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  1. The War in Ukraine

    After becoming independent, some member states adopted part of the British way of life, education systems, school uniforms, police and the legal system to name but a few. Why did they do this if they had suffered so much under the British goverment?   Britain did not dump the Commonwealth, it is very much still alive , BTW: two new states joined this year.    "The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 independent and equal countries.  It is home to 2.5 billion people, and includes both advanced economies and developing countries. 32 of our members are small states, including many island nations.  Our member governments have agreed to shared goals like development, democracy and peace. Our values and principles are expressed in the Commonwealth Charter.  The Commonwealth's roots go back to the British Empire. But today any country can join the modern Commonwealth. The last two countries to join the Commonwealth were Gabon and Togo in 2022."    https://thecommonwealth.org/about-us  
  2. November Events in Stuttgart

    23.11.- 22.12.2022 The Finnische Christmas Market is back in Stuttgart. Erleben Sie die nordische Atmosphäre und unsere klassischen und beliebten Köstlichkeiten wie Flammlachs und den finnischen Glühwein GLÖGI vor Ort. An unserem Stand können Sie die Zubereitung des traditionellen finnischen Flammlachses am Feuer live verfolgen und die herrliche Weihnachtsstimmung spüren. Wir werden – wie gewohnt – auf dem Karlsplatz in Stuttgart sein. Wir freuen uns sehr, Sie dort zu treffen.   https://finnvillage.de/weihnachtsmaerkte/stuttgart/  
  3. Corona SofortHilfe - Penalty for Mistakes?

      Did you declare your income from letting the studio when you applied for Coronahilfe?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I have heard of similar cases where the money has to be paid back and  the person concerned asked to repay the amount in installments. Perhaps you can ask them if they would agree to this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Good luck.                                                                                                                                                          
  4. The War in Ukraine

    Strangely enough, they didn't break off all contact. They became members of the Commonwealth of their own free will.
  5. Habeck claims anyone could quite easily use 10% less energy

    British Gas have some useful tips to save energy. The video "How to bleed a radiator" is very informative and even I can understand it.   "How to bleed a radiator   Bleeding your radiators every so often keeps them working efficiently. That not only means a warmer home, but cheaper energy bills too.   But if you don’t do it regularly, your radiators could start taking longer to warm up. Or they may not give out as much heat as they should. So, you could end up using more energy to heat your home, which is worse for the environment – and for your wallet."   https://www.britishgas.co.uk/the-source/fix-it-yourself/how-to-bleed-a-radiator.html   https://www.britishgas.co.uk/energy/energy-saving/energy-saving-tips.html      
  6. November Events in Stuttgart

