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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    When our cat was diagnosed with kidney problems, we were informed that he should only eat special cat food as  normal cat food contained too much protein. Our vet give us a prescription for Royal Canin cat food which the vet had in store. Timmy, our cat didn’t seem to like the taste so we changed to Kattovit. Kattovit didn’t seem to appeal to him either so we changed to Hills cat food. He just sniffed at it and walked away. I must say it smelled different to normal cat food and wasn’t as juicy. We were at our wits end so phoned the vet who told us that a lot of cats refuse to eat the special food as it probably doesn’t taste good without protein.   https://www.hills-eshop.de/prescription-diet/katzenfutter/niere/   We then tried a mixture of 75% special food and 25% normal food, Timmy only ate the normal food. We then tried a mixture of 50/50 and again he only ate the normal food. After consulting our vet again we were told before he starves which should give him his favourite food even though this was poison to his system.   BTW: Drogerie Müller also sells Kattovit.   https://www.mueller.de/search/?q=katzenfutter+kattovit&ms=true   I would advise you to buy  a small number of cat food sachets in case your cat also refuses to eat the stuff.   
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    Our cat was diagnosed with kidney problems and we were told to give him special food. Royal Canin has a special selection of cat food but it is only available from a vet. Kattovit  also has a selection of special cat food which you can buy online. We also tried the infusion therapy. Our vet showed us how to give him the infusion so we could do this at home.   https://www.kattovit.com/index.php/niere.html   We were very fortunate to have a vet who did home visits as it is a lot of stress to put a cat in a box and transport it to the vets, but sometimes there is just no other way possible.   When the time came to let him go, we took him into the living room and he was put to sleep on our coffee table, in his own home with us by his side. I hope he thought, oh here we go again, the strange person ( the vet) will give me another injection but my family are here with me. Although it was a very sad occasion, it was quiet, very dignified and he was not frightend at all as he had no idea what was going to happen as he was used to the vet coming and examining him.      Wishing you and your cat all the best.      
  3. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

      IMO you haven't really resigned as there is no termination date. As stated by Wherearewegoingto, the letter of resignation needs to bear a date, the address of your employer and your own address and a termination date and you must sign it.   You have to write when the contract will be terminated. They will see from the date when you wrote the letter and can check if it conforms to your notice period.   Your contract ends on the last pay day, regardless if you work on this day or are on holiday.   This may be the reason why they sent you an Aufhebungsvertrag
  4. Aufhebungsvereinbarung (Termination Contract) after resignation

    Did you read your contract before you resigned?  What notice period do you have?  Did you write in your letter of resignation the exact day when you will leave the company?     If yes, it is a very strange situation. If not this may be the reason why they sent you an Aufhebungsvertrag. Check and compare all the details as Lenny Nero suggested.   Before you spend money on a lawyer, ask your HR department why they sent you the document.
  5. Leaving the country - what will I miss/not miss?

    "Going to parties and everyone sitting at tables" Going to parties and having to use the du and the Sie form when sat at the table.   I have lived here so long and still cannot understand why Germans cannot form a queue. It is a real nightmare trying to get served at our local bakery, nobody stands in line and everyone thinks it is their turn when asked.   Lidl also have supermarkets in England. Perhaps you can continue to buy your veggie balls there.
  6. Scum of the Day

    I am so angry I’ll have to split this post into two parts.   Scum of the day Woman who faked terminal cancer diagnosis to get free wedding is spared jail   A woman who pretended to have terminal cancer so that she could con a small charity into paying for a wedding ceremony has been spared jail. Carla Evans, 29, claimed she had bladder cancer, thyroid cancer and liver and kidney failure to defraud the charity Wish Upon a Wedding which offers family events to terminally ill people.   The mother-of-two asked for help on social media and said she was dying, Newport Crown Court heard. She was then contacted by Karen Hobbs, a volunteer from the charity, who offered to organise a vow renewal ceremony worth £15,000.   Vent No Chat   Judge Jeremy Jenkins said only her two young children had saved Evans from an immediate custodial sentence. He imposed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 15 months and ordered Evans to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and 15 days of rehabilitation. He added: "You are a particularly devious type of person who should be utterly ashamed of yourself. Your behaviour beggars belief." Evans was also told to pay £340 prosecution costs and £140 surcharge.   Why did she get off so lightly? That is not a punishment to fit the crime!   https://news.sky.com/story/woman-who-faked-terminal-cancer-diagnosis-to-get-free-wedding-is-spared-jail-11786814      
  7. Events in August

    International Dance Competition The German Open Championships Stuttgart 13-17.08.2019   http://www.goc-stuttgart.de/en/   http://www.goc-stuttgart.de/en/news/   http://www.goc-stuttgart.de/en/program/              
  8. Buying a new fridge in Stuttgart

    If you are thinking about buying a new fridge and your present one is over 15 years old, you could get up to 150,00 € from the city of Stuttgart.   Offer only applies to people living in Stuttgart.   https://www.stuttgart.de/item/show/677203/1      
  9. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    What a terrible thing to happen. I hope you dogs make a speedy recovery.   On another note, you said there was no contract which is strange. How did you pay the bill and did you get a proper receipt ?   Please keep us posted how things are working out for you and your dogs.
  10. Why are you unhappy today?

