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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    true, we all react differently to the same virus 
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    oh ok. strange definition.  I wanted to avoid taking boosters. So it is either don't travel or take a booster. :-(  
  3. Travel to the US and back.

    My 2nd vaccine dose was in May 2022. Will I be considered fully vaccinated to be able to travel to US end of Nov?   
  4. Registration without living

    Yes, he could use his parents address abroad for sure. German official communication won't be sent outside of Germany though.    I will ask him to put my address where he needs a local german address. Without registration ofcourse. Hopefully no important communication is missed.   
  5. Registration without living

    wow. seriously!!!!   and when the person is not registered and has no address? 
  6. Registration without living

    I can't imagine german govt offices to communicate with some address or phone outside of germany. that's the job of the german embassy but only for limited services and you have to approach them, not the other way around. 
  7. Registration without living

    Seems to be the easiest option. Thank you 
  8. Registration without living

    He is not visiting 1 location overseas. Kind of a nomad trip. 
  9. Registration without living

    He is ready to pay his health insurance if allowed to register
  10. Registration without living

    This is what I fear 
  11. Hard to find good doctors, getting appointments is a nightmare. Getting 2nd and 3rd opinions is rarely possible due to insane waiting times.    One of the good doctors we found has now moved out of the insurance system (both gesetzlich and privat). She now only does paid private consulting. So we don't get to see her anymore. 
  12. A friend of mine (German citizen) is leaving Germany for a year. He will not be employed, no taxes, no insurance. He will deregister at his old address.  He has a case going on in the courts (not criminal, a civil case) for which he expects some communication to happen during his absence.  In order for him to receive his letters (court and other letters) at my address, am I allowed to register him at my address? Or only get his address updated with the bank, court, lawyer without a registration?    I don't want any trouble with 'fake registration' and fines and so on. Please suggest options in case you have dealt with a similar situation. I would like to help him out but not at the cost of trouble to myself or my family.