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  1. Does anyone know if a BK is good for the buses in Ingolstadt? I ask because I get the impression that the buses here are a different sort of operation to the MVV. Can smaller firms opt out of the Bayern Karte? I could have asked but like the question about why mummy and daddy were doing what they were doing, I was too shy :)





    Well, as historian you should know that Hitler never had a majority in the Reichstag.


    I never said he did. The fact is though is that they were part of the democratic process. That they destroyed the system after January 30th is no secret. Even after consolidation they passed the Enabling Act again and again just as it was due to expire. (This does seem a bit odd with hindsight but I guess that this was done to appease those voices who might have dared to question the legality of the regime). In any event, when someone is in my face, being quite aggressive and not letting me get a single word in, trying to flatter them with numbers is not the first thing that comes to mind.


    I had a German couple yesterday. Younger people. I don't push this in German's faces - they cover it quite well in school (and the Bundeswehr if they do WD)... I test the water first...but they were comfortable with it. Very different to the guy the day before.


  3. Herr Dinksbumps,


    when I worked in the Dachau Memorial Site that is exactly what I did, often made references to the Soviet system, how they were similar, how they were different. When I talk about the Räterepublik in Munich I always mention that the Communists were also pretty handy when it came to dishing out beatings and worse. We hear about what great men Eisner and Landauer were but the inconvenient truth about some of the activities of the glorious workers tend to forgotten about - it's easier to talk about Nazi crimes that those of the "goodies"*


    (* And I don't mean Bill Odie, Tim tayler and the other guy either)


  4. A lot of tourists want to see and hear about this stuff. Perhaps they should stay at home and not spend their money in places like the Eagles Nest.


    As for inaccuracies...you have only to read a selection of modern newspapers that cover the same story and you will find that each has their version of the "truth". Research something 60,70, 80 years ago and you will come up against the same thing. My adoptive Granny in Berlin watched the heroic Red Army rape her 10 year old sister...speak to someone of that period from Koln or Munich and the chances are that they have a different experience.


    If the guy (and his ilk) had come on one of those themed tours and didn't like it - fair enough. But just to pass judgement like that...I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. As an historian, I try and be unbiased in my presentation of the facts/"facts"/history/what happened/whatever you want to call it - but sometimes when I get this aggro I just want to say something like "Well the Germans should not have voted for him then". I know that this is very puerile and I never have voiced it...but it IS history. I shouldn't be so surprised though...this is the country that couldn't wave it's flag without sh*tting it's pants until the recent world cup and even then some elements were worried about the upsurge in national pride.


    Perhaps I should also cut out things like the Reformation and the 30 Years War in case someone gets upset? Best not mention the various presecutions against Jews and witches in the Medival period as well.The past was not a particularly rosy place to live in and is full of outrages. Perhaps I should just stay at home, sign on the dole, drink beer and wallow in my own filth. That way no-one can be offended :)


  5. Yesterday in Munich I was touting for some business - I hoped to maybe give a history tour to some tourists.


    A German bloke comes up and asks about the tour. I reply "Well it's a bit of ancient archaeology, a lot of Medieval stuff and we finish in the 20th century".


    His reply, in perfect English but with a face like thunder - "You should go back to London or America and do a tour on your crimes against people like the Indians....why do you people come here and just concentrate on the crimes of the National Socialist regime"


    With that he about turned and stomped off, not wanting to argue his case.


    Jesus, I didn't know that people like Henry the Lion, Graf von Tilly and Kaiser Bill were dirty Nazi swine.


    I am of the opinion that not talking about the NS regime (what sticks in my craw is that I never even mentioned it - it was a general history tour I was selling) is the same as denying the camps and all that that entails. What does everybody else think?


    I have had a few punters who have denied certain facts but they were from other parts of the world - not saying where from - and I have had to put them straight. I have also had a few Germans - not enough to be vets but old enough generally to have been in the HJ - telling me that I should stop telling lies. It is starting to p me off :angry:


