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  1. President Donald J. Trump

    Texmex is running for president in November? Does Joe know? Does Donald know?   Texmex is Donald Trump. Jesus, he can speak in sentences, twitter and those speeches are all just show to get support among the intellectually challenged and small penis brigade.   
  2. Things to ponder

    Is that so now. Care to share the quote where I say that? You can meet us back here when you find it. We'll wait, go on now, go look. Off you go.. We'll wait to laugh at you until you get back, we've polite that way. Ok, no we're not *snigger*...    
  3. flight ticket cancellation

    Hands up who thought it would be simple.   *No hands go up*...       
  4. flight ticket cancellation

    Not sure. Best the OP check this.  
  5. flight ticket cancellation

    If you check the booking email you received, does it have 480 euros on it anywhere? It's possible that is just the flight costs without any tax.   If this is illegal will depend on if you were shown the full price prior to paying. If you were then I doubt it's illegal but you may be bale to cancel within the normal cancelling period that is stated in law. Could be two weeks, you'd have to really check that. I went through the first part of the booking and the price didn't change un until when I stopped (when I had to put in payment details. Did you go over the offer time? When I went through it there was a small click ticking away on how long that price would be held..    
  6. Things to ponder

    Some people are getting far too worked up about the election. Why don't we all just calm down and watch a nice movie.. The Mummy trilogy is quite good, maybe even some TV, Doom patrol has a few seasons out..  
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    If you notice, the posters you mention have not really bothered to post much since Murph said he was taking a break (and only then to answer him). That was two days ago. I think that shows what their motivation was.  
  8. Coronavirus

    Never mind unnecessary, i'm not happy about any (not saying you are, just going a little further with your point) deaths. This was point and play off all along. To minimise the amount of people getting ill, we lockdown to whatever degree. This causes less cash to flow in the local economy which causes problems (understandably, behind each local business there are people), people not being able to work causes them problems, so government have to find a balance.  That balance will lead to people getting ill and some deaths. Those deaths are not what I would call as necessary, they are just an outcome of the measures taken (whether we accept/like it or not).   The scary thing is, there is no bance, not when you drill down. If your mother gets sick and dies, or survives but with long term effects, then there is no 'we had to find a balance' explanation that is going to make the situation better or make you feel better.  If we add that no matter what we do some people will get ill and die (not everyone can live in isolation, some people need carers etc, people still have to go to the doctor etc), government will look at the bigger picture and draw a line. They will look at what can be done, draw a line that they think fits with their goals and how they understand the pandemic. If they are fixed on the economy, then you can have a lot of ill people, if you are focused on people then you have less ill people but the economy can suffer. On a high level they will have an idea about how many deaths and infections are acceptable, at what point it would look bad for them (to voters).    All you can do is keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible and do not assume anyone one else will give a shit about you. Some people don't see this as a problem because they live in very low risk areas and won't until people near them get ill. Never underestimate the 'some has to...' before people take notice situation.        
  9. Areas of Hamburg?

    Good info and important to add to the list of things you want/are not bothered about. Where we live (not Hamburg) we are pretty much right at the outskirts of the city (there are only around 4 or 5 stop after ours).. It's quiet but we still have trams every 10 minutes during the day, going up to every 15 and 30 s the evening/night progresses. They are also every hour once they switch to night trams. This was a big thing for us in deciding where to live, kid can get a team to school that takes about 6 minutes, we are in the city in 30 we are also around 15 minutes away from the nearest train station (trains and s-bahn). We have a supermarket 5 minutes walk away. Having said that, we know people for whom this wasn't important and they live further out. Rents are cheaper, purchase prices are cheaper but they really need a car or are stuck with buses every 30 minutes (or even further out, trains every 30 minutes).   Big factor in the above is where you have to travel to. Usually the big two are school/kindergarten etc and work. Secondary can be shopping (although for some people that can be up with work etc).   You've probably already thought of all this but in case you haven't, grad a map (the google kind) and look where you have to go (and how) and where you want to live. if it doesn't work out start looking at other areas and compromising. Any search for somewhere to live starts with  list of wants that eventually meant the reality of the situation. Unless you are lucky, list of wants comes out of that with a few bruises, a black eye and a different understanding of the world. It may seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised by the amount of people who find that perfect house/flat and then find they spend more time that wanted going to work/kids to wherever, need two cars as the shops are too far away (if work is near there, that's a bonus). There joy at that perfect place turn sour over time as they spend lots of time travelling. Don't forget little extras like a social life. It's no fun if any group you are part of meet during the week and you are faced with a 60 minute journey home and the transport only runs every hour (although you can plan around that, be on time, don't drink any alcohol and take the car, pay for a taxi etc. When I was in Berlin I only went to groups at most every 2 weeks as some met all over the city. It was difficult to be out and be faced with a 90 minute U2 ride home and have to get up for work the next day.         
  10. For info..   https://www.kbv.de/html/terminservicestellen.php
  11. Is it a 'they make an appointment wherever and whenever they can'  (within a month of course) or at your normal place? For example, you develop severe eye problems and they get you an appointment at your eye doctor etc or just where they can?    
  12. Buying a new car Need your advice

    I don't think you are going to be able to see any manipulation yourself, it's not like they have a mechanical dial that may be misaligned etc. Maybe check the interior, depending on who had the car previously, longer mileage can equal more wear and tear on the interior etc. Same with tyres but that wold be a school boy error on the part of the seller to leave the old tyres on.   I'd also suggest checking with the verbraucherzentralle (if you are a member) to see what you can if you buy the car, can you get the mileage checked from another source (as mentioned above) and if so, and it has been manipulated, what avenue of recourse you could have (take the car back with proof etc and get your cash back, get a reduction in the price etc).
  13. Brexit: The fallout

    No point in leaving, just stay and laugh at them. They spit their dummies out eventually and just resort to insults... Once that happens it's playground trying to salvage face. Stay, give it a few days and they will try to get you back in to discussing the next 'we don't want to look stupid' part of the topic.
  14. People grin when eating shit...?? For decades? Doesn't sound like a good thing to me. Could you tell us where you are from, it doesn't sound like the kind of place worth a visit.. Or at least we should bring our own sandwiches..  
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    After the shitshow that has been the last 4 years, the odd typo is pretty much all they've got left