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  1. Taxes: only working from my small studio

    Sorry but the rules are not different when there is no other place to go, they apply to everyone.   There is nothing to stop you working from home but you will not be able to get a tax reduction if you do not have a separate room for work purposes.   „Costs for home office are only deductible when it is a separate room and when it is exclusively used as home office. When you only have a working space e.g. in your living room, you cannot deduct any costs.“   https://www.rechts-und-steuerberatung-schmidt.de/en/tax-news/expenses-self-employed.html   Have you thought about renting a space by a co-working company?  
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I booked an appointment online with the Rentenversicherung and received a written confirmation with the post.    
  3. Full Time Work Contract Termination

      If they only told you to look for another job, they want you to save them all the work and hassle of terminating your contract. You can only sue them if they ignore the notice period or the reason for the termination is not correct, so you need a written document.   Does your company have a workers representative?   
  4. What made you smile today?

    A 90 year old lady was intially refused entry to the local zoo because she had not registered online. She informed the security guards that she had been an annual card holder for over thirty years and could not use a computer and had no relatives who could do that for her. The lady stood her ground and was eventually allowed in.   https://www.cannstatter-zeitung.de/inhalt.stuttgart-bad-cannstatt-90-jaehrige-erzwingt-wilhelma-besuch.2bae72ff-1f24-4311-b593-a06d293bb42d.html                    
  5. Vertretung side job

    You need a Gewerbeanmeldung if you plan to become self-employed. After the registration the Finanzamt will be informed but it is better to make contact with them yourself. You must inform your Krankenkasse about your change of status and also what you expect to earn this year.   At the end of the year you must submit a tax return  and next year you must send a copy of the  letter from the Finanzamt to your Krankenkasse. They will check what you paid in 2020 and according to the verification about your annual earnings from the Finanzamt you may have to pay the difference to the monthly contributions already paid based on your expected earinings. and the amount  you should have paid if you earned more than you expected.   Will you be obliged to be  a compulsory member of any organisations ?                       
  6. Alarm Signal in all Federal States on 10.09.2020

    There will be an alarm signal in all Federal States on 10.09.2020.   The alarm signal will be used in future to warn about things like terroists attacks, chemical spills, nuclear accidents and flood warinings and will take place every year on the second Thursday in September.   In Baden-Württemberg the alarm signal will begin at 11.00 a.m.    https://warnung-der-bevoelkerung.de/ https://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/inhalt.warntag-2020-mhsd.9f654b69-013d-4397-93ec-7d4fc5b87038.html
  7. Brexit: The fallout

      Why can't people accept and RESPECT that some people have a different opinion regardless if they are left or right wing or over 60. Are you saying all people over 60 are stupid?   Even today I cannot understand why nobody was asked if they wanted the Euro. The double price tags(DM/Euro) vanished after three months in  Germany, in France they had double price tags for 6 months. The German Mark was a strong and respected currency. Anyone who went to Italy in the old days had to think in thousands of Lire.To me it was a sort of pre-holiday feeling when I went to collect my foreign currency before going on holiday. If that makes me old fashioned then so be it.
  8. Quitting without giving the two weeks notice

    As others have correctly pointed out, your current employer must first deregister you from the health insurance etc. If this does not happen and you intend to commence work at your new job, you will be paying double contributions and as already mentioend you will be classed in tax bracket 6 so you will have a lot of stoppages. When your health insurance and all the other organisations discover what has happend, you will have a lot of explaining to do.   Regarding the losses incurred by your employer because of you not giving two weeks notice you are on the wrong track. Your employer planned on you working for him/her. If you do not turn up for work your colleagues may have to work overtime to do your work. Also, your employer must look for someone to replace you,  advertise the vacancy, spend time looking for a successful candidate and inviting people to interviews. Drawing up a new contract, obligatory talks with the workers council if you have one. These costs are caused by you if  you break the terms of the contract. Normally, there would be at least a two week notice period to do all these things and usually you would finish on the Friday and the new person would begin on the Monday.    Last but not least, in Germany you have to show all your references to all future employers for the whole of your working life. The reason for leaving the company is also stated in every reference. If it is stated that your contract was terminated on xxxx and your leaving date was not within the normal period of notice this will set all alarm bells ringing by future job applications.  BTW: Your employer is legally obliged to give you a reference or an Arbeitsbescheinigung when you leave the company.      
  9. What made you laugh today?

