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  1. SingualArch is a local archaeological firm with a very high publication rate - some digs never even get published :(


    If you click here you find well illustrated reports of many sites in and around Munich that have been recently excavated. In 99% of the cases this were done ahead of development.


    (Sorry, nothing here on the fiasco in Marienhof)


    Part 2 of the Franz-Fihl Str (Moosach) excavation will be published shortly - it had Bronze Age stuff,a house that was wrecked by the Swedes in 1632, WW2 bunkers, (as well as evidence of black marketering directly next to one of them)...and a body in well.Exciting stuff,but you are just going toahve to wait...




  2. I have seen a building I would be interested in renting for work. The building is currently - as far as be ascertained - not regularly used and is securely locked up. There are no clues as to who (whether an individual or company)owns it.


    I'm guessing that there must be an Ampt somewhere in local government that keeps a list of who owns what...any ideas on what it might be called? Or any ideas full stop?






  3. Hi Sinead,


    with all the experience in the world,you would be unlikely to get a job straight off as a Supervisor. German research dig techniques will not be applicable on a commercial site - just like home. Despite digging as a professional for 6 years, when I got here I was on a very low wage. Despite being an archaeologist (Archaeologe. Sorry,no umlaut key) I was little better off than an unskilled labouerer of helper (Grabungshilfe).


    3 years on (it was not constant work by the way...a little job here a little job there)I got promoted to Super (Grabungstechnikner) although to be honest, the duties are only what I would expect from a digger who has trained in the UK and Ireland anyway. i.e make sure the newbies don't trash the site...if we are in a rush you draw the newbies sections and plans...being aware of the time and budget...produce work of a high standard etc.


    With a bit more experience and a vehicle you could expect to make Schnittleiter...which is along the lines of a PO.


    Self employment is the norm here.Health and safety is a nice idea.(they laugh when you wear Hi-viz and helmet). Whats a Risk Assessment?


    Language skills are a must although a thorough understanding - an expertise - in a subject (me,I'm all rounder but if push came to shove I'm a Romanist) will also be useful. As would the ability to use something like a Leica or Nikon TST and of course CAD.


    Pay? Well I started off on about E12 an hour but mt last job was a very useful E18...my colleagues complained that some companies (didn't actually say which, so maybe its BS) will pay E20+ for an experienced digger/super.


    With your experience, being a Director, I would look a bit closer to home at the moment...try and get on one of the Pipelines...give Network a ring in England. Long hours, 6 days a week plus overtime...it's tough but the wages are good...




    PS If you do get a job with a commercial unit here you will pull your hair out at the some the shit they pull...far too quick in my opinion (one company has the policy "One stiff, one worker,one day"...so thats a skele fully exposed, photographed (colour/digi/B+W and with photogrametary), draw and coloured in, finds collated, bones removed and packed and then digging the remaining grave fill out)


    I have a tip for a big job in Munich (BA cemetary/prob some Roman/early Med - Grubenhauser etc) which is due to start Feb-March and will last a while.A good firm, good standards..they speak English...start out wages are not great...and all the recordsare done on hand held PC...diggers just dig and draw...no messing about with paperwork. they do tend to oversimplfy the stratigraphy...but what the hell...its not my country...who am I to tell them how to do it? I'll PM you the details if you are interested


  4. Title about sums it up. I'm looking for a reputable company that will rent from minibuses up to proper big coaches with a driver. I say reputable as - no offence - someone with a Ford Transit with some cushions shoved on the floor amongst shovels, picks and McDonalds wrappers - will just not cut it.


    Any suggestions welcomed, as is personal experience - good or bad.






  5. Kreuzberg must have changed a lot since I lived there if you are bored. Milchbar, Franken or failing that that weird front-room-cum-bar on Manteuffel Str. with home made hooch on the counter



    isn't this potentially illegal here in Germany; posting pics of Addi?the Satsi are prob watching this thread and checking your IP addresses as you type.


