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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    I could not find the online form for the extension. I looked for that.  I did write to immigration.... but knowing germans they will want an official document or form right?
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    update and need help   So I wrote to the auslaenderbehoerde a couple times earlier this month. They didn't answer until this weekend.  They are not comprehending that I do not want my residency canceled.  So I called them and they still didn't quite get it.  They said i can come to Germany anytime and just reapply for a work permit when I arrive. wtf?  (I have Daueraufenthalt EU)...(I dont want to lose my rights an start from the beginning again)   Unfortunately for me, i just ran into a problem.  I live with a good friend of mine and she is a care taker of her grandma.  Her grandmother lives in a different home, but she has been seeing her grandmother almost every day because she lost her husband to complications after a surgery a little over a month ago.  My friends grandmother took a covid 19 test, and got the results this past friday, they were positive.     My friend nor her husband are not having any symptoms and neither am I.  I was never in direct contact with her grandmother.  But we now should get tested anyway.  Despite me being an overly cautious about hygiene, the friends I live with are lazier about this than they should be, which puts me at risk.  I am supposed to be back in Germany by the 15th, a few days away from my wiedereinreisfrist date.  I was going to book a plane tick this weekend, but did not because I was waiting for an answer from the auslaenderbehoerde, and they are super slow as always despite my urgently needing an answer.  I didn't book the ticket because of now knowing I need to be tested now.  It takes some days before being able to test and takes quite a few days for results. geeze.   Do I have any legal rights not to lose my residency by being stuck in the united stupid of america because of needing to test for covid?  I have lived in germany over 10 years before this complicated situation.  I would have come before july if it was permitted, but it wasn't. Does anybody have helpful info or resources? help!
  3. Travel to the US and back.

    Engelchen, this is what I though too.
  4. Travel to the US and back.

    Hi metall, I would only be returning because of it being required. I would return because I want to keep my residency
  5. Travel to the US and back.

    Hi, I am am searching for information. I already emailed the Ausländerbehörde asking if travel is allowed or what to do.  No response yet.  I have been out of the country since December. My widereinreisfrist will expire middle of July, my residency will expire if I don't return.  Is Germany allowing entry for u.s. citizens? I have  Daueraufenthalt EU.  I deregister in Germany in November to attend school in the u.s.a. Now need to come back. I have had no health issues and take safety precautions concerning covid.  I know the borders are subject to change at anytime. Worried if I can enter or if I buy a plane ticket and borders close again.     How are thing improving concerning covid? Thanks!