parents and grandparents) will be able to join UK nationals in their Member State of residence after exit under these rules, where the relationship existed on 29 March 2019 and continues to exist when they wish to move to join their UK national family member.


    EU27 Member States may require UK nationals and their family members covered by the agreement to apply to obtain a status conferring the right of residence and/or obtain a residency document. Administrative procedures for applications for status will be transparent, smooth and streamlined. Where an application is required to obtain status, UK nationals will have at least two years to submit their applications. Residence documents will be issued free of charge or for a charge not exceeding that imposed on nationals for the issuing of similar documents. Further information on these administrative procedures will be provided when available.


    UK nationals and their family members covered by the agreement will be able to be absent from their Member State of residence for up to 5 years without losing their right to return.


    UK nationals and their family members covered by the agreement will continue to have the same access as they currently do to healthcare, pensions and other benefits.


    More information is available in the Joint Report from the negotiators of the EU and the UK on progress, and in the Comparison Table of the UK and EU positions on Citizens’ Rights."




    There is also a special section fro Brits in Germany.




  18. The VGSD is to my knowledge the only organisation that is trying to get a better deal for self-employed people regarding such issues as monthly health insurance contributions. They have started a petition and have collected 22.000 signatures so far.






    Members of the VGSD meet regulary in most large German cities. Click on the link to find out if there is a local group where you live.