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  1. What made you laugh today?

  2. What made you laugh today?

  3. Gifts to doctor

    I have a complicated knee, and was grateful to the doctor who pushed me to get surgery with the same surgeon who did his knee. When going for a checkup after 1 year I wanted to bring a present.   I rang reception to ask advice, thinking of a bottle of wine. They got all excited and asked me to call back after they thought about it.   It transpired he doesn't drink alcohol but would appreciate a bottle of very high quality olive oil. So I went to Karstadt and got a bottle of their best oil. Like €30 for a small bottle. He was delighted. Both with my knee and his present.
  4. how to print my British Airways ticket

    You turn up at the checkin desk or machine with your passport. They scan it getting your name, date of birth etc. And almost by magic find your ticket in the system. The first 10 times I was scared they wouldn't find my ticket, and I had a full electronic trail ready to argue.   Now I don't bother with the electronic trail but am always ready to argue.
  5. What made you smile today?

    The best marriage proposal ever.  Especially as he finishes by saying   It was quite low key. On a small boat; just the couple, and 1 or 2 others (photographer/skipper)   He goes down on one knee, and drops the ring box overboard. Without hesitation he's in the water after it. Comes back up soaking wet, gets back into position, and she can barely squeak yes between gasps of laughter.   I really hope they stay together. In 40 years their grandchildren will be boasting about their epic proposal.
  6. Things to ponder

    I recently met an Indian looking lad who was Australian. At a picnic organised by an Indian friend   I ended up asking him what his heritage was: He answered Pakistani Told him at least I managed not to ask "Where are you really from?" and he laughed.
  7. Four candles, it must be advent!

    @fraufruitI kid you not, that picture is (to me) quite revolting.   Well done! I'm not easy to upset.
  8. Keeping a car in another country?

    How will they know he didn't drive the car down from Munich 1 week previously.    Plus insurance means the car is insured for accidents. Anywhere. Germans drive their cars to Italy and have accidents all the time. Completely routine. They cannot deny insurance because you drive to a different country on holiday.   Oh they would if they could, but it's not in the government's interest to allow insurance companies to deny insurance on a whim. They want all German registered cars to be well insured.
  9. Only in America

    @JG52Maybe I watch too many facebook videos while cooking etc.   1: The police are allowed to lie. They can claim to have the right to search, and unless you are rock solid on the applicable law it is hard to deny them their unlawful action. They also ask ambiguously. So you don't mind if I search quickly. Both yes and no can be interpreted by them as giving permission. Stack those negatives You have to unambiguously say: I don't give permission to search.  This is followed by: Well if you've committed no crime why are you refusing a search, This is very suspicious. I could arrest you for being suspicious.    2: Again lots of videos of handcuffed (often black people) demanding to know why and being shouted at to sit in the car, and threatened with arrest for resisting arrest while the police tell them they will find out later why they were arrested. Even telling them they will find out in jail. Also police claiming that acting suspiciously is probable cause. Finally saying they are investigating to see what crime has been committed. So they illegally detain you while scrambling to find a crime that fits   3: Again police allowed to lie. I gave you a lawful order to show your id, you have to show it.  What is your probable cause? You have to show your id What is your probable cause? You will be arrested if you don't show your id   The fundamental problem is that police are judged on how many arrests they make, and how many tickets they write, and especially how much revenue they generate. The metric is not how safe they make the area, but how many arrests and tickets. 
  10. Only in America

    I think a lot of victims of "legalised highway robbery" otherwise known as civil asset forfeiture might have some comments on the (lack of) protection provided by the 4th amendment.
  11. Only in America

    I thought things like whether police can demand your id without any crime being committed are decided at county level.   So if the police say you have to id, you really don't know if they are telling the truth or not. Likewise the grounds for searching, or how long they can hold you before enunciating a crime or probable cause.
  12. Keeping a car in another country?

      Technically you are breaking the law by keeping a foreign car in a country for more than 6 months. Just like if you have a 6 month visa you cannot stay longer than 6 months.   But as everybody says there is no way of knowing. And the important point is that TÜV will always be current, and of course you will keep it insured.
  13. Keeping a car in another country?

