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  1. Why do you think you can only find happiness if you are in a partnership? I know a few single or divorced people that are very happy with the life they are living.


    Happiness comes from within, you seem to have some issues which you must deal with. You don't necessarily need someone else to make you happy. You should make yourself happy.


    Most  of us here have families in our home countries that we do not see so often. That is the price you pay when you leave your homeland.  


  2. When you begin a new job, your employer or HR needs several documents from you so they can register you with certain organisations. One of these documents shows that you are a member of a health insurance company. If you change health insurance companies your employer needs an Abmeldung form from the previous health insurance company before they can register you with a new health insurance company. Did your employer think this was your first job in Germany? If not, why did your employer register you with AOK Bayern when you didn’t have an Abmeldung from AOK Hessen? 


    I believe the advice given to you by AOK Hessen is correct. You must first end the contract with them and then you can join AOK Bayern. You must check your documents or speak with AOK Hessen about the period of notice you must give to end the contract. Also, it is very strange that although you began work with your new company in January, you membership of AOK Bayern began on 01.02.2018. The dates should always  be the same. Where were you registered from 22.01-31.01.2018?


    I would suggest you first talk with your employer about why they registered you with the AOK Bayern when they didn’t have a document  (Abmeldung) stating when your membership with AOK Hessen was terminated.


    Secondly, explain to AOK Bayern what has happened and that you are still a member of AOK Hessen.   If you are very lucky you may get your money back from AOK Bayern but in my opinion you and your employer  must pay your health insurance contributions to AOK Hessen as the contract hasn’t been terminated.  


    Last but not least, each federal state has its own rules and regulations and AOK Hessen and AOK Bayern are from two different federal states.


    Please post again when you have sorted everything out. 




  3. You mentioned an illness, do you have a disability pass? If you do then it will be difficult for your company to fire you.


    If and when you hand in your resignation, you can request that certain important topics/projects be mentioned in your reference. This is a request but if your boss wants you to leave, your request may be granted. If the reference is a bad one or does not show a true picture of your tasks and responsibilities then you may have to take the issue to court. Often just threatening to do this may make him think again as this will no longer be an issue between you and him, the company and probably his boss will be involved or notified.   


    As you will have to show all your references when you apply for a new job all your working life, all references are important. What is also important here in Germany is the length of time spent at a company. Germans tend to stay several years at a company. It doesn’t always make a good impression if you change jobs every year or so. Nevertheless, there are sometimes good reasons for leaving  a company, reduced travelling time, better position or a higher salary. 


  4. You should never resign if you haven’t got a new job to go to. If you are so ill and your boss is not treating you correctly, get a sick note from your doctor and stay at home. During this time you can go to the job centre and explain your situation and ask for advice.They will be able to explain to you what will happen if you resign. As long as you are in employment, your salary will continue to be paid or you will get Krankengled from your health insurance company.


    Employees only get an einfaches Zeugnis if they have been working for a company for up to six months. After this period of time they are entitled to a real reference stating duration of employment, tasks and resposibilities etc. If you show a future employer an einfaches Zeugnis when you worked for a company longer than six months, this will set all the alarm bells ringing  You probably won’t even be asked to an interview, you will just get letters of rejection.        


  5. If you sign a severance agreement and don’t have a new job, you will have lots of problems at the job centre. You will have to explain why you agreed to your contract being terminated when you don’t have a new job on the horizon. You will also not be able to get any unemployment benefit for the first few months because of this.


    As you will not be getting any financial support, you will have to pay your own health insurance contributions out of your savings. BTW: This is not the amount shown on your salary slip, it is much higher.


  6. Anniversary Programme celebrating 150 years of St. Catherine’s church building


    In 1868 the original building of St. Catherine’s church was consecrated by the Bishop of Honolulu on behalf of the Bishop of London as a church of the Anglican community in Stuttgart. Since at least 1909 the Old Catholic congregation of Stuttgart has been worshipping at St. Catherine’s too.


    Following the destruction of the original church in an air raid in 1944, the Old Catholic congregation took over the rubble and the task of rebuilding. In 1957 the church was re-consecrated by the Old Catholic Bishop Johann Josef Demmel.


