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  1. Officially unemployed - what can I apply for to better myself?

    Cheers Leon,   I'm on Stufe II. I'm most likely going to be called in for a chat sometime next month and my caseworker seems to be fairly human. I think I can make a good case for the driving lessons.
  2. I live in Munich and recently started receiving unemployment benefit. I'm keen to make the most of a crappy situation, to pull myself out of this and hopefully ensure it does not happen again. There are a few things I have identified which would really help me - can anyone comment, based on personal experience?   1)Language lessons: I get by in life but proper lessons would make things so much easier. I've always put it off - and since most of clients were English speakers, I never really pursued it apart from reading Berliner Platz. I know that lessons are available for people in my situation - but how would I access them?   2)Driving lessons: are there any schemes that pay for or subsidise driving lessons?    3)Small business start-up help. I have identified a niche in my sector which was not really there pre-covid. I've seen adverts on Facebook (In English) stating that help and grants are available - but when I click on the link, I am bombarded with ampt-sprache - which of course links back to 1. Do you have any experience of this - accessing funding and perhaps mentorship?   With Brexit just around the corner, I am quite concerned about the future. I want to make sure that my future here in Germany is the best it can be.   I look forward to your input and thank you in advance,   Taff
  3. Epson Printer Cartridges

    I have 3 Epson 33 cartridges for sale: 1 X Cyan, 2 X Photo black. Normally about E14 - E15 each, I'm asking E15 for all three. Pick up in Pasing.