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  1. Monks Town you are right about the lack of "Industrialised Genocide". It was a more bungled and ad-hoc affair than that. I am sure that the exiles who who uprooted and sent to the Taiga with no shelter or food and who died by the thousand thanked their lucky (red) stars.


    I am also sure that the poor Poles who ended up at Katyn were delighted to have been selected for liquidation by the Soviets rather than the Nazis. (Incidentally it is often forgotten in the west that Poland was invaded in 1939 by Nazi Germany AND Soviet Russia. The Nazi militarisation of the Rhineland and the subsequent annexations are well also well known and were and still are frequent matters for historio-political debate. What about the Baltic states? What is the difference?)


    Those "Hitler World Tour" t-shirts that you used to see in "Viz" are in pretty poor taste. Equally a "Stalin World Tour" would also be questionable...or I am missing something. Violence to achieve political ends is wrong whatever colour the shirt is. So why celebrate it.


    I may of course be wrong...perhaps might is right, and if the day ever comes no doubt I will be re-educated as to my errors and misjudgement.


  2. Some genius wit whose name escapes me once said or wrote "You can't please everybody all of the time". If you don't like what I wear and you are making assumptions - well that aint my problem. I don't have any TS stuff...it just aint me. But if I choose to then that is my choice. And I will have words with any who have the arrogance to tell me what I may and may not wear. I am not left nor am I right...I am on my own team because only I have the right to make my destiny. Be that in a FDJ shirt, Flecktarn, brushed tweed or a Thor Steinar shirt. I could not give a toss what some bonesheads get out wearing this that or t'other. To reiterate though I do think all political imagery should be banned on casual clothes - although I concede that there is the question where to draw the line...white laces perhaps?


    Yep, you are right, ban clothes totally and that will REALLY level the playing field, in more ways than one. Who knows, we all might like it...o the freedom!


  3. Sunny wrote "I think a lot of people like to celebrate the design, music and popular culture of the DDR and this is very apparent in Berlin. It doesnt necessarily mean that we are approving of the brutality"


    Do you know that I think the "Stuka" is a beautiful aircraft. As piece of 1930's aircraft design it is a classic. Oh lordy though - those damn Narzis used it - therefore (in many person's minds) anyone who can appreciate it must be some low-low right winger as well. I also think that the Spitfire has a fantastic line and the noise of the Merlin always sends a shiver down my spine. This not does mean that I think WC was a top lad...his actions during the general strike were barbaric (and I could not believe he was voted our Greatest Briton the other year. People forget - or maybe they just remember what they want to remember as well?)


    Of course the two (appreciation v political leaning) are not necessarily exclusive to each other. We need to remember that.


    What really gets my goat is that one autocratic totalitarian regime (and those who would like a similar regime today) is seen as being better than another autrocratic regime (and those who would like to reboot it). An appreciation is fine...emulation maybe not so fine. What makes one set of boot boys any better than another? The colour of their laces maybe?


    Ban all defunct political imagery - or ban none. The Hammer and Sickle may have initially stood for the workers and peasants - but only a fool would say that everyone the party stood for or had dominion over, benefited. No one in their right mind would wear a shirt with a swastika on it - even if they do not approve of brutality (as sunny put it)- so why is it different with other regimes with a brutal human rights record? Did Soviet citizens not suffer as well under successive First Comrades? Or because it less well known than other terrible abuses does that mean it did not happen? Should we pretend they didn't?


    This thread is sugesting that Thor Steinar clothes should be banned. What if I like a Thor Steinar top purely because I like the design...am i going to have to explain myself when walking down Oranien Strasse? Forget it! The last time I looked the Gestapo and Stasi went of business a while back.If you are going to have a dig at someone for what they wear rather than what they might do then why stop at Thor Steinar? I find "Primark" offensive. Yep it is cheap and cheerful but the clothes are often not designed to last for very long (poor value and ripping off those who can least afford it in the long run) and I have an unesay feeling that things marked "Made in [insert country with a history of sweat shops and child labour here] "are indeed made by little more than forced labour.Obviously, Joe Bloggs who has just bought some gear there thoroughly endorses the exploitation of workers for a pittance - otherwise he would shop elsewhere - and deserves the just and righteous punishment of the mob. A thoroughly stupid idea... whatever shop or logo.


    All logos and symbols on casual clothes that can be construed as being offensive should be banned. Right, left, political, religious, whatever.


    Freedom of expression is for suckers anyway. Old Erich H might have said that himself. He probably didn't though


  4. Jeremy, we have a few projects at the moment but they are in the immediate Munich area. Something that has shocked me here is that members of the public just turn up, have a chat with the guys about what is going on and then go and have a lookie at whats going on. It is great that people take an interest but in the UK they would not be able to put a toe on site due to H&S regulations (They could trp and break a nail leaving the company wide to legal actions) and the sites are generally all fenced off (In some places I have worked in - Parkhead, Glasgow and Wallsend, the Toon - the fences actually get stolen - oh how we laughed). However here that is not the case. We even get people turning with crates of water for us but the best is this Hasufrau who turns up with Kaffee und Kuchen and Eis - deffo don't get that in Parkhead or Wallsend - a lead pipe round the old skull would be more like it :( . If we get anything further south I will give you a knock. (Beer offerings for the crew always welcome)


    Garibaldi - I won't give the exact location yet as the event is not nearly for a month. The actual archaeology we will be doing on the day consists of of late-Roman to early Medieval graves..exactly to sort of site that would attract nighthawkers. We have been very lucky on this site to date and I would not wnat to tempt fate. I believe that the nighthawking problem (Individuals/gangs armed with metaldetectors - sometimes literally armed as well) is not so bad as in the UK but is still something to be wary of. I know of a site near Eching (or was it Erding?) that had probably the richest Romano-Gallic grave in Bavaria. The grave was too complex to dig in one day and so was left covered with a tarp overnight. By the next morning his skull was nicked.


