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  1. I tried to find something on this... No luck...   Background.. I have some bank accounts in the UK, I have some cash in there and I get an old pension type thing paid in to one of them.    Due to the whole pound falling thing, I thought I would take some of my savings and play with a currency account or two. HSBC offer them, so it is possible ot have 3 accounts (pound, euro, dollar) and transfer between them fee free. I thought it would be fun to see how much cash I can make.. Won't be a lot, if any.. Issue is, to open the account they ask for where I am resident for tax purposes and what my income is... These kind of questions make me suspicious... If I were to make any money on playing with the currency in my account, I guess it would be ok to pay the tax the UK? If so, do I only have to declare my income in the UK, and not have to inform them about what I earn here?   Cheers...