  6. In a recent book - "Highroad to the stake" (Kunze) it mentions the youngest son Hansel (in some accounts his name is Hoel) being on the Sheriff's horse. The Sheriff rode with the boy as he was under orders to make notes of what the kid said - looking for more evidence. When they got to the Schoenes Turm, they were greeted by a half-mile long throng of people leading to the market place. On seeing all these people, the dazed and truamatised kid said (or at least was reported to have said) "look at all these men at arms that have turned out for my mother and fathers wedding...even the Duke himself does not have so many" (the fact that the kid didn't really grasp what was going on - or was in shock as he had been tortured and beaten with a cane as well was not taken into account when it came to burning him alive. He was 10 years old). My understanding was that they left the Falcon Turm where they had been tortured and Anna mutilated. The stop at Neuhauser Tor to pray and drink whilst the kid is furter down the street ny the Schoenes Turm/St Mikes. The procession with the prisoners make their way down to marienplatz. Once here the men are further tortured by having their arms broken with the wheel. The father, Paulus was then impaled 9but not to the extent that he would die from this. Then they were put on to the pyres and burned alive (along with two other unrelated unfortunates, a farmer and a tailor) with the youngster watching. Anna, despite massive blood loss was still alive when they set fire to her as her son was recorded as screaming "look...my mother is squirming"


    The English language texts point at Marienplatz being the place of execution but perhaps the German language texts are more reliable? Perhaps I should pay a visit to the Stadtarchiv.


  7. Thanks for that deco. I have not read through all that website link, but it is precisely for the mentioned Pappenheimer trial that I am researching this. It was my understanding that the Pappenheimers were tortured here (Falkenturm)and then on the day of execution, led through Neuhauser Tor (where they were allowed to pray and even drink some wine) before being taken to Marienplatz/Schrannenplatz for the final act. If the tower was where the link you gave was then (and no reason to doubt it) logically it makes no sense to drive a couple of horse and carts out of the way up to what is now Karls Tor and then down to Marienplatz. It only makes sense if we maybe consider that going around the long was intended to prolong the spectacle - the family were severely messed up by now - Anna Pampenheimer had actually had her breasts cut off by this point - and also if we consider that tradition stated that the condemned had to pass through Karls Tor and receive a gift of wine from town officials.


    Not a nice tale :(


  8. I have been doing a bit of research on Medieval Munich and found reference to a thing called "The Falcon Tower". I think that this was somewhere near Karls Tor but I can't be sure.

    I know that very little of the old town defences remain but does anyone know where exactly this tower was?


    All ideas much appreciated,




  9. Ahh, the Mauser action. Beautiful and fairly fool proof. I used to shoot a K98 (dot 1942, 7,92 fmj) Hell of a kick (though no worse than say an SLR or at a guess, a Garand or M14)Never hunted with it (UK restrictions, tended to use the dog [Whippet], birds [kestrel, Buzzard] and sometimes just a .22 Weihrauch HW77)


    I tried to eat the stuff I killed but after my Whippet had had her fun there was not always much left :-(


    I hope you find what you are looking for next time you are in town


  10. I have noticed (maybe just my ear) that it seems to very with the weather. Yesterday they sounded really terrible, Saturday when we had crappy weather, less so.


    Still all the tourists clap and clear regardless - just like the locals do back home when they see a black and white magic moving picture box in an antique shop window.


  11. I have never got my head around this and have heard conflicting views. I work free-lance for an archaeology firm. I make my invoices and get paid. No need for a Gewerbeschein. I also work as a tour guide for myself and recently got asked for ID by the rozzers. They made a big stink saying that it was not enough to be self-employed but that I also had to have a Gewerbeschein. I subsequently got one sorted. Since then colleagues in the archaeology firm have suggested to me that the cops where talking nonsense and that the G-schein Ampt should have realised that I didn't need one and didn't tell me just to get some money out of me. I'm glad I got the thing as getting grilled by the cops on Marienplatz is not so good for business. :)


    Reason for the enquiry on this thread is that I might want to use an extra bod come Oktoberfest and want to go about it the right way.


  12. If I want to sub-contract out to another free-lancer, must I insist that they have a Gewerberschein, or would they be covered by my/my company having one? This is assuming of course that they are a registered freelancer and not someone just trying to make a bit of dosh on the side.


    Any ideas?


  13. Wot no "Slippery When Wet"? (Much better IMO than "Endless Summer") or "Big Wednesday"? The latter has it all - some great surf, Gary "I'm not a piss-head I'm a born-again-Christian" Busey and that coked-up, alchie, Air-wolf-flying, wife-beating idiot Jan-Michael-Vincent.


