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  1. English-speaking ophthalmologist in Munich

    Just wanted to update the thread with my experience.  I went to the Dr. Krüger at Ärztehaus am Harras ( ) mentioned a couple times already in this thread.  I didn't have any specific problem - just wanted a check-up after twenty years of not seeing an eye doctor.  The appointment I was given was three months away (!), but since I wasn't in a hurry and other doctors were full, I stuck with it.  I called just a week or so before my appointment to make a separate appointment for my husband, and the receptionist said we could just come in at the same time, so he didn't have to wait long.  Dr. Krüger was fine and everything went smoothly for a basic check-up.  He spoke English with me, although when I asked in German if we could, he made some eye-rolling remark like, "I don't know. Can we?"  So, for a check-up, it was good (he made me aware of a slight astigmatism), but I can't speak to his experience with more complicated problems.