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  1. Not read the entire thread so no idea if it has been up already:


    Dill goes really well with salmon. Poach or cook en papiette your salmon. Your sauce should consist of sauted onions and mushrooms.When they are done, chuckin a good glass of white wine. Reduce. Add a little vege or fish stock. (just a little as they are quite salty and you don't want to overpower the taste of the fish and dill). Do not boil the sauce - you will kill it. When it is starting to bubble, chuck in a good punch of chopped dill. Chop it fairly fine. Turn heat off and stir in.

    Poached salmon goes well with peeled new spuds and maybe a bit of steamed broc or mange tout. Serve the sauce and fish how you like however. To make it a little flash, just before serving, bung some concasse on top of the fish.


    A quick dish and not too heavy or expensive.If you are feeling flush chuck just a few prawns and or fresh mussels into the sauce. (although if you do this, chuck em in with the wine - make sure those suckers are cooked ;-) )


    Have fun with your dill - would love to hear how you get on with the suggestions on here




  2. If you want to be unobtrusive, ditch the tent.Just get yourself an ex-army poncho and some bungees. You can have an adequate shelter up in two minutes. Being ex-army, these things are generally green or cammo and blend in a treat. To reduce your silhouette, you just move the bungees. You can really do low-impact camping with these things. As an added plus, the weight is minimal.



    This is the fundamental misunderstanding you have, and I can only explain it so many times: This company is apparently not the boss of the tour guides.

    Of course not. Chris Sandeman is.And if he does not like your face - or if say, you don't make a tour of the Dachau Memorial funky or jokey enough (B.A's in 3rd Reich History are for turkeys anyway) - or even if you ring up and say "look, I can't work, I have a pretty severe cold, cannot walk straight as I have gone deaf...really, I would do a terrible tour" - bye bye. Nothing illegal about telling a freelancer to get lost. As for what is illegal, we shall see what happens. The Germans are pretty thorough about tracking down wrong doers.I have no doubt that if Mr Sandeman has acted within the law in his practices (no matter how odious they may seem to some) then he has nothing to worry about.


    BTW, I would like to add that my previous post on I think page 3 of this thread was meant to be ironic. This one is not.


  4. Get yourself some good white fish. Cod works best.


    Slice some onions and mushrooms and maybe some red peppers.saute in a bit of butter and olive oil. Some chopped fresh tommies never go amiss either. Season with salt, fresh cracked black pepper, basil and a good punch of sweet paprika powder (optional).


    Put your fish in an oven proof dish, having seasoned the fish with salt and pepper.For your eating pleasure,amke sure you have removedany bones with pliers (needle-nose work best). Add your sauted veg and a packet of of sieved tommies (possata/passata).


    Ideally chuck some freshly chopped parsley on top.


    Cover with foil, cook in a hot oven for about 40 minutes. Take the foil off, check the fish cooked, carry on cooking until the sauce is reduced to your liking.


    I eat this on its own but it works well will cous cous or boiled spuds. This is a very simple recipe but very tasty.


  5. There are a few mentions of hotels in Nuremberg but am trying to find somewhere that is a bit more than just a place to put your head down. The sort of place I am looking for is somewhere where a visitor to the area (not a German) could come away and be really impressed.You can be really impressed staying somewhere like the Hilton or Kempinski but you could be anywhere in the world in one of these places, but I am looking for smaller, maybe family run places with traditional food, decor and friendly staff. Any suggestions?



    KKK, I don't know! I only ever did one once in the UK.


    It might be easier from a logistics point of view to find an existing soup kitchen and arrange a working day there.


    It could be done I think...church hall perhaps? Not just soup either...we could get people (well not real people - TTers) to donate anything that would be good for winter that would otherwise either go into one of the big clothes recycling bin or in that pile of stuff to sell at the flea market.


  7. Sometime back I heard an anecdote that within the Siemenswerke complex, part(s) of the former concentration camp had been preserved, the factory growing around it. I have done a bit of research - plenty of evidence for the use of slave labourers (that was never in question) - but have found nothing about the site being preserved within the modern complex.


    Is there any truth to this or was this just BS?






  8. The antique market under the arches at Friedrich Str. S/U-Bahn is worth a look. Maybe not the cheapest, but if you want cheap be prepared to get down the fleamarkets early. (Or very late...if its been a crap day, you can sometimes get great prices just as people are packing up)


  9. Does anyone know if a BK is good for the buses in Ingolstadt? I ask because I get the impression that the buses here are a different sort of operation to the MVV. Can smaller firms opt out of the Bayern Karte? I could have asked but like the question about why mummy and daddy were doing what they were doing, I was too shy :)





    Well, as historian you should know that Hitler never had a majority in the Reichstag.


    I never said he did. The fact is though is that they were part of the democratic process. That they destroyed the system after January 30th is no secret. Even after consolidation they passed the Enabling Act again and again just as it was due to expire. (This does seem a bit odd with hindsight but I guess that this was done to appease those voices who might have dared to question the legality of the regime). In any event, when someone is in my face, being quite aggressive and not letting me get a single word in, trying to flatter them with numbers is not the first thing that comes to mind.


    I had a German couple yesterday. Younger people. I don't push this in German's faces - they cover it quite well in school (and the Bundeswehr if they do WD)... I test the water first...but they were comfortable with it. Very different to the guy the day before.