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  1. 3G in Restaurants?

      Difficult. Very difficult.  But because you asked so nicely I'll make an enormous effort.   Sorry I failed!
  2. 3G in Restaurants?

      Two points: There is no language "Gaelic" in the same way there's no language Germanic, or Scandinavian. Those are all language families. The working language in Ireland is English. Irish is ceremonial, and spoken by < 2% of the population.
  3. 3G in Restaurants?

    Ok ok. Only works in languages that use "ge" for the past tense. 
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

    @murphaphThat's strange. 3G only works in the German language.
  5. 3G in Restaurants?

    @JG52 Also not the Omicron bladed knife is blunt, not completely not a knife.   One Omicron death with so many infections is not statistically significant.  Of course we might hear about 1000s in the coming weeks. But we also might not. It's simply too early to draw a conclusion either way.   Assuming one healthy person actually dies of Omicron, not being struck by a meteorite, another plausible window cleaning accident.  
  6. 3G in Restaurants?

    The omicron bladed knife is better at penetrating the shield, but most omicron knives are still stopped. And I forgot to mention the 1 in 1 million chance of a severe allergic reaction to the steel shield, and 1 in 10000 risk of mild allergic reaction.
  7. 3G in Restaurants?

    I was sent this. It's so dumbed down it must have taken a genius to write it:  
  8. What made you laugh today?

      I haven't suffered a broad bean in 40 years. But I remember hating them.
  9. There is a huge difference between enjoying the sounds of nature: leaves rustling, a stream flowing, bird song, the occasional wolf howl.   And putting up with loud music, a continually yapping dog, engines revving.    People who are upset by urban noise are rarely upset by nature. You can't draw an equivalence.
  10. German Housing Market in 2021 - Where is it going?

    What would the interest rate increasing from 1% to 3% do?  I think that would splendidly burst the bubble. 
  11. Why don't you leave a video recording your dog's behaviour while you're away. Then you either know your dog is barking, or you have proof the dog is not misbehaving.   In fairness small dogs can be very yappy. And much as I love dogs, a dog barking continually is really annoying. People who are used to noise often don't grasp just how horrible noise can be to the noise sensitive.
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    My anti vax Hunagarian nut has gone into the Oulu police main station to complain about the Ii (a town 30km away) police who arrested her last Friday after she had a payment disagreement with a taxi driver. She gave me a list of complaints the most worrying of which is sexual assault because while struggling her breasts were touched. I warned her don't make false claims of sexual assault. It scares the shit of men, and makes them really hostile.  Of course women probably hate such false claims too because it makes genuine rape victims go through verification hell.
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

    I can almost get a creationist working for NASA. But how can a NASA employee believe the Earth is the center of the solar system? Believing the Earth is God's favourite planet is plausible. But it still orbits her favourite star. In her favurite galaxy
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    @Chelski Duh! <sarcasm>Thanks for the explanation</sarcasm>
  15. 3G in Restaurants?

    Likewise a single sip of alcohol disqualifies you from a liver transplant while in the qeue. A donor liver is a rare and precious thing, only to be given to those who are most likely to nurture it, not kill it.   I'd be seriously angry if I had a heart attack and died because there was no space in the ICU. As all the beds were occupied by anti-vaxxers denying Covid. And 1.5 years ago when there was no hint of a vaccine in the worst hit countries, they were kicking people dying of Covid out of beds to make way for the infected with a greater chance of living.    Health resources are limited, especially during a pandemic.