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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    Just remember, all we have to do is stay alert, you know, be aware. It's just a virus, ok, it's a genius and most likely an expert in a Chinese form of Ninjitsu and can be waiting for you in every single nook and cranny you walk past. Just be careful and stay alert, if you see it, avoid it... (and, if you did catch a bomb during the blitz, you wouldn't have been a burden on the health service)..
  2. The "UP Side" of Quarantine

    I find gong in to the cellar to get stuff done to be much more fun now. At least more fun that the stuff that needs dong in the rest of the house.
  3. Bought a cat

    Good grief, that's terrible. She sounds psychotic.. I'd be tempted to slap them if that was my cousin.
  4. Buying property in Germany

    I'm not sure prices will go down or not due the stuff that is going on at the moment, at least not everywhere. Looking at some areas, there are just not a lot of properties to buy and even if there are, the amount of people looking is higher. If there are 6 houses a year on the market in an area and 50 interested parties and that number drops to 20 interested parties, it isn't going to change much. Unless the banks decide the objects are not worth the price and so refuse to finance the purchase, i can't see much changing. Even if the prices tank, i'd expect that to attract larger entities to snap things up. When we have been looking people are not jumping on properties where we are, there have been a few flats that have been on the market for over 12 months before they were sold. houses tend to go quicker but even then, i've seen objects be available for over 6 months. You have to get to know how things work where you are looking and get a feeling for the price vs what you get. As we were looking I was able to guess roughly where a given house was (in the post code in relation to Trams etc) by looking at the price or if the price didn't match the area, start thinking what was wrong with it. If you missed out then it's just bad luck but until the contract has been signed at the Notary, both parties can back out. It's not nice mind, to get that far and have the owner and the marklar still accepting viewings and offers seems a little unfair to me. by that point your fiances should have been cleared to the point where it as sure you can get the cash for the purchase.
  5. President Donald J. Trump

    I think we are ll in a total immersion fremium video game. We are all playing for free, Trump and BJ are paying to win.
  6. Death penalty in the USA

    It's tricky as I can well understand the need or the want to have this kind of punishment. I've read info on a few criminals where I thought 'if we had it, this person deserves it'.   However looking at the system behind all this, we would have (talking bat the UK) executed quite a few innocent people. Or would we, that's my main problem with it. there is no real way in most cases to know if you have the guilty party. The Jury just have to be convinced enough they are guilty. Going further, what is the point of it? Is it punishment or is to protect the public? If it's punishment, then ok I guess, if you have the guilty party. If it is to protect the public, then why wouldn't we also execute those people who suffer form a mental illness and can't be cured? They may be under treatment but what if they show they can't be trusted and offend again? Where this falls down for me is it seems to be hit and miss with diagnosis and treatment in enough cases to make mistakes possible. For me, the chances of making a stake and killing an innocent person are too high (when looking across the whole process) for it to be viable. I know that even in cases where I thought it as deserved, if I were standing by the button that would execute someone and the rules were 'you can press, bu if there has been a mistake somewhere along the line and we find out the person is innocent, you go on trail' I would not press that button.
  7. Death penalty in the USA

    I'm ok with uninformed decisions as long a those making them have to deal with the consequences directly and no one else does (as far as possible). Vote for the war, risk the chance of being sent to the front lines.  A bomb , it's not really a comparable example is it, if a bomb specialist is needed, then there is a bomb that has to be disarmed, there is no vote needed. If a bomb is there, then there is no decision on an attack, it has already happened. Now the step before, where someone says 'let's bomb those people over there', then you can take a vote and anyone who votes yes can make the bomb and go and drop it off (and carry the risks that doing so brings). In your example this would be a person having to make the bomb and having to decide what the red wire attaches to and taking the risk the bomb goes off if they get it wrong.     
  8. Death penalty in the USA

