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  1. Renting out my flat furnished and need advice

    Murder Tor! I don't want to be called the Trump of Toytown now do I???
  2. Renting out my flat furnished and need advice

    Actually I think Homecompany charge 16% of the monthly rent. They charge it to me now, not the tenant, but simply raised the rent so my income is the same. Since they admister 3 apartments for me I think they consider me to be a valuable landlord and take good care of me.
  3. Renting out my flat furnished and need advice

    I rent out 3 furnished apartments. I rent them with an all in price that includes heating, electricity and internet.   I would recommend renting through an agency like homecompany or Mitwohnzentrale. I use Homecompany. They understand the market better than me, are not afraid to tell me when something needs to be improved, and get me high consistent rents.
  4. Climate change discussion

      Yep the planet started out as a molten lump of silicate, started cooling, got hit by something which broke the moon off. Gotta say that day the climate changed more than in the previous million years. and when the sun goes red giant in 5G years there will be dramatic climate change. You get that when your planet orbits inside a stars atmosphere.   Doesn't change the fact that too much CO2 in the air is going to raise temperature, melt ice caps and flood Bangladesh. As well as making high altitude ski resort properties 10 times more valuable,   I'm not sure you have a point, so I'm making a few for you. Ok?
  5. Rules for increasing the rent

    Got a letter back from Sozialamt. Cap is 15% per 3 years. Letter resent at 15%
  6. Climate change discussion

    @delbert Ring the helpline above. They can help people like you who fantasise that Greta is manipulated by the Illuminati and the all powerful green lobby. And climate change is nonense and if it isn't unicorn poop is the answer
  7. Climate change discussion

    She actually does, doesn't she? Lovely video. It satires all the stupid comments I've seen against my little green heroine.
  8. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    Yep all my property investments have tripled over last 10 years or quadrupled last 20 years.  Break even on my other investments is a victory
  9. What made you laugh today?

    Not only is Ireland's prime minister (Taoisach) a non white gay, but a witty Ireland journalist got to write this.   Mike Pence is well known for refusing to be alone with a woman not his wife. Stands to reason our outrageously gay and obviously over sexed Taoiseach would likewise be a problem that demands a chaperone.
  10. Leaving the country with an active mortgage

    Once it was below 2% I didn't really care. Tilgung is now 7+%   I may have complicated matters by not being German resident. Which is what the OP is asking about.
  11. Leaving the country with an active mortgage

    I had both mortgages with interest fixed at a little over 5% for 15 years. 1% Tilgung. Seemed like a great idea 12 years ago.   After 10 years I was entitled to pay off the mortgages. I rang both companies and said one sentence:   Did not talk for next 5 minutes as both made me offers I couldn't refuse. Sub 2% interest fixed for 10 years, and I bumped up repayments to pay off all mortgages within 10 years.   Increased my outflow by about 30% but most of the money is now repayment instead of interest.
  12. Leaving the country with an active mortgage

    I have not lived in Germany for 5 years, and have 2 mortgages on 4 apartments in Germany. As long as I make my repayments the banks don't care where I am.   In fact one of the mortgages has been sold twice
  13. Help me choose a company name (UWB radio tech product)

    I am in contact with:     While I appreciate pappnase's advice I was also hoping for feedback on VLTM as a company name.   Right now it seems clever and more exciting than Uwbtest. Clever and exciting is often a bad idea. Anyway I have the domain
  14. Help me choose a company name (UWB radio tech product)

    Good point but it's an off the shelf Tardis bought for €30 from a German company and licensed by the BBC.   Surely I can buy a properly licensed product and do what I want with it including cutting bits off it, and sticking more bits in?   Anyway I am in contact with the BBC and will send them the picture above. 
  15. Help me choose a company name (UWB radio tech product)

    I've integrated my Tardis. The only thing just there for show is the vertical white box at the back.   Everything else actually has a purpose. The Tardis has a USB hub, and a pyboard with display and a dial. The pyboard allows you to connect  DUTs (Device Under Test) over many kinds of interface: UART, SPI, I2C maybe even GPIB.   The dial let's you choose the time shift.   In the picture there are three DUTs all connected to the flat metal box which is a kind of crossbar.     I'm thinking of calling the company VLTM (Very Limited Time Machines)     So VLTM is a kind of a pun on that kind of name. Very limited is the opposite of very large. VLSI means Very Large Scale Integration.   So am I onto something, or has 24 hour daylight finally fried my brain?