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  1. Registered letter, sender address

    @AlexTr When I was quite a fresh owner I actually asked a tenant.    I said in my experience all Hausmeisters are difficult but this one is wonderful. Is that because I'm now an owner and treated differently? No said the tenant. He's actually an awesome Hausmeister.
  2. Registered letter, sender address

    Thanks for the clarifications.   I shall wait 3-6 months before attempting to trace him. He has told me he's quitting Germany and off to Malaga, and hopes I'm stupid enough to believe this. So he won't register for a few weeks if not months. But he has to register sooner or later. Probably in Nürnberg. He has on other occasions told me he's moving into his own "Neubau", which I hope is true. No point suing him if I can't collect. Missing rent is only 1/2 of that for which he shall be sued.   Well to be honest I would prefer to sue him into Inkasso than do nothing. There are other issues not least of which is harassing me by calling the police twice on my Hausmeister. Fuck with my wonderful 70 year old Hausmeister and you totally fuck with me. He's My Hausmeister because I own 3 apartments in that building, and he sometimes carries out chores on a 4th apartment that is not his responsibility.    Can you only do a state wide Melderegsiteraukunft or can you do one country wide? If it's only statewide I shall have to search Bayern, and Baden Wurtenburg if he's not to be found in Bayern.    That's a very good question. I can imagine quite a few ladies being nervous with the idea an abusive ex can just find them. Apologies if nervous seems an understatement. But it is relatively easy for a creditor to find a debitor who doesn't leave the country. At least my lawyers consider that the least of my problems.
  3. Registered letter, sender address

    If you receive a registered letter (Eingeschriebenebrief), is there any way of find the address of the sender?   The sender obviously has to fill in an address in case it wasn't delivered so it can be returned. But can the the receiver find out this address?   Not stalking anybody, the address is needed to sue an ex-tenant who sent the keys by registered mail. I have his id so can always search for him in 3 or 6 months time, but I'm curious to see if he was stupid enough to put his new address on the form   p.s. I decided telecoms was the closest topic to post. Now where to put my inquiry about steam faxes?
  4. Waldorf Frommer - fine for downloading taken to court? Please help

    Guess what I found on linkedin   Anybody want to apply and run some sabotage?
  5. Every year somebody complains about the name of the "kerala" restaurant because they don't do authentic Keralan cuisine. Only Kerala, not the other ones I listed. So I guess Keralans are enormously sensitive to the use of the name?   For the record, while I've been all over Kerala I prefer the Karnataka coast in particular Gokarna.  Although I did have a great time at Neyyar dam which is not on the coast. I guess Varkala, and Alleppy were the best of coastal Kerala
  6. qjubinjohn please stop making stupid comments about restaurant names.    The Bombay palace doesn't serve only Bombay chat and of course Bombay is now Mumbai The Taj Mahal serves Indian food, it's not a palace The Garam Masala serves Indian food. It is not a spice seller The Royal Madras doesn't not serve cooked member of Madras nobility (which is now of course Chennai)   Ok I get it you want us all to know that you the names of 4 South Indian dishes.
  7. Trump Organization and CFO Criminally Indicted

    Rightly or wrongly I consider Alabama to be one of the most hick states.  If they're rejecting trump then it's definitely the beginning of the end.
  8. Trump Organization and CFO Criminally Indicted

    Getting him for tax avoidance seems very weak, when he should really be up for sedition, abuse of power, and even treason.   But as @MikeMelga points out, that's what nabbed Al Capone.   I think the tactic is that once he's inside it's harder for him to fight and bullshit. Sorta snowball effect.
  9. Bitcoin - a decentralised digital currency

    Maybe a feature, but it's a feature that lost me 10 bitcoin when mtgox collapsed.
  10. Never had a problem with German doctors   But Irish dentists in the 70s. Many would fill perfectly healthy teeth to increase revenue. That would sorta be like a doctor amputating a healthy limb to make more money.  I don't know if all Irish dentists did this, but I had it tried on me. Used the get out card: My mother wants me to go to our regular dentist for fillings.   And a friend of mine had every tooth filled. He dentist actually went to prison when a teacher noticed an high trend of fillings among certain children.
  11. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

      I'm not making personal comments about anyone. @MikeMelga & I have crossed swords on a number of occasions regarding vegetarianism and Portuguese cuisine. Pre countering his arguments is good old debate, not getting personal. Stop trying to find strife where there is none.
  12. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

    Ah yes, Mike does love the story I tell that I went to Lisbon the only vegetarian food was chips and Russian salad. Portugal is truly the worst country in Europe for a vegetarian (no vegetarians don't eat fucking fish). Believe it or not Mongolia is however worse.   Apparently the Portuguese style of cooking meat is to rely on the best, freshest cuts of meat, and cook it without spices. The supremacy that is Portuguese cuisine doesn't export because outside Portugal they can't get the quality required to just lazily cook with no preparation.
  13. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

      Now when I express that I'm an environmental nut, and try not to use disposable plastic, and cycle a lot I immediately get whataboutism But you still fly   Well I haven't for 1.5 years. But better to fly and avoid plastic, than fly and not avoid plastic.    Doing something good does not become irrelevant just because you do something not good.   He looks after stray dogs. Yes but he's unfaithful to his wife. Doesn't change the benefit the dogs get.
  14. The Vegetarian's Dilemma

    Vegetarians would not eat bugs. Or fish It is a bit typical that a vegetarian thread has quickly degenerated into how awesome meat is.   Why don't virginity thread descend into swinging orgies? Or world peace into pub riots?
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Surprised the      quote hasn't reared its ugly head more often