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  1. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    Well those are Finnish prices, but it's all EU   However Saturn has: SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G 256 GB Phantom Black Dual SIM for 1799. The 512G is €1919 so that is a saving of €80   What mean you the "awful Exynos chip"? I try to avoid awful chips.
  2. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    I currently pack a 5 year old Samsung S8. Battery is getting very very slow to charge. Like more than 8 hours     I wanted not to get a Samsung again, but resolutely refuse Apple. Semi irrational Apple hatred. Samsung really seems the only choice.   Now I have to choose between the s4 flip costing €1329 with 512G memory or s4 fold €1999   Agonizing choice. I don't have a tablet so the S4 fold is same dimensions as a phone but folds open as a tablet S4 flip is a half phone, and has to be opened to get a screen, but can be used as a phone without opening it.   On Saturday I'll play with both and decide (maybe).
  3. No social life after 9 years in Germany

      Ok ok, I know Arja Stark is a fictional character and totally too young for me.   But she is also a kick ass swordswoman.
  4. No social life after 9 years in Germany

      My mother told me the man should always walk on the outside. So he can quickly draw his sword to protect her.   In other news I'm so excited by my date with Arja Stark.
  5. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Well the word sufferer is a poor choice of words. Elon Musk is Asperger, or Aspergery would be fine Has Asperger's, constrained by, affected with, appears Asperger   Constrained is not a good choice but still better than suffering. I think the others are fine.   Totally aside from the fact that I have come to understand they are trying to phase out the actual word Asperger because he was apparently a dreadful Nazi.  As indeed were many great (especially German) scientists.   Thus on the spectrum (of autism) is the best choice. As Aspergers is considered high functioning autism, and the traditional autist is low functioning.   I think any Aspergery creatures consider high functioning an extremely apt description.  Or specialised high functioning otherwise weird and low functioning is almost as good.   So: Elon Musk is on the spectrum would have been ideal phrasing.  I think!
  6. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Oh dear, I remember both of them. I even remember Don Riina's dog, a magnificent hound
  7. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

      Also you can't roll coal in an EV
  8. A really painful experience at the dentist!

    I grew up in Ireland. A friend of mine from college I remarked to him his teeth were dreadful. It appears his dentist filled every single tooth when he was a child. With dark amalgam. An alert teacher noticed a group of children who all had the same dentist had an awful lot of fillings. The dentist actually went to prison.   I also remember my mother deciding to send me to the state dentist rather our private one for a checkup. He told me I needed 6 fillings. I had the sense to tell him my mother wanted my regular dentist to do fillings. Regular dentist said I had no need for fillings.    I suspect dentistry is a profession ripe for corruption. A surgeon can't take out kidneys, or amputate legs to inflate his bills. But if a dentist fills a perfectly healthy tooth, who is going to investigate? He can even tell himself he's doing no damage and maybe the insurance pays.  
  9. A really painful experience at the dentist!

    I've been tortured by one dentist in Germany and two in Belgium.   The problem is they tell you to raise your hand if you feel pain. But they don't expect you to, and don't know how to react if you do. Since your tooth is 1/2 open they make the executive decision they have to finish because they can't leave you with an open tooth. I actually had one little shit complain to me afterwards about how uncomfortable my screams made him feel. I was due a second procedure with him, but called the practice back and told them I didn't not want any more treatment from him. They dumped me as a patient and told me to go to an ontodontist.   What they don't realise or want to understand is that for them it's a job well done with a little discomfort, but for you it's trauma, elevated fear of dentists and greater pain next time because anxiety further reduces anesthetic effectiveness.    I do have a dentist here. Female specialises in pain. When I was obviously in pain on the first visit, like no other dentist before she just stopped in surprise and said we must try something else. We now have a regime where I turn up 1 hour before my operation and get a tranquilizer that leaves me incapable of reading any book. Not happy, just don't care about anything.   Asian dentists are different. They can pump you full of painkillers. European dentitsts are bound by laws to "protect" the patient and cannot give more pain killer than the allowed dose for the 1% or 0.1% of patients that are resistant to painkiller.
  10. Jimmy (TheStupidLaugh) Carr

    Funny I hate most laughs, and it's my sad determination that British comedy has degenerated to celebrity panels laughing at each other's jokes.   But I really like Jimmy Carr even with his inhaling laugh. He makes truly disgusting jokes with little offense. He is brilliant at engaging hecklers utterly destroying them with no hard feelings.     
  11. Price query about Samsung mobile phones

    I'm also considering a new phone. My Samsung S8 is over 4 years old   Two things I dislike about Samsung: The usbc charging port is unusable with any amount of lint in the gap Bixby! Never before has a piece of pushy incompetent software generated such outrage in me So I'm really thinking none Samsung going forward.
  12. Wasted science money?

    AMS yes it's disappointing. But some experiments produce no results, and that is in itself a result.   I'm a big fan of JWST   Fusion coming through more efficient private industry who will solve the obstacles that have been plaguing brilliant minds for 40 years. Namely how to magnetically contain 100M Centigrade fusion plasma reliably so it remains dense enough for fusion to occur, and doesn't leak too much.   We are not even certain it can be solved. There is no guarantee that fusion can ever be made to work, but private industry are going to pour 10s of billions into solving a problem that has been 20 years in the future for 60+ years.    Sorry but you are delusional in your insistence that private industry does everything better.