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  1. I moved from Munich to Berlin last year. When we left the apartment in Munich, some of the furniture didn't fit the rented truck and we realised this only at the latest moment. When we rented the apartment we obviously paid a deposit (3 months of cold-rent) and in the contract is mentioned that the owner will return the deposit after the completion of the contract, including interest. This was more than 6 months ago and the other day when I called the owner he said he spent the deposit to free the apartment of the furniture we left inside (a desk, a book shelf and a small drawer closet on the balcony). At that point I asked him to provide an invoice and he refused, saying the work has been done by him and his brother-in-law. The deposit wasn't huge (around 2k euros) but I highly doubt that removing some furniture from an apartment would cost that much (not to mention that he said he will use the desk and the book-shelf was a "gift" from him). Hiring a lawyer seems overkill (I would probably pay the lawyer more than 2k) and in the past the house owner was a pretty decent guy so I'm undecided if it's worth proceeding and, more importantly, how? Any advice?