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  1. My kitty daffy is very poorly, not sure how long he has left... he is listless, not eating, not drinking. Been to the vet 3 times this week. I have read that catnip can get a cat eating (sort of like the munchies perhaps) but I tried my local Fressnapf (Pasing) to no avail.


    Any suggestions on where I might get some? I could order it from ebay but I don´t think he has that long left the way things are... :-( :-( :-( :-(


  2. 21 minutes ago, Allershausen said:

    The building on the horizon looks a little like the former Hauptzollamt on Landsbergerstrasse, although I can't make out the distinctive glass frame work structure on the roof, but that could just be because of the distance and the quality of the photo.

    I thought that as well but as you say the dome is absent. You might be warm though since I have seen another couple of pics - from what look like the same series - where the railway station at Pasing was mentioned... so a Landsberger str location is certainly possible

    21 minutes ago, Allershausen said:




  3. I am researching how Munich fell to the US Army in 1945. To this end I picked up the following photo on Ebay. It shows boys from the 20th Armoured Division.


     The reverse did not scan well but reads " Photo...T/5 Joseph A.Bowen-163 Infantrymen file along the electric railway line as they enter the outskirts of Munich 7A, 9th Tank BN, 20th Armd div, 30th Inf Reg 3rd inf Div (crossed out in blue pencil - XV CORPS ) Munich, Germany. There are 2 stamps from the censors, one dated 5th May 1945, the other 30th August 1945


    The 20th had quite a bit of opposition on the way from Lohhof down to what is now the Bundeswehr medical barracks. Back then it used as a depot by the SS "Deutschland" Regiment and was also an anti-tank gunnery school. The action around the barracks was essentially the only realistic defence offered by German troops on the run-in to  Munich and they lost in the region of 1500 men. This was April 29th. The next day the advance continued - the day this photo dates from -  and the rest is history.


    I had trouble compressing the photo so I have posted it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dark-History-Tours-158437778910/ 


    Granted the image shows mainly a gully but there a couple of structures on the skyline. Its a long shot I know, since Munich has changed quite a bit since then but I thought I would ask - also thought might be interested even if they cannot help.


  4. On 14/10/2016, 10:37:20, Joanie said:

    huh, we don't have "official paths" that we need to use.  We can also use other trails.  The issue in this area is that if you try to hike through complete brush, its a world of pain with stinging nettle and ticks.  But still do able.  I am referring to the black forest of course which is like, the best place to hike EVER.  (and i come from canada :P)


    Anyways, the maps i use for hiking around here are from this series:




    they are only 1:50 000 but i like them a lot. hope that helps...

    Thank you for the suggestion Joanie - will take a look


  5. 2 hours ago, Malt-Teaser said:


    call me a fool if you like but sitting on top of any of my favourite peaks in my beloved Yorkshire (Dales) with a flask of tea and pack of butties usually trying to find a dry, or at least less wet spot is all part of the fun :P

    I especially enjoyed my Christmas tradition of hiking one of the three peaks (Pen-y-Ghent, Ingleborough or Whernside) in the days between Christmas and New Year and sitting atop with my flask and pack of left-over turkey butties along with a few other get-away hikers with similar food parcels.


    Anyway, this thread reminded me of when I first came to Germany; of course when colleagues asked if I missed anything from home I honestly told them I missed only two things, firstly fishing and secondly my beloved Yorkshire Dales.

    One weekend I was invited to accompany a colleague and one of his hiking friends on a walk. I don't remember which mountain but when we arrived at the car park I asked who had the map(s). Oh no, we don't need maps came the reply and I soon learned why ... we started the hike at the bottom of an actual pathway complete with a wooden sign telling us how far to the next point and also how long in minutes we could expect that section to take. So it continued ... at every junction were signs with distances and timings.

    The 'hiking friend' stopped at one such junction, looked at us and announced in complaining tones "we have to hurry, that last section was supposed to take 20 minutes and we took 26". No, he wasn't joking and I never asked to accompany them again.

    " Oh no, we don't need maps came the reply". A lot of my chums are often on the hill - and do not have a compass - let alone know how to use one. Is this laziness, stupidity or what? The idea of having an emergency ration at the bottom of your pack seems to be an alien concept as well. I am pretty shocked at the slap-dash attitude displayed by a lot of my pals. The mountains can be a very hostile place.


  6. This autumn and winter I feel like getting in some hikes. It has been an age since I did anything serious - and that was in the UK ten years ago. I feel a bit of out touch....


    Is there anything available in Germany that approaches the O.S. Landranger 1:50.000 series for quality, clarity and accuracy?






  7. Due to it being a bit wet today, no tour this evening - some of our original ancient artefacts do not like the wet (Never mind our guides).

    Since tomorrow is the the last day of the Wiesn we will take advantage of this and try and grab some last bevvies - so we wrap up our tours for the moment.  


    We hope to offer something grisly for Halloween and later over the Yule period. Watch this space... 




