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  1. Should I renovate my flat (that I rent) with my own money?

      Then why would any tenant accept a rent increase if you can just refuse it?
  2. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

        Hmm seems I stand corrected.    However it would still make more sense to me to speak a voice alarm telling the pilot the nose is too high rather than taking over control from the pilot.   Likewise with self braking cars. Imagine oil catches fire just in front of you. The last thing you want to do is brake to a stop in the patch of burning oil. Better to accelerate through the fire if you can't stop before it.   A good human driver can make that kind of decision in a fraction of a second. It would be rather frustrating if the Augmentation System decided it knew better. And that's rather an exotic situation. There are many situations driving on icy roads where you need acceleration to maintain control, and braking is the worst thing you can do. 
  3. All Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Grounded

    The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) which prevents the plane from stalling by lowering the nose if the software judges that the plane is climbing too steeply seems to be a solution looking for a problem.   How many planes went down because the the pilot climbed too fast stalling the plane? While I'm not a pilot I'm pretty sure a pilot could tell blindfolded if the plane was climbing too steeply. Just from engine noise, and his/her inner ear.   So the MCAS software had brought down two planes. I speculate the problem it is trying to solve has not brought down any planes.   Now the software itself is probably not buggy. It's the "angle of attack" sensors that are unreliable. A human pilot would tap the "angle of attack" gauge, say bugger the sensor is faulty and ignore it, because his eyes can tell him what's really going on.   It seems that disengaging the autopilot doesn't disengage the MCAS. It can be disengaged, but probably not through a single switch flick. And when pilot and co pilot are fighting the plane which keeps trying to nose dive it's pretty tough to be cool about going through the MCAS disengagement procedure.
  4. Other tenant terrorising my tenant

    The Haus & Grund Verein never got back to me.    However I talked yesterday to the Hausmeister and he told me that the horrible old woman has been in hospital for the last 2 months. Call me a nasty, evil excuse for an axe wielding murderer but I do hope she never returns to the apartment. 
  5.  1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. Metall  3. Hughk  4. MAM  5.   
  6. I had a splendid curry despite the trauma of watching one of my chilies being eaten in 1 gulp by a curry neighbour.
  7.   Quotes system playing games again. Forgotten how to delete unwanted quotes.   Lurker Mark is the Socrates, Gandhi of curry. Get your curry philosophy straight.
  8.   Well actually I'm the curry equivalent of Achilles, Einstein, Mandela in one palette. Popular barely begins to describe it.
  9.  1. ex-essex (Paul)  2. hughk  3. MAM  4.
  10. A few years ago my car was properly parked but pope Benedict came to vist. So they cleared all cars along his route.    I get that. Security.   But they also charged me for moving the car. That I don't understand. I did nothing wrong so why punish me for the fact they changed my legal, free parking space to must clear for security.
  11. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

    Yep, just to be clear, I'm not sympathetic to her. I think she's scum.   Now imagine your neigbour had a dog that liked to bite children. And it was illegal to kill this endangered breed of dog.   Would you prefer if he kept the dog chained in his yard (in prison in the UK) or let it free in the woods (in Syria).   I'm not saying bring her back to UK out of compassion but out of responsibility.
  12. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

      Well personally I would prefer to see "monsters" locked up in a nice secure jail (paid for by Brexit profits  instead of deported to say Somalia where they can abuse innocents there, and indoctrinate others.   Now what crimes merit losing nationality? One murder, 6 murders? I see your 4 rapes and raise you 3 groomings.    Hmmm a lot of old priests would be eligible to lose nationality too. Let's send them off on the missions to darkest Africa so they can save souls and have fun.   Edit I'm totally with theGman above. She was born, raised, indoctrinated in England so let's let one of the world's poorest countries pick up the pieces.
  13. Shamima Begum.. IS Teenage Defector wants to return

    There are worse monsters than her that remain UK citizens. People who have committed multiple murders, vicous rapes, grooming girls into prostitution. Fundamentally crimes have never been a reason to revoke citizenship except in the case of Nazis who got new citizenship under false pretenses.   So why start with her? Now I totally get the idea of not risking foreign office or military personnel's lives to bring her back to the UK. But if she or her family can get her to a country with British consular representation she should be repatriated and tried,    And it should be a public trial, and she should be given the chance to explain why ISIS and their atrocities were a good thing. While I and most people obviously assume to be completely impossible, but give her a trial, let her make a fool of herself, and then give her a fair sentence which will include somebody else maybe her parents raising her children.   Knee jerk punishing and silencing people like her make them appear as victims and martyrs ready to inspire the next round of idiots who want to fight in the next great liberation war. The court system is supposed to be about rehabilitation and justice not revenge.    If the objective is justice and discrediting ISIS then (harsh) fairness, not blind revenge.
  14. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled under full anesthetic 40 years ago. Apparently they had to remove some jawbone also. Quite a difficult operation. And my only pain free dental procedure.    I didn't know there was such a thing as a dental surgeon. What is the German phrase for it?
  15. First Ever German Dentist Appointment

    Giving me a sedative would be a wonderful idea. But I've just been told "don't be afraid" and given the "legal limit of pain killer"   @fraufruit Apparently overdosing on NO is one of the most enjoyable suicide methods. Of course nobody has ever confirmed this.