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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Pissed off the IT guy and he said he would give me a black eye  
  2. Strange letter from Commerzbank

    @karin_brenigTell me about it. You call your branches number and they have one of these ridiculous phone systems asking you to say ja oder nein. Do you want to know your account balance. No you stupid fuck I can check that online. I find the best thing is to just say absolutely nothing, and eventually the algorithm will transfer you to a person.   But specifically has anybody received a letter telling them their account balance and nothing else? Like my letter?   BTW my branch is Munich Ostbahnhof. But I opened the account as Dresdner last century. I liked Dresdner. I was not happy about Commerbank degrading their service.
  3. We haven't had a curry war for decades. Our current curry dictator is just too peaceful. We demand curry justice. Let the guilty be shamed and kormaed
  4. Only in America

    Mental health is like Nostradamus predictions. After the event it’s easy to link a Nostradamus prediction. You see when he said “the red bear shall inhale of the smoke from the white wheat“ it’s a no brainer he was predicting the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. But you can only make the association after the event happens. Likewise everybody knew that kid was dangerously weird after the shooting. But they can never predict which kids are a danger with access the guns. The GOP likes to talk about mental health because you can discuss it for hours with no resolution. And it saves them from getting serious about gun control.
  5. Strange letter from Commerzbank

    Hmmm that's a point. I haven't received one of those 250 page AGBs that nobody reads in a long time. It would cost me a fortune because I pay for every page scanned.   But it would seem my letter is unusual. In fact I begin to wonder if my branch had some funny goings on, and security/anti-corruption wanted to verify account balances on all accounts at that branch. I don't really care if that's it. My balance is correct.   I'm just mad at every response being "Wir sind nicht schuld" instead of actually telling me why. The most important why being why did they use the old address. I have personal reasons that any letters sent to the old address are undesirable.  
  6. Strange letter from Commerzbank

    I received an annoying letter from Commerzbank.   They sent it to an old address. I contacted customer service of my branch and they first told me my fault for not updating address online (which is not true), followed by my fault because:     I am giving up on my branch and raising a complaint with Central. So my specific question is: Has anybody else received such a letter from Commerzbank or any bank?   If Bafin ordered banks to send such a communication then everybody here with a German bank account must have received such a letter. Telling them their bank balance which they can check anytime they want online! I
  7. Only in America

    @Keleth Wow that makes me both pro-life and anti forced-birth   Anti-choice, and forced-birth are the correct monikers for those who claim control over a woman's womb. 
  8. Food outlet - catastrophe

    Could do a lot worse: Priests and politicians
  9. What made you laugh today?

    @SS DaveNot sure why you find Lia Thomas funny.   He was a failed male swimmer who found that if identified as a woman he could beat the girls, win medals, and get a sport scholarship. He's got his male genitals intact. Get that:   In prudish USA, teenage female swimmers have to shower naked with a "man identifying as a woman" who gets erections. And they will be thrown off the team and lose sports scholarships if they complain.    But counselling is available to help these female teenagers get over their "transphobia"
  10. What made you laugh today?

    You know who Covid is affecting badly?   Flat Earthers   Social distancing is really driving them over the edge.
  11. Only in America

    I would be very interested in knowing how walking away from a bully improves the situation.  Except to stop getting your head kicked in from a physically stronger bully.
  12. Only in America

      That would have been the worst possible course of action.   Arguably Chris Rock was bullying Jada Smith. Making jokes about somebody's disability is bullying. And all the bully has to say when challenged:  it was a joke lighten up. My special sense of humour. I says it like it is: yada yada Multiple generations were told by elders who misunderstood bullying. Just ignore the bully. Take the moral high ground. Be the bigger person. Not realising that the only was to treat a bully is to make then scared to bully. Nothing else works.   Then again Chris Rock's joke probably wasn't malicious. And I've heard lots of really great disabled jokes. Jimmy Carr got into trouble for his joke that after the Iraq war: the British disabled Olympics team is going to be unbeatable. But this time the "victims" of the joke: The soldiers missing limbs thought it was brilliant.    I guess a joke at the expense of the disabled is only funny if the victim finds it funny. And Jade very obviously didn't find it funny.   At the end of the day Chris Rock had the good sense and composure to just carry on. And not press charges.  And Will Smith gave a proper apology. Not "We would like to sympathise with all those who took exception...
  13. The War in Ukraine

      It must be difficult for macho Russian soldiers to arrest an old woman who survived the siege of Leningrad. They put their tough old Babushkas on a pedestal.
  14. The Grand ‘ol Dog thread

    I don't have a dog. But I challenge anyone to produce a more extreme doggish photo than this
  15. The War in Ukraine

    Can we please stop feeding the trolls? It's getting tedious. And it's quite a serious thread!   Here's a youtube of Zelensky visiting a girl in hospital who got hurt saving her younger brother.  Much nicer and more inspirational.