    I can say that the event runs from 11am to 16.00. There is a shop just close by for sausages and beer in case watching people working hard on a sunday gives you an appetite :)


    The site gives a gives a fascinating picture of people and events not just near Munich but for the wider region. As well as features from clearly defined periods - Neolithic,Hallstatt, La-Tene, Romano-Gallic, the gravefield shows a community in flux with a variety of influences being manifest in the burial rites. Frankish (in the form of a Francisca throwing axe - as used by Kirk in the "Vikings"), Barbarian and Romano-Gallic influences are all here, the latter best exemplified by jewellery. Children, women and men are all represented - some with no grave goods, (slaves perhaps?) some with and some (too many :( ) that have been robbed in antiquity. The gravegoods give clues to that person's status or job in soceity. Only this last week I uncovered a male who had been buried with a collection of small knives and probes - this person could have been a doctor.(Certainly the probes look like some I have seen from Pompeii. He was also buried with some long nails - perhaps there is some truth in the episode of the "Young Ones" where Neil has a cold?) Or maybe he just took the task of earwax removal very seriously


    More details as I get them/nearer the time.




  5. Perhaps we should ban Doc Martens too? And Fred Perry shirts? What about bomber jackets?Burberry jackets too? White boot laces? How about we ban all clothing with any sort of political connatotion? Level the field a bit? As well as Thor Steinar and Lonsdale we should ban anything with Che on it, anything with a hammer and sickle, anything with a red star on it..old NVA kit that people use as workclothes. All those hawkers selling old Communist and DDR trinkets at Potsdamer Platz or on Tiergarten flohmarkt...they should be banned too lest anybody be inspired to work towards DDR Mk2.


    Someone on this thread commented on the fact that the first logo was a poorly disguised swastika. I am not so sure about poorly disguised. It took me a few goes to actually see it...all I was seeing were runes. Perhaps they should be banned too


    The NPD and their associated hangers-on may be repugnant to many but we either a democracy or we don't. If the latter - well Germany has been there before a few times over the last century already.


    Political violence of all shades must stop..however I doubt very much that banning this or that brand will really have any bearing on it. If a person breaks the law then the law will deal with them. Daubing paint on shops does not really help


  6. On Sunday the 14th of September, local archaeologists are hosting an open day near Bergkirchen (Dachau). As well as displays of some of the beautiful artefacts we have uncoverded there will also be excavations in progess on the day. This is a chance to learn a little about the earlier history of the Munich area - it didn't all start 850 years ago! The history of the site from the Prehistoric, (burial, various houses) through the Romano-Gallic period (a large Villa complex) through to the Sub-Roman/early Medival (settlement and gravefield) will be explained by the archaeologists and illustrated by some of the star finds. Rest assured that those cheeky chaps from "Crime Team" are coming nowhere near :)


    More details as I get them/nearer the time




  7. I think I saw these burnt out wrecks just on Balan str, near Ostbahnhof. I thought that maybe a couple of Kreuzberg lads had come down to show the southerners how to have a proper May day riot. :D

    Dunno where Au is - is it by Ostbahnhof or have I seen a different set of 3 burnt out vehicles? Kinda reminded me of the Ely riots back in Cardiff in the 90's.


  8. It's a bugger getting pies and pasties here. But then, even trying to get the king of them all, the "Clark's Pie" is pretty impossible outside of a 10 mile radius of Cardiff. When I moved back to the UK after a 2 year stint in Berlin, pretty much all I ate for the longest time, was pies and pasties. I had a real problem. With the help of friends and family I gradually got better. There is not a day that goes past where I don't think of the glory days though - a Clarky or Steak and Kidney pie, mash and beans (Having beans is abit more depraved than mushy peas I think). A good Cornish or Ginsters Meat and Tatty pastie also worked well with mash and beans. But I digress...


    I recall that that the tiny British legion club in Berlin used to sell bangers and pies when they had them. I don't suppose that there is a BL in Munich though. As other people have suggested, it is probably best to make your own. Do not be faint of heart though! Cooking your own can be a great way of experimenting. Try making them as were originally made - meat mixture on one half and say stewed apple (peel and core some eating apples, cut into small cubes, add to hot melted butter. Stir in sugar to taste and maybe a little five spice. Do not let the apple catch on the base of the pan..keep it moving and do let the butter and sugar burn. Ten minutes should do it) on the other. The idea was that tin miners had their dinner and afters in one package. They would eat everything except the bits of pastry they were holding (hence some pasties are in a sort of D shape - you would hold the curved edge) as their fingers would have all sorts of nasty heavy metals and shite on them. The crust would would be hoyed away, or chucked at the guy who thought Wales were gonna get stuffed. But that is another story... :-)


    Happy cooking




  9. If you are in Tiergarten, then the flea market can be fun. You can also get some beer there and get her and yourself pissed before asking the "How about a bit of the the old "Wie sind deine Vater?" question.


    Avoid mentioning that the Tiergarten saw some pretty heavy fighting in 1945. In fact avoid that topic all together. Did I read that you are from Norwich? - best to leave mentioning the war to Mr Partridge.


    Good luck




    PS avoid Panther piss and old spice..."Brut 33" or "Blue Stratos" is the way to go. Either of these will really get her panting (or at least gasping for breath)