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  1.   I did the urine test. But it was already some time ago.
  2. All the tests you will ever require:   Its a service provided by city of Munich. Free and anonym. 
  3. I really like the Radlbauer München Nord. They are cheap and a lot to choose from.
  4. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    I absolutely agree with JCrichton. Generalizing is the worst kind. There are kind people and idiots everywhere.   I am sorry that you had to go through that experience.   It is clearly unacceptable behavior. However, we are grown up people here, at least I hope so. Luckily, you are in Germany, which means that all you need to do is to pull out your phone and call the police. This kind of offensive behavior can easily land a 2000+ Euros fine. It is much more efficient than descending to the same level.
  5. Salary ranges Web Developer in Munich

    Hi there, you will be well off with that salary, not sure about how fair it is. Best Z
  6. Hi there,   this kind of question is better to ask in "Parents in Munich" Facebook group. You will get tons of replies and advise. Good luck!