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  1. Medieval History Tours

    Due to a theft last night - my mail shirt was lifted by some lovely guys from the north of England - no tour this evening
  2. Medieval History Tours

    Always room for a comely wench
  3. Medieval History Tours

    Based on the success of our recent Munich Groundings-fest tour we are delighted to offer a similar tour during this last week of Oktoberfest: Dare you join Hans von Spanker and friends and discover the awful truth about: The Black Death and other nasties Medieval architecture and defences Infamous witch trials Traditions and folklore Ancient burial rites Why was beer so important? (You get to sample an authentic medieval brew) And much more besides... "Munich Macabre" departs from Mary´s Column at 5.15, directly after the Glockenspiel and ends around 7.45 (at the latest) in the Vicky Market.  Reservations not needed – but a PM or a comment on here to state your interest is appreciated (Plus this way we know how much beer to bring)  How Much?  Adults €15  Concessions* €13 *Applies to students (of any age) senior citizens, serving or ex-military and first responders Please note that some of the content of this tour may not be suitable for very young children or those of a sensitive disposition
  4. Black powder weapons - licence needed?

    Thank you for your very useful post. I need to go through with my nit comb :-)  
  5. Black powder weapons - licence needed?

  6. Black powder weapons - licence needed?

    Thank you Metall for your reply. Partly it is for my tour guiding work - I am trying to get more into military history tours. Plan is to have a spot somewhere (not of course a public area) where punters could feel the weight of it (not charge and fire it!) and try and try on the kit etc. Partly because I am looking at doing a post-grad in battlefield archaeology.. so yes, it would fall under research. Back in the UK I was heavily involved in the re-enactment scene for many years but gave it up when I moved here. Now that I am settled, this is something I am considering getting back into - so 3 reasons.
  7. Black powder weapons - licence needed?

    It was recently mentioned to me that following a piece of legislation passed some years ago, that black-powder guns - specifically modern replicas of historical muskets - are not classed as weapons and that as such, a licence is not needed - only some sort of agreed/demonstrable competence. Would this be a case for the the "kleinwaffenshein" since it would in effect be a blank-firer?   I will be speaking my local police at some point in the future but I thought I would ask the hive-mind in the first instance.   Thanks in advance,   Taff    
  8. Laser pens/pointers? Legal?

    Thank you Franklan. I was looking at one on ebay - but it is from China... :-(   Will have to get into Saturn..   Taff    
  9. Laser pens/pointers? Legal?

    As a tour guide I often have to point at and explain things that I cannot physically touch. To this end I am considering using a laser pen to - for example - pick out architectural details on structures.   Would I be breaking any laws using such a thing in public, no matter how responsibly it was used?   Thanks in advance,   Taff
  10. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

    Apparently I am "dumb" for putting it this way. I appreciate that this has now been elegantly pointed out... all these years I had these nagging doubts... restless nights. No more. Tonight I sleep the sleep of the enlightened
  11. Mass shooting at shopping center in Munich

     Aye. Steel has a "memory"
  12. Keep em coming :-)  
  13. If anyone has any photos taken on the tour, please feel free to post them up 
  14. Based on the lovely feedback we received I can say that we certainly will. This was only the 2nd time in a year that myself and my assistant - "The Wench" - have done it and were not sure how well it would go down - so watch this space :-)