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  1. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    Believe it or not this was cleared up satisfactorily with no more effort on my part. The Verwalter sent the following message and repaid me     Basically they retained part of the payment in case any problems arose, and decided this was exactly the reason to use those funds.   Which makes the first reaction of the pencil pusher (Frau Adkins) even more annoying. I ended up telling the boss man that while I have often been unhappy with his employees, when he gets directly involved things go wonderfully. He also took over an insurance (Mietausfall) and it got cleared up too.
  2. Conspiracy theorists

      I have broken beer with both Tor & EdBob. One is skinny with short hair. The other is solid with long hair. I can tell them apart.   I am both their father. Or son. That's it. They are both gay and conceived me using alien technology. And then stole my children's allowance. Even though I'm older than them  
  3. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    I shall echo dessa. There was nothing wrong. It was not illegal, immoral, or even fattening. No electrons were harmed by your post. They enjoy a good scurry along the interwebby thing.   But it does seem pointless.    And you did fool me. I thought for a moment Keydeck was back. In his day a prolific, acidic, informative poster. From Ireland. Hmm it sounds like I'm writing his eulogy. May his keyboard rest in peace
  4. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    Good heavens, did you really respond to an 11+ year old post from a poster who hasn't logged in in over 3 years?
  5.   Favorite character??? I hated him. Which shows what a brilliant actor he was Although he was kinda lovable in Zoolander. 
  6. "Please call me by my first name"

    The Irish (I am Irish) have a trait I hate that when you tell them your name, they think it is an act of friendliness to shorten it. Or even worse they are an Irish language enthusiast and want to call you by the Irish translation.   I'm Francis. Ah so I'll call you Frank then.    or even worse: Ah so I'll call you Prionchios
  7. Coronavirus

    git rm jeremy* git commit -m "Save the planet and restore sanity" git push Why not God. Please why not?
  8. Coronavirus

    Sweet mother of Jesus Jeremy. Why do you write such shit?  I know of no drug that causes such stupidity, so I'm not even going to ask what you're smoking
  9. Funny I thought I coined the term trans-lesbian. Well bang goes my originality. Mind you I have heard the term "lesbian trapped in man's body". That's a bit of an old chestnut I had the good sense not to use.   Well thank the FSM I'm not a murderer with an axe trapped in a lunatic's body! Chill dear @Metall I'm also rather fond of you, but not brilliant at respecting other's sensibilities. Especially the ones I find ludicrous.    Now let's get back to analyzing why Berlin DJs are so interested in hair colour. 
  10. I was somewhat intimidated, and behaved very carefully. No gawking, and stayed close to my two hosts. Except when I went to the toilet.   There wasn't any difference between the queue for the ladies and gents, but it just seemed right to join the men's queue. The girl at the end looked briefly back to acknowledge the person joining the queue behind her. Then her eyes widened and she grinned when she saw I was a trans-lesbian. When I got to the head, and could technically have used the urinals there was no way my shy bladder could have handled it, so I waited for a closet.   So I had a shy but good time.
  11.   I was once taken into a lesbian disco by my bi-girlfriend and a lesbian friend of hers. In total there were 6 men and about 300 women. Other than the fact the ladies didn't respect that the men's toilet were for men, it was an amazing experience.    I think most men would love to go to a lesbian disco, and most lesbian discos wouldn't want many men. QED
  12. What made you laugh today?

    Murder hornets kill, and sodomy geese like anal sex. What is there not to understand? Well I suppose God moves in mysterious ways. She keeps on our toes though
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Will the sodomy geese take out the murder hornets? How divine!
  14. 1. Sannerl 2. lifesudjuks 3. MAM + 0 4.
  15.   Yes, the "You should have known better" class of response to a genuine request for help does annoy me. Along with the knee jerk "lawyer up" when often a lawyer would bring nothing.   In this case he does need to claim "eigennutzung" for his children through a lawyer. It will take 1 year and his kids must live there for a few years but he will get the apartment back.