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  1. Moving Help Needed - March 23rd

    What sort of time are you looking at Izabella?
  2. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you all
  3. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    That was taken a few months back. Today when the vet came he was just skin and bone. 5 minutes before he came, Daffy had the biggest puke I have ever seen him do... all the food and liquids we had been getting into him over the last few days... he just could not process anything.  If ever there was a sign that it was time and that we were doing the best thing for our boy, it was this. It is some small solace that our boy is not suffering anymore.   People may scoff and say "its just a cat" - but we don´t have kids - will never have kids... sounds silly but Daffy was like a child for us.  
  4. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you Malt. Sadly our little boy did not make it. We are heartbroken 
  5. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you Janx :-)  
  6. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Malt-Teaser,   thanks for your suggestion. We have one out at Germering.I have just found a place on Landsberger Str which is a little nearer - but if that fails to deliver I will check it out.   Cheers, Taff
  7. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    Thank you Panda,   we have been getting chicken breasts and boiling them up - he gets the meat and a some broth... he nibbles but never gets really stuck in . I certainly try your roast chicken idea.
  8. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    This is breaking our heart... absolutely gutted  
  9. Where to buy catnip in Munich

    My kitty daffy is very poorly, not sure how long he has left... he is listless, not eating, not drinking. Been to the vet 3 times this week. I have read that catnip can get a cat eating (sort of like the munchies perhaps) but I tried my local Fressnapf (Pasing) to no avail.   Any suggestions on where I might get some? I could order it from ebay but I don´t think he has that long left the way things are... :-( :-( :-( :-(
  10. What constitutes Holocaust denial?

    Yesterday in Munich I was touting for some business - I hoped to maybe give a history tour to some tourists.   A German bloke comes up and asks about the tour. I reply "Well it's a bit of ancient archaeology, a lot of Medieval stuff and we finish in the 20th century".   His reply, in perfect English but with a face like thunder - "You should go back to London or America and do a tour on your crimes against people like the Indians....why do you people come here and just concentrate on the crimes of the National Socialist regime"   With that he about turned and stomped off, not wanting to argue his case.   Jesus, I didn't know that people like Henry the Lion, Graf von Tilly and Kaiser Bill were dirty Nazi swine.   I am of the opinion that not talking about the NS regime (what sticks in my craw is that I never even mentioned it - it was a general history tour I was selling) is the same as denying the camps and all that that entails. What does everybody else think?   I have had a few punters who have denied certain facts but they were from other parts of the world - not saying where from - and I have had to put them straight. I have also had a few Germans - not enough to be vets but old enough generally to have been in the HJ - telling me that I should stop telling lies. It is starting to p me off :angry: