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  1. Refund of bank fees

    The Bundesgerichtshof decided in April that banks who have charged their customers for having an account must refund the fees. This could be backdated to January 2018.     Apparently when banks sent their customers notice of a change, usually an increase in bank fees, they said „if you don’t complain you agree to the new bank fees.“ The Bundesgerichtshof stated that customers should have actively had the possibility to agree to the said changes, like signing a document etc.   One bank said that people who want a refund will then have to pay 7,50 € a month as of October in bank fees. People who do not apply for a refund will pay 5,00 € a month for having an account. This amount will not be increased until Autumn 2024. Some banks have informed  their customers that their account will be closed if they apply to have the money refunded. The Verbruacherzentrale in Baden-Württemberg is considering taking legal action against the banks.   Has anyone here actually had a refund from their bank?  
  2. Brexit: The fallout

      When somebody posts something positive here it always gets negative comments, hence the use of the word remoaner. Well I am going to be very brave and post something positive.     Frau Hoffmeister-Kraut had a meeting today with the  British Generalkonsul Simon Kendall. In spite of brexit and all the doom and gloom posts here,the state of Baden-Württemberg is very interested in a good  working relationship with the UK and new deals were signed.   „Große Einigkeit bestand darin, dass das Vereinigte Königreich auch in Zukunft ein wichtiger Handelspartner für die baden-württembergische Wirtschaft bleiben werde. Eine zentrale Plattform hierfür sei die Partnerschaftsinitiative Baden-Württemberg – United Kingdom, welche die Wirtschaftsministerin gemeinsam mit dem britischen Generalkonsul Simon Kendall sowie dem britischen Handelsministerium im Februar 2020 ins Leben gerufen hat. „Es ist wichtig, dass wir gerade jetzt die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Wirtschaft, Politik und Intermediären weiter intensivieren. Durch gezielte Kooperation im Innovationsbereich bis hin zur konkreten Anbahnung von Unternehmenskooperationen arbeiten wir im Rahmen der Partnerschaft erfolgreich daran, unsere Stärken zu bündeln und gewinnbringende Projekte für unsere Wirtschaft auf die Beine zu stellen“, so Hoffmeister-Kraut weiter.“     Spannende neue Themen für zukünftige Projekte „Im Rahmen der Partnerschaftsinitiative haben wir bereits spannende neue Themen für zukünftige Projekte zwischen baden-württembergischen und britischen Unternehmen auf den Weg gebracht, wie im Bereich der Kreativwirtschaft, Automobilbranche und dem Gesundheitswesen. Die Initiative bietet den idealen Rahmen, um die engen wirtschaftlichen Beziehungen unserer beiden Länder in den nächsten Jahren weiter voranzubringen und fit für die Zukunft zu machen“, so Kendall weiter.“ Das Königreich nimmt derzeit den siebten Platz in der Exportbilanz ein. https://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/service/presse/pressemitteilung/pid/partnerschaft-mit-dem-vereinigten-koenigreich-weiter-staerken/?&pk_medium=newsletter&pk_campaign=210720_newsletter_daily&pk_source=newsletter_daily&pk_keyword=au%C3%9Fenwirtschaft      
  3. Brexit: The fallout

      People living outside the UK can be a British citizen but do not automatically have the right to live in the UK. 
  4. I also watched Die Ernährungs Docs, it is amazing how many illnesses can be cured or mindered through what you eat.   Some health insurance companies have an Ernährungsberater? You could ask there. 
  5. The VdK can help with such things, they have offices all over Germany.    https://www.vdk.de/deutschland/pages/themen/behinderung/73503/behindertenpolitik          
  6. De-registering from ALG1

