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  1. I was researching something else when I came across this article - in May, in Donauwörth, the oldest Bürgerhaus in Bavaria was demolished ahead of what will no doubt be a *very important development* which will benefit not just the town but the wider region, ushering in a new period of global peace and love.    Or maybe not. Is nothing sacred? :   http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/donauwoerth/Wagenknechthaus-Der-Abriss-hat-begonnen-id41362826.html
  2. Munich groundings-fest tour, 17th-18th June

    No-one up for for some Wench and Rauchbier action? 
  3. To coincide with the foundation of the city in 1158, Dark History Tours will be running a evening tour this coming Saturday and Sunday.   Your guides Hans von Spanker and glamorous sidekick The Wench will regale you with fascinating tales about the ancient prehistory and archaeology of the area, Medieval life, trade, the Black Death, "justice" and persecution, defences and military history. There might - if you are good - even be a beer tasting thrown in as well.   When and where?: Saturday and Sunday in Marienplatz, just by the fish fountain. Look for the "Dark History Tours" sign. We leave at 5.15 - this gives folk who have never been here before time to see the Glockenspiel.   Duration: we did a test run on the weekend and this ran to about 2.45 hours - but the time flew by. Weather permitting, the tour will end in the Park Cafe - the Old Botanical Garden has a few secrets...   How much? Regular:  €15.  Concessions: (Students of any age, Seniors aged 65+, and serving or ex-military and first responders)  €12. Very young kids*: you decide   Reservations not required but an indication of interest on here would be useful so we know how much beer to bring.    *Note: While we love talking to kids about history, some of this is a bit grisly (But sadly, all too true). If you are bringing youngsters just let us know beforehand.