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  1. US Presidential Election Fallout

    This is a funny take on it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rVsRmcE-u8    
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    I'm getting tired of all this winning and all the benefits from all his. I'm overloaded.
  3. US Presidential Election Fallout

    I think a few of them have learned that the transition from keyboard warrior to real life one doesn't come free. It has a price and the cheapest option is a mug shot and a lawyer. Unless that lawyer admits you were there, admits the police have a photo of you being there and admits to it not looking good as said lawyer is not a magician.   I think the price starts to up at that point. Who would have thought 'no comment' was an optional bookable lawyer extra.  
  4. Lufthansa voucher - destination unknown?!

    I can play the drums, but i'm a bit far away so i guess that would be my base for not taking part. However music can by symbol of hope in these troubling times. It may not be street, some people may think i'm talking out of my high hat, but this is how I roll...
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    It is almost as if there was something about being in the single market that made trade easier. Who would have thought, if only that kind of information was out there somewhere and business minded people could have checked.    
  6. Lufthansa voucher - destination unknown?!

    I got a mail back in June last year saying there had been a route change on our flight in October, we had to fly over Munich and they had changed the flight from our start airport to Munich and on to our destination.  I read through the email quick and thought 'ok, so we fly over a different airport' and thought nothing more of it. A few weeks before the flight I checked the booking again over the Lufthansa website and noticed the change had been the cancellation of the flights to where we were going, the whole lot. re-read the email and yep, I should have paid more attention.   I called Lufthansa and spoke to the German helpline and they explained that it was listed as a change (rather than a cancellation) as I could use the booking code to book another flight with a 50 euro discount (within a defined time frame) and I should check if I could find a different route to where we were going. If not, call back and get a refund. Of course with 5 or 6  weeks to go before we were due to fly there was nothing, not even for a higher price and the 50 euro off offer was no longer valid. I called back and ended up with the english speaking helpline (didn't see the point in waiting for the german one), explained that there was nothing available, explained that we had accommodation booked etc that we couldn't change and I'd like a refund. I got my money back for the whole booking about 10 days later   Why it went so easy for me, can't say. Maybe the 50 euros off offer was no longer valid, maybe having accommodation booked (that we couldn't change) made the difference, maybe that there were no other options so they couldn't push the 'look for another flight' angle. maybe be I have a voice that the woman I spoke to couldn't resist, they had to give me what I wanted, maybe I just sound honest, maybe I brought out some kind of need to care for me, who knows.   Could also be that at the point I called the agents were not under any pressure to take their time or to withhold payments as long as is possible. Maybe my circumstances were ones that they had decided were not worth the effort to drag out as long as possible. I was flying with my daughter so maybe that added weight to it, we couldn't fly any time, just during the school holidays.   I was surprised it went so easy though, I was expecting a discussion and something long drawn out.      
  7. US Presidential Election Fallout

    What is missing is playing the man instead of the ball and following people around.  
  8. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Funny how this fits also here on TT as well, cause trouble, insult people and then cry victim when things are turned around.
  9. President Donald J. Trump

      Let's be honest, the reason they are trying to separate the two is because Trump is 'their guy' and his has the potential to remove him. They like his politics, they like the way he talks, they like the feeling of winning that trump gives them.   They sense that the hunt is on, not just from the other side, but from inside the republican party. Their deer is getting hunted and they are scared, scared the losing feeling will come back, scared of all the people they told to suck it up, to get over it etc for four years. They can't let Trump words be connected to what happened because that is how they speak to motivate people to action. It is how they speak, if that is somehow connected to what happened, then they have to find another way to talk and they see how they talk as strong. As they tend to live in a binary world, things are either strong or weak, that is how they see the world and it is reflected in how they speak.   The normal people who are on the far right of the conservative scale are worried heir little spot at the top is over and the politicians are running in separate directions, one group want to defend Trump at all costs and the others want him out.  it is a little castle built on lies. When trump says 'they are only words' he knows that's BS, he owns a company, he knows how to talk to people and he knows how to phrase words to allow him to try and wriggle out of any consequences. As I've said before, anyone who dos not know what the president says has no business being president. But he and his supporters know this.    Trump knew what could happen, most of us know that if you get a large enough crowd on the move there will be trouble, especially if that crowd is from one of the more extreme sides of politics. If that was a far left crowd I'd also have expected problems.    Trump is on his way out, how he goes is going to be up to the republican party and how they decide to go forward. Kick trump out and bar him from running for office gain risking a backlash from his supporters (and maybe splitting the party) or letting him go and risking all this coming back in the future.
  10. US Presidential Election Fallout

    This could go down like a bad episode of law and order. Trump refuses to pay his legal bill, the police say to Rudi "The thing is, he's looking to pass the blame on this, do you think he'll keep you out of that? He's already placed a shot across your bow by not paying that bill. he thinks you've let him down, how long before he thinks you'll stab him in the back? You know him, do you really think he'll protect you from anything, do you think he isn't looking at you right now and seeing a fall guy? After all, you were the one that said trial by combat right?"   *Law and Order theme tune*
  11. US Presidential Election Fallout

    2021, not content with competing with 2020, decides to just escalate things.   If this is true things are going to get a lot worse.  
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    All just project fear mate, was all just project fear.   Like that time Ug Thug of stone cave said* "build wild meat eating things outside cave? No. Project fear". Ug went out and as never seen again, although they did find a bit of bloodstained clothing and his wooden spear later when people went out having not seen any big meat eating things for a while.     *translated, obviously         
  13. US Presidential Election Fallout

    So it is either a play to the Trump be of just another conservative who thinks the world works on way then it doesn't. Seems to be a trend at the moment, angry people thinking things work or will work one way, then getting really upset when they find out things don't work they way they think they do or will.    It would be funny of their choices didn't have consequences for others and they didn't storm capital buildings and bring pipe bombs along.  
  14. US Presidential Election Fallout

    I can't see that getting anywhere but it is funny that the GOP rolls out the 'unity' card when they want to cover over something.   Now I wonder why all this was filed back in 2016? Oh right, there wasn't anything running against Donald back then.