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  1. Why are you happy today?

    I just saw a headline on CNN about the Voyager spacecrafts, and clicked it with dread.   These spacecraft are not making any more news, it could only be an announcement that something went wrong and one has shut down. Probably lack of power, or even something catastrophic.   But no, it's a real headline. Almost 50 years after being launched, and almost a lightday from earth they've made a new discovery. Modulation in plasma density that doesn't come from our sun.   They're still doing science even though they've officially left the solar system, and are now galactic wanderers.  
  2. Oktoberfest 2021 cancelled!!

      The Oktoberfest is seared into our collective human memory. Because it happens in September. So it's bloody stupid to call it October.   So stupid it's genius
  3. Oktoberfest 2021 cancelled!!

    You can have a patent, and license it for free to towns who follow your rules, and bounce business back to you. And enforce it on countries that are trying to hijack your brand.   A patent will not be dangerous.
  4. I object in the strongest possible terms, this dreadful slur upon @john g.'s character He is not mature.
  5. Switzerland and Iceland who are not part of the EU are most definitely European.  Ireland is the most enthusiastically EU. We have to be after getting billions in subsidy.    Greenland is part of the EU but probably not european Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion, and Mayott are French, thus EU but certainly not European.    And Antartica is North American, European, Australian, South American, Russian and apologies to any continents I've forgotten.
  6. What on earth does the UK's European status have to do with President Biden? Can't you peeps stay on topic!   I've a mind to report the lot of you, starting with myself.
  7. What does that prove?  A lot USAnians also sew Canadian flags onto their backpacks so they're not recognised as USAnians.   Although I do think it's more those who identify as South american that are irate that the name of their continent describes US citizens.
  8. @El JeffoYou must be USAnian to have an attitude like that.   It would be like Germany was called Europe.    Now there are Europeans (Germans), French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish etc all of which live on The European continent. But are not Europeans because only Germans are European.   Mein Gott! It would be enough to make you rename the citizens of Germany Deutscher so every citizen of a country in Europe could call themselves European.
  9. @Keleth Just a small point of order. American to describe US citizens is aggravating to Canadians, Mexicans and all of South america. All of whom consider themselves to be Americans living on either the North or South American continent. US citizens might not like USAnian, but it is more correct.   @fraufruit Sure hang onto hope. At least you have that after losing your sanity years ago when you became my friend   But as Keleth quite eloquently pointed out: It's not the president, it's the system. Especially the idea that everybody from judges, to prosecutors to presidents must be elected.  So judges and prosecutors are in the pockets of the businessmen who financed their campaign. And they expect payback when their factories want to dump mercury in the rivers, or an executive was caught naked with a 4 year old.   Right now I'm exaggerating. Having a judge in your pocket will allow you to dump nasty chemicals, but not mercury, and you might escape being naked with an 18 year old, but even USA judges cannot be relied on for payback if you're in a compromising position with a 4 year old. 
  10. @fraufruit It's no longer individual presidents, it's the system and the voters.   Yes Biden is a good president, taking lots of inspired and good steps. But in 4 years the US electorate might elect Gaetz, or Pompeo, or Barr, or even Trump again. I mean come on. The congress and senate tried twice and could not even impeach Trump.  And it was the USAnian people who elected the congress & senate.   USAnians choose to be governed by their politicians. They have democracy unlike say China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar.   And whatever good Biden does: treaties with Iran, North Korea, environmental legislation, higher taxes on the rich. Can be undone in 30 days by the next president. Just like Trump systematically tried to tear down everything Obama did.   And on top of this. The US electorate applauds tax cuts. Presidents like Clinton & Obama balance the budget. Then Republicans run on a platform of tax cuts for the rich and win.  They are applauded for their brave & inspired tax cuts.   To me balancing the budget is an achievement. Cutting taxes & running a huge deficit might be populist. But why is it an achievement?
  11. The US might slowly wake up to the fact that after their behaviour in Iran 50 years, Vietnam and South America thereafter. And everything under Trump, in particular just pulling out of Paris, and the Iran deal.   The USA has 0 soft power left. The USA is feared. Their military is awesome, and punitive. But they cannot be trusted And will not be respected.
  12. I remember for example being interested in a particular model watch. Went up to the watch counter and asked: do you have the Casio xb7n34 or whatever.   I didn't get to finish my sentence before she just cut me off and told me every watch they have is on display. And she probably thought she was being helpful by telling me to just look for it.   Aren't German shop assistants supposed to be highly trained experts? But not trained enough to know what watches they have in stock, or to look it up. No much better to let a customer just scan through their display of 1000 watches to find the one he wants.
  13. Gwyn Evans, FBG co organiser

    I made a mistake in publishing the first event above. While I understood it was ok, and even desired to publish it: it wasn't. Some people are upset that they were close to Gwyn and not invited to something I published and I apologize for this.   The 2nd event is open to all and published on the "All thing Gwyn" facebook page
  14. It's always non essential services, where if the service went down for a few days because you forgot to renew it would be an inconvenience, not life threatening. But that's their argument. Continuity of essential service.    I've always thought it makes German companies non competitive because they can rely on income from people who forget to cancel, and don't have to actual improve their service or introduce better products.
  15. Is anybody cutting their own hair?

    My beard trimmer hasn't been retired. It's now used to give my head a crew cut.