    Three Coldstream Guards investigated by police 'over fight with royal footmen'   „Royal footmen perform a range of duties including serving meals and opening and closing doors.   The source claimed: "All of a sudden it was a full-scale punch-up. And the soldiers were more used to fighting than the footmen are. They got quite badly injured."   https://news.sky.com/story/three-coldstream-guards-investigated-by-police-over-fight-with-royal-footmen-12040418   How shocking, I wonder if they will all be sent to the Tower.
  10. double health insurance

    Solvit may be able to help you.   "SOLVIT is a service provided by the national administration in each EU country and in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. SOLVIT is free of charge. It is mainly an online service. Although there is a SOLVIT centre in each country, the best way to contact them is via this website. SOLVIT aims to find solutions within 10 weeks – starting on the day your case is taken on by the SOLVIT centre in the country where the problem occurred."   https://ec.europa.eu/solvit/what-is-solvit/index_en.htm    
  11. Crazy Medication

    Try Shopapotheke. There is a 10% disount for new customers     https://www.shop-apotheke.com/search.htm?i=1&q=nagelpilz&searchChannel=algolia&userToken=anonymous-0a22d75f-9e61-432d-8c39-a05f6d529f1c        
  12. Hard of hearing in Germany

    I feel so sorry for you and at the same time I am very angry. . You do not have to accept such appalling behaviour. Write a letter of complaint to the place you visited and also to your Krankenkasse. Send the letters by registered post, Einschreiben mit Rückschein. This means that somebody has to sign to confirm delivery. Someone in my family became deaf in later life and they always had a little blackboard and a piece of chalk with them ( bought in a toy shop) to help them in difficult situations and it always worked.   Here are two organisations that will help you. The first one is only for deaf people, the VDK is open to all people. They give assistance when applying for a disability pass or if your request for aid has been refused. They have offices all over Germany and I find they do a really good job.     Alltagshilfen für Schwerhörige   Hier zeigen wir Ihnen Möglichkeiten von A bis Z, welche Hilfen bei Behördengängen, Telefonaten und anderen Alltagssituationen in Anspruch genommen werden können, bzw. welche Zusatztechnik uns den Alltag erleichtern kann. Diese Stichwortliste wird laufend ergänzt.     https://www.hoerbehindertenselbsthilfe.de/hoerenundverstehen/92-alltagshilfen.html     VDK   https://www.vdk.de/deutschland/suche?q=schwerh%C3%B6rigkeit   https://www.vdk.de/deutschland/pages/mitgliedschaft/so_hilft_der_vdk/71989/digitale_hoergeraete_fuer_vdk-mitglied_durchgesetzt     Dry your tears and make yourself a nice afternoon. Such morons aren‘t worth the upset they cause.  A big Yorkshire hug is on its way to you.
  13. The New Fiscal Package July 2020

    „On 12 June 2020, the federal cabinet adopted the first extensive measures that form part of the stimulus package, which takes decisive action to tackle the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The measures that were adopted include a temporary reduction of VAT rates in the second half of 2020, a €300 bonus for families with children, improved depreciation rules for businesses, and an extensive short-term aid programme for small and medium-sized firms.   These actions are key elements in the €130 billion stimulus package that was agreed between the parties in Germany’s governing coalition on 3 June 2020. The package is comprised of targeted measures that are designed to give the economy a powerful boost, to safeguard jobs, and to guide a modernised Germany into an environmentally sustainable future.   The draft legislation adopted by the cabinet will now be forwarded to the German Bundestag for deliberation. The cabinet will decide shortly on additional measures that will form part of the stimulus package.“   https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Content/EN/Standardartikel/Topics/Public-Finances/Articles/2020-06-04-fiscal-package.html;jsessionid=817169D413DD7EE1D40850C32C1BB60E.delivery1-replication      
  14. Why are you happy today?

    My husband became seriously ill in December and Christmas just seemed to pass us by. I was doing  some spring cleaning today and came across a large tin filled with minature chocolate Father Christmases and other christmas goodies, all of which are still edible. We have been watching tv and eating the christmas goodies this evening and it was great.
  15. Riots in Stuttgart

    Please do not put the Parkschützers and the rioters in the same category. There is absolutely no excuse for the riot in Stuttgart yesterday or the attack on the police  officers.   FYI: The parkschützers were atttacked by a police force from Bavaria. German police never deploy the local police force for such things as they may have to deal with their neighbour or their child‘s teacher. If you don‘t know the people you are dealing with you act differently.