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  1. VAT Question for Freelancer

      Your clients are most likely not experts in the ways of the German tax system so don't listen to them seek expert advice.   If you previously earned more than 17,000 € per year then you must charge your clients VAT.   BTW:  The VAT threshold was raised to 22,000 € on 1st January 2020.   https://www.lexoffice.de/gesetzesaenderungen/kleinunternehmerregelung-2020/   You should write your invoice something like this:   Xxxx hours or whatever           800,00 €   19% VAT                                 152,00 €   Are you a member of any professional organisations? If not, have a look at the homepage of the Verband der Gründer und Selbständigen Deutschlands e.V. There is a wealth of information to be found there. https://www.vgsd.de/            
  2. Landlord Deposit and Contract Issue

      As others have said, contact the Mieterverein as soon as possible.   If the Mieterverein agrees to handle your case, then all contact will be between the Mieterverein and your landlord.   Don't pay anything at all before you have discussed your case with the Mieterverein. Make copies of all relevant documents, rental contracts etc. and take some ID with you. All correspondence will be handled by the Mieterverein.   You can also arrange for someone from the Mieterverein to come and inspect the flat and be a witness when you hand the keys back.    
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Arthur Edwards, Royal photographer of over 40 years said  Harry has changed since he met Meghan and not for the better. The comments are interesting too.   https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7868401/Royal-photographer-Arthur-Edwards-says-prince-changed-meeting-Meghan-Markle.html#comments      
  4. Brexit: The fallout

    1 hour ago, Keleth said: What exactly was the raw deal ?   Why did Britain lose control of its own EEZ? “When Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973, the introduction of the common fisheries policy (CFP) and a shared EEZ for the whole of the EU was largely based on existing patterns of fishing, which tended to favour continental fishermen who had stayed closer to home. In extreme cases that meant, for example, that the quota share for cod in the English Channel favoured French fisherman over British by nine to one.   The UK government was seen as too weak to negotiate more favourable splits based on the actual stocks of its fish. It still has exclusive access to waters less than six miles from the coast”. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/mar/23/britains-fishing-fleet-and-brexit-promises-key-questions-answered   The EU’s betrayal of Britain’s fishing industry “From French wineries to the German automotive industry, it is clear other member states do all they can to protect important sections of their own economy and heritage, while British politicians willingly give away one of our own.   As the United Nations Law of the Sea states: “The exclusive economic zone shall not extend beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines”. Yet Britain’s fishing rights have now been reduced by the EU to a mere 12 miles.” http://www.thecommentator.com/article/6092/the_eu_s_betrayal_of_britain_s_fishing_industry                                                      
  5. Brexit: The fallout

      I fail to see how people who abstained are going to suffer through no fault of their own.
  6. Sozialversicherungsausweis

    There was a change in the law in 1989 after which all working people were issued with a Sozialversicherungsausweis. You have to show this document to your new employer each time you change jobs. 
  7. Pflegeversicherung back payments

    @Bobbyger: Thanks for posting your problem here, hopefully it will help others in a similar situation.   So glad that things have worked out well for you and your family. 
  8. Tax refund specific questions

    As you didn’t have a tax identification number your employer was legally obliged to class you in tax bracket 6. I would suggest you contact your local tax office and explain your situation to them, perhaps they can backdate your tax bracket to your first day of work. Your employer must act on the information they receive from the tax office so they are the people you need to contact.   You may get a tax refund on your computers but this will be in 2021m after you have submitted your tax return for 2020.
  9. Multiple Warning Letters at Once ("Abmahnung" by employer)

      1. If he ignores the accusations and doesn’t deny them, then he more or less admits what he has been accused of because he hasn’t offered any counter arguments.   2. Going to court is a last resort and comes after a lengthy exchange of letters between employer and employee and their legal advisors. Sometimes both sides come to an agreement and there is no need to go to court.   3.  It could take several weeks or even months to get a court hearing.         4. When his case is heard, one of the first questions he will be asked is how he responded to the accusations against him.    
  10. Why are you unhappy today?

      Which date was wrong, the date they wrote the letter or the date your contract will be terminated? Don't want to build your hopes up but if the date they wrote the letter was wrong it could be that the letter is invalid as the notice period may be wrong.   Have you contacted a legal advisor? You won't get your job back but you could get some extra compensation if the dates are not correct. Also data protection laws seem to be unknown if all the world could see that the word "Kündigung" was visible in the window of the envelope.   I wish you the best of luck finding a new job.  
  11. VAT threshold

    The VAT threshold was raised to 22.000 € on 1st January 2020. I think you really need an accountant to advise you.    https://www.lexoffice.de/gesetzesaenderungen/kleinunternehmerregelung-2020/      
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    @robinson100: So sad to hear that. I hope you will have lots of nice colleagues in your new place of work. Make sure you get a good reference and think about some of the things you would like mentioned.
  13. Cool stuff worth sharing

    There was a very interesting documentary on tv yesterday about German beer brewers that emigrated to America. It mentions the story of the Yuengling brewery and how Eberhard Anheuser and Adolphus Busch founded Budweiser.   https://www.ardmediathek.de/swr/player/Y3JpZDovL3N3ci5kZS9hZXgvbzExODg3NzU?devicetype=pc%2F      
  14. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    If Prince Harry and Meghan had had half a functioning brain between them, they could have said Megan was suffering from postnatal depression and Prince Harry was taking time out to be with his family. Nobody would have said anything against them and they would have had time to discuss things in depth with the family. To make a public statement like they did against the wishes of the family shows what a self-centered pair they are.   The Queen is 93 and Prince Philipp is 98 and not in the best of health. They shouldn’t have to be dealing with things like this at their age.
  15. Multiple Warning Letters at Once ("Abmahnung" by employer)

    Warning letters should be given as soon as the cause for complaint is known.   Were the things you are accused of known at the time of happening or were they discovered at a later date? For example, if you repeatedly turned up late for work in October/November you should have been given the warning letters then not months after.   If you receive three written warnings then a termination of your contract is usually on its way. Perhaps this is what your company is planning to do. Does your company have a Betriebsrat?   Do not ignore the written warnings, give an explanation or denial to all the accusations against you.   As Someonesdaughter suggested you need a laywer specialised in Arbeitsrecht.