    cb6dba is correct, you will have to pay your own health insurance. Keep in mind that it is compulsory to be health insured in Germany. You will be classed as a freiwilige member which means you will have a lot more to pay each month. You may also have to pay into the state pension system too  so why not let things continue as they are?   When you receive state benefits, there are certain rules that you must adhere to, like showing you are applying for jobs, giving paperwork in on time and attending courses from the AA.  If you think this is a lot of hassle you will have lots more with different organisations like health insurance and state pension wanting information from you then you do now.   You said your German is not good but you live in Germany, maybe you could apply for a German course through the Arbeits Agentur. If you don't understand what they are saying, ask if someone can speak to you in English.   If you decide to cancel your state benefit, you must do this in writing and I would suggest you make an appointment with the Arbeits Agentur, perhaps they can print out a form for you to fill in stating that you no longer require state benefits. 
  7. Fired while on sick leave (terminated)

    You must register at the Agentur für Arbeit within 3 days of receiving your notice. Failure to do so could lead to you not recieving unemployment benefit from the first day. Make a copy of your sick note to take with you.   Check your contract regarding the notice period and make sure you get a good reference. Do you have a Betriebsrat?   As Luke said above, there is a shortage of lorry  drivers so hopefully you will not be unemployed for long. Hope things turn out positive for you.          
  8. Euro 2020 and 2021

    It is a great pity that we did not win but it was a good and fair match. Gareth Southgate has publicly declared that he made all the decisions be they good or bad.   The players can hold their heads up high, they got further than France, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal to name but a few. To be second best in Europe is also something to be proud of.   
  9. Euro 2020 and 2021

    We put a Gerrman flag and an English flag in our windows. The German flag has vanished (ha ha) but I am proud to say my English flag is still hanging there. 
  10. Eyeglasses / eye care - Support from employer under G37 regulation

    The G37 eye-check is carried out by the company Doctor. There are rules concerning the distance between the user and pc which he/she may also check.    If it is not necessarily work connected ,people here usually go to an Augenarzt for the check-up and then to the opticians. The opticians usually do another check and then you can choose your glasses.   https://www.medisinn.com/de/produkt/g37-vorsorgeuntersuchung-bildschirmarbeit
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    Why somebody should quote newspaper articles from 2017-2019 in July 2021 is beyond me.   As I mentioned above, I have never met any locals Brits or Germans that go crop picking. I can imangine that Polish workers also have back pains from bending over all day but they still do the work or did do before Covid-19 turned the world upside down.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

          This is not necessarily because of Brexit. It could be because of the quarantine rules. BTW: Germany has the same problem with their seasonal workers. I have never met a local person here who goes asparagus or strawberry picking.    "The health secretary also confirmed a new "enhanced testing" regime for all travellers arriving into the UK, with two tests required during the quarantine process. They will be required to get a test on days two and eight of their 10-day quarantine period, whether they are isolating at home or in a hotel. The tests, conducted by NHS Test and Trace, will cost travellers £210. "People who flout these rules are putting us all at risk," the health secretary told MPs. Airlines and travel companies will be legally required to make sure travellers have signed up for the new measures before they depart, with fines for companies and passengers if they fail to comply, he said." https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-55995645    
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      That is also my opinion. I cannot for the life of me understand why Germany coud even think about Nordstream II. Both American Presidents have spoken against it. Some time ago, President Trump said something like, Why do you make giantic deals with the country my country is supposed to protect you from?     I think the German goverment sold it with the the old story that Nordstream II will create jobs and be of benefit to the local community etc.. What will happen if they turn the tap off?.
  14. Why are you unhappy today?

    So sorry to hear that. We always take older cats from the Katzenhilfe and when the end draws nigh it can be very painful and expensive but it is worth every penny. Take care of yourself and relax at home. The world needs more people like you who are prepared to give a loving home to a sick animal.    
  15. leaving job with holidays

    When you leave your present employment, you will be given an Urlaubsbescheingung which states how many days holiday you have taken with your present employer. You must give the next employer the Urlaubsbescheingung so  he/she can work out how many days holiday you may take according to your yearly legal entitlement.