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  1. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

      It was only this one conductor on the ICE Wien->Nürnberg.   They claim it blocks 99% of incoming virus. On top of that as a self proclaimed green nut I refuse to join the disposable junk brigade. I even bring empty tea packets to be refilled. Greta would be proud, well not desperately disappointed in me
  2. I might got for that then. Thanks. Depends on how the beer flows
  3. 3 people refused boarding with Easyjet

    I got a train from Austria to Germany yesterday I have a mask from livinguard. ionised silver impregnated, with a carbon filter   The train conductor told me I have to wear a disposable mask. I told him my mask is vastly superior to a disposable mask Doesn't matter, these are the rules in Germany He didn't kick me off the train
  4. I somehow doubt Bayern ticket is valid on Nightjet
  5. I shall be there shortly after 7 and have to get the sbahn at 20:47, so running out shortly after 20:30 I'll order promptly at 19:30 to make sure I can keep to my program.   Getting last train on Bayern ticket back to Nürnberg at 21:06
  6. Type of test needed (Germany <-> UK)

    Does the UK have extra testing requirements because of Brexit? My understand is that you can travel between EU countries now if fully vaccinated, without tests or quarantine.   And I am flying Monday Finland->Austria followed by train Austria->Germany
  7. Property managment in Berlin recomendation needed

    I use hc24 for 3 furnished apartments in Nürnberg and am very happy with them.
  8. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

    Particle detected travelling at estimated 99.99999999999999% the speed of light.   Detection of a Cosmic Ray with Measured Energy Well Beyond the Expected Spectral Cutoff due to Cosmic Microwave Radiation D. J. Bird et al. (Utah)
  9. Advice On Inheritance and ethics of a German Notar

    The Rechtsanwaltkammer polices lawyers. Do they also police notaries, or is there a different Kammer.   Basically the Kammer is responsible for maintaining the "high standards" of their members.  Kammers normally want to stamp out malpractice as it bring their industry into disrepute.   It might also be worth setting a lawyer on him, where the lawyer poses a set of questions in writing with a deadline for answers. One sees a pattern that he bullshits on the phone and puts nothing in writing.
  10. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

      An opinion is: white wine is better than red wine. Nonsense is: wine is distilled horse urine, or the drink of the devil, or really plasma in liquid form.   A lot of people including me have just about given up pushing back again MM's nonsense which is simply:   Nasa old and useless. spacex the future of everything Nasa used to do.
  11. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

      You are just spouting absolute nonsense because you said that Musk is the greatest and NASA is useless, and are intellectually incapable of correcting yourself. You are wrong, wrong, and wrong.   Voyager was launched in the 70s and Hubble conceived in the 80s.  Webb was conceived with what they learnt from Hubble. Parker is a relatively new idea. Nasa does absolutely new things never conceived before.   That takes far more preparation, planning, experimentation and maths than just trying to do cheaper and more efficiently what has already been done.    Musk is good at the latter, probably useless at the former. Nasa is awesome at the former, and awful at the latter.   That does not translate to 4 legs good, 2 legs bad, or Musk good Nasa bad.
  12. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

    Voyager, Hubble, Webb, Parker telescopes and probes Mars exploration Dozens of less sexy satellites and probes Civilian air safety.  Climate change monitoring.
  13. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

    NASA funding like anything in the USA is driven by pork. Agreed. But pure pork barrel. 100% pork 0% science   How can anyone who claims to be a scientist write such utter garbage about science. Your position had moved from  Spacex and Musk are fantastic because they have created the idea of redundancy to eliminate radiation hardening Well spacex does it better than NASA Well they do it better than NASA below the Van Allen belt NASA hasn't innovated in 40 years NASA can't innovate because it's 100% pork. It is sickening to see a scientific person slander NASA a beacon of science because he is incapable of reversing a position, any position.
  14. Radiation hardening and SpaceX

    Yes I meant the Webb Telescope.  The Hubble telescope was revolutionary. Putting the most sensitive optical telescope in space is not an idea from the 60s.  The Webb telescope builds on what they learnt from Hubble and will be vastly more sensitive. The Parker solar probe might have been conceived in the 50s. but they didn't have materials then that could withstand those kind of temperatures.    But hey Leonarda da Vince conceived helicopters back in the 16th century. <sarcasm>So I guess NASA flying a helicopter on Mars was Da Vinci's idea really and once again NASA is stuck in the 1600s</sarcasm>   The shuttle may indeed have been misguided. But it was a learning experience.   It is really infuriating that you downplay NASA's achievements in your quest to be Musk's number one fanboy.