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  1. On 18/02/2022, 15:14:45, MikeMelga said:

    That's a 18% drop. Usually new solar panels lose about 1% per year. So degradation does not explain it. Most likely just bad weather. Could also be that one set of panels got disconnected, but AFAIK there is no simple way of testing without physical inspection or plying around with inverter inputs.

    Are there some companies that do servicing of panels, cleaning and inspection etc?


  2. Now relevant in 2020 too. It will happen to my company but the BR said they have agreed with the company to protect 80% of your salary (incl. gov extras) so I dont know exactly how many hours I'm going to need to work. They also are time limiting it,hopefully back to normal after COVID-19. 


  3. I'm jumping on this topic rather than making another one. My wife got a speeding ticket on her car, 148 in a 120 but the picture doesnt show the driver, it looks like the camera didnt take a picture correctly. It's back in Dec so we dont know if it was me or her driving. Do we have a chance of appealing it because we cant determine who is driving? 


  4. I get you. Compared to my life in the London, Germany just seems boring and lifeless. That is, unless you are a 50 year old camp david wearing German. 

    It is also much more complicated to live here, I found the UK so much more user friendly and easy in pretty much all aspects. 


    I wish I also had an escape plan but I'm pretty stuck here. 


  5. 8 minutes ago, warsteiner70 said:

    Loads in Cologne as well. I saw someone on one this morning that only just missed being run over by a tram. He just went around a roundabout without a care in the world and the tram driver was ringing the bell and only just missed him. I don't know if the scooter driver was wearing headphones just not paying attention but it's only a matter of time before a bad accident happens and the government rethinks the rules regarding e-scooters.


    The problem is that Germans think the rules will stop them being killed. Just look at how many people who will walk /cycle across roads and crossing without even checking if the cars are stopped just because they have "right of way". 


  6. Moving from an apartment to a house.


    Do I need to tell my electricity company and am I expected to have the same contract at the new place ?


    or is it possible to cancel my apartment contract (even if I still have say 6 months on the contract) and start a completely new one in the house ? 


  7. 14 hours ago, fraufruit said:


    It's their job. Just like me getting asked for ID every time I buy alcohol in any store in the U.S.


    Don't take it personally.


    I don't and I don't hold it against the cashier, but I think the whole cultural thing of checking the trolley is bullshit. 

    Also, checking ID for alcohol is completely different, there are huge legal implications. Checking a trolley is the choice of the store. 


  8. There is a Globus in Cologne that is actually really good and the closest I've seen to a UK supermarket. It's actually clean and modern with new products added often. They also have introduced the hand held scanning machine. 

    On the flip side, the local Real looks like something out of the 1980s soviet union, there were even rats running about in the "fresh" fruit  & veg section. When I told the staff, they couldn't care less. 


  9. 27 minutes ago, belman said:

    If I found guilty can I go to jail? I'm a bit scared and just want some clarity before my consultation with the lawyer that's happening on Tuesday. ):


    I'm not a lawyer but I would say that's highly unlikely. 

    Were you definitely in that area when the claimed incident happened? 


  10. 1 hour ago, SpiderPig said:

    Actually, in most cases, these new "Start-up" internet companies install their own fibre to the road-side box or verteiler, then use the Telekom Copper to distribute "The last mile" of service to the property.. 


    Some of them actually put fiber to the keller...  


    In my house, Telekom can only offer Upto 16Mbps...   MyQuix, They offer upto 100Mbps... The last few meters is over telekom cables...  

    Telekom actually have a fiber backbone going through the village... but it doesnt or didnt get tapped into !!


    Yes Deutsche Glasfaser are putting the new cables directly to the house from the street, free as part of their sign up offer. They said they normally they charge 750 euro for the connection. :blink:


  11. 20 hours ago, Anna66 said:

    We upgraded as well to Deutsche Telekom Glasfaser and we have a speedport. We noticed the difference immediately, especially watching films on netflix etc. The price was not too bad either.


    Deutsche Glasfaser and Deutsche Telekom are actually 2 different companies. I think in my new area Deutsche Glasfaser will use some of the old Telekom Glasfaser lines than Telekom laid without actually activating.