    How sad this that could happen to someone.   When you hear how people from so called poor countries treat older people with the utmost respect and care for them till the end, it makes you wonder what is going wrong in our world?   Thank you for posting this, you and your colleagues are doing a great job.    
  11. Drunken Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB) 12th Sept 2019, in Stuttgart

    Sign-up list for the next DUMB, in August   1. Frollein (all dates possible) 2. Trrr (09.08. and 23.08. - best is 09.08.) 3. Frau Trrr (09.08. and 23.08. - best is 09.08.) 4. Alana:   Fri. 09.08.. -->> 2nd choice:  08.08 or 15.08 5.White Rose of Yorkshire 09.08 or 22.08.  7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Why are you happy today?

    Our cat died and we were without a cat for two whole weeks. Our flat seemed so empty and so tidy.   We now have a new cat from the Katzenhilfe. There are little white hairs all over the settee and toys on the floor. She jumps onto our bed in the middle of the night and wakes us up and it is wonderful to have her.
  13. Jimmy Savile has died

    It turned out that his so called fundraising and charity work automatically gave him access to children and vunerable people. He was also a close friend of the then Mayor of Scarborough Mr Jaconneli who had an ice-cream shop on the sea front. What a coincidence that children love to go to ice-cream shops.     https://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/jun/26/jimmy-savile-sexual-abuse-timeline   Mr Jaconneli, who ran an ice cream business, was described by police as a friend of Jimmy Savile, who also lived in the town. The force has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission regarding its handling of child sex abuse allegations against Savile and Mr Jaconelli, who died in 1999.   A police spokesman said: "Such is the nature of the evidence that, if he were alive today, Peter Jaconelli would have been interviewed under caution and a file of evidence would have been submitted for consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service."   https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-27382077   The biggest scandal in my opinion is that lots of people suspected something was going on but nobody spoke out because Jimmy Saville was such a famous person and did lots of charity work. As the Mayor of Scarborough, Mr Jaconelli was a respected person in the town with lots of contacts.    
  14. Please read-advice for life in Friesenheim area

    I really feel sorry for you. Many of us here know what it is like to be in a strange country, far from  family and in a terrible situation but as you can see from the comments here help is at hand.   Google jobs at your local hospitals. The websites are often in English and there are usually lots of non-care like jobs such as moving beds from one ward to another, catering jobs and possibly jobs where you can speak English.    Women in your situation can contact the Frauenhaus for advice and support. More information (in German) in the link below.    Frauenhaus Ortenau-Offenburg Telefon:0781-34 311 E-Mail:info@frauenhaus-ortenau.de Internet:http://www.frauenhaus-ortenau.de Ort:77604 Offenburg   Frauen- und Kinderschutzhaus Telefon:0761-31 072 E-Mail:info@frauenhaus-freiburg.de Internet:http://www.frauenhaus-freiburg.de Ort:79023 Freiburg i.Br.   http://www.singlemama.de/adressen/adressen-fuer-alleinerziehende-in-friesenheim-083170031031.htm   You have been active and have started divorce proceedings. Believe me, one day the sun will shine for you again.
  15. Events in August

      Summer Festival in Stuttgart   01.08 - 04.08 2019 Schlossplatz Stuttgart https://www.stuttgarter-sommerfest.de/de/home/     01.08 - 30.08.2019 Sand Sculptures Ludwigsburger Castle https://www.blueba.de/en/sand-art.html     01.08.-31.08.2019 Haus der Geschichte in Stuttgart Free admission during the month of August https://www.hdgbw.de/english/     08.08 -24.08.2019 Weinfest Ludwigsburg https://www.ludwigsburg.de/,Lde/start/tourismus/Ludwigsburger+Weinlaube.html     International Firework Festival 16.08.2019   Fireworks from Indian 17.08.2019   Fireworks from Singapore 18.08.2019   Fireworks from Sweden Tickets are cheaper if you buy before 15.08.2019. https://www.flammende-sterne.de/ostfildern/     Open-Air Cinema in Fellbach 17 - 24. August in the town hall courtyard. Films are in German.   City tours of Stuttgart with the hop-on hop- off bus https://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/stuttgart-citytour     Stuttgarter Weindorf 2019 28.08 - 08.09 2019 Marktplatz Stuttgart https://www.stuttgart-tourist.de/en/e-stuttgart-wine-village   30.08.2019 03.11.2019 Pumpkin Exhibition in the castle grounds in Ludwigsburg https://www.ludwigsburg.de/,Lde/start/tourismus/Kuerbisausstellung.html   01.08 -26.09.2019 Live in Park. There is an open-air music event every Thursday evening at the Park near Schwabenlandhalle as of 6.30 p.m. Take the number 1 tram to Schwabenlandhalle https://www.fellbach.de/site/Fellbach-Internet/node/15034910/zmdetail_523155727859/Live_im_Park_Rino_de_Masi.html?zm.sid=zmquhelehcf2&nodeID=523155727859   There is an open-air dance event on the following Thursday evenings at the Bad Cannstatt Marktplatz from 6.00 p.m. 01.08.  CANNSTATT tanzt 08.08.. CANNSTATT tanzt https://sascha983.wixsite.com/cannstatttanzt/termine   There is an open-air event with music every Friday evening at the Bad Cannstatt Marktplatz from  6.00.p.m. 02.08. AbendMarkt 09.08. AbendMarkt 16.08  AbendMarkt 23.08  AbendMarkt 30.08.  AbendMarkt   14.08 - 01.09 2019 Open-Air Cinema at the Mercedes-Benz Museum Films are in German Tickets can be bought online in advance. https://www.mercedes-benz.com/de/mercedes-benz/classic/museum/open-air-kino-2019/