    And there is no Point-Break (Regardless of whether you think KR can be classed as an actor or not, PB has a lot going for it, including the afore mentioned Mr Busey)


  14. The full and final report for this dig can be seen here http://www.singularch.com/referenzen/bergkirchen_bericht.pdf


    This supercedes the previous reports and includes details of the open day that TT members visited (you may recognise yourself in the photo). This report has some great photos of finds before and after restoration and presents the methodolgy and conclusios of the dig in a digestable form - provided that you can read German of course.




  15. Armed siege in Munich-Pasing

    Avenarius Straße awash with HK armed coppers


    And that is about the size of it. No more details. The entire street was sealed off from near Avenarius Platz down to Paoso Str. Police and their undercover buddies tooled up for business. Being very tight lipped and would only say "You'll read about it in the papers". The operation seemed to be centred on the Student digs building. I passed the scene this morning at about 10.50am and saw 3 marked cars parked up. Plod gave me a good looking at. Getting off the bus half an hour ago the scene had changed dramatically - street cordoned off, one or two ambulances and more police cars than you could shake a stick at. Some local press turned up with cameras so I followed suit only to be have an SUV with balcked out windows come out of nowhere and demand my camera. To give them their due they were more interested in the photos of some ancient skeletons I recently excavated and were totally in order. They packed up about 15 minutes ago. I did not hear anything kicking off so I assume the situation was dealt with peacefully.


    And thats all folks


  16. Because obviously the various regimes/movements that used these symbols never hurt anyone and anyone who says otherwise is obviously a reactionary brownshirt wearing, skinheaded ignorant anti-semitic, anti-foreigner Neo


    But seriously -


    I cannot quote paragraph and page, but the Hakenkreuz was deemed to be an anti-democratic symbol in the immediate post-war period (I think it was Eisenhower who passed this legislation..certainly it was on his orders that a lot of the overt trappings of the Nazi regime were destroyed). Banning the red star and hammer and sickle (although the Soviets were hardly democratic) would have been bad politics considering the imput the RKKA and the Soviet state made to victory over the NS regime. Why it was not banned when the cold war was at its height or since the wall came down is anybody's guess. The Soviet system is hardly a bedfellow of democracy...unless of course your name is Honnecker and you believe that since your country is called the German Democratic Republic then it must be Democratic.



    Yesterday I spotted skinheads eating a Big Mac by the Karlstor in München. I now believe anyone eating a Big Mac is a neo nazi...


    and by the way...this stuff looks like good quality clothing...thanks for the link.

    Some of them wear socks and pants too. The more I think about it, the more I realise that the streets of Munich, Berlin and even my home town in Wales is also full of Neo's based on this fact. Coupled with the Big Macs... h'mm it could appear that the right wing skins have made an unholy pact with sock and pants manufacturer's and the burger industry. Crickey!


    I am off to live on a rock in the Bristol Chennel where I can run around naked and eat grass and dandelions



    I think it depends on the context. Way too many things can be deemed offensive. Clothing that clearly incites people to violence and/or to overthrow the democratic government I can justify banning (i.e. "Exterminate the Jews!" or "Bring back the 3rd Reich!"). The rest can get very murky. What about Theo Van Gogh's caricature of Mohammed? Yes, it was offensive to many Muslims, but it made an important point about religious terrorism (not to mention I love sarcasm). I have an old book about the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich that is completely anti-Hitler, but I won't read it on the train because it's got a big Swastika on it. My husband and I don't even say "Hitler" when we speak of him, but rather refer to him as the "Austrian Corporal" so as not to attract attention. It just feels extreme at times. The problem with censorship is that it doesn't prevent things from occurring all together - it just sends them underground. If there are people out there who would be very happy to wear nazi-themed clothing, it would be best for society to know about it. I'd rather be "offended" by people wearing Swastikas than find myself with a friend of color in the middle of a group of them (and risk violence) because I wasn't aware of their latest clothing trends. I think the best way to combat your enemy is to know him, but it's a tough balance because we don't want those people to openly attract more members.

    Context context context. The Nazis used the swazi for about 25 years. Prior to the NS, it had been used by other Pan-German and right wing groups and individuals. Prior to that, it had been in use, in different parts of the world, for millenia. Just have a look on here Swastika (Wikipedia)

    Ok I know this is Wiki but it makes the general point. The NS did not create this, did not invent it and that regime is long gone. In the history of the symbol, they are a blip. I don't find the symbol offensive...as an historian I have a certain objectivity...before anyone reads this and messes their pants shouting "Nazi" or "Fascist", I am glad to disappoint you.

