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  1. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    Oh I see what you did there...
  2. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    Then you stay. Have fun. Sorry, if that's your choice, then that's your choice. As I said, this isn't TV, the police are not waiting, he isn't going to be lead off to prison by end of the episode. It is unlikely you are going to get him out in any way that leaves you safe there.   
  3. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    He can't stop you. You are not chained up to a wall with only a smart phone and your thumb. You say he won't let you move but he isn't the boss of you. Which is it? Take the offer of the landlord, pay two rents for three months.   You say the other apartment is in the same area (I don't know where you live) but even if that is a small place, i is better to be there than where you are.   I really cannot see why this is difficult. Actually I can, you want him to go and you want to stay where you are. That is 100% fine, it really is. It is our decision to make but with decisions come consequences. Those you have to live with not us. You seem aware of the consequences but not so happy at the action needed to avoid those consequences.   My advice is this (as posted), take the second flat from the landlord, pay the double rent (either normally or try to come to some arrangement with the landlord) and go. Organize the move and go in one step. No coming back for stuff, no chatting, just gone.  No being nice, this is a bad situation, you are not going to 'nice' your way out of it.   If you have to hire a moving firm, do it. If you have to sneak your stuff out over the next two months (what you can, I'm guessing walking away with a wardrobe is going to give the game away), do it.         
  4. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    This here is your way out. Take it.   The consequences of trying to get him arrested have been covered above, you have the right to do that though. Why should you move out? He's the asshole, right? Yeah, could be, but TT is a forum and you don't live in a movie. There is no special victims unit following him, they aren't waiting to pounce in the nick of time. If he gets arrested and they can't hold him, he's going to come home. I can't say how it would go if you mad complaint and tried to get some kind of restraining order, to bar someone form their own flat.   As I said, here is your way, take it. if you can't afford it, talk to the landlord and try to come to an arrangement to pay the second rent in installments. But in my opinion, this is the most hassle free and safe way for you got yourself away from this situation.    EDIT: You posted that you do not want to spend your savings moving around, take some of those savings and take the other apartment with your landlord.    This is turning in to a 'thanks for the suggestion but I really don't want to do that, so here is a reason I can't, won't someone suggest how to do what I actually want to do' thread. Which is fine, you have every right to do that but the advice and action you need to take to keep yourself safe is in the posts above.      
  5. The last post here (before yours) was made nearly 13 years ago. If any solution were found I would guess things have changed in the meantime.
  6. Brexit: The fallout

    Yep, any politician that knew the goal was to come out of the customs union and knew the risks that would bring to NI is complicit. Any that lied to just get the whole thing done, also complicit.  As brexit wasn't defined, we could also argue that no one knew exactly what they were voting for. This issue alone proves that, or did anyone vote for a border between the north and south? We have enough brexit supporters here on TT and none have said 'I voted knowing that this could happen and I just don't care'.   As I said before, I don't see any blood on the hands of people who voted for brexit, at least not in general, but the politicians who knew how this would play out and accepted the risk, yes. Saying 'blood on their hands' is really just a heavy way of saying they are responsible or carry some responsibility for this.    As I've also said, a government has the moral responsibility to keep it's citizens safe. Any politician that undertakes an action knowing that it could harm people but just accepts the risk and anything that comes after as 'acceptable' is at best incompetent, at worst, unfit for office.  
  7. Not really missing alcohol

    I have missed alcohol, I bought a small bottle fridge for the working room. 
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    Not obvious, but highlighted. A risk seen and accepted. It's a scenario that is the mainstay of a lot of disaster movies. Someone highlights the risk, people ignore it (or don't care) and shit happens. I work in IT in an area that deals with data protection, data protection laws and we go through SOX audits.  Any mistake in those areas and it big fine day. I have a lot do to with risk, if we do that, what will happen, how can we mitigate it. A developer that takes down a system didn't set out to do that, we kind of expect that they are capable of looking at the risks (they should have tested, but even then, testing in a non live environment is no guarantee it will work in the live environment) and if any are known, mitigation can be looked at and we can can plan for any issues. If the risk is big enough, we don't go forward until it isn't big. Someone 'voted' for the new package (application) but we don't just push it through and hope for the best.   The risk here was obvious from the start of the discussions in 2016 and I would agree with you that it wasn't obvious if it wasn't for the fact that the risk was not only ignored, it was attacked by others, People campaigning for leave went out of their way to label it as project fear, to try to lessen the risk in people's eyes. It not going to happen, no one wants that, it can't happen, the EU will back down, the deal covers this, the deal that seems to not have been read by the conservatives and has been accepted and rejected by, well, us. I guess we could put it down to just incompetence but I don't thin that makes it any better.     "People campaigned and voted for the UK to leave a political and economic union, that was it." - While being made aware of the risk and ignoring it or having it lessened in their eyes to the point it seemed very unlikely. If we had stayed in the customs union I think this all would not be an issue. Same if we had stayed in the single market.   However, that was actually said often, no one is talking about coming out of the single market, no one is coming out of the customers union, said by politics during the campaign. Is lying about that to get the vote across the line a complicit act?  The risks we out there, people made decisions, and we are where we are, weather it is due to incompetence or an active (and successful) attempt to  sweep problem under the rug, who knows, both are not great. I guess hat is where the 'complicit' is, lies or incompetence.    At the moment brexit is looking like any government project. It's costing more than we were told, it's gone on for way longer than we were told, it isn't doing what was promised and the people who pushed for it and just going on in the hope that one day they can say 'hey, look what now have'.    I'm also sure a lot of the issues with Brexit were highlighted here on TT over the years. So either they were very obvious, or we here on TT should be running the UK government  
  9. Brexit: The fallout

