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  1. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Update on the situation: I just got a call from my italian insurer confirming that we can use one of the legal workarounds he was investigating, so I should have insurance within a few days, finally!   For future reference, I'm writing the two legal workarounds we were investigating, in case someone else find themselves in similar situations.   The first one, which we'll be using, is Decreto Bersani, that allows someone to start with a class inherited from a family member. It is meant to be used on your first car, but it's worded in a way that allows it as well if you have no current insurance (I can't say more details, as I don't know them). The caveat is that you must be part of a family residing in Italy and that you must have your legal "residenza" (address) with them at the beginning of the isurance (you can have a different "domicilio", if you want), so I guess this workaround won't apply to many, unfortunately.   The second, that we don't know if it would actually work but my insurer was also investigating, is to have a previously expired Italian insurance reactvated if it's expired during the last five years. The insurer points out that he's not 100% sure that was going to be possible if you have had insurance somewhere else in the EU in the meantime, as I had. And this is also something that would apply to a very few.   This seems to be all for now, I don't envy any expat going trough this, and I really hope the Italian administration is updated in the coming months.   I'll update again if AllSecur ever answers, but at least it seems I'm no longer dependent on their wims.
  2. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Thanks! Wrote them again to correct that.
  3. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Thank you very much, I just wrote them again asking for the Bestätigung des Schadenfreiheitsrabattes and telling I will complain with the aforementioned associations, I'll also double up with snail mail/faxes.   I will totally update this post when I have some conclusion…Hopefully soon and for the best.
  4. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    So, the Italian offices have finally given me plates and a temporary document that allows me to drive (only five weeks since I started the process, horay! Now it's 90 days for the definitive document but whatever).   Now I need to insure the car…And the italian insurance tells me that they must have the Schadenfreiheitsklasse certificatefrom the Geman insurance to open a new one, but AllSecur has still ignored my repeated requests to have it.   The Italian insurances tells me they are investigating a couple of legal workarounds in case I can't obtain it from AllSecur, but convincing them to send it would really be the best and proper way.   Any suggestion on how to do so? So far anytime I wrote them they totally ignored me, answering only on the points they were legally required to, and their call center hardly lets me speak with anyone (If I get to speak to someone the line "drops" when I mention I've left. Ops!).
  5. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Yeah, the bureaucratic processes here are pure madness.   And I'm Italian with 100% command of the local language, I can't imagine the trouble an expat trying to do things here would go trough.
  6. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Thanks. I have the information from them but it's not on the form they themselves were requesting back in 2015. I'll consult with the Italian insurer (still going to take a few weeks before I have plates...Registration in Italy takes five weeks) and see if it's enough.
  7. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    No and it wasn't for them when I insured the car in germany: it's a separate document and they wanted the *original*. The Italian insurance will PROBABLY accept even a copy.
  8. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    They make you wait on the line _on a pay phone_ for hours, then the line goes down
  9. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Update with very little to update: they still haven't answered my requests to have my "Bestätigung der Schadenfreiheitsklasse".   Suggestions?
  10. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

  11. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    That makes sense, but not my case.  
  12. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    I'm sure that would make a lot of sense. I wish they stopped ignoring the fact I'm not in germany any longer.   Writing them again, thanks for the answers.
  13. Terminate car insurance because I moved abroad

    Well, it worked. Partly.   I deregistered the car in Berlin on the 20th and wrote them telling them to terminate the contract, just got an answer saying that they received word from the authorities that my car is no longer registered and they are even giving back some 20€ left from this year's plan, as Brockman wrote.   The bad news is that they totally ignored my request of having my risk assessment document (what's the exact name in german, by the way?) and wrote that if I register the car again in the next 18 months I must insure it with them. And of course even if I wanted to do that it is not possible, as I am going to register it in Italy now. Argh! Now wondering on what to write them to have that document so I can go ahead with the Italian insurance…
  14. I left Germany permanently and brought my car with me, I am in the process of registering the car in Italy, so I will need an Italian insurance, however my German insurance, AllSecur, doesn’t want to cancel the contract until the end of 2019, saying that the contract renews automatically and I should have told them I was leaving months ago.   This creates quite a problem, as I will need my risk assessment certificate to open my new Italian insurance, or I will pay much more than I should, but AllSecur won’t release that until after the end of the contract, they also want money for one more year of insurance I won’t actually be using.   Moreover, AllSecur states that you can only have one insurance at a time anyway and that I should cancel any new insurance I might have opened (I still haven’t, as the vehicle registration process in Italy is long and will take still at least one more month anyway, but that might be a problem when I will).   Any suggestion on what to do? I’ve read that there is a extraurdinary clausole for terminating contracts while leaving Germany but haven’t found anything relevant so far.