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  1. Anyone in germany in the same situation?  I have hired a lawyer as well but no luck, got 15 days extension only due to flight cancellation from Lufthansa. 
  2. We called the standesamt today, same response, can't say anything, can't give any concrete info.  what's your status? keep updating so we know what to expect.  
  3. https://www.toytowngermany.com/forum/topic/388764-mother-on-visitor-visa-also-relevant-for-other-visitors-during-the-pandemic/#comment-3842841 Any suggestions? Thank you 
  4. A friend in Frankfurt got his passport in 9 months, includes the pandemic time, that's the fastest i have seen in Frankfurt. May be he was just lucky, otherwise hard to explain, in frankfurt it takes an year easily (in normal times unlike today). 
  5. My mother is in Germany since March and her Schengen visa was extended until 15.10. I have contacted the Auslaenderbehoerde, Auswaertigesamt, BMI in order to get more info on how to extend her visa so she could remain here until the pandemic situation improves, especially back home in India. My mother is a widow and lives alone in India. Air travel is risky for her age. It wouldn’t be possible for me to travel on a same day flight if she needs support as current travel rules mandates a quarantine in India and flight tickets are also not readily available. Auslaenderbehoerde does not even want to listen and just answers "No" each time I write them an email.  India currently stands number 2 globally based on the number of infections and it is likely to go beyond US numbers in the coming days - https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ My state in India which is slightly bigger than Germany in terms of population has almost 1.5 million infections - https://www.covid19india.org/state/MH Prominent German virologist Christian Drosten has raised his concerns regarding India in his recent interview -  https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-we-wont-get-rid-of-masks-anytime-soon-says-leading-german-virologist/a-54961783 Robert Koch Institute has marked India as a high risk country since 15 June - https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html I was hoping the German bureacracy would be more sympathetic towards tax payers and their parents but the experience has been exactly the opposite. I continue to see 10k+ refugee applications being processed each month even during the pandemic. But we are being ignored outright, no sympathy, no human rights.    Is anyone in the same situation as me?  1.      Is it realistically possible to get a visa extension using legal support? What is the probability 100% or 50%? 2.      How much would it cost me in total to get legal support on this matter? Any leads?  3.      Would taking legal assistance in current scenario have an impact on my mother’s future visa application to Germany from India?   Please suggest. Thank you
  6. More or less the same boat,1 month after you. We followed up with Rathaus, standard response, it can take longer due to Corona. Initially we were told it could take 1-2 years.    Feb is actually too close as in current situation even Indian passport processing could take longer. Your old visa should be valid along with your old and new passports together.   
  7. Any experience in recent times with the processing time once you hand in your application?  We were told it could take 1-2 years as the offices are not fully functional due to Corona.