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  1. 12 hours ago, robinson100 said:

    @ Taff - will you be repeating this again?

    I would love to have joined, but due to work commitments, Saturdays are not so good for me.


    Based on the lovely feedback we received I can say that we certainly will. This was only the 2nd time in a year that myself and my assistant - "The Wench" - have done it and were not sure how well it would go down - so watch this space :-)


  2. I would like to thank everyone who braved the weather to listen myself and The Wench. This was only the 2nd time in 2 years that we have run this - but hopefully you could not tell :-)


    If you really liked it - please leave a little review (see link below) . If you hated it, please PM me and we can arrange another Rauchbier session perhaps.


    Based on the feedback we had tonight we will be running similar tours in the future, so please watch this space.


    Regards, Taff / Hans Von Spanker




  3. We are really looking forward to tomorrow - we are just praying to the Old and the New gods :-) that it is not going to chuck it down...


    As well as the history of Munich, you will gain an insight into recent archaeological work in and around Minga.


    The tour will involve a little bit of beer tasting - we have sourced a pretty good modern beer brewed to ancient techniques - so if you are considering coming, please just say hi on here - if you change your mind later its no biggie - we just need to ensure we have enough beer... better to have too much than too little....

    skele drawing for flyer.jpg

    2 graves.JPG


  4. 11 hours ago, Bretty said:

    Yah! Sounds fantastic! I'm in! :)

    I know you did a tour with us last year - with myself and my glamorous assistant "The Wench". Since then we have acquired some new, rather eye-watering "toys" :-) ... hence I wrote "Please note that some of the history we will covering is not suited to very young children or even adults with very active imaginations. This is especially true when we consider some aspects of crime and punishment in medieval Munich" ... just what we have had specially made by a blacksmith, you will have to wait and see...


  5. Munich was officially recognised as a town with a market on June 14th 1158. The rest, as they say, is history...


    To celebrate the foundation of this beautiful city, Dark History Tours (That is me - Taff) will be running a - sometimes irreverent - tour which will consider different aspects of the local archaeology and history on the evening of Saturday the 18th of June.


    We will be covering some of the pre-history of the area, through the Roman and early Medieval periods, finishing in the 17th century. Topics to be covered are trade and the economy, warfare, death and burial, medicine, belief and superstition and crime and punishment.


    The tour will be very hands-on and will be a rare opportunity to handle original ancient artefacts, as well as examining some modern replicas. Even if you have lived here for a long time I am sure that you will learn a great deal about Munich and see the city with new eyes.


    Cost? E15 per adult, E12 concessions (students of any age, seniors and serving or ex-members of the armed forces or emergency services)


    Please note that some of the history we will covering is not suited to very young children or even adults with very active imaginations. This is especially true when we consider some aspects of crime and punishment in medieval Munich.


    Meeting in Marienplatz (exact point TBC) at 6pm. It is not our policy to watch the clock on our tours - each tour is unique - but we are aiming to wrap it up slightly after 9 in the vicinity of Karlsplatz. For those that want a bit more history, we continue to a beergarden - either the Augustinerkeller or the Park Cafe for a bit of a debrief and a brew.


    We are not asking for reservations as such - expressions of interest on here are enough.


  6. Did you register to run but then found out that work or family commitments clashed? Do you want to shift your registration?


    A pal of mine back home in Wales was too late to register and is desperate to run and reckons the only way this would be possible this year is with a cancellation. The few remaining places are not available to non-residents/citizens.


    All help appreciated,




  7. Just had my Krankenhasse (Axa) take 3 unauthorised payments in addition to my regular monthly payments. Looking at my account, one of them was repaid almost immediately but two went out in the last week - one just yesterday. I could not understand why my account was down... thought I had gotta money out when a bit smashed (it could happen :-) )


    How can this happen? I do not have a direct debit set up - I pay it manually online every month. How can money be taken from my account by Axa without typing in the correct TAN number on my phone? Not sure who to speak to first... Postbank or Axa. Not at all happy about this


  8. Our tours involve handling artefacts. Unfortunately, they do not like the rain and the wet, which is what we are forecast on Saturday, so regretfully, we have to pull this tour. If there is interest we will run the same one later in the summer. We are also planning a walk through the woods at Grunwald where we would visit the prehistoric burial mounds, learn about the massive archaeological dig which took place in the village back in 2013 (where the golf course used to be) and examine the late Roman fort.






