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  1. Yes you can always change your job, but it does sometimes pay to wait a bit especially if you are in the middle of a process that would take very long otherwise.    For example my Niederlassungserlaubnis was delayed because I had to change jobs and the Ausländerbehörde wanted to wait till my new Probezeit was over before working on my application. 
  2. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    Based on what I've read elsewhere, a RÜRUP Rente plan is enough, plus you have 90 months of pension payments in another EU country. It shouldn't be an issue but it definitely depends on the actual person you get at the bureau.    If anyone have any recommendations for RÜRUP plans I am all ears. Is this also something you can not stop paying into, once you start? 
  3. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    @nchristowitz did you find any answers to your questions? I'm a freelancer in a similar situation - I actually have about 3 years of payments into the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, and have been looking up the RÜRUP Rente type of pension plans. I'm also not sure whom to talk to get a good idea of what to do, aside from trying my luck with the Ausländerbehörde. 18% of my income to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung seems quite cost-prohibitive especially if its post-tax income.
  4. Holmes Place - Gym

    If you sign up for urban sports club you can visit all of the Holmes Place locations and can cancel anytime.