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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    Koko is dead. Wikipedia Koko Will somebody please think of the kittens.
  2. Reliability of Craigslist rental listings

    If you're looking for a furnished apartment on a month by month basis then hc24 or www.mitwohnzentrale
  3.   You are such a pervert. You really are disgusting. I so want to be like you. Happy Easter anyway
  4.   You take an unlocked bike home. You are a thief.   It does not matter if you found it funny, or desperately needed it, or judged it was so dilapidated it was worth nothing.   When you take something that does not belong to you because it is possible to do so, you are a thief.   The one honorable exception might be john.g rescuing abused dogs that technically belong to another human.   But taking someone else's bikes for shit or giggles whatever that means is both criminal and immoral.
  5. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

    Well I sent my first Email in Ireland in 1981. And I don't think I was the first person in Ireland to send an email
  6. Why Don't Germans Answer Their Emails?

    I thought the attitude is dying, but Germans consider emails unserious. If you were serious you would phone or write a letter.    Their website designer puts an email on the website and tells them how to collect email. But they don't because well Email is not for serious communication.
  7. Have German businesses become lazy?

    Well one thing that frustrate me about online German business is that when something goes wrong: instead of trying to fix it, they put all their energy into explaining they are not to blame. But that's part of the German psyche in general. Never accept fault.
  8. Renting out my apartment furnished vs unfurnished

    @notfromhereI use Homecompany in Nürnberg, and glamourappartments in Paris. I started with both of them, was very happy with their service and inertia set in.   The only alternative to Homecompany in Nürnberg is Mitwohnzentrale. Since Homecompany has managed 3 apartments of mine for 10 years I think I've become a golden landlord and they make sure I'm always happy. Obviously I listen carefully to their advice and indicate my gratitude for their excellent service.
  9. What made you laugh today?

      Imagine if they do. Trump will spend the rest of his life in agony that Obama got a statue and he didn't. And Obama even got a black statue!!!!
  10. Renting out my apartment furnished vs unfurnished

    Sorry fruity, I am not nicer than you and hubby. I charge top dollar for my flexibility. And I don't see how 3 months notice helps you. If you plan to spend June & July sailing and the tenant resigns for eof June, it doesn't matter if he gave 30 days notice 1 June, or 90 days notice 1 April. You still have to find a tenant and do a handover while sailing.   Homecompany tends to get a new tenant within weeks of my tenant resigning. 90 days notice would mean they could wait 2 months after the tenant resigned to look for a new tenant. 30 days means they start looking immediately. Because people don't sign up for furnished apartments months in advance. They generally want to move in within days.   BTW I recommend Homecompany to manage furnished apartments.
  11. Renting out my apartment furnished vs unfurnished

    Do what I do. Let the tenant give 1 month's notice. They can stay for 6 weeks, or 3 years depending on their circumstances. A lot of tenants enter my apartments planning to find something better, happy with the 1 month notice. After 9 months they still haven't found anything better.   But the key is do everything for the convenience of the tenant. And charge them for it. Germans like long contracts and fixed contracts, because they have secured income. But fixed contracts are shit for the tenant, and Germans don't grasp the concept of customer service. So they are very easy to beat at the rental game.
  12. @aries6 Both special and general relativity must be applied to correct the clocks in GPS satellites. Relativity is well proven. In particular it justified the slight difference in Mercury's orbit from Newtonian predictions.      This was remarkable because an English scientist was proving a German's theories just after WW1.
  13. @franklanDude i know. That's why I wrote fictional. Sheldon of course exists a little bit in every fucked up scientist or programmer.   @bennetnThanks for writing that so eloquently. Saves me some writing and thinking. 
  14. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

      Actually Metall is a medical doctor and often dispenses good advice on this board. But let's just say she wasn't a medical doctor. Her advice was that it appears to be neither an infection or an attached retina both of which are pretty bad, however please take it to a doctor just in case.   I've also been known to give medical advice and even treat muscle strains, wounds and frostbite when asked for help and when nobody better capable than me was available.
  15.   Fuck, where's the down button when you need it   Not only was he one of the greatest scientific minds, he popularised science. Lay people could understand him even though he couldn't talk. He brought physics and cosmology to the masses, which puts him up with Professor Proton and Carl Sagan even if he wasn't a genius scientist (which he was).   I'm in awe of the brains of Curie, Plank, Tesla, Einstein, Hawkins to name a few. And jealous of their success and acclaim. But that gives me no reason to belittle them. In fact only an insecure scientist with an inferiority complex would do so.