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  1. Illegal Subrenting

    "I jumped off of the diving board" certainly works   "making profit off of an unfurnished apartment" sounds right from an Irish perspective. It means "making profit from" "off of" sort of adds emphasis as if for example you are outraged from him making profit off of his grandmother's misfortune.   I'm not certain "off of" is grammatically correct but colloquially is just fine.
  2. Minimum age for executor

    Jesus H Christ. @El Jeffo wants my used underwear. What a disgusting pervert.   Well I can offer you my January, February, and April to July underpants. Unwashed of course. Sadly March fell apart and is now kitchen rags. All of last years has been irradiated and washed.
  3. Minimum age for executor

    @El Jeffo Thankyou for your very kind offer to assist me in following @lunaCH somewhat bizarre recommendation that I should streamline my investments by putting all my eggs in one country. I mean what if there was a Dexit instead of Brexit. And the German economy collapsed. Then I'd be glad I had some some property, investments and bicycles outside Germany.   I also own 2 bicycles. Does anybody have advice on how to reduce my Fahradfootprint? Maybe I have too many sets of underwear? How many is 2 many?
  4. Minimum age for executor

    When designing a will one plans for it to be used tomorrow but hopes for it not to be needed for many years.   I have property in France & Germany, and a business in Ireland and no plans to liquidate any of them. The Paris apartment has quadrupled since I bought it last century. And I don't think I'll convince my nephew and niece to relocate for my testamentary convenience.  
  5. Minimum age for executor

    I had a 30 minute chat with an English cyber warrior lawyer living in Cambodia back in April.    It was rather strange I didn't pay her anything. She said I would need lawyers in Germany, France, Ireland, USA to draw up a proper will as my assets/beneficiaries are scattered over all these countries. This would cost a lot, as I'd also have to pay for these lawyers to communicate with each other.    Instead she recommended just doing a holographic will if I didn't expect a bitter contest between my beneficiaries which I don't.    I said I'd like her to review my will before I handwrote it. A holographic will must be handwritten in its entirety. Her response is she would have to charge me a lot to do this, and I should just get writing. I'm not sure how she makes her revenue.    I have since further investigated and you can name executors younger than 18, but they cannot act until they are 18. You can also name multiple executors. This seems at first like a bad idea, but an executor only handles administration. So it's sharing administration not giving the ability to fight over what goes where.   I think I will use my 30 year old nephew based in the USA, and 15 year ex girlfriend's son in Germany as executors. I guess I should ask them first though. I'm not planning on dying over the next 40 years, but would feel very guilty (though dead) if Covid got me and I didn't have a proper will.
  6. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    I rent all my properties. It's really none of the mortgage company's business.    They care that you make your monthly payments. They don't care where the money comes from.
  7. Minimum age for executor

    What is the minimum age for an executor of a will? I made a will 30 years ago and it's time for a new one.   Apparently I can make a holographic will for free. However I have to name an executor. As most of my assets are in Germany it makes sense to have a German speaker as the executor.   And I don't tend to update wills very often so I'd like to use somebody substantially younger than me. The youngest of my beneficiaries just turned 15. So he'd be ideal. But maybe a tad young.  Next up the age scale is currently 18. But he'll get less than the 15 year old.   And the next oldest is not German.BTW I also have assets in France but no French speaking beneficiaries. 
  8. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    Maybe this is taking Schadenfreude a bit far. But I got to send an Email today    
  9. Mortgage extension for non-resident

    I took two mortgages spread over 4 apartments in 2008 with interest fixed for 15 years at about 5.4%. Back then it seemed like a good idea to lock such a low interest rate.   I renegotiated them at the start of 2019 while no longer resident in Germany. Interest is now less than 2% although I've ramped Tilgung up to 7% so I'm actually paying more monthly.   As the property values have more than doubled I enquired about increasing the mortgage, and also offered one of the mortgage companies to take on the other mortgage. None of this was possible as I wasn't German resident. But I was easily able to renegotiate the interest, and there was no suggestion of terminating my mortgage.   BTW The interest renegotiation went like this:   Me: Mortgage number xyz Bank: What can we do for you? Me: I'm paying too much interest Bank: Talked for next 5 minutes making me an offer I couldn't refuse.    I never expected the conversation to so easily and should have had it years previously. And it went exactly the same with both banks
  10. Decent Indian with outdoor seating /Biergarten

    The Kashmir above is really not a good restaurant unlike you like German style Indian   One of the best is Maharani at Stiglmaierplatz. It has outdoor seating but on a very busy road.  Ganesha is also excellent and has outdoor seating.   Noor Jahan had a nice garden but seems to be closed. Maharani 2 at Baldeplatz has a nice garden but terrible food.
  11. Only in America...

    That video was almost unwatchable.   I don't mean the truth hurt, but it could not play more than 5s without pausing to load a few more frames. I guess American "honest government" plays to a wider audience than Australian.
  12. I did wonder: Could and shouldn't the regular police arrest them. For impersonating a police officer.   Apparently they do not identify themselves or wear any identification. Although they appear to be with "customs and border patrol". A rather fascist police orginisation which has nothing to do with riot control.   If they were arrested they would have to identify themselves, and who gave them orders, and these orders would have to be justified. At the moment nobody knows who ordered what. I'd also come to understand that states are very protective of their rights. That's one of the justification for the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms). To prevent an overly strong military federal government taking control in individual states.   So arresting these "warriors" would not stick but would bring the whole mess into the open.
  13. My neighbor's smoke is bothering me

    No, no no! Not the evil @Keydeck. I only wrote your eulogy because I thought you were dead.   What part of "keyboard rest in peace" didn't you understand?   As an aside if you click on Keydeck's profile you'll notice he has a very very low user id. I think 1-7 were test accounts, and his is literally the first real TT account. Either that or he killed everybody with a lower number which is actually an awesome idea.
  14. What can I exepct from Immobilien Verwalter

    Believe it or not this was cleared up satisfactorily with no more effort on my part. The Verwalter sent the following message and repaid me     Basically they retained part of the payment in case any problems arose, and decided this was exactly the reason to use those funds.   Which makes the first reaction of the pencil pusher (Frau Adkins) even more annoying. I ended up telling the boss man that while I have often been unhappy with his employees, when he gets directly involved things go wonderfully. He also took over an insurance (Mietausfall) and it got cleared up too.
  15. Conspiracy theorists

      I have broken beer with both Tor & EdBob. One is skinny with short hair. The other is solid with long hair. I can tell them apart.   I am both their father. Or son. That's it. They are both gay and conceived me using alien technology. And then stole my children's allowance. Even though I'm older than them