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  1. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

      Well personally I would prefer to see "monsters" locked up in a nice secure jail (paid for by Brexit profits  instead of deported to say Somalia where they can abuse innocents there, and indoctrinate others.   Now what crimes merit losing nationality? One murder, 6 murders? I see your 4 rapes and raise you 3 groomings.    Hmmm a lot of old priests would be eligible to lose nationality too. Let's send them off on the missions to darkest Africa so they can save souls and have fun.   Edit I'm totally with theGman above. She was born, raised, indoctrinated in England so let's let one of the world's poorest countries pick up the pieces.
  2. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

    There are worse monsters than her that remain UK citizens. People who have committed multiple murders, vicous rapes, grooming girls into prostitution. Fundamentally crimes have never been a reason to revoke citizenship except in the case of Nazis who got new citizenship under false pretenses.   So why start with her? Now I totally get the idea of not risking foreign office or military personnel's lives to bring her back to the UK. But if she or her family can get her to a country with British consular representation she should be repatriated and tried,    And it should be a public trial, and she should be given the chance to explain why ISIS and their atrocities were a good thing. While I and most people obviously assume to be completely impossible, but give her a trial, let her make a fool of herself, and then give her a fair sentence which will include somebody else maybe her parents raising her children.   Knee jerk punishing and silencing people like her make them appear as victims and martyrs ready to inspire the next round of idiots who want to fight in the next great liberation war. The court system is supposed to be about rehabilitation and justice not revenge.    If the objective is justice and discrediting ISIS then (harsh) fairness, not blind revenge.
  3. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled under full anesthetic 40 years ago. Apparently they had to remove some jawbone also. Quite a difficult operation. And my only pain free dental procedure.    I didn't know there was such a thing as a dental surgeon. What is the German phrase for it?
  4. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    Giving me a sedative would be a wonderful idea. But I've just been told "don't be afraid" and given the "legal limit of pain killer"   @fraufruit Apparently overdosing on NO is one of the most enjoyable suicide methods. Of course nobody has ever confirmed this.
  5. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      Except for one young asshole in Belgium, the dentists have been compassionate and obviously distressed about what they were putting me through. I don't want compassion, I want lack of pain.   Are you saying she will gas me? Fear of pain actually prevents the anesthetic working. NO is a happy gas that makes you not afraid, allowing the anesthetic to work better.   Plus I enjoy recreational drugs!
  6. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      Unfortunately a small portion of the population are resistant to pain killer. In "civilised countries" the legal limits of pain killer are designed for the safety of the 99% of population who respond normally to pain killers not the comfort of the 1% of the population who don't.   It doesn't help that my childhood dentist thought children's pain was unimportant and used to do procedures without any painkiller. The more pain you've experienced the more you are afraid which makes the pain killer even less effective. Infection and fear further reduce the effectiveness of pain killers.   It doesn't matter if the dentist is a compassionate saint. He or she cannot give you more pain killer than the legal limit. So I need to find countries with no pain killer limits. Or where they will give you a full anesthetic. I did have work done in Nepal. While the pain was well managed, the work was dreadful, and was redone in both German and Belgian torture sessions.   Believe me, there is nothing like feeling your nerves being scraped away during a root canal. And that bloody tooth that has been filled in Germany, Nepal, Germany, and root canaled in Belgium is hurting again. I cannot face another pain filled procedure on it.   My last visit to a German dentist I told him to look in my file and remind himself of the difficulty of anesthetizing me. He said he already had and planned to use the legal limit. I still had pain and he said I must come back the next day. I suggested he inject directly in the nerve controlling the whole jaw. He said that was exactly his plan.   It still didn't deaden me, but made the pain almost manageable. He was uncomfortable but I just told him it had to be done and just do it. I doubt he's ever worked so fast.   The Belgian butchers were a different story, and the last one was even an Ontodontist! Specialised in root canals.
  7. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

      Having been tortured over the last 5 years by 1 German and 2 Belgian dentists, I am interested in countries with lower safety standards where in particular they use NO (Nitrous Oxide), and don't have limits on how much pain killer can be used.   My problem is they give me the maximum legal amount of pain killer and then just keep going because they want to finish the job. To them I'm an anomoly who seems surprisingly sensitive but they might as well finish the job. To me it's another torture session keeping me away from dentists until I can't stand the pain in a tooth again.   Which I know is a vicous circle because if I went often and early they would fix things early and with less pain.   So what countries will use as much pain killer as it takes and NO?
  8. Looking for kitten in the Munich area

