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  1. Non payment from house sale

    Good luck. 
  2. Non payment from house sale

    Lawyer up and get interest on all the money you are missing out on and gave had to pay out so far. I'd be surprised if you aren't allowed to claim this back knowing what Germans are like. 
  3. Non payment from house sale

    Couldn't agree more. Defaulting on a mortgage whichever country you're in isn't a good idea. There are surely better options than that.   
  4. UK regulations of German trucks driving there

    Buchbinder told me last summer that it would be no problem hiring a transit van in Germany and taking it to england. I don't see why a 7.5T truck would be a problem. That was a year ago though so maybe things have changed.     
  5. Vodafone uk unlock

    Next time buy a 3 mobile phone, they come unlocked as standard  and ready for any sim card.    Hope that helps.