    Well, someone is a bit...     And there we have it, someone, somewhere finally admits nobody knew what they were voting for.   If Murph is my man, do I have to do that whole fist bump ghetto thing if I ever meet him?
  10. Brexit: The fallout

    As we are just picking bits out of stuff..   You've gone from saying it is the language of a serial rapist (she was asking for it) to saying you could have said he was using the language of a battered wife. Two very different uses of the language, one is the language if entitlement, the other is used by a victim. That the victim has resigned themselves and internalized the situation to that extent, pushes them even further apart. Saying the language is the same infers that the victim is as much to blame as the rapist. No what would that be called?
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    I'd say there is a difference between voting for Biden as a package and bexit which is a single issue. Voting for a package is like the box of chocolates, you may get the few you really like, the few you are kind of ok with and the odd one you never eat, like those [inset colour] quality street things that are always left in the tin way into new year. The discussion with a politician comes after the vote, they won the vote. if that is useful, depends on the majority said politician holds in parliament. With a single issue referendum the discussion comes before, the plus/minus, risks, mitigation all happen before, to sway the vote one way or another.  If Brexit was tin of quality street, the contents are unknown, all wrapped the same, two sweets have nuts in them and one or more family members are really, really, really, seriously allergic to nuts.      NI had many possible outcomes, the one we are seeing was a definite risk, if politicians were complicit (morally wrong) to ignore it, sweep it under the table or to just say 'who cares, we won't get shot and hey, who knows, maybe the EU will give us what we want' is a matter of opinion. Although, the amount of lies told would seem to push it towards morally wrong if people think it is actually wrong that politicians lie to us. We all know they do, in a way we just accept it. Today people are spilt into some kind of football politics where as long as it's your guy (or girl) doing it, it's fine.   I don't think the leave campaign really cared about NI (as a whole) beyond any leverage it could have bright. Some may have thought the EU would not risk the GFA, some may have thought the whole thing would have put an end to it and loosened ties with the south and due to that, killed off any chance of united Ireland at some point. I guess we'll never know the motivation as they are not going to tell us.    We are where we are, this outcome was mentioned, pointed out and it's happened. It could be worse, I wouldn't want to have seen this if all this happened just a few years after GFA was signed.    
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Where is my old stretch Armstrong? Can someone explain to me how BJ is the victim here? Granted, you have taken a very selective quote from a line of posts but still managed to fumble your point by running towards the wrong goal line. Or are you just accusing a member of the TT community of thinking like a serial rapist  to try and draw them in to an argument?    If you want to take that example, it would be neighbours voting to remove funding for the woman's shelter in the next town, knowing that their next door neighbour may start beating his wife again. When that happens people say 'well we did say that could happen' and someone shouts 'don't blame the victim'.  Or reducing the police force in an area where people look and say 'it's a bit dodgy around here, take away the police and crime will go up' - but hey, when that happens and crime does go up, people say 'we told you so' and then someone says 'victim blaming'.   No one is indeed morally responsible for complying with the demands of terrorists, but our politicians are morally responsible for keeping the population safe, which doesn't seem to have happened. See that white line you just crossed, that is in the parking lot, own goal, out of the stadium and on your way to who knows where. You can stop running now. Maybe get a friend to stand somewhere and point to the right direction and tell you stop running. I'm sure I've seen that in a movie somewhere.    We're going to need a bigger boat on this one.
  13. I had that up until about 5 years ago. Now I either get asked how it should be pronounced or they just use either the english or german.  I have never bothered correcting anyone to be honest, I just take it with a bit of Oasis soup.   
  14. Coronavirus

    Most hilarious thread exchange I've seen in a long time 
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    That's part of the point, they are allowed to vote for it as a given risk will not hit them. Anyone can say 'that won't bother me so I don't care', also fine but also says something about the person saying that to themselves. Imagine being in a pub and someone says they want to remove sexual harassment laws because they've never been sexually harassed.  People who campaigned for it and knew the risks, I would say, as I did, are complicit in what is happening, they may not have set out to cause it, but then again no one ever went out with the thought of hitting another car. To me, if you knew the risks and did it anyway, you are complicit. As you say, there were people who lied knowing the risks (they just didn't care) and people who knew but just turned away as it was convenient (I put BJ in this category) and then there are those now, having known this could happen, are using it for political gain (which is the ERG and BJ).    What it comes down to is that for the above people, the risk to lives in NI, to the livelihoods of fishermen and anyone else who is being hit hit as a result of brexit, it was a more than acceptable risk. For them the negative was always only ever going to be small, if anything. Farage spent years on the fisheries committee, he should have had an idea what could happen, maybe he didn't (incompetence of a very high order) or he did (was a risk he thought was worth taking). he just didn't care as it was never anything that would hurt him (he only say things do when it looks like he has been caught out, like when he was asked why he wasn't going to renounce his MEP pension, suddenly he was 'why should I suffer more').