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  1. Buying property in Germany

      I would say in 3 to 9 months would be better. Missing rents, mortgage payments, lack of buyers will snowball. The market hasn't starting falling yet, there are simply no buyers to even define a price.
  2. Buying property in Germany

    Conventional wisdom is that the Germany property market is overheated.   With Corona some people will be unable to pay rent. Some landlords will be unable to make mortgage payments. There will be short term protection, but we are going to emerge this less wealthy. Once there are more people selling than buying the bubble bursts.   So I would expect German property prices, especially in Munich to be lower by the end of this year. It could be as little as 20% or as much as 50%
  3. Coronavirus

    I plan to follow @optimista plan when I get it. I have Turmeric, Paracetamol, and Ventolin.    I'll go to the hospital if I'm turning blue, and will hope to get it at a time when there are actually free hospital places.   80% can fight this virus without help, and after years of being careless about hygiene while travelling in some very dubious places; my immune system is a battle hardened veteran
  4. Coronavirus

    Surely they should just make public transport free or uncontrolled. Even if you buy your ticket from the automat, you're touching s screen touched by 100 other people. And 5 minutes later you touch your face before you geting a chance to wash your hands
  5. Stop the spread of Moronavirus on Toytown

    Maybe the repeat offenders could post here to enlighten the masses, leaving the Corona thread for the big boys.   But yes @El Jeffo is totally right. I wasn't thinking of search success, just people like me linking the Corona thread from a local thread.
  6. Coronavirus

    Yesterday I ate at a Nepali restaurant. They have stopped the lunchtime warm buffer, but still have the salad buffet. It was a good salad. I chatted to the owner later and told him surely the buffet was high risk.   He told me his insurance will not allow him to close down. The bus drivers have to accept money from the passengers. surely paper cash is the worst infect vector?   Finland has no policy, and the discussion here is enlightening to foreigners currently in Finland
  7. Coronavirus

      This is why I think Jeremy should be banned from this thread. He posts dangerous, wrong shit.
  8. Coronavirus

      Actually I've just told couchsurfing whatsapp in Oulu, Finland to look on this thread for good information. I don't need to put Jeremy on ignore. I can ignore him perfectly well without electronic assistance.   This is an excellent thread and visitors who don't know about Jeremy's peculiarities could be misled. Freedom of speech should not allow misinformation to be posted on a thread considered reliable and useful.   What about the right to get reliable honest information?
  9. Coronavirus

    Mods shouldn't Jeremytwo be banned from this thread?   It actually contains really good information, and should not be diluted by whatever conspiracy theories Jeremy feels are worth posting.   Normally he's annoying but harmless. But in this thread he's a clear & present danger.
  10. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    As I wrote in the first post   @Metall   Who do you think is responsible to pay? We agree the Verwalter is responsible for getting them to pay
  11. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    Maybe I should ask my other Verwalter?   And if they give a good answer, propose they take over at the next Eigentumerversammlung
  12. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    My first Email on this subject was 26 June 2017 with a tenant   The electricians described the problem to me on 17 May 2018 18 Dec 2019 they send a report and loads of pictures, and recommended getting repaid by the house Verwaltung   14 Jan 2020 I sent the electricians report on to Verwaltung.   I'm not sure when the scaffolding went up. Obviously earlier than June 2017 more than 2 years ago.   Here is what the electrician wrote     So the damage what done over 2.5 years ago. The electricians report came only a few months ago. The electricians discovered the cause of the problem 1.5 years ago.   Where does that leave me?   Verwalter, Loos, insurance all think they should not pay, but isn't one of them responsible? And shouldn't my Verwalter know who, and just take care of it?
  13. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    @El Jeffo Keep telling the truth obviously.   Well I would like the money, it's over 1500. And I think the Verwalter are just clerks. They don't solve problems, they just fill out paperwork half halfheartedly.   I will follow up on why the electricians report and photos were not sent to Loos. Whether it changes this case or not, I want to know why (because they are lazy) they badly forwarded a well stated claim.   But if despite the failing of the Verwalter I have no recourse to get the money then I can stop worrying about it.  
  14. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    The entire building has insurance. They recently paid for a Wasserschaden in the same apartment, and are processing Mietausfall.   Same insurance company rejected the electrical because it should be paid by the insurance of the contractor who put up the scaffolding.   It is clear Loos the scaffolding company is responsible. But if the statute of limitations is 2 years, then is that even relevant?
  15. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    Well that is an answer, even if not one I like.   Shouldn't the insurance kick in if the contractor is no longer liable?   My reason for the time delay is that a tenant reported it stopped working but didn't complain. Eventually either a tenant complained or I decided to get it fixed. Then the electric company took 1 year to send me the report. Not that my excellent reasons change a stature of limitations of 2 years!