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  1. What made you cry today?

    Heart breaking photographs of an extremely thin polar bear searching for food among rubbish in a Russian city.     https://news.sky.com/story/polar-bear-wanders-into-a-city-hundreds-of-miles-from-its-arctic-home-11744649      
  2. Events in Stuttgart in June

    Events in June   20 - 23 06.2019  Musikverein Hofen Sommerfest with a Welsh Brass Band from Cardiff. Sommerfest beim Musikverein Stuttgart-Hofen: Das bedeutet vier Tage lang Bombenstimmung, Blasmusik bis zum Abwinken und Partystimmung pur!   Festplatz an der Hofener Brücke Mühlhäuser Str. 371 70378 Stuttgart Trams U12  U14 will take you directly to the Sommerfest.   20.06.2019  Cathays Brass Band from Cardiff will make a special guest appearance at the Hofen sommerfest from 5.00 - 7.00 p.m. 21.06.2019 Cathays Brass Brand will give a performance at Killesberg Park from 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. 22.06.2019 Cathay Brass Band will  perform in the Wilhelma at 11.00 a.m. https://mvh.azureedge.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Cathays-Brass-Band-Cardiff-visit-2019-program-english.pdf https://mv-hofen.de/termine/2019/sommerfest2019/     20 - 23.06.2019 Knights of old Cannstatter Wasen Talstr. 209 70372 Stuttgart https://www.veranstaltung-baden-wuerttemberg.de/jahrhundertmarkt-stuttgart-qqa2846331a     20 - 23. 06 2019 Open-air exhibition of old cars Cannstatter Wasen Stuttgart Do, Sa, So 10 a.m. -6 p.m. www.oldtimertreff-stuttgart.de       22.06.2019 Picnic in Stuttgart An verschiedenen Stellen in der Stadt kann man sich mit Picknick-Utensilien eindecken und sich seinen Picknick-Korb mit Leckereien füllen lassen. Selbstverständlich kann jeder auch seinen fertig gepackten Picknick-Korb von zuhause mitbringen und in einer der Picknick-Locations genießen. https://www.stuttgart-picknickt.de/     29.06 - 30.06.2019 Sommerfest at the Animal Rescue Centre in Botnang Tierschutzverein Stuttgart und Umgebung e.V. Furtwängler Strasse 150 D-70195 Stuttgart (Botnang)   https://stuttgarter-tierschutz.de/                
  3. What made you laugh today?

    Life in Germany, Expert evaluation of signature forgery.    A bunch of Toytowners are talking (or trying) to talk Shakespeare English, absolutely hilarious.
  4. Legal advice - Tax class change

    Tax class 1 is for single people without children. Tax class 6 is used if you have not handed your tax class details to your employer when commencing work with the company or you have a second job that is not a 450 Euro job.   If you only worked for one employer from January- May, I cannot understand why they changed your tax class as from January. IMO Tax class 1 is correct from January-April at least if this was your only salary.   Did you begin work with a new company while officially on a paid holiday from the first company?
  5. Ending Contract/Job - Options during final Vacation

    When you begin work at a new company, your employer notifies your health insurance company and the state pension department and so on that you have begun work at company x. When your contract ends, your company informs the same organizations that you finished working for them on xxxx. You will also be given a document stating how many days holiday you have taken.   Your next employer needs these documents as they have to do the whole procedure again stating when you began working for them. Your contributions to the health insurance company and state pension scheme etc. are automatically deducted from your salary from your first employer. If the second employer does not have information from you or company 1 when your contract ended, they will also automatically deduct health insurance, tax etc from you salary from day one. This will mean you will pay double into these organizations. You will also have a lot of explaining to do with the said organizations when they discover that you were contracted to two different employers at the same time as this is not possible.   Why don’t you ask employer 1 if you can terminate your contract earlier as you have the chance of another job?      
  6. Privacy Week Stuttgart 17- 26. 05.2019

