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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    I can't say, reading his posts is like wiping your bumb with the Sun newspaper (so I don't bother, like the Sun it's badly written and really just wants you to look at it and thinks massive walls of text are intelligent. Although, most of that text was written by other people, the short sentences are added later to piggy back on top of something that made sense). 
  2. Did this in someway make you fell free at all? 
  3. Are you suggesting someone has changed their view(s) based on if something it affects them personally or any other particular group? Next they will be trying to change the subject..
  4. Random pointless comments

    I know in which bit I am happy to live.
  5. Coronavirus

    Yep, like reading the Sun for facts and news 
  6. Don't leave it lying around, they will eat the crayon.
  7. You know that thalidomide was one of the reasons that rules and regulations were strengthened right? Using the reason we introduced stringent tests as a reason to call them into question is mad, strange, crazy even. 
  8. Coronavirus

    To be fair, the only thing I would compare the Sun to is toilet roll, you get more shit of the paper than you wipe off your arse but in an emergency, some people could be tempted.
  9. So now you're saying that in fact you know more about the holocaust than your past post suggested and are now just not an expert. Added to that, are you saying a person needs to be an expert in genocide (or this particular one) to understand the reference balti made? It is a pretty well known reference having been in books, on TV and in Cinema lots of times over the last 80 ears or so. I don't think a person has to be pedantic to have seen one of those references and maybe, you know, looked the thing up.   Strange that someone would refer to death camps as strange goings on. I've never heard it called that before. A bit like the peculiar stuff that went on in Cambodia, the absolute weird stuff that went on in China during the cultural revolution and the downright crazy stuff that happened in Siberia under Stalin's rule.   Mad stuff man, mad stuff going on. Bizarre isn't strong enough to describe it.   
  10. Wait, what? You're saying you live in Germany and you don't know much about what happened around the corner about 80 years ago? Either you miss-phrased what you wanted to say or you've manged to avoid absolutely shit loads of TV, cinema, books and history lessons. 
  11. This has to be the third time in a few weeks you've caught him either contradicting himself or applying rules/view to people based on how it helps his argument or changing the view because he knows them personally. I'd guess those Muslims didn't exercise enough.  
  12. Copy and paste error  It's almost as if it's all planned in advance.
  13. Come on John, you've lost the dithering old poster image now, you're not that old and you must have read the quote that was included in the post you greened.   Your posting style has gone from story telling to short sharp ' Sorry, babe. Sounds fascist to me. Have a word with yourself' and back again, you're let the mask down John. 
  14. I don't know anything of the sort. And to be honest John, the post you greened includes a quote that sums up the post in question quite well. You greened the defense  after having read that description of the post in question.    
  15. So either John's mind is wandering or he's lying.   Given that he's posting a lot more short sentences thins evening, maybe the old greek schnapps is in play..