  9. This weekend Munich commemorates its official foundation back on June 14th, 1158.


    Dark History Tours will be running a tour on Saturday which will examine the following aspects of local history:


    Before Munich: an introduction to the prehistoric and early history of the region


    Surviving Medieval defences


    The “Great Pestilence”: the Black Death – causes, cures and quacks


    Learn how to “read” Medieval gravestones and church architecture


    A great stink – health and hygiene


    “Crime” and punishment in early modern Munich


    The most persecuted: recent archaeological excavations in the former Jewish quarter


    Medieval fashion – we may need a volunteer to model the latest 14th century duds


    Chivalry (?) Get to handle a sword or two...

    Get to examine original ancient artefacts like flint knives, ancient coins and pottery



    Meeting in front of the Altes Rathaus on Marienplatz, just by the drinking fountain at 10.45

    Cost: E15 Adults, E12 Concessions (students, seniors, serving or ex-military, fire brigade, ambulance crew or police officers)

    Booking not required but if you fancy joining us just let us know on here... :-)




  10. April 30th is the anniversary of the Liberation of Munich by US forces in 1945. I am thinking of offering a talk on this subject and need a room around this date. This is the first time I have done anything like this as a sit-down presentation so I would like to start small with perhaps 30 people max. There is no need for a bar, although tea and coffee facilities would be a bonus.


    Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance,




  11. "I recommend using me or if I do not have what you want asking me for a list of other reputable dealers. I would say 80 % of the web stores are full of fakes. Ebay is a minefield also"


    If I was a dealer I would also suggest buying from me and paying a premium. However, as a collector, I know that not being to handle and examine a piece beforehand is asking for trouble - whether on Evilbay or elsewhere. Caveat empor


    Had a look at your website... nothing there for me really (I collect Lufty and Luftschutz)... but if I was going to buy, part with my hard-won green, some sort of money back guarantee/cooling off period would say a great deal about the quality of your goods. Do you offer such a thing? For example, I am always very suspicious of cloth and a photo or two cannot compete with having the article in your hand.


    I disagree with you that the Fleamarkets are are no good. Sure, if you want the high end stuff you won't get it - and if you do it will be some aged copy - but lower end stuff - Kochgeschirre, Feldflaschen, Knobelbecher etc are not exactly rare. My take on it is that if someone knows they have General der Flakartillerie von Shroder's Tuchrock, they wouldn't be selling it at Flohmarkt Riem. On the otherhand for example, HBT Drillich jackets and pants turn up because they look a bit like the NVA ones. In fact a few years back ALDI were selling complete off-white worksuits...all that was missing were the belt hooks and hook and eye at the throat...it's a common enough item of clothing that hasbeen used in the same basic style for ages. To Joe public, there is no difference and sometimes do not know what something is. In the last six months (in effect, 4 trips to the Fleamrkets) I picked up two officer's belts, being sold as DDR and a pair of Fliegerstiefel being sold as Bundy. Stuff is out there if one has the patience and eye.


    I will concur though that Imperial German items - particularly "signature items" like Pickelhauben and Kratchen - in good condition are good investmants.


  12. Hi Billybob,


    the building is right next to a kiddies playground and I doubt that a note would stay on the door very long. Also, it really looks as if the owners really seldom visit the structure - the door handle has been removed, a bit of rubbish in the doorway. I was sizing the building up the other day and a local resident - he lived not 10 metres away - went past.I asked himif he knew anything at all about the building - whether it was used for anything - ever see anybody coming and going.He had no idea. It's weird...residential area, kiddies playground...and this building with no clues as to anything.Not even "KEEP OUT"