    01 - 02.11.2022 Pirates on board the Neckarschiff.   Auf dem Neckar gibt es keine echten Piraten mehr!“, behauptet der König vom Max-Eyth-See. So etwas hört der Pirat Neckarschreck nach wie vor nicht gern. Er wird es diesem König ein für allemal zeigen. Gemeinsam mit seinen Kinderpiraten.   Nachdem die Piratenfahrten in den Pfingst- und Sommerferien häufig ausgebucht war, geht es in den Herbstferien weiter. Zwei Termin sind geplant, und zwar am 1. und 2. November.   Alle Termine, Infos und Buchungsmöglichkeiten gibt es in Internet unter.   https://neckar-kaeptn.de/kinderferienprogramm/   01-11-04.12.2022  Pumpkin Exhibition Ludwigsburg When it comes to pumpkins, Ludwigsburg rules! From August to December, the grounds of the Palace host the world's largest pumpkin exhibition, part of Baroque in Bloom Palace Gardens (Blühendes Barock), a vast horticultural show with a different theme each year. Think 450,000 pumpkins and 600 varieties. There are aromatic edible pumpkins and ornamental pumpkins, elaborately-carved pumpkin sculptures and delicious pumpkin-based dishes, such as soup, waffles and local favorite Maultaschen, a dish like ravioli.   * Sparda Bank Card Customers get a  2,00 € discount at the entrance gate.   https://travel.ludwigsburg.de/start/events+_+festivals/ludwigsburg+pumpkin+festival.html   04.11.2022 Chippendales Liederhalle Stuttgart   https://stuttgart-live.de/events/chippendales-3/   05.11.2022 Late night shopping in Stuttgart until 10.00 p.m.     12.11.2022 Oldie Night 8.00 pm. at the Rose Garden Centre Fellbach   https://www.fellbacher-schnittrosen.de/     13.11.2022 Cannstatter Martinimarkt   Shops are open from 01.00  -06.00 p.m.     17.11.2022 -15.01.2023 Christmas Garden Wilhelma Stuttgart   https://www.christmas-garden.de/stuttgart   19 - 20.11.2022 Advent Decorations at the Rose Garden Centre Fellbach   https://www.fellbacher-schnittrosen.de/termine/adventsausstellung/   20.11.2022 London Philharmonic Orchestra Liederhalle Stuttgart   https://www.sks-russ.de/   22.11.2022 Nazereth   Im Wizemann Stuttgart   https://stuttgart-live.de/events/nazareth/   27.11.2022 Simply Red   Hans-Martin-Schleyer Halle   https://www.eventim.de/event/simply-red-blue-eyed-soul-tour-hanns-martin-schleyer-halle-12286011/?affiliate=GMD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-NzG7dON-wIV_QIGAB3qtwNPEAAYAiAAEgKGVfD_BwE   Christmas Markets   22.11 - 22.12.2022 Christmas Market Esslingen   The Esslingen Medieval Market and Christmas Market is unique. With more than 180 booths, attractions, medieval music and a broad cultural program the Esslingen Market is one of the largest and most attractive in the region.   https://www.esslingen.de/startseite/es_topics/Medieval+Market+and+Christmas+Market.html     22.11 - 22.12.2020 Christmas Market Ludwigsburg   Germany is the land of Christmas markets. So what makes ours here in Ludwigsburg truly special? Start with the setting: our elegant Baroque main square. Add lights and soaring angels, sparkling Christmas trees and the mouth-watering smell of fresh gingerbread and roasting chestnuts. The 180 individually-decorated stalls are laden with locally-made crafts and toys, food and drink. And, of course, there is music, from carol singers and choirs to quartets. That’s why Ludwigsburg Christmas Market ranks among the most popular Christmas markets in Germany!   https://travel.ludwigsburg.de/start/events+_+festivals.html     23.11 - 23.12.2022 Christmas Market Stuttgart   Prächtig geschmückte Buden, besinnliche Konzerte und traditionelle Leckereien – wer vom 23. November bis 23. Dezember 2022 den Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt besucht, erlebt einen ganz besonderen Zauber. Die glitzernde Weihnachtsmarktstadt hat eine über 300-jährige Geschichte und lässt mit den rund 300 Händlern, die mit viel Liebe zum Detail ihre Stände schmücken, keinen Wunsch offen.   https://www.stuttgarter-weihnachtsmarkt.de/de/home/   Event pre-view   Weltweihnachtscircus 08.12-2022 - 08.01.2023 https://stuttgart-live.de/events/weltweihnachtscircus-2022-2023-cannstatter-wasen-stuttgart-stuttgart-2022-12-23/   24.01.2023 Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Liederhalle Stuttgart   https://www.sks-russ.de/konzerte-65.html?all=1&page=2   24.03.2023   City of Brirmingham, Symphony Orchestra   Liederhalle Stuttgart   https://www.sks-russ.de/konzerte-65.html?all=1&page=3    
  7. October Events in stuttgart

    22 - 23.10.2022 The remaining part of the historic railway station in Stuttgart will be 100 years old at the weekend and there will be a big celebration with steam trains.   Train tickets can be bought online at www.100-jahre-hauptbahnhof-stuttgart.de or at the minuature railway exhibition shop  opposite the railway station  https://www.miniaturweltenstuttgart.de/     23.10.2022 Flegga-Treff Fest in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. Shops are open from 12 0’clock to 5.00 p.m.  
  8. The War in Ukraine

    „A Czech crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised more than $1.30m (£1.17m) to buy a modernised tank for the Ukrainian army.   Dubbed "a gift for Putin", the campaign received donations from 11,288 individual donors, and organisers say it is the first purchase of its kind.   The modernised Soviet-era T-72 tank named Tomas will be sent to Ukraine. The fund was backed by the Czech defence ministry and Ukraine's embassy in Prague.   In a message posted to Twitter, the Czech Defence Minister Jana Cernochova joked that contributors had bought Russian President Vladimir Putin - who marks his 70th birthday on 7 October - "a proper present"."Many thanks to all of you who buy him 'gifts' in the form of support for Ukraine," she quipped. "Once again, thank you very much for your generosity and solidarity. We must continue to help Ukraine! All of us. And we will!"   The Ukrainian ambassador in Prague, Yevhen Perebyynis, tweeted: "The Czech Republic has become the first country where ordinary people bought a tank for [the Ukrainian Defence Ministry]."   https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63121649      
  9. October Events in stuttgart