  8. 20 hours ago, Metall said:

    What!!?! Police! Give me their hotel address, we'll get it back!

    Wish I could :-(


    Anyways, I am not gonna let this get me down - we are running tonight, just minus the Medieval armour and swords bit


  9. Based on the success of our recent Munich Groundings-fest tour we are delighted to offer a similar tour during this last week of Oktoberfest:

    Dare you join Hans von Spanker and friends and discover the awful truth about:

    • The Black Death and other nasties

    • Medieval architecture and defences

    • Infamous witch trials

    • Traditions and folklore

    • Ancient burial rites

    • Why was beer so important? (You get to sample an authentic medieval brew)

    • And much more besides...

    "Munich Macabre" departs from Mary´s Column at 5.15, directly after the Glockenspiel and ends around 7.45 (at the latest) in the Vicky Market.

     Reservations not needed – but a PM or a comment on here to state your interest is appreciated (Plus this way we know how much beer to bring)

     How Much?

     Adults €15

     Concessions* €13

    *Applies to students (of any age) senior citizens, serving or ex-military and first responders

    Please note that some of the content of this tour may not be suitable for very young children or those of a sensitive disposition

    dai shame mask.jpg

    danse macabre 1.jpg



  10. 11 hours ago, 2B_orNot2B said:


    Fortunately you can now find the legislation in English translation format.


     Weapons Act (WaffG) Index (English)            Weapons Act (WaffG) Full Text (English)


    Before you do speak to your local police I recommend you study the definitions section carefully and learn the precise words you intend to discuss as they are shown in the original German WaffG


    A quick browse through the Act suggests using care with words like replica as it may not mean to them what it means to you.


    Quick Tip: Go to Annex 2 Part 2 Chapter 2 Forms of handling not requiring a license

    Use your browser Find and look for the phrase 'developed before 1 January 1871'


    That will verify more or less what Metall's relative said about license free acquisition and possession. You'd need to go through the Act, with a bit more diligence than I'm prepared to, to find out what you'd need to do, or where you'd need to go, to qualify to be allowed to fire such a weapon though. I also don't think a minor firearms license (kleiner Waffenschein) would cover the use of such an item.



    Thank you for your very useful post. I need to go through with my nit comb :-)



  11. 15 hours ago, Metall said:
    13 minutes ago, Metall said:

    There's quite a scene for reenactment of the Napoleonic era in Germany, I could PM you a contact. :)

    Much as i would love to reenact the assault on Regensburg, I was thinking more along the lines of the 30 Years War. I am not a Jock but right now I am researching Scottish mercenaries in Swedish service in this period. They were in Munich on occupation duty for a time



  12. 15 hours ago, Metall said:

    A relative of mine had all sorts of licenses, and also collected and fired historical muskets.

    His answer: "If you just want to *have* a replica musket to display, no permit needed. Unlike other weapons, you don't need to get it plugged etc.To load and *fire* a historical musket, even with a blank charge, you need a Schwarzpulverschein, requiring a specific course and proof of why you want/need it. No idea if an archeologist could prove a need - perhaps research?"


    My two cents - no way a kleiner Waffenschein will cover that.

    Thank you Metall for your reply. Partly it is for my tour guiding work - I am trying to get more into military history tours. Plan is to have a spot somewhere (not of course a public area) where punters could feel the weight of it (not charge and fire it!) and try and try on the kit etc. Partly because I am looking at doing a post-grad in battlefield archaeology.. so yes, it would fall under research. Back in the UK I was heavily involved in the re-enactment scene for many years but gave it up when I moved here. Now that I am settled, this is something I am considering getting back into - so 3 reasons.


  13. It was recently mentioned to me that following a piece of legislation passed some years ago, that black-powder guns - specifically modern replicas of historical muskets - are not classed as weapons and that as such, a licence is not needed - only some sort of agreed/demonstrable competence. Would this be a case for the the "kleinwaffenshein" since it would in effect be a blank-firer?


    I will be speaking my local police at some point in the future but I thought I would ask the hive-mind in the first instance.


    Thanks in advance,






  14. As a tour guide I often have to point at and explain things that I cannot physically touch. To this end I am considering using a laser pen to - for example - pick out architectural details on structures.


    Would I be breaking any laws using such a thing in public, no matter how responsibly it was used?


    Thanks in advance,




  15. 11 hours ago, Taffthedigger said:

     Aye. Steel has a "memory"


    11 hours ago, Porky Pine said:

    Thanks, Taffthedigger. Interesting fact.

    Thanks to the SZ, I now know he got the Glock via the darknet. And he traveled to Winnenden, looked around and took photos. He also had Breivik's manifest on his PC.
    Sick, sick, sick.

    Apparently I am "dumb" for putting it this way. I appreciate that this has now been elegantly pointed out... all these years I had these nagging doubts... restless nights. No more. Tonight I sleep the sleep of the enlightened