    My understand is that technically it cannot stay more than 6 months in Portugal.    Now you could have driven it across the border to Spain and then back into Portugal. In other words there is no way of knowing how long the car has really been in Portugal.    In my wild and wicked youth I had a German car in France for 1 year, and a different German car in Ireland for 2 years. That one died in Ireland and I scrapped it, and sent the plates back to Germany.   BUT Keep the TÜV valid, and of course insurance. 
  14. Only in America

      The USA is really proud of the fact that so much is decided at country or state level. It means there's about 40k different jurisdictions and the law can change if you travel 10km.   Not even a top lawyer stopped by the police could be sure what laws are in effect, coupled with police lying being standard operating procedure it really does make the USA a police state.
  15. Resigning in the middle of big project, before probation ends

    The whole purpose of probation is that they can get rid of you, and you can get rid of them with little notice inside the probation period.   They would have no hesitation in firing you if it made sense.   You should have little hesitation in dumping them if it makes sense. Of course it doesn't look great on your resume. Another reason to leave now so you don't have to put it on your CV.   Finally the company would prefer that if you're going to leave you leave ASAP before they invest any more in you.
  16. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    @HH_SailorThanks for posting that. Really interesting.   And since I claim to be a green dude (fair trade is great, but not as important as green) it suits me. How do you like it?   To be honest, except that the battery is dying, there's nothing about my 5 year old phone that makes it too old. It's just the battery, and to have a backup for when I lose/kill my main phone.
  17. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    The days of changing the battery on your phone or notebook are long over. It might be possible to get as shop to replace it. I need a 2nd phone anyway. I recently whinged to a bank IT dude about what happens if you lose your phone. Everything banking happens on the phone.    He said you use your backup phone. I don't have a backup... Then you're an idiot   Cruel but true.
  18. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    Interesting prices but dreadful website. I got to the point where I had to choose a Versandart. Could not work out how to choose a Versandart. Anything I clocked just asked did I really want to leave the site.   Aha big red letters:  Bitte wählen Sie die gewünschte Versandart für Ihre Bestellung aus. Discrete blue: Auf Grund der aktuellen Situation können Lieferungen ausschließlich innerhalb Deutschlands erfolgen. Wir bitten Sie daher, eine deutsche Lieferadresse zu hinterlegen oder unseren Abholservice zu nutzen.   I do have a German address. It would cost me a bit to get it forwarded however. But I also want to pay with a credit card, or bank transfer. Because I want to buy from my company, not personally.   And thanks for the Snapdragon explanation. We want Snappy
  19. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    Well those are Finnish prices, but it's all EU   However Saturn has: SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G 256 GB Phantom Black Dual SIM for 1799. The 512G is €1919 so that is a saving of €80   What mean you the "awful Exynos chip"? I try to avoid awful chips.
  20. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    I currently pack a 5 year old Samsung S8. Battery is getting very very slow to charge. Like more than 8 hours     I wanted not to get a Samsung again, but resolutely refuse Apple. Semi irrational Apple hatred. Samsung really seems the only choice.   Now I have to choose between the s4 flip costing €1329 with 512G memory or s4 fold €1999   Agonizing choice. I don't have a tablet so the S4 fold is same dimensions as a phone but folds open as a tablet S4 flip is a half phone, and has to be opened to get a screen, but can be used as a phone without opening it.   On Saturday I'll play with both and decide (maybe).
  21. No social life after 9 years in Germany

      Ok ok, I know Arja Stark is a fictional character and totally too young for me.   But she is also a kick ass swordswoman.
  22. No social life after 9 years in Germany

      My mother told me the man should always walk on the outside. So he can quickly draw his sword to protect her.   In other news I'm so excited by my date with Arja Stark.
  23. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Well the word sufferer is a poor choice of words. Elon Musk is Asperger, or Aspergery would be fine Has Asperger's, constrained by, affected with, appears Asperger   Constrained is not a good choice but still better than suffering. I think the others are fine.   Totally aside from the fact that I have come to understand they are trying to phase out the actual word Asperger because he was apparently a dreadful Nazi.  As indeed were many great (especially German) scientists.   Thus on the spectrum (of autism) is the best choice. As Aspergers is considered high functioning autism, and the traditional autist is low functioning.   I think any Aspergery creatures consider high functioning an extremely apt description.  Or specialised high functioning otherwise weird and low functioning is almost as good.   So: Elon Musk is on the spectrum would have been ideal phrasing.  I think!
  24. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Oh dear, I remember both of them. I even remember Don Riina's dog, a magnificent hound
  25. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Also you can't roll coal in an EV