      This is nonsense. Getting a cat from a shelter is vastly superior to financially supporting puppy and kitten mills.
  9. I've changed the title. We are long beyond baby noise. Acceptable conversations in the sauna are:  Shall I fling some more water on the sauna? Who's coming for a roll in the snow? Are you really going to blow Satan? Wasn't that a refreshing roll in the snow? You have truly lovely breasts. Number 5 might be a bit risque especially if it's a man you say it to.  
  10. Just thought I'd add. Some young 20s were discussing the problems their drones were having flying in the cold.   I said great, fantastic that your drones don't fly well here. They looked at me as if I was blowing Satan. Well we were in the sauna. If Satan had joined I guess he'd have been naked too.   I then said this is one of the quietest places I have ever been. I don't want the glorious silence destroyed by drone noise. Anyway you're here for Aurora, and drones are useless for catching Aurora pictures.   They looked at me in speechless horror. How could an old idiot like me have the cheek to object to drone noise. But they did have no answer, and no further comment.  
  11.   It's the same old, same old. Loud people enter a quite space, people enjoying silence complain, and the loud people immediately invite them to move somewhere else to enjoy quite.   I'm very sensitive to noise but am not disturbed by vile smells. I've often thought of carrying a stink spray with me and the next time some asshole turns my silent sanctuary into a noise hell, and then tells me to move, I'll just share my scent with them the way they share their noise.   Absolutely nothing to do with the OP's situation but I wanted a rant.
  12. Twat of the day

    Too many books. I don't understand. How can there be too many books? 51 images of non nude single women. Not good. Buddha: great. Vase and cactus: whatever   Wallpaper and clutter: Get me out of here
  13. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

    @MikeMelgaI don't know why I bother.   You complained about beef eaters being oppressed when rice is also bad for the environment. Quite a stupid thing to say because rice is vastly less bad.   So I drew the analogy: should we put more resources into stopping the dumping of lead batteries or lithium batteries. That concerns the toxicity of the two metals. The environmental cost of production is in no way relevant to my analogy. Toxicity. more toxicity. Only toxicity is relevant to my analogy, which wasn't a great analogy in the first place. I really dumbed it down   And I know you're a smart guy with a broad scientific knowledge, so it's infuriating to see acting just plain dumb to avoid engaging points that clash with your thesis.
  14. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

    @balticus And what exactly is wrong with manifestos?   Well a torture and abuse immigrants or animals manifesto is distasteful.    A "bring happiness to lonely old people", or "the younger generation have to save the planet because our generation have completely failed and don't care manifesto" is admirable.  
  15. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

    Oh lots of people care. People who own well run, less damaging farms will tell you their great great grand father seemed to care too which is why the soil is so good. Even if great great grandfather didn't understand the science, crop rotation just seemed like a good idea.   But these are individual farmers with pride in their land not mega corporate farming.
  16. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

    @MikeMelga  So rice contributes 1.5% of global methane production. Only 1.5% While livestock produces 14.5%. Rice is feeding more people than livestock while producing 10 times less methane. Are you trying to prove yourself wrong?   Yes lithium is easy to recycle but that is completely beside the point. If I decide to dump 1000 tons of batteries in a lake. It is far more damaging if they are lead or cadmium batteries than if they are lithium because lithium is not very toxic metal. In fact it's also a medicine.   That was my analogy and you have to be a science retard, or desperate to defend an indefensible position to not get it.
  17. Twat of the day

    I didn't know the difference between a vulva and a vagina. I just know roughly what to do with them. But always learning eh?
  18. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

    What age are you? If your parents lived through the war then it was clean your plate or die while you were growing up. Childhood reinforcement is hard to throw off
  19. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

    As for vegetarianism: your line is that because humans have a history of eating meat, and the cuisine of my country is completely incapable of producing decent vegetarian food, and because I like meat, and because I refuse to accept nutrition science I'm going to shit on vegetarians.   Vegetarianism might be a first world luxury, but it's also a 3rd world necessity. Not many Somalians and Syrians eating meat on a daily basis.   Likewise cycling is a luxury for hippies with too much time on their hands.
  20. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

      Actually a lot of media has been very positive about it.   And Nancy Pelosi is not in open war with her. She wants to teach her a few lessons and groom her to be great. And you don't achieve that by being kind and always agreeing and greasing the wheels.   But if you get your news from Fox & friends type outlets then it was a typical socialist, communist, lesbian, incompetent, but at the same time ferociously dangerous.   As for the cow comment, it was tongue in cheek, that the negative media pounced on. She wants to get rid of cows. She'll have us all munching lettuce. She's a dangerous lesbian socialist vegetarian. Or worse communist vegan.   The facts remain. It would be great for the planet if less meat was produced, and cows are one of the most environmentally damaging ways of producing meat. Of course MikeMelga is well known for thinking vegetarianism is a mental disease.
  21. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

      Nope no grand children. Not even children. But I'd still like for the grand children I don't have to inherit a half way decent planet. I kinda have problems underatanding how those with grand children just don't seem to give a fuck
  22. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

      WTF??? Excuse my pedantic ignorance but how are the two options incompatible?
  23. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

    Jeremy, Jeremy why do you repost such pointless trash. You cannot be stupid enough to believe that Tucker gives an accurate representation of her views, and constructively criticizes.   I know you are not so thick. Why pretend to be???
  24. Trump's Presidency: Is this the next domino to fall?

      Ah yes the old chestnut. Unless you can be 100% perfect there is no point in even trying.    Reduction is pointless because you haven't eliminated. Separating your garbage is hypocritical because you still drive. Cycling is a farce if you ever fly.   And what about starving children in Africa??? Actually I think I meant the last one for the charity thread.