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  1. Company name

    I'm going to form a new company. In Ireland.    The product is a UWB tester. Currently the main aspect of my tester is that it simulates distance. Because that is what UWB measures. It does this by choosing a set of cables of various lengths for the signal to run through. These cables tend to come in multiples of inches. And since one inch is 25,4mm also multiples of 100mm. I find it easier to think in inches because of cable choices but there are three kinds of inches.   If a light year or light seconds is a measure of distance. Then a light inch is a measure of time. The time taken for light to travel 1 inch. This is 0.254/c = 85ps or 85 trillionths of a second.   But electricity doesn't travel as fast as light. About 2/3 light speed in a cable, and 1/2 light speed on a PCB (printed circuit board) So a cable inch is about 127ps and a PCB inch about 170ps.    So what to call the company "Uwbtest". Describes the company's first product very well which is often a bad idea. I own the domain "Light Inch". Cool name and it is my fundamental unit of time. "Quantum Inch" Anything with quantum in it rocks "Time Lords" Well the tester is a very limited time machine. It delays things by trillionths and billionths of a second. The BBC might have something to say. In fact I've Emailed them but no answer yet. "Mad Axe" Frankly that was an after thought.   And thoughts? Feedback   Below is a picture of the "time machine" ehhmmm tester. And some technical blurb I wrote.      
  2. Company name

    I spent the midsummer weekend at a lakeside cottage with among others someone who runs a successful game company. We performed our duty and honoured the ancient Finnish Gods by getting outrageously drunk and jumping naked in the lake. Not necessarily in that order Taken at about 00:30   The gamer CEO's advice: It's a boring company and thus deserves a boring name. uwbtest is appropriately boring. I had also told him the story that when I Emailed a company making UWB modules from the domain to ask a few technical questions, the VP sales rang me the next day to ask what exactly I was doing and how it could be of interest to them.   It's a great weight lifted from my mind having a successful CEO explain that the name makes sense.   He also has a knack for names: "stupid stupid games" and "mental airbag"
  3. Barbecue at work -- Foods to bring

      Christ on a pogo stick. If you are catering for a vegetarian, it's bad enough the misconception that vegetarians eat fish.    But vegesplaining a vegetarian that bacon is really vegetarian. Just don't. Don't even think of it.
  4. Company name

    Well it does seem to be settling into uwbtest out of sheer intertia.   I did buy two Tardis models from Amazon so I can see how it would look sticking the bits inside a Tardis.    How about VLTM? Very Limited Time Machines
  5. Company name

    Yes I want to base the company in Ireland because coroporate administration is reasonably light, tax is low and I'm feeling mildly patriotic. Ireland raised and educated me and got relatively little back, so if the company is successful there is Ireland's ROI.   Since I own the domain and uwbtest is the product that would seem to be the boring decision. But most companies do not boringly describe what they do. Then again German companies often just use the founder's last name.    There are a few Inches in Ireland. How about   Light Inch Ltd Nora's bar Inch strand Co Clare   However I have the balls rolling for UWB test. in Limerick.
  6. Company name

    picoSec, femptoSec are also canditates.   A pico second is 1 trillionth of a second, and a femto second 1 thousand of that.   A light picosecond is 0.3 mm. The kind of resolution aiming for in phase 2.    And picosec sounds like picoSex...
  7. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    I had 2.87BTC and 600EUR in mtgox. the civil rehabilitation is likely to pay 12-15% of this. Whenever.   I was contacted over linkedin by who are offering me €1400 for my claim. Apparently the Japanese liquidator published a list of all mtgox creditors and the size of their claims.   I am tempted to take it. 1400 now would be a lot more use to me than twice that in 3 or 5 or 10 years time. In fact when the process changed from bankruptcy to civil rehabilitation 1 year ago I didn't even bother filling in the online forms.   Back in 2013 I could not fill in the online forms, my account was locked out for security reasons. I ended up sending paper by snail mail to Japan. So I had pretty well given up on getting anything.   Any comments?
  8. Climate change discussion

    @zwiebelfisch Don't call it "global warning". It just encourages Trump lookalikes and some of the more dense posters in this thread to say:   Last winter was very cold. I don't believe in global warming. I can't wear short skirts in May anymore (That's not a Trump quote).    It's climate change NOT global warming.
  9. Climate change discussion

    There is nothing incorrect about the above post, but I learnt absolutely nothing from it, and would be surprised to find anybody got any insights from it.   Yes Nuclear accidents are nasty. Are they nastier than say Deepwater horizon? Is nuclear waste nastier than CO2 waste. More planet destructive?  
  10. Why are you happy today?

