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  1. Dog attack

    That is some high grade quality stupid there. Did he check the serial numbers?
  2. When it comes to some legal battles, caving is not a word i'd use. It's paying the small amount to avoid risking paying a bigger amount later.  
  3. Is there a maximum age for a mortgage?

    When we got ours the mortgage broker wanted to see the info from the retirement office to see what we would get. Being over 40 didn't stop us getting a mortgage.
  4. President Donald J. Trump

    Maybe he's been taking presentation lessons from Mike Tyson? Or it's a Freudian slip....
  5. I'd say there are two sides to this. What you should/shouldn't do and what you can in reality do. Yes, you can use an address in Germany, register yourself with the town hall etc and use that address for your health insurance. You can, there are no fences to stop you doing that. However if something bad happens, as said above, what then? Worst case scenario you are potentially committing fraud and if you are in  hospital somewhere, the last thing you want is your health insurance questioning if you are covered.   As I said, you can do what you want, but if it goes pear shaped you are adding complications you could do without at the time (and I'm guessing people at the various borders of EU countries do do this).
  6. Is Coronavirus a hoax? POLL

    I'm generally an open skeptic when it comes to conspiracies. If people can present proof, then great, if not then they are just an interesting idea (or a crazy one). I'll also take the piss out them depending on the level of craziness.  
  7. Is Coronavirus a hoax? POLL

    Yeah I know, I just wanted to be bale to post that, just once... And as we know, the time window is limited 
  8. Politics Gen XYZ

    That would be the easier way, but you know, some people...
  9. Hat tip to Stingraz for the update. Far too many people don't actually bother to let us all know how things went. And as I said before, if you rent, join the Mietverein (it can take 6 months for their legal insurance to kick in).
  10. Politics Gen XYZ

    This was the down turn with a few FB friends. Youtube taking down the video of Stella was censorship. apparently not seeing the whole conspiracy in this is just being blind. It has nothing to do with some people looking for less scary reasons for what is happening than a small virus that can kill you and we can't do anything to stop it doing that (at least just yet). Much easier to burn 5G masts than go and get a Phd that would allow them to actually attack the virus.  
  11. Is Coronavirus a hoax? POLL

    Well so far TT seems to be gong the way a common sense. Unlike some people I know on FB (friends collected through the years), one of which is running around saying the lego video featuring Blue is just to use kids to control adults. Rather that just listing steps to stop you from being potentially infected.  So far i've collected 2 "f*ck yous" and three rather barbed comments about my ability to function as a sheep...  
  12. Dog attack

    Given my time working in the service industry (including a bank), the shit people ask for can be crazy. Had a person ask if I could move money in to his account so he wouldn't trigger overdraft fees. I asked if he would like to apply for a loan, he said no, he didn't wan to pay any interest either. Could I just move some cash in to his account until the following week... *edited to change 'load' to 'loan'... I didn't work at a sperm bank 
  13. It may not be the cause, but have you checked if the firmware needs updating? Just before we moved last our fritzbox was only managing those speeds you mention when we should have been getting 6mps. I decided to go for cable as it was about the same price and when the guy came to install everything he said that usually a firmware update would solve that kind of problem. We are with vodafone and I've had no issues with them, must be going on 8 years or so now.  
  14. Dog attack

    I agree to an extent, but at some point it's a dangerous dog and that is what people have to deal with. I've always been interested in the legal situation if a dog attacks a cyclist, bites, maybe injuries to falling off the bike, bike damage, is the dog owner liable for all that?