    Saturday 28th July 2018, 18:00: Anniversary concert in a music hall style with performers from the Anglican congregation; with anecdotes from the church’s history from the laying of the foundation stone in 1864 to the present day.





    St. Catherine's Church

    Olgastrasse 56

    70182 Stuttgart







  7. I think you are totally blocking out the cultural differences here. You have a contract which states you have to pay your rent on time which you did not do. Just because you don’t think it is so important doesn’t mean that other people like your landlady have the same opinion.


    Kehrwoche is a big thing here in Stuttgart and is usually part of your rental agreement. You do not go on holiday and not arrange for someone to do your Kehrwoche while you are away. It is common to ask your neighbour to swop Kehrwoche week or weeks before you go on holiday so that it is not your turn while you are away. Alternatively you ask someone you know or pay to do your Kehrwoche and you inform the landlord/landlady about this before you go on holiday. As our German friends say Vertrag ist Vertrag.


    The best thing you can do is to contact the Mieterverein as others have suggested and also start looking for a new flat. You and your landlady are always going to have a strained relationship.


  8. You will have to pay for the use of the company car and this will be deducted from your salary every month. There are two possible ways for this to be deducted, see link below. I would suggest you contact your HR/payroll department they will be able to advise you about how much you will have to pay each month. 



    1. Möglichkeit: Die Pauschalberechnung

    Sie als Arbeitnehmer müssen jeden Monat einen fixen Betrag versteuern, nämlich 1 Prozent des Neuwagen-Listenpreises plus 0,03 Prozent pro Kilometer einfache Fahrt zu Ihrer Tätigkeitsstätte. Wie das Ganze genau funktioniert, erklärt unser Artikel zur 1 % Regelung.


    2. Möglichkeit: Das Fahrtenbuch

    Für Arbeitnehmer, die aus beruflichen Gründen sehr viel mit ihrem Firmenwagen unterwegs sind, lohnt sich ein Fahrtenbuch: Alle beruflichen und privaten Fahrten müssen darin notiert werden. Am Ende des Jahres wird dann zusammengezählt: Für Ihre privaten Fahrten zahlen Sie anteilig Einkommensteuer und alle anderen Kosten für den Dienstwagen. Weitere Details dazu lesen Sie in unserem Steuer ABC Wozu ein Fahrtenbuch? Und wie funktioniert's?






  9. First you have to have wrtitten confirmation from your Dr or specialist that you are illness is so severe that you could be classed as disabled.


    Then you have to go to the Versorgsamt and they will decide if you qualify as a disabled person. It is possible to be 30 or 40 % disabled. You cannot get a disability pass if you are less than  50% disabled. I have heard from colleagues that it is very difficult to get such a disability pass..


    The VDK can help you with your application.




  10. People who have been ill a long time can do an Arbeitsversuch. This means instead of going back to work full-time, the person concerned just works  a few hours a day( not necessarily every day) to see if they are fit enough.  If you ask your Dr. to agree to an Arbeitsversuch and this fails, your company may be persuaded to terminate your contract. A contract can be terminated in such cases, particularly if you agree beforehand not to sue them.


    Whatever you do , do not sign an Aufhebungsvertrag as this means you agree to your contract being teminated. You will then have to explain to the local job centre why you agreed to this which usually means you will not get any state support for the first few months. Once you are unemployed you might be able to go on a training course to learn new skills through the job-centre.




    Have you heard about the VDK? The VDK is an organisation which can help people with health problems and disablilities.



    I can't really understand why you don't want an operation.If you have the operation now, you can recover without worrying about your job as you are on sick anyway and receiving financial support. You could even go to a REHA afterwards.


    What will happen if you find a new job and your health problems get worse.

    To be ill during a trial period in a new job cannot always be helped but it is not a good idea. 


  11. There is a law in Germany which states that if you have worked a full year, you have the legal right to at least 24 days holiday. Some companies have a "Mantel Tarifvertrag" which states that they give their workers a few days more.


