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  1. Hey All;   As I plan my move to Germany, I have all my stuff from my previous time in Germany in storage in Munich. I will be working in Frankfurt. I have been searching for a way to rent a cargo van from Munich to Frankfurt.   I have looked at;   SixT Europacar Hertz Enterprise Avis   And they all essentially tell me either one of two things;   A) Sorry, we don't do 1 way rentals. Oh and the Kms included are not enough to get you there and back without us doubling down on the price.   Oh sure, we do one way rentals. You just need to find locations that accept 1 way rentals. (After 2 hours on the above websites, I can get no combination of pickup and drop off destinations to take 1 way rentals).   ---   So my question is what equivalent of UHaul exists in Germany, and where can I find these vans to rent? Are there any other companies that do this more exclusively, or would it just be better to pay someone to move the stuff for me? I realise that Germans don't move like this very often, so I don't expect the choices the be as great as in the US, but I just cannot believe that the only option is to have to spend 5 hours in the van driving empty from one city to the next at 0,32€ per kilometers at 1.45€ per litre diesel just so I can move my stuff.   I have both a German Class-B drivers license as well as an American drivers license.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Also, I am sure this has been covered before, and I searched with the search function above, but it came up with 0 results for "van rental," so I assume the search option is broken.