     Privacy Weeks have been held in Vienna and Berlin and from 17.05.2019 - 26.05.2019 there will be a privacy week in Stuttgart. Events will be held in various places in Stuttgart, all events seem to be in German.   Nach den erfolgreichen Privacy Weeks in Wien und Berlin bringen wir das Format jetzt auch nach Stuttgart: Eine Woche mit dezentralen Veranstaltungen, Workshops, Vorträgen aller interessierten Organisationen, Verbände, Hochschulen etc. überall in Stuttgart. Eine Woche ganz im Zeichen von Privatsphäre, Datenschutz und persönlicher Cybersicherheit.   On Wednesday, 22.05.2019, one of the top data-protection experts in Baden-Württemberg, Dr Kramer  will be guest speaker by the Verband der Gründer und Selbständigen Deutschland VGSD. The event is open to everyone and there is no admission charge. Non-members are kindly requested to make a donation for refreshments und the cost of hiring the room.   Regionaltreffen in Stuttgart - DSGVO Spezial im Rahmen der Privacyweek Stuttgart am 22.05.2019 Die Veranstaltung dauert von 19:00 bis 21:00 Uhr. Sie findet Im Coworking0711 Space, Gutenbergstraße 77a, 70197 Stuttgart. Tipp: Hinterhof, gelbes Haus, rote Tür, 1. OG statt. Weitere Infos findest du auf unserer Website.                                                                          https://www.vgsd.de               Im Rahmen der Privacyweek Stuttgart https://privacyweekstuttgart.org freuen wir uns auf einen besonderen Gast: Hr. Walter Krämer - Ministerialrat im Referat IV des Landesbeauftragten für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit Baden-Württemberg. Alle Gründer und Selbständigen sind herzlich willkommen, sich zu informieren und aktiv mitzugestalten. Wir treffen uns zunächst zum Netzwerken. Der Vortrag dauert inklusive Diskussion etwa 45 Minuten. Anschließend ist dann noch einmal Zeit, sich auszutauschen, sei es im Coworking Space oder in einem Lokal um die Ecke.   Agenda 19:00 Uhr Netzwerken: Ankommen, Kennenlernen 19:30 Uhr Beginn des Vortrags 20:00 Uhr Diskussion 20:30 Uhr Netzwerken   Die Teilnahme an unseren Regionaltreffen ist kostenfrei; eine Mitgliedschaft im Verband ist keine Voraussetzung. Community-Mitglieder und Interessenten bitten wir um eine zusätzliche Spende in die bereitstehende Kaffeekasse (für Organisations- und Raumkosten).   Für Verpflegung ist gesorgt, wir bitten hierfür um einen Beitrag in die Kaffeekasse.   I will definitely be attending as I am one of the organisers, so if anyone has any questions or is interested in attending please feel free to send me a PIN.           
  7. Scum of the Day

    A blind pensioner was left in tears after a group of wicked conmen pretended to repair his roof before tricking him into handing over £300 in cash.   Widower Ray Sampson, who lives on his own in Hessle, was approached by a man who came to his door and told him he had concrete hanging out of his roof. The 78-year-old was gestured to look but told the man he could not see due to blindness, prompting the trickster to offer to clean his gutters for £25.Mr Sampson accepted the offer but before long another man came and told him he had loose slates and that his roof was missing lead lining.He offered to repair his roof for £700 and Mr Sampson accepted the deal – but it turned out to be a scam.   https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/blind-grandad-con-fraudsters-tears-2877532    
  8. Why are you unhappy today?

      So true Robinson100. When one of your parents dies nothing is ever the same again. There is always someone missing. @Luke Skywalker: Cyber hugs from Stuttgart.
  9. Employer not paying tax correctly

    " So my first one is normal second one is the same but declared on tax class 6"     Question is how is it somehow legal for an employer to not pay any tax and declare it even so that I have to cover the payments ?"   Did you receive two pay slips? Your employer doesn’t pay your tax, it is deducted from your salary and transferred to the tax office.   If you are a freelancer, you send your client an invoice at the end of each month, your tax class has nothing to do with them.   I suggest you seek expert advice.  
  10. Drunken Uninhibited Meetup for Beer (DUMB) TBA for July, in Stuttgart

    Sign-up list for the next DUMB, on Friday, 17th May at 7:00 PM   1. Frollein 2. Trrr 3. Frau Trrr 4. Keroleen 5. Mr. Keroleen 6. Dime 7. Alana 8. JR?? 9. White Rose of Yorkshire  10.
  11. St Catherine's Secondhand English Book Sale

     This is an annual event and a great chance to buy secondhand English books and have a cup of tea afterwards.   18.05.2019 St. Catherine’s Secondhand English Book Sale from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00.p.m. Location: Olgastrasse 56  70182 Stuttgart   https://stcatherines-stuttgart.de/outreach/booksale/        
  12. Duchess Meghan gives birth to a boy named Archie

    The Royal Baby shares his birthday with some famous people. Tony Blair George Clooney Sigmund Freud Stewart Granger Orson Welles
  13. Work difficulties in Germany: How are team leaders chosen?

    Good for you that you enrolled in a German course and continued your education.   The things you mentioned are typical of the German way of doing things in my opinion. Companies want someone who has just graduated and expects them to have all the soft skills necessary for leading a team which you only get with years of experience. Your colleague seems to be way out of her depth and probably has no one to turn to.   Have you informed the management that you are interested in taking over this role? You could suggest a trial period of time with a review after xx months. It could be that they are thankful that they don't have to go through lots of interviews again.   Apart from concentrating on the German course and studies did you do any networking? Are there any team activities you can take part in in your present job? Are you in any professional organisations? This might not help you at the moment but the saying is the same all over the world. It is not always what you know but who you know. We foreigners don't always have the network that native Germans have but we can change this situation.
  14. My new Job contract terms and conditions

        Why should a consulting company require somebody to work shifts and weekends?   All the shops and work places close here on a Sunday because they are not allowed to open.   What are your monthly/weekly working hours?   Are travelling expenses mentioned?      
  15. Interim Arbeitszeugnis decoding help needed

    I agree with Engelchen, the reference is not written in a professional style.