    As a political symbol, it is dead. Those who would like to march behind a red white and black banner are politically dead too, they just don't know it yet. The NS had their 15 mins. That symbol in that context only has power today in our minds...just like certain words only having the value that you allow them to have. What I do find offensive is not the Communist Hammer and Sickle per se but rather the mindset that says "That authoritarian state is bad, that one is good", It is the hypocrisy in this country makes me want to puke. Did Nazi border guards shoot Peter Fechter? And yet it is cool to wear NVA/RKKA kit? (as practical clothes for work I think it is fine...but as a show of solidarity with the former regimes? You might as well wear a red white and black armband...the Nazis were "Socialists" too, just like those other gentlemen who marched behind a red flag)

    Both symbols were hailed as being the latest best thing and yet both are forever tainted with murder and suffering on a mass scale - against their own flesh and blood - in peace time, never mind during WW2 (and beyond). Ban both symbols and be done with it...or wake up and realise that the politics and symbols of yesterday have no role to play today...so the NPD lads and lasses want to march with that flag? Or in that Thor Steinar shirt? Fine, let them...where are they going to march? Defunct symbology does not coherent, practical, workable, political strategy make. "Well, they are going to attract more members if they do this or do that" is the argument. If the right-wing gains support, is it their fault? Surely, if this part of the political spectrum is attracting support then it is indicative of problems elsewhere? Instead of spray painting a TS shop perhaps these big men should maybe ask what is so wrong with society that people feel the need to join them in the first place? Same goes for those who fight political battles from behind a desk with a pen...banning this party or that party, this symbol or that badge is hardly tackling the root issues of why some people think it is acceptable to burn asylum hostels or to pick on individuals on the U-bahn because they look or sound different.


    Just saying "f*ck those Nazi swine...lets egg that shop where they go" is not useful at all and just gives them free advertising. I did not know that there was a Thor Steinar shop in Mitte. How many people on TT would have known it if was not posted on here?



    The far right are a threat all over the world, and in the current economic downturn a sharper eye should be kept on them, whilst you have to accept them as a serious threat, i feel that a strong weapon against them, is have a laugh at their expense.

    Surely in a democracy, anyone who has anti-democratic beliefs or an agenda that could only be brought to fruition by the abolition of the democratic system is a threat..whether that belief is based upon politics, religion or Sponge Bob. Of course in a democracy, to an extent one is free to think and vote how one wants to...or at least that was my understanding of the word.



    My own personal view is that people who have contact with god really have contact with themselves. When I have looked back on times when I have prayed all I see are a need to be comforted (asking for things to go well), a release of my feelings and feeling better as a result (talking to god about problems) or talking to yourself in the moments when you are 'talking to God' (IMO when we ask god a question and get an answer, it is really another part of ourselves which answers, something which exists independently of God, but is stimulated by this asking of the question).

    I am not an Odinist although I do frequently "dip" into and work with the Norse Pantheon (Before anyone says "Hey! this is about the Judeo-Christian belief systems" - I think it is relevant). When I partake in a "Blot" I do not kneel down, as Odinists have no need to kneel before their deities. We do our rituals, make our offerings. Typically, at the end of the ritual the air temperature is always a few degrees warmer (or at least it seems to be). Odinic ritual is based on the Sagas and other Norse folk tales. My reason for posting is this - the Norse Deities, for all their supernatural strength, beauty, skill or whatever have foibles and flaws that are all too human and when I consider the different Deities, it is the similarities with myself that I dwell upon - my weaknesses. At the end of the Blot each person asks for help in some form or other. I don't think that some guy with a big hammer effects change (at least not physically...mentally -yes) but on a mental level I think going through the ritual actually works at a deeper level. Therefore, if after asking for help to clear up a bad case of exzema, the condition clears up, it is down to some mental mechanism. For me, the Goddesses and Gods are an idea and to some extent, a way of life.


    I am a scientist. I laughed at a hardcore Christian Anthropologist last year who did not believe in evolution. Some would laugh at me no doubt, but if going through rituals presses the right buttons in my head to effect change, well then it works for me. I try very hard to keep work and religion apart and I think, do this successfully


  21. What a load of bollocks the protestors were giving today on Marienplatze. A big chunk do not even shave yet...and yet they were shoving leaflets in my face about the horrors of Nato, what a good lad Che was, why Anarchism and Communism are preferable to democracy. Bollocks.