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  1. Company name

    I am in contact with:     While I appreciate pappnase's advice I was also hoping for feedback on VLTM as a company name.   Right now it seems clever and more exciting than Uwbtest. Clever and exciting is often a bad idea. Anyway I have the domain
  2. Company name

    Good point but it's an off the shelf Tardis bought for €30 from a German company and licensed by the BBC.   Surely I can buy a properly licensed product and do what I want with it including cutting bits off it, and sticking more bits in?   Anyway I am in contact with the BBC and will send them the picture above. 
  3. Company name

    I've integrated my Tardis. The only thing just there for show is the vertical white box at the back.   Everything else actually has a purpose. The Tardis has a USB hub, and a pyboard with display and a dial. The pyboard allows you to connect  DUTs (Device Under Test) over many kinds of interface: UART, SPI, I2C maybe even GPIB.   The dial let's you choose the time shift.   In the picture there are three DUTs all connected to the flat metal box which is a kind of crossbar.     I'm thinking of calling the company VLTM (Very Limited Time Machines)     So VLTM is a kind of a pun on that kind of name. Very limited is the opposite of very large. VLSI means Very Large Scale Integration.   So am I onto something, or has 24 hour daylight finally fried my brain?
  4. startup - apartment search tool - where to find beta testers?

    This is not a bad place: Toytown. There are always people searching for an apartment.   But explain what are the features that make your tool a game changer? Because ot must be substantially better than existing options like immoscout.   And post a link asking people here to try it.   Or are the features you top secret you must have a 1 to 1 relationship with the testers?
  5. Are flashing bicycle lights allowed in Germany?

    I'm going to have to get lights for my bicycle in September. This 24 hour brightness has its uses
  6. Rules for increasing the rent

    Yes to some of those questions. None of your business to most of them.   Although I might as well tell you she's a social recipient and the rent is paid by the city. So your taxes will go to further inflating my evil capitalist wallet.
  7. Rules for increasing the rent

    She can, but I can not accept it. I'd be quite happy for her to move out. I make double the profit on my furnished apartments.
  8. Rules for increasing the rent

    I've just looked at my letter from 6 years ago:     20% it is then
  9. Rules for increasing the rent

    I haven't raised my tenant in Nürnberg's rent since 6 years.   I had the idea the maximum increase is 15% over the course of 3 years. But I've seen the number 20% floating around n this thread.   What is the maximum rental increase after 6 years, unfurnished in Nürnberg?
  10. Company name

    Oh I don't have faith in people in general. Especially flat Earthers and climate change deniers   but I do have faith in purchasers and engineers
  11. Company name

    Once I choose a product name, I will of course copyright same. I also have a few patents to apply for.    However I'm not really worried about some other company ripping off the trade mark. It's not something you purchase without thinking about like the Amazon echo. It's more like a Tesla. In that you carefully examine the spec.   Nobody is going to buy a Golden Shanghai Teslo with 200km range, because they thought it was as good as a Tesla with 500km range.
  12. Climate change discussion

    @Wulfrun Commendable. Excellent. I admire your passion.   It's not quite clear to me how your actions are helping the planet, but give credit where credit's due.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if Alaska which is part of the US is seeing climate change to rival Germany. Certainly the very high Arctic: Svalbard and the polar cap is seeing enormous warning.   The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is supposed to be on permanent permafrost (am I overdoing the permanents) and it is now seeing an absence of frost in the summer. Which is bad news for the integrity of the vault.    The Northeast passage which is normally icebound year round is soon the be open to shipping. Warming from -12 to -9 is more significant than warming from 25 to 27
  14. Company name

    My Tardis has arrived. Luck it's bigger on the inside, cos I gotta lot of stuff to cram into it.  
  15. Company name

    I spent the midsummer weekend at a lakeside cottage with among others someone who runs a successful game company. We performed our duty and honoured the ancient Finnish Gods by getting outrageously drunk and jumping naked in the lake. Not necessarily in that order Taken at about 00:30   The gamer CEO's advice: It's a boring company and thus deserves a boring name. uwbtest is appropriately boring. I had also told him the story that when I Emailed a company making UWB modules from the domain to ask a few technical questions, the VP sales rang me the next day to ask what exactly I was doing and how it could be of interest to them.   It's a great weight lifted from my mind having a successful CEO explain that the name makes sense.   He also has a knack for names: "stupid stupid games" and "mental airbag"