    When you leave a company, your employer will inform your health insurance company that you are no longer working for them. You will also be given an "Urlaubsbescheinigung" which states how many days holiday you have taken while employed at this company. If you have already taken 24 days holiday and your new company only gives their employees the minimum 24 days holiday a year, then you cannot take anymore days holiday in that year.


    § 1 Urlaubsanspruch

    Jeder Arbeitnehmer hat in jedem Kalenderjahr Anspruch auf bezahlten Erholungsurlaub.


    § 2 Geltungsbereich

    Arbeitnehmer im Sinne des Gesetzes sind Arbeiter und Angestellte sowie die zu ihrer Berufsausbildung

    Beschäftigten. Als Arbeitnehmer gelten auch Personen, die wegen ihrer wirtschaftlichen Unselbständigkeit als

    arbeitnehmerähnliche Personen anzusehen sind; für den Bereich der Heimarbeit gilt § 12.


    § 3 Dauer des Urlaubs

    (1) Der Urlaub beträgt jährlich mindestens 24 Werktage.

    (2) Als Werktage gelten alle Kalendertage, die nicht Sonn- oder gesetzliche Feiertage sind.






  12. @Robinson100: I think summer flu can sometimes be worse than winter flu. Hope you will soon be feeling better.

    I hate the way temperatures seem to go up and down so suddenly over here. Red hot one day and freezing the next.


  13. I am happy today because the annual summer festival at the local animal rescue centre was a great success. Lots of sunshine and lots of people buying things für their pets. To top it all, three cats found new homes today.


  14. Ha ha Ena Sharples that brings back memories. I remember the scenes when she used to sit in the snug with Minnie Caldwell.

    In real life she looked really well dressed. Same with Hilda Odgen, you wouldn't recognise her without her curlers and headscarf. 


  15. At our local animal rescue centre there is an info board for private adverts for things like looking after someones pet during the holidays etc. There are also adverts for dog owners looking for an apartment. Maybe you could do something similar at your own local rescue centre, offer to pay or donate something beforehand.


    You could also take a photo of you and your dog and post a” looking for a flat” advertisement in your local newspaper or pet shop windows.Property owners are interested in future tennants who have a permanent contract and a regular income, so be sure to mention these things. Google dog clubs in your vicinity, often it is a case of knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone….


    People who have pets themselves are not so bothered about having cat or dog hairs on the sofa as people who don’t have a pet. Hope you and your wet nosed friend soon find somewhere nice to live.


  16. DM sells cat food called Dein Bestes ohne zucker zusatz. Which means without added sugar.

    My four legged sweetheart loves fish, liver and chicken.


    Wishing you lots of joy and laughter with your cat.




  17. The Summer festival at the animal rescue centre  will take place in Botnang from 30.06 - 01.07.2018 from 11.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m..


    Browse around the flea market and pet stands. Take a look at all the cats and dogs and other animals waiting to be given a forever home.


    Food and drinks will be sold throughout the festival.


    Tierschutzverein Stuttgart und Umgebung e.V.

    Furtwänglerstr. 150

    70195 Stuttgart-Botnang









  18. As I see it, if you are registered as someone that charges VAT you must do this. You are not an employee, they cannot tell you how to write your own invoices. I would re-submit the first invoice with VAT as you have no legal reason not to do so. If they refuse to accept this, inform them that you will  enquire at the local tax office if you are allowed to do this as you are VAT registered. You don’t have to go to a tax advisor and pay a lot of money at all.


    The only reason I know why you wouldn’t have to do this would be if the language school had applied for a VAT exemption. Language schools can apply to be exempt from VAT (Umsatzstuer befreit)  according to § 4 Nr. 21 a UStG.   If this is the case they would be able to inform their Freelancers about this and ask them to write this on the invoices. If they don’t have this exemption why shouldn’t you charge them VAT?


  19. The annual book sale will take place on 16.06.2018 from 10 o' clock to 4 o'clock.



    St. Catherine's Church

    Olgastrasse 56

    70182 Stuttgart


    If you have any books you no longer need, please send an E-Mail to booksale@stcatherines-stuttgart.de and someone will contact you

    to arrange a hand over as the centre is not always staffed.