    01.10 - 09.10.2022 Stuttgarter Beer Festival and fair  Cannstatterwasen   Fellbacher Herbst 07.10-10.10.2022   Take the U1 and get out at Schwabenlandhalle for the fair. Remain seated to the last stop for the shops.   06.10.2022 Wein tasting in the Schwabenlandhalle   07.10.2022 Flower arrangements competition und exhibition, Schwabenlandhalle Fellbach.   08.10.2022   2.00 p.m. Parade through Fellbach   09.10.2022 Sunday 12.30 -5.30 p.m. Sunday shopping.   10.10.2022 6.30 p.m. Lantern parade   Meeting point: Zeppelinschool .   https://www.fellbach.de/de/Kultur,Genuss,Wein/Feste-und-Veranstaltungen/Fellbacher-Herbst     08.10.2022  5.30- 6.30 p.m. Trumpet and Organ Concert at St. Catherines’s church   St. Catherine’s Church    Olgastr. 56  70182 Stuttgart     14.10.2022 Warm-up fest and late night shopping Leinfelden-Echterdingen   15-16 10.2022 Filderkrautfest   https://www.leinfelden-echterdingen.de/,Lde/Startseite/Stadt/Filderkrautfest.html   22.10.2022 Book Sale at St Catherines’s 11.a.m -4.00 p.m.    St. Catherine’s Church    Olgastr. 56  70182 Stuttgart   Items needed   •           Books, above all fiction   •           Produce: marmalades, chutneys, jams, scones, shortbread   •           Boutique: stylish, modern clothes as well as jewellery and accessories   •           Autumn/Advent/Christmas/Craft stall: everything welcome incl Fleamarket items   •           Cakes and biscuits and light lunch for the Café in the Anglican Centre   •           Helpers, of course  and buyers, so please pass the word around!   For further information and offers of help please contact   bazaar@stcatherines-stuttgart.de     30.10.2022 Degerlocher Kirbe   Shops are open from 12.00 - 5.00 p.m.     Event pre-view   Christmas Garden Wilhelma Stuttgart   17.11.2022 -15.01.2023 https://www.christmas-garden.de/stuttgart   Weltweihnachtscircus 2022/2023 08.12-2022 - 08.01.2023   https://stuttgart-live.de/events/weltweihnachtscircus-2022-2023-cannstatter-wasen-stuttgart-stuttgart-2022-12-23/    
  10. Bank of England 10-day warning over old £20 and £50 paper notes

    I have just checked, I have 2 Adam Smith notes and 1 Elizabeh Fry note. 
  11. „There is a warning to people with particular £20 or £50 paper notes in the UK that they could face long queues if they try to exchange them. This type of cash becomes redundant on Friday, September 30.   The Bank of England has advised people to remain patient when they try to change them for new polymer notes, which are harder to fake. There is no deadline to swap old notes for new ones, but consumers are still rushing to swap them, Manchester Evening News reports.   The Bank says that long queues are forming and that people could wait for more than an hour if they rush to change the money. The paper notes can be swapped for new polymer ones at the Bank of England, as well as high street banks and some Post Offices.   If you need to get old banknotes swapped on the same day, the Bank of England is your best bet. However, the Bank has warned of long queues to swap these old notes. A Bank of England statement said: "The Bank of England Counter is currently open from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday and is experiencing very high demand. "There will be long queues and you may encounter waiting times in excess of an hour. We would ask that you kindly consider the long wait times when travelling to the Bank to undertake an in person exchange - if you arrive after 2pm it is possible you may not get served before we close.   "Unless you require your banknotes immediately, we would suggest sending your banknotes via the post." If you go to a Post Office from September 15, you can swap banknotes - but only at certain branches. You can also only swap up to £300 in old banknotes.“ The notes which can be exchanged are: Elizabeth Fry paper £5 note Charles Darwin paper £10 note Adam Smith paper £20 note Boulton and Watt paper £50 note   https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/bank-england-10-day-warning-7604265        
  12. September Events in Stuttgart