    I went through airport security carrying this box closed up. It looked awesome on the security Xray machine.   If an evil genius had invented a revolutionary new bomb and the director was looking for the ideal prop for the airport Xray machine, he/she would do well to consider this box.   Security: Can you open it up please Me: I need a fine screwdriver and didn't bring one because you would have taken it away from me. Security:  Me: I hate having screwdrivers confiscated.      
  11. WTF???   Although when I flew to Australia I had cooking spices and did go through red customs, showed my stuff, and he said not a problem. If declaring spices for Australia is overkill....
  12. Climate change discussion

    Good heavens I would hope that everbody knows plants use CO2 for food. It's pretty basic biology. They also also use shit for nutrients.    But too much of a good thing...
  13. Game of Thrones (TV series) (Spoilers )

    The grudging affection between Arya and the hound was the high point of episode 5. Of course Sandor showed how much he felt for her by grabbing her roughly and shouting but anything else would not have been authentic.   I found the battle for Winterfell a mess. Wow the dead are swarming the good guys in almost total darkness. Again. For the 30th time. The only good point was Arya taking out the night king.   Oh dear, do I have an Arya crush?
  14. Also note you only pay the cold rent to the Finanzamt.    The cold rent is the profit the landlord makes after paying for heating etc. So they are even making sure the landlord has money to heat the place and pay utilities. They are actually working rather n your interests
  15. What is the fine for a car accident

    The reason cyclists have to be so careful is because they are practically invisible to many motorists turning right.   Not having seen the cyclist you nearly killed does not mean you didn't nearly kill him
  16. Climate change discussion

      If we had 30 years warning we could deflect it with a light beam. NASA might not be perfectly prepared but they certainly have some plans and an astroid watch.   As others have stated feat of asteroids is no reason to do nothing about climate change. We have to hand over a damaged planet to a cute Swedish girl and her buddies. I for one feel kinda ashamed of how much our generation has fucked the planet despite being quite green oriented myself.   In fact it's probably the greeneis who feel guilty while the climate change deniers bask in their planetary irresponsibility.
  17. At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic anarchist antichrist.   How about a warmup beer at the Löwenbräukeller across the road?
  18. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Maharani, Rottmann Str 24 (corner Schleissheimer Str), 80333 München. Nearest station: U1 Stiglmaierplatz or 20, 21 tram.        1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. bettina  3. Andi  4. LisaJK  5. MAM  6.       Please copy/paste the last list into the reply and add your name As Soon As Possible but at the latest 5 pm Wednesday.
  19. Notre Dame is on fire

      This is the "starving children in Africa" syndrome.   Whenever somebody or something decides to do some good and donate to a charity they care about, there is always somebody to critcise because there is a better charity.   I'm going to donate to "save the whales"! How can you? starving children in Africa. Or greenpeace, or education for oppressed girls, or the cancer fund for the kid down the road.   Nope! Bad person because I know a better use for your money, and you are evil for donating to a less worthy cause
  20. Notre Dame is on fire

    Billionaire donations     Kinda nice
  21. Notre Dame is on fire

    Sweet mother of Jesus.   You can be totally agnostic or atheist, or anything and still be woefully distressed by damage to this magnificent building. 
  22. This week we have a Toytown reservation for 7:30 pm at Bombay Tandoori, Rosenheimer Str 75  (corner Metz Str), 81667 München. Nearest station: all S-Bahn´s and 15, 25 tram.     1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. LisaJK  3. bettina  4. HughK  5. fraufruit  6. MAM  7.  
  23. @jeremytwo Don't post 2 hour plus videos. Nobody is going to watch "the latest truth" for 2+ hours.  Others seem to think it's bullshit, but serious, I have no opinion cos I don't have 2 hours,
  24. Curry Empress??? What happened to dictator Paul?
  25. Medical use of Green tea

    Tobacco and honey are know to be good for wounds. Wouldn't be surprised if green tea is too. Loaded with anti oxidants, But aloe vera is the best.