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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    I think we had our mod clean out years ago.     Can you post a link to the reddit thread(s) where they posted?
  2. Things to ponder

    If both sports bring in roughly the same amount of cash then they definitely should be paid a similar amount. I'm not sure that is the case. If the women's sport brings in less then I don't think the pay will ever be similar.   I guess a further question would be why the salaries are so high in the first place (for both compared to normal working people).  On this I am totally biased though as for me, basketball is just people throwing a ball in to a hoop as quick as possible for a given amount of time. It's like F1 to me, and that is just people driving round and round for a few hours. I'm not questioning the skill needed, all involved are super fit sports people, I just don't get why the cash involved is so high.          
  3. Public vs. private health insurance

    How does all this work when you retire? I'd expect that if a person has private insurance they will still have to pay the premium etc themselves.  What about the public system, does the premium come out of their pension, do they only pay half (with the retirement system paying the other), is the premium total covered as part of their pension?     I'd look it up online but we have a few finance/insurance bods on here, which is online, so I guess I am actually looking it up online, right now... 
  4. Credit card fraudlently charged

    In the distant way past I worked with some colleagues who all worked for Jamba (before I met them).  they said that the management of Jamba had the policy of putting off refunds until it got serious as the longer they had the cash, the better. The people they employed to put this off (and be insulted constantly) as log as possible were being paid anyway.    I guess it will always be the case, cash will only be refunded when it looks like it may cause trouble for the company and not before. As a possible plus for them, people may give up or accept a better offer.  From my time in retail and working for a bank, one of the only consequences they are really scared of is if  a bank or credit agency (Visa etc) blacklist the company. Very rarely happens though. 
  5. How to value a house for purchase?

    OP - this is the absolute first step you need to do. Even better if the bank are ok to tell you that you will get the loan if you apply (usually the person you talk to should be bale to judge that based on the info you give them.   It's important for the reason catjones mentions but also as it will save you time later. if you are going to go searching for places to buy it is possible you will see quite a few properties, most you won't want for one reason or another, but when you find one you like speed can be important.   As you have already been to the bank and found out how much you can get, you have also already collected most of the documents you need to submit the loan application. You may need to get a few more update things (salary stuff etc) but things like marriage certs, birth certs, outgoings, what capital you are bringing (and the proof of that) etc you now have at the ready. This saves you time and if you are in the running with other people who do not, you have ahead start.   When we were looking we were told by more than one agent that the amount of people who find the place they want to buy and then go to bank was more than you would expect. Most underestimate the amount they can borrow or even worse, they push themselves to the limit. When we went to check what we could afford we were interviewed in a way. We were given a quote on what we could borrow based on repayment time and hat we wanted to do in between no and the last payment. banks will lend you a lot more than that, even if it means sitting at home for the next 25 years spending your vacation camping on your garden.    If you know what you can afford you have a rough idea what your budget is. It is of course possible than you have to go over that to afford something. You may have to borrow more and only go on vacation once etc, but if you know how much you can afford (comfortably and at your limit) then you save time and you can sort out things that are great but you can't afford. Looking for something to buy can be draining and depressing in certain areas (I think it took us about 12 months from starting to finding the place we bought).   As also said above a few times, it is a seller's market. They will ask what they want and if it isn't too unreasonable, they will get it. We've even been told that the offer on the prospectus was the minimum price, it was expected to make an offer.
  6. Windows 11

    Windows 11? I only upgraded the windows 10 about 2 years ago. I've been meaning to do a clean install but if 11 is around the corner I think I'll wait.   I wouldn't hurt I guess to take it all back to the shop and ask. You know the drill, go in, wait next to a shelf, look up and watch all the staff vanish before your eyes*. Ok, that#s a little unfair, they are way better than that, they will have already gone before you look up, very well trained they are.      *Or go to the info/customer service desk...
  7. Recognition of divorce

    I'm not sure this little thread requires me to answer anything unless you need me to take part in some kind of drama. Your first reply suggests you are unhappy that someone may have contradicted you, pointing out something you may have missed or said something that may make your advise look incorrect. You answer to me suggests you did not like my comment but could not find any hook there. If I were to answer any questions I'd answer the ones from the OP.   As I said, the OP has a number of options open to him, he can do whatever he feels is correct. If he breaks the rules and gets caught, that's life. maybe he'll get lucky.   I'd say the best way is to follow the rules and jump through any hoops he's required to.  The OP will carry the consequences so he carries the responsibility of his actions.
  8. Recognition of divorce

    I'd say this falls under the 'you make your choice and take your chances'.   OP is free do anything he wants here, he can lie and even knock up a fake certificate in photoshop, if he doesn't get caught, no consequences. If he does, well, let's hope he posts here what happened.
  9. There is no snatching the best joke award with that one.   Terrible joke. I think we actually have a thread for that kind of thing       
  10. I think I was editing my comment when you quoted me, that is just the first sentence.  .
  11. We've had people we know have to discuss this at the school level (which school the kid goes to, no two school option), to be honest I can't see it being any different for Kindergarten.  Both kindergartens will have to have similar things going on (also a similar concept, is one state run, the other private etc) and there will have to be space. Then you have the financial issue, you are taking two spaces up, unless you get another kid to share etc, you could end up paying for two places. That's assuming the Jungendampt are ok with it.  
  12. Computing power rolled back 4 decades

    We had computers 40 years ago? Were they peddle powered? 
  13. Why are you unhappy today?

    And not just because it's impractical to fly with a bladder infection, it can be almost impossible to cross your legs on some flights unless you're a Pixie. 
  14. I'd be very careful here. The wife has had a UK and German passport for years and has only now ticked the 'I have another passport' box. I think I remember a bit on my last UK passport application saying that providing false info was a big no-no. Not ticking that box is giving false information.   It could be the case that they see (they do not know your wife) a passport application from someone that has that box ticked now so the process is different. 
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    What is going to happen? Invade Afghanistan to hunt the attackers down? I'd ask G.W. Bush what to do, he took us in there in the first place.
  16. I'd still be interested to hear when the passport as last renewed. It can't be the one his wife got back in '46 that she is trying to renew, that would be a totally new application. Maybe it is that one and as it's been such a long time they have to go through a whole new process.
  17. When was the last time (before this one) your wife renewed her German passport?   And hats off to you, if you are the same age as your wife it puts you at at least 74/75 (basing on a birth year of 1946) and you are out and about on the internet. I couldn't get my parents interested when they were 50, let alone 70+.
  18. Things to ponder

    You just had to go too far didn't you... You just had to go too far... 
  19. What's got you flummoxed today?

    The weather seems to be dyslexic, this isn't August weather, it's Autumn. (Same kind of thing as brexit being great when it hasn't and Trump being great when he wasn't - maybe the weather is coming from those supporters)..
  20. Three-word story

    This was shown over your 'Susanne Vega' post in the 'unread posts' section (from what you are listening to right now'.   Sorry, not three words but it made me chuckle.
  21. Freezing causes ice crystals to build up which can puncture the cells walls. If that happens, you get mush when it defrosts. As DD say above, if your going for soup, not an issue. Salad may not be possible though. 
  22. Who here lives in Leipzig?!

    Görlitz is quiet, and cheap compared to other places.
  23. Random pointless comments

    It's possible something or someone wood be..
  24. What made you laugh today?

    It certainly is... 
  25. What made you laugh today?

    11 years... Let's not talk about that part again...   11 years...