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  1. What should the Israel government do?

    Just read an interesting CNN opinion partially quoted below. Basically Netanyahu and his far right supports hated Abbas so much despite his unflinching search for a a peaceful solution that they empowered Hamas to keep him and Fatah down. While you might feel sorry for somebody maimed by his own vicous dod, you would also agree he liked the dog as long as it scared his enemies, and it was an mauling waiting to happen. And remember Netanyahu stays in power because enough Israelis approve of him. In one of the most reckless and self-defeating policies in its young history, Israel, from the outset, sought to bolster and use Hamas to split and thereby cripple the Palestinian national movement. Hamas was formed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza during the firmament of the first Palestinian intifada (uprising) against Israeli occupation in 1987. Israeli occupation authorities immediately believed they had stumbled upon a marvelous opportunity to divide Palestinians between secular nationalists and Islamists just as they began to rise up on the ground in the occupied territories. Hamas was given considerable leeway to organize and form itself, with Israel turning a blind eye to the organization’s early efforts to structure and found itself — activities that would have been ruthlessly suppressed if pursued by either Fatah-dominated organizations or the local grassroots committees that led the first uprising in its initial months. In March 2019, Netanyahu told a private meeting of Likud party Knesset members that “whoever is against a Palestinian state should be for” transferring funds to Hamas in Gaza, according to the Jerusalem Post. He reportedly said that this was part of Israel’s strategy — to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank. This articulated policies that the Israeli right had been diligently following for many years. And it led, inexorably and predictably, to the October 7 massacres. Many Israelis may find it hard to imagine suddenly taking Mahmoud Abbas, who is both the PA president and the PLO chairman, seriously, both because they are used to thinking of him as a spent force and ineffective leader, and because he has lashed out in frustration with language that has been highly offensive, including regarding the Holocaust. There is no doubt that Abbas is, in almost every imaginable way, long past his sell-by date. But the old, infirm and chain-smoking politician, who at least has time and again proven his unwavering rejection of violence as a Palestinian national strategy, represents exactly this trend among Palestinians. And when he passes, sooner rather than later, from the scene, he will be replaced by others from the same tendency.
  2. What should the Israel government do?

    If I had family and friends who lived in a country where their government deliberately provoked a vastly weaker but terrorism prown neighbouring country for many years with acts of deliberate theft of land, and adding insult to injury by having the military protect these illegal acts, I would be asking them why they had not thrown out the said government, or if they hadn't why they supported those provocations? They must have been able to work out what the consequences would be.
  3. What should the Israel government do?

    @yesterday The idea that the Palestinians reap what they sow: They did elect Hamas can also be applied to Israel. They do keep electing governments like Netanyahu, then mumbling about the old testament granting them land as they steal it from the Palestinians. Most people outside Israel are horrified by settler actions. They break the law and the Israeli police protect them.
  4. I may be one of the few to remember him. BadDoggie has just passed away. In real life he was Zyg, on Facebook Farley Finster. Known for his acidic posting style and love of curry. He moved to the UK many years ago.
  5. What should the Israel government do?

    I just watched a very interesting interview with a journalist on the Israel Gaza border. He made the point that even the SS felt guilty. They had to get drunk after a hard day slaughtering Jews. They also tried to make it easy: shoot in the back of the head, gas them etc. In a nutshell the Nazis thought was they were doing was necessary but distasteful. The Palestinians act as if what they are doing is both necessary and glorious. It doesn't mean they are intrinsically more evil than nazis. But certainly more brainwashed.
  6. Why are you happy today?