    Welcome to the club. Perks of the club include paranoia, looking over the shoulder,looking in shop windows to see the reflection of people watching you. Courtesy of the VS who should really do dealing with enemies of democracy rather than hassling historians and/or folk playing with Photoshop. It's fab being on the list.


    Just remember that it was not a Brit, Canuck, or Amis who gave this fella the inch that he needed.


  7. Fugly, sounds like a good haul. It's a shame we didn't get more Roman stuff (it's a fetish of mine) as all we had were the bases of the postholes of the Villa/farmstead.What is interesting though is this intense sub-Roman/Bajuvaran occupation directly near the Villa...guess it must have been good farming land and was very close to the S2, which must have been handy for getting into Munich :-)


  8. I noticed today that there is an excavation taking place in the Marienhof in Munich, behind the town hall. This is ahead of some major work on the U/S-Bahn. In this area we had the old Jewish quarter, a subsequent cloister and part of the circuit of the original town wall. This could be a great opportunity for some very interesting archaeology. They have only stripped a tiny portion of the site so get in there quick...the job is just starting.


    The work is being carried by these guys:




    This is the firm who uncovered the Stadtmauer by the V-markt recently. No idea how they pay or whether they are any good to work for.




  9. I recently started work with a firm in Augsburg. The site is still being stripped but to date we have found a couple of longhouses (suspected Hallstatt - La Tene period), a ring groove (from a round house/enclosure/ploughed out barrow?), some inhumations, a couple of wells, a tumulus and lots of odd features - post holes that as yet do not belong any feature and lots and lots of ordnance up in the plough soil. We have had a team of 7 or 8 EOD guys on site making safe.


    At present the job is expected to last 6 weeks. Same firm has another site "Somewhere on the S2 in Munich". Due to sensitivities of excavation I'll say no more but if you are interested in some possible work (no guarantees) then please bump me with a PM. This firm have recently taken on some folk with no experience - on the job training - but of course, a knowledge of field work and a good grasp of German would be beneficial.




  10. I recently opened a Postbank account. This week I paid E50 into the account. This was my first deposit. I was amazed to see it register online the same day. I thought "Hell, thats efficient". I had to pay a bill quickly,so I just uberweisunged on the same day, happy that I was with such an efficient and quick bank. It went through fine. Now the sh*ts are saying that I went overdrawn to the tune of E50 since funds were not cleared. So I can go overdrawn even though money was in the account? No warning lights or sirens saying "hey sorry dude you cannot access that money yet even though it's in your account. F*cking tw*ts


    For week one with Postbank I am not at all impressed


  11. Another report recently published is for Alterding, next to the big AMADEUS building. Mainly early Medieval - lots of Grubenhauser and stiffs. The site is being developed to make an Altenheim and so it all had to come out. Some of the burials were high status, being buried with Spatha or Seax swords. One showed very clear pathology relating to Polio and died at about the age of 20 - 22. We also uncovered the remains of a Roman Villa Rustica and a just post WW2 rubbish pit which yielded several tins of NIVEA hand cream and a coin of 'Dolf.


    Nearby, a few years back, a team found an early med chariot/cart burial which suggests that the person and those we found with fancy gravegoods were an emerging middle class - the upper echelons opting to be buried in churches in this period.








  12. As part of a new paving scheme in the cathedral precinct, local archaeologists had to excavate a very narrow trench (c.800m wide). The hill has been used since prehistoric times and as a result a wide range of features and artefacts were recovered, although most dated to the late medieval - early modern periods. The narrowness of the trench was problematic - it was real keyhole archaeology. Best find of the dig: a kebab shop which actually had a proper hot sauce instead of the rubbish you normally get. :D


    Full report here (auf Deutsch):




    and here is the plan:






  13. Whoever designed this monstrosity needs a good kick in the Jacobs. AND as part of the redevelopment they have cut down an awful lot of trees in the bahnhof area. The Dachau death march memorial has been moved - to where,who knows?


    Progress? Give me my cave, some flint and pointy sticks anyday.