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  1.   Thanks Lisa. You pointed at an important question. Indeed I also was (am) confused who the person in charge is / should be. I live in a multi-apartment complex. The landlady is a person independent of the HV.   The way things evolved automatically was as follows: - Hausmeister noticed the water damage and contacted me. - He also took the chance to take photos of the (crime?) scene and forwarded them to HV. - HV arranged with a repair company and sent an inspector. As mentioned before, they planned for the repair from the first day. - I notified my Haftpflicht. - I called the landlady (an old lady, who does not have an email address; thus unaware of everything). I told her that there has been such an accident and HV is working on it, etc. then the rest of the story...   So, from the first moment there was the confusion who should sue whom. But HV kind of put himself in charge. I thought I had to follow whatever they said (didn't even know of existence of HV at all by that time).   During my follow ups while I was waiting for the repair to start, in one of the emails HV wrote: "Anbei Auftrag im Namen WEG nach Rücksprache Versicherung" I asked a German friend, and he told me this means the WEG has decided the repair to be done and it should be followed.   Had I known that they were not in charge, I would've arranged everything myself. Specially since as we dried the apartment right away, and turned on the Bodenheizung the next day for three days, there was not much left to "Trocken". Even when the inspector finally came again after 1.5 months (before the actual start), he was surprised not to find any humidity in the walls, and very little in the ground. So could've arranged a much lighter repair, if I knew HV wasn't in charge.
  2. Hi everybody. This is a new question related to the problem explained here: Here's the brief description: After the discussed water damage, the Hausverwaltung company sent someone from a repair company to measure the humidity in the apartment right away! And they said they would start the repair process in 2 weeks. Trusting them I cancelled my summer trip to make it coincide with the repair period. But they didn't show up and kept me waiting for 1.5 months until they finally started the repair process around 3 weeks ago.   The problem is that the service chain (Hausverwaltung <-> Repair Company <-> Insurance <-> Carpenter) is too laggy, having made me practically homeless for 3 weeks so far: - Repair company first sent an Angebot for removal of the laminates. - Waited a few days for the insurance to confirm it was a reasonable one. - Then arranged for an appointment for removal of the laminates. - A few days after removal of laminates some one came and started the drying (Trocknung) - *Only after the drying was finished (it took ~10 days) they sent some one to see what else they needed to do* - Then they issued another Angebot covering installation of new laminates (didn't they know it before?) - Now it has been *9 days* since they left the apartment (uninhabitable of course). I only received some forwarded email that they are waiting for the insurance to confirm this new Angebot. - (based on the previous pattern, they are going to waste another 1-2 weeks after the insurance confirmation, just to find a free time for the actual installation)   With my wife we have been living in different secondary apartments -- both paid and unpaid ones.   The Hausverwaltung company is unresponsive and has stopped answering my explicit questions in emails. They have also rejected my phone calls 3 times.   My questions: 1) Is there any way to legally force them finish the process faster? Is there any maximum repair period or such a thing? (considering that I was the cause of the main water incident) 2) My Haftpflichtversicherung has orally told me that they wouldn't pay for the secondary residence place. Now, can I ask anyone else to reimburse the cost? Alternatively can I stop paying rent due to the delayed/lengthy repair process?   Thanks a lot!  
  3.   Thanks guys. Yes the Gebäude- and Haftpflicht- are now starting to contact each other. The former is not mine, but is from the Hauswevaltung.   The bidet is something like this: So no construction was necessary really. Just an extension from below the sink. Does it still need a permission? (:worried:)
  4.   Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not having mentioned it in my post; It's a rented apartment. So, I have damaged the landlord's apartment?    
  5. I tried to compress the title as much as possible. So here's a better (still short) version of the story:   I have installed a bidet in my bathroom, by installing the provided extra branch (extension?) on the pipe below the sink. A few weeks ago I received a call that all my apartment was under water. Apparently the hose was loose and had popped out. Now there's moisture under the flooring, and recently mould in the walls, etc. So a company is coming for "drying", etc.   Question: does a Haftpflichtversicherung normally cover such a case? I guess mine is a good one, as I pay above 160 EUR per year. And if you think it depends on how I narrate the story, do you have suggestions (based on the detailed story below)?   Thanks in advance!   ---------------------- Detailed Story [read only if you feel like it] ------------------------ The bidet piping seems to be safe enough, as I had a similar one running for 3 years in another apartment with no problems. This one was also working OK for about 1 year. A couple of weeks before the incident I noticed water leakage as drops below the sink. Assuming it was due to my manual installation, I tried to uninstall and re-install it with extra security (tapes, etc.). It didn't help and over the next days it was leaking on and off. One day I got fed up and left the hose half-installed (without fastening a nut). I shut down the water and called the Hausmeister saying we had a problem and needed a plumber. One day later when I wasn't home he went and checked the connection and told me there's no leakage and all is fine. Now feeling assured, I kept using the half-installed connection for a few days and... the nightmare finally came true!   So, it has been my negligence. But also a manually installed extension is involved. So... What do you think?