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  1. Knock it off. Does Maradona really deserve 1 whole page of pointless comments on the obituary thread. Far more worthy persons have had far less.
  2. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

    I speak fairly good German. Rarely mistaken for a German speaker, but often for a Scandinavian.   On multiple occasions I've been chatting to a German in German. They ask me where I'm from. I tell them Ireland. They switch immediately to English. I ask why after 10 minutes of my German they suddenly switched.   Because English speakers don't like to speak German.
  3. Coronavirus

      Should we though? Notable pandemics have been:  Bubonic plague Spanish flue Covid-19 It might be overreacting to try and make all schools pandemic transmission safe. Sort of like mandating tsunami resistance for all buildings. Including Switzerland.
  4. Is Mietendeckel a Berlin thing or Germany wide?   I think it's a disastrous idea. It doesn't make a wave of reasonably priced apartments float onto the market. Instead it dries up the supply of apartments.   Investors are not going to build in locations where rent is capped because they want the highest return possible. Even worse is if only some apartments generally older, bigger ones have a rent cap.   Because then an old couple with grownup children won't move from their 6 room capped apartment to a more suitable 3 room open market apartment because the rent would increase. Even though the smaller newer apartment with better disabled access, and better noise/heat insulation would suit them better.
  5. Rude receptionist at Doctor's office

      and how exactly is that polite?   Refusing to give you an opportunity to practice their language, but complaining about foreigners not trying to learn. Effectively stating your German is so bad they cannot stoop to using it with you.
  6. Worst jokes ever

    I've just rented one of my apartments to the kraken.   This is great news. In 6 months if he wants to extend. I can shout:   re-lease the kraken.
  7. The Jugendamt visited my home

      You don't get my point. The moment you try to distinguish between a misunderstanding and malicious reporting you open up all reporters to being prosecuted because their allegations proved unfounded. It's not black & white. 
  8. The Jugendamt visited my home

    Remember in principle it's a good thing if a concerned person alerts the Jugendamt about a child being mistreated or abused.   While it was upsetting for you, the visiting social worker gave you strong assurances, and the impact was minimal.   You cannot and shouldn't want to supress those kind of actions. Do you really want to create a society where a concerned person is afraid to report possible child abuse because if it's determined to be ok then the reporter can be sued for slander.   That would be like prosecuting every woman in rape cases that failed to convict for bringing false charges. 
  9. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    Glad the hear it. I was more reacting to the people saying you should play music at loud volume to "teach her" or get her back for complaining. I guess Petro6golf was the biggest offender.
  10. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

      Well if the neighbours aren't home you would be doing them a favour in taking their package. But the courier should verify they are not home, not just use you as a parcel depot.
  11. My neighbor is trying to get me evicted

    People who are not sensitive to noise just do not get how horrible somebody else's noise is.    Just because making noise is not illegal does not make it right, and certainly doesn't make it nice.
  12. What to do with angry neighbour's package?

    You also should not be enabling lazy couriers who don't bother to check if somebody is home, but just delivers all packages to 1 convenient address for them.   The sender paid to have it delivered door to door, not door to you, and have the receiver track you down. As you said, the courier probably doesn't even bother leaving "delivered to" slips.
  13. What food do you miss as a Canadian or American?

      And they know that. They know the spices and oils must be cooked into the foods. They would never cook a bland dish and ladle on dry chili flakes or accept somebody else doing it to them.    But they view it as the safer option. You're just a whitey who knows nothing about food, probably doesn't want it spicy anyway, and if you really do, you'll just ladle on the chili flakes and thus honour is saved.   And they smile & say: I brought you extra chili as if they are doing you a huge favour, as if their idea is brilliant.
  14. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

      I think he means electric connections on the floor under a sink which can easily get wet or even flooded is an accident waiting to happen. Electricity + water = bad   Unless you plan it really well. Submarines for example.
  15. Legality of gas bottle in apartment

      When I bought the apartments I rang the Verwaltung and asked what insurance I needed. They were mystified as to why I would want extra insurance and assured me all necessary insurances were included in their charges.   Anyway the insurance did indeed pay for the repairs due to the water damage, and missing rent as a result of the 2019 water damage.    The original water damage may have happened prior to my purchasing the apartment. And was exacerbated by a family with baby living there in the winter with all windows closed. A single tenant moved out and moved in his buddy and pregnant wife without notifying me. Deposit was not returned.