    16.09.2022 THW Rock Night 7.00 p.m. 18.09.2022 Open Day at THW   Zuletzt haben wir im Jahr 2019 unsere Pforten geöffnet und gemeinsam unseren Tag der offenen Tür im THW Ortsverband Stuttgart zu feiern. Nach langem Warten und pünktlich zu unserem 70-jährigen Bestehen freuen wir uns, Ihnen am Sonntag, 18.09. ab 11 Uhr wieder spannende Einblicke in die Welt des THW und anderen Blaulichtorganisationen zu bieten.  Am Freitagabend, 16.09.2022 laden wir ab 19 Uhr zur THW ROCK NIGHT mit der Cover Band rabbit-food.   Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk Ortsverband Stuttgart Burgholzstraße 31 70376 Stuttgart   https://ov-stuttgart.thw.de/aktuelles/aktuelle-meldungen/artikel/ankuendigung-tag-der-offenen-tuer-des-thw-am-18-september-findet-statt     Autumn Fest in Vaihingen 16.09-18.09.2022    Sunday shopping on 18.09.2022 from 01.00 - 6.00 p.m.   Vaihinger Herbst 2022  Fr. 16.09.22, 18.00 – 22.30 Uhr Sa. 17.09.22, 10.00 – 24.00 Uhr So. 18.09.22, 11.00 – 21.30 Uhr – verkaufsoffener So. 13.00 – 18.00 Uhr   Tipp: In der Schwabengalerie kann man neben vielen Aktionen der dortigen Geschäfte kostenfrei am verkaufsoffenen Sonntag  parken.   Kunstmeile Sa. 17.09.22, 10.00 – 19.00 Uhr So. 18.09.22, 11.00 – 18.00 Uhr https://www.vvf-aktiv.de/veranstaltungen/225-vaihinger-herbst-16-18-sept-2022.html  
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Knitted and crocheted tributes are just one of many ways people across England have found to honour the late Queen. Queen Elizabeth II died at her Balmoral estate in Scotland on Thursday at the age of 96.   Since her death a number of postboxes across the country have been decked out with special woolly tops.   The Royal Mail said it appreciated "the creativity" but has asked people to ensure they do not prevent mail from being collected or posted.   Many of the toppers feature images of the late monarch, her beloved corgis and an array of crowns.   https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-62893596
  14. Fristlose Kündigung for non-paying of usury rent

    In spite of what Karin and Krieg wrote, you still do not seem to understand the seriousness of your situation. No tenant can take the law into their own hands as you have done, it is simply not allowed. You should have gone to a lawyer and done this through the German legal system. You would have likely won your case, probably got some money back  and it would have been official. You have simply reduced your rent payments yourself without a court order which is illegal.   As you have given your case to the Mieterverein All correspondence must be done by them, do not interfer. Your landlady should not write to you at all. All letters must be addressed to the Mieterverein. They are experts and know full well what to do. Your landlady will know full well that she should do this. Perhaps she is waiting for you to make another "innocent" mistake so that she has more to prove against you.   Make an appointment with the Mieterverein and ask what the latest stand is. They will not be pleased to hear that you have been corresponding with your landlady but you are obliged to inform them and make copies of all letters received from her.   The Germans have a saying, being in the right and getting justice are two different pairs of shoes.   I hope you now fully understand what a mess you are in and wish you the best of luck.
  15. There will be an exhibition in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the town hall in Stuttgart on Saturday 17.09.2022.  Viewing times: 11.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.   Rathaus Stuttgart Marktplatz 1 70173 Stuttgart       St. Catherine‘s Church  Olgastr. 56  70182 Stuttgart   Daily: ringing of bells until and including funeral date of 19th September   Wednesday 14th September – 13:00-15:00 – church open for reflection, private prayer and the opportunity to light a candle   Thursday 15th September -12:00-14.00 – church open for reflection, private prayer and the opportunity to light a candle   Sunday 18th September – 12:00 – Holy Communion with Church of England liturgy written specifically for this ‘period of mourning’   On Line: – light a virtual candle – sign the official CofE book of condolence – listen to the St C bells – pray the released official prayerI   https://stcatherines-stuttgart.de/