    I discovered that leaving your python3 path to a 1 year old python3.11 rc1 can stop your terminal from starting. Now some may ask what was I thinking? Well I'd been using 3.10 for a long time, and I noticed I had 3.11 since over 1 year. Might as well use that instead. Next reboot I couldn't start a terminal. After some searching found similar problems occurred with the transition python3.6 to 3.7 Booted into safe mode. Set the link back to python3.10 And I can post! Now some might say you never, ever, ever use a release candidate which is prebeta for something mission critical And my only defense is: Since when does terminal need python? @fraufruit Try disabling javascript for all sites. See if you can then post? Note this is a diagnostic not a solution!
  7. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    @catjones In either case, who is a better judge than a parent? Is it arrogant for me to know what's best for my child? The parent who tell their female child absolutely nothing, and the girl thinks she's dying when she has her first period The parent who tells their children kissing boys makes you pregnant. The parent who tells their children homosexuality is an abomination, and God hates them The parent who tells their children women are cursed because of original sin, and they are unclean during their period. You trust these parents to judge better than a school what the children should learn during sex education? You think I'm arrogant for thinking I can explain better? @MikeMelga try to argue that the "normal" is to be "divergent", That is indeed where the trans information as promoted by the looniest trans activists is a disaster. When they say trans women are biological women indistinguishable from cis women It's genocide to misgender a trans person Promoting HRT pre puberty and surgery for teens. But that's what loony SJWs spout on about. They're not going to get that in school. It's like being worried that teaching socialism means a Pol Pot type is going to teach hard communism and locking up intellectuals.
  8. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    Actually the whole discussion is exactly like religion. Some people believe kids should know exactly nothing about sex except it's something only allowed for married couples. Other people think kids should be told when they are 18 or 21 about "proper sex". Others believe it should be younger. Then still more believe they should know about "acceptable divergent" i.e. homosexuality. And then some believe they should know everything. But the common factor is every party believe they are right, and the others are wrong. Just like religion. I believe I'm right: tell them everything as early as possible @MikeMelga believe he's right: tell them only the "right thing" at an older age The fundamentalist in Alabama believes he's protecting his children by withholding all information. I think it's very arrogant to assume you can judge what information your kids can't be trusted with.
  9. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    I don't like homosexuality, or transgenderism. Well at least I don't understand it, and find it all a bit distasteful. Doesn't stop me liking gay people and transgenders. And as long as they're not harming themselves or others my attitude to their orientation is irrelevant. Most people would agree that adult homosexuals in happy relationships are doing no harm even if they struggle to understand why homosexuals enjoy that kind of sex. If a girl doesn't like princess games, and dolls but enjoys rougher, "more masculine" hobbies and dresses like a boy. Well that's been a tomboy since forever. If our tomboy turns out lesbian and looks like a guy still no harm done. If she now wants to be called by a male name, "he, his, him" pronouns, and presents as a transman what's the problem? Unless he/she gets agressive if mistakenly misgendered or calls gay men who don't want sex with him/her transphobes; where's the foul? With men presenting as (trans)women there is an additional problem. Many women rightly don't want a trans women in their changing roms, competitive sports, and especially safe spaces. In fact most men, this one included don't want that either. Then there's orientations that are definitely undesirable. Like wanting to have a limb amputated or be blind. Or to be a school shooter. Children can be brutal to none conformists. And it can be a life saver i.e. no longer tempted to commit suicide if kids know they are a bit strange but not defective. And that's what educating children about autism, homosexuality, transgenderism, OCD, ADHD brings. Internal acceptance. They are not going to rush off and think: Wow I want to be blind, amputee, ocd, adhd, autistic, homosexual, transgender But they might accept what they are better, and either grow out of it, or become comfortable with their feelings.
  10. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    People who are intersex may have a mix of chromosomes, such as XXY. Or they may have some cells that are XY and some cells that are XX. Or they may have just one X chromosome (XO). Other combinations can occur too
  11. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    > But I do not like the "born in the wrong body" being taught to young children Well it's certainly been taken way too far. With big bearded blokes wearing a skirt calling anybody who doesn't want sex with them a TERF (Trans exclusionary Radical Feminist), that a man who identifies as a woman is a woman, and you're committing genocide if you disagree. Then there's the whole topic of men identifying as women cleaning up medals in women's sports or entering female safe spaces like hostels and prisons. But personally I would rather control the narrative than just refuse to even discuss the issue, or pretend it doesn't exist. And there are genuinely small percentage of people who do feel in the wrong body. Whether it's 0.1% or 1% is up for discussion. But it's not 10%. Also some of the "transboys" are just tomboys, some of the "transgirls" are just effeminate gays who are happy in their body once they find acceptance. Modern SJWs are far too fast to convince transkids they must start hormone therapy now and start saving for surgery when they're just finding themselves. Or they'll be driven to suicide. There are no problems with "don't want to be touched". Teaching children they must kiss Grandma, or put up with uncle's tickling because he's only joking is robbing bodily autonomy from children and making them ripe for abusers. Who could be the same rough housing uncles.
  12. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    > Children are strongly influenced by what they see, I have a firm opinion there is an age for each topic. Have you ever thought of living in Alabama? Or Saudi Arabia They are much more tolerant there of the view that children cannot be trusted with information about sex, and even telling them it exists will turn them into out of control sex craved monsters. Here's a nice bit of soft porn for y'all: If you consider an undressing John Cleese nice! It's educational too
  13. What should the Israel government do?

    There are decent people and disgraceful people on both sides. Hamas, and Netanyahu are not the solution. Hamas openly want to kill every last Jew on the planet. Netanyahu has always been more interested in staying in power than doing what's right. Since he has such a fragile coalition has has to pander to the most outrageous settler actions. Which are massively provocative to the most reasonable Palestinians. But at the end of the day, the Israelis elected Netanyahu, and the Palestinians Hamas*. Hard to call yourself a victim when the government you chose is so bad they provoke atrocties from the other side. * I know there have been no elections in Gaza for many years. Not quite sure by what mechanism they got democratically elected but managed to cancel future elections. But I hope US citizens do understand, and stop Trump using that as a play book.
  14. Mandatory sex education curriculum in Germany

    There is no such thing as too much information or too young. Tell kids about homosexuals, transgenders, nazis, slavery, sexism, bullying Tell them everything. They are not going to become nazis or slaves because you explain those things to them. Why should they become homosexual, or transgender because they learned about it. Unless they already were and discovered their orientation. If they get a balanced view they can take it all in, and make a choice. My lesson on transgenderism would be that: Some people feel they were born in the wrong sex. There's nothing wrong with a man wanting to feel pretty in a dress and enjoy girl's night out. There's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to grow a beard and enjoy boy's night out. Sometimes it gets taken too far with people being labelled TERFs for questioning men in women's sports or women's safe spaces. But all ideologies good or otherwise get taken too far by the fringe. As for preserving their innocence. Innocence = ignorance and is a Godsend for child abusers. I gave my ex gf's kids sex education when they were 2.5 and 5.5. Some nonsense about women having a special room in their stomach for growing babies. But my main point was that nobody could touch them in a way they did not like. Not a teacher, or a priest, or librarian, or uncle or even me. And if something happened they had to tell somebody. Me or mum or a teacher. Never mind what the abuser said, they had to tell a grownup. Why would any sane parent want to preserve their children's ignorance and keep them vulnerable?
  15. I've arranged to take my ex girlfriend's son to visit the research nuclear reactor In Garching. He claims to be into that kind of thing. However we need a minimum of 4 people and we might right now be only 2. Is anybody interested in tagging along. I've arranged for the tour to be in German as any kids that come along will have learned physics through German. I don't think the reactor visit is particularly dangerous but I have been given safety instructions: In particular Visitors must be over 18 Long trousers must be worn Post here or PM me. BTW it's free of charge