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  1. Hi everybody. Recently I was involved in a chain car accident in an autobahn. My car was hit severely by the car driving behind me, and I was also pushed to the front car. So it's likely that the insurance of that car will be covering the damage.   A friend referred me to a private Gutachter (TUV-certified). In the very first meeting the Gutachter told me it would be a Totalschaden and he could get a good money from the insurance. He got me into signing a "Gutachtenauftrag - inklusive Abtretung - Erfuellungshalber".   The strange thing is he seriously insists that I should already sell the car (to a mechanic who is his friend/relative), so he can give the "Verkaufsvertrag" to his lawyer, so together they can get the money from the insurance without hassle. Naturally I resisted a lot, and in response yesterday he sent me an invoice, adding "OK. Then pay this ~1800 EUR and only then I will send you the Gutachten and you do everything yourself".   Considering that my friend has had a successful experience with this guy, I think he is probably not a total fraud. So I went on and had a long long discussion with him yesterday, and in the end got him to say: "OK, just make a Verkaufsvertrag with someone you trust and we will use that".   At first I thought this could be the ultimate solution. But now I'm thinking, do I, as a good citizen (!), need to go through all this fishy process to get the money from the insurance, or would they simply pay the full money if I simply apply by myself? And more importantly, wouldn't this (fake Verkauf) be an illegal thing to do? Note that I am planning to sell the damaged car anyhow, if the insurance covers the rest.   Thanks in advance.