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  1. taxation of rental income

      Hi Panda,   Do you get taxed on the full rental income or only the "profit". I mean, can you deduct the mortgage payments from the rental income?
  2. Costs associated with home ownership in Germany

    Some of the values here are crazy low. On the house we are buying the yearly "grundbesitzabgaben" tax is 1200 Euro/year. This includes Grundsteuer B, rubbish removal and "abwassergebuhren".  Is there really such a difference that some people pay 130euro / year?
  3. The awful truth about Bausparen plans

      But if you have a normal mortage, you also dont get any savings on the amount you pay every month? Right?
  4. Role of a notary when purchasing a property

      Normally what type of changes could be requested by either side? I'm almost at the Notar stage and would like to know if there is anything I should look out for.
  5. Astra 2F and 2E Now 2G - New satellites arrive

    Haha, believe me, as my wife will testify, i'm just as moany in real life.    I'll send you a PM once we move into the new place. 
  6. Astra 2F and 2E Now 2G - New satellites arrive

    I would like to get a Sky UK dish plus digibox etc installed in Cologne. Any recommendations? 
  7. Slightly off topic but what is the general opinion of district heating? (Fernwärme)
  8. Use something like Winsim. They are offering very good deals at the moment with no contracts. 
  9. I love living in Germany, but...

      I swear the phrase i've heard the most since moving here is "leider nicht möglich"
  10. Zollamt Problem

      The problem is 80% of these are owned by Rewe.
  11. Channel4 OD not working using Strongvpn

    Last couple of weeks I've not managed to get bbc iplayer to work through strongvpn. 
  12. Are you already paying using your phone?

      The cashier must have looked at you like you were an alien.   I get strange looks just for using contactless 
  13. Those stains are not from accidentally dropping water on the floor one time. 
  14. is it worth disputing train fine?

    Will germany ever modernize and get rid of these stupid systems?
  15. FORD car return bought on flat rate offer

      If you are under the KM's by more than 5k you will also get some equity back.