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  1. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you all
  2. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    That was taken a few months back. Today when the vet came he was just skin and bone. 5 minutes before he came, Daffy had the biggest puke I have ever seen him do... all the food and liquids we had been getting into him over the last few days... he just could not process anything.  If ever there was a sign that it was time and that we were doing the best thing for our boy, it was this. It is some small solace that our boy is not suffering anymore.   People may scoff and say "its just a cat" - but we don´t have kids - will never have kids... sounds silly but Daffy was like a child for us.  
  3. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you Malt. Sadly our little boy did not make it. We are heartbroken 
  4. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you Janx :-)  
  5. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Malt-Teaser,   thanks for your suggestion. We have one out at Germering.I have just found a place on Landsberger Str which is a little nearer - but if that fails to deliver I will check it out.   Cheers, Taff
  6. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you Panda,   we have been getting chicken breasts and boiling them up - he gets the meat and a some broth... he nibbles but never gets really stuck in . I certainly try your roast chicken idea.
  7. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    This is breaking our heart... absolutely gutted  
  8. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    My kitty daffy is very poorly, not sure how long he has left... he is listless, not eating, not drinking. Been to the vet 3 times this week. I have read that catnip can get a cat eating (sort of like the munchies perhaps) but I tried my local Fressnapf (Pasing) to no avail.   Any suggestions on where I might get some? I could order it from ebay but I don´t think he has that long left the way things are... :-( :-( :-( :-(
  9. Can you help me place a photo from April 30th 1945?

    This is possibly from the same sequence of photos and purports to show troops "in the station area west of the Nymphenburg Palace gardens". Could this be near Laim station?  
  10. I am researching how Munich fell to the US Army in 1945. To this end I picked up the following photo on Ebay. It shows boys from the 20th Armoured Division.    The reverse did not scan well but reads " Photo...T/5 Joseph A.Bowen-163 Infantrymen file along the electric railway line as they enter the outskirts of Munich 7A, 9th Tank BN, 20th Armd div, 30th Inf Reg 3rd inf Div (crossed out in blue pencil - XV CORPS ) Munich, Germany. There are 2 stamps from the censors, one dated 5th May 1945, the other 30th August 1945   The 20th had quite a bit of opposition on the way from Lohhof down to what is now the Bundeswehr medical barracks. Back then it used as a depot by the SS "Deutschland" Regiment and was also an anti-tank gunnery school. The action around the barracks was essentially the only realistic defence offered by German troops on the run-in to  Munich and they lost in the region of 1500 men. This was April 29th. The next day the advance continued - the day this photo dates from -  and the rest is history.   I had trouble compressing the photo so I have posted it on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dark-History-Tours-158437778910/    Granted the image shows mainly a gully but there a couple of structures on the skyline. Its a long shot I know, since Munich has changed quite a bit since then but I thought I would ask - also thought might be interested even if they cannot help.
  11. Maps for hiking

    Thank you for the suggestion Joanie - will take a look
  12. 2x Cure tickets (24th October)

    Price dropped:  €70 each
  13. Maps for hiking

    " Oh no, we don't need maps came the reply". A lot of my chums are often on the hill - and do not have a compass - let alone know how to use one. Is this laziness, stupidity or what? The idea of having an emergency ration at the bottom of your pack seems to be an alien concept as well. I am pretty shocked at the slap-dash attitude displayed by a lot of my pals. The mountains can be a very hostile place.