    I've had a lot of discussions on this topic over the years and I've found that you will never persuade anyone who supports it to change their mind. Likewise, people who don't also don't often change their mind. For me, although I have read about cases that have made me think that the criminal really, really deserved it, really, really deserved the death penalty, I'm still against it. To be viable (to me) the system would have to be perfect akin to being pure fantasy. Telepathic mind readers who can see the guilt like a little TV clip. Even then, can we trust them, how do we know, who controls them and who watches those that watch them? I would accept the death penalty if, after a guilty verdict and the death sentence being passed, they hold a lottery for the executioner. Take 20 people and and ask them if they are for the death personality or life imprisonment. In secret they make their choice. They are then separated in two groups, the one who choose life imprisonment for the criminal get to leave. The rest all draw lots. The one who draws the executioner lot get to pull the trigger, flip the switch etc. However, should the criminal later be found innocent, the flipper of the switch is then guilty of murder, premeditated, first degree, whatever it's called. No getting out of it, they did it and the sentence is of course, death. I'd be surprised if many actually went through it. It's easy to argue about killing people when you don't have to do it yourself. I'd also take a public vote on any war and have it in law that anyone who votes for one is automatically conscripted. You can be 50, bald, fat with flat feet but you voted for it, the 'bad' guys are that way. That would make for an interesting movie 'yes, you are 230 lbs but you will run 5 miles and you will be dumped out of a landing craft on on to that beach'. A bit like fat camp and the biggest loser but they get thrown in to combat in the season finale.  
  9. DPD

    Amazon just seem to leave parcels for us on our doorstep (parcels addressed to us, not just all the parcels in the street - at least so far anyway).
  10. Coronavirus

    Torn, indeed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IOS7-4n12c        
  11. We have always planned in at least one month double rent etc. Having said that, we were always looking for a four room flat in a specific area. I think a place big enough for one person anywhere in the city would be easier, if you're not picky. Still wouldn't be something I would do or advice others to do.
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    It's like watching the first two minutes of keeping up with the Kardashians and then deciding to continue watching as, we've made our decision 
  13. You've been around here long enough to know how things work :-) Asking for advice on TT is like panning for gold. There's a lot of crap, you get panned and you sift though and find the good (useful) stuff.
  14. We can't criticize the J'amt for stepping in when a child has made an accusation of abuse, there would be hell to pay (at least in the press) if they didn't and the kid died or was seriously hurt. I'd take any talk, chat or discussion about the actions of the J'amt out of it, even if they were in the wrong or were over zealous  it wouldn't make a huge amount of difference (I think it's shit that they didn't contact the mother on the day she was taken in to care). *Your fiend needs to get a lawyer who is specialized in this area.* <------- if you take nothing else from this post/thread, take this!! Looking forward, they will have both learned a lesson, mother will have learned she can't leave the kid at 11 on her own. I know all kids are different but the law is there on this. The kid has learned a huge lesson, maybe a stem roller cracked a nut size lesson. She lied, but lied about the wrong thing to the wrong people and now shes been taken away in to care.  As I say, all kids are different, maybe she just takes it in her stride. Mother should spend more time with daughter, invest in child care if she has to be away and daughter needs to be supported and feel she is supported.  I get the feeling from what you said that the daughter has started to grow up in response to her mother being away so much. That's going to be hard at 11..  
  15. We have always taken the view that kids will be kids, some kids have problems and we understand that but our sympathy goes when they hit our daughter. This has led us to go through the school and directly to the parents on one occasion. So far we have been lucky, the parents were basically 'yes, sorry, we know, both we, the school and a child counselor are working on it'. Kid left our daughter alone ad since then me just looking at him seems to work. This approach is not always possible, during my uni time I did a course that had us in a primary school one of two afternoons a week. The school was in a shit area, really bad. Parents were in constantly about bullying and fighting etc.  I think I was asked to hang around twice by female members of staff as there were no other male staff around as the parent waiting in the lobby was known for acting in an aggressive way to female staff, but nice as pie to male staff. He was shorter than I am (which is not that easy) and not a nice guy.His son was always in trouble for bullying and a kid had finally hit his kid back so this was his time to be able to complain. Later we had the other father in as he was unhappy that his kid was in trouble for finally hitting the other kid back. I crossed that area off my 'places to live' pretty quick.