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  1. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Now relevant in 2020 too. It will happen to my company but the BR said they have agreed with the company to protect 80% of your salary (incl. gov extras) so I dont know exactly how many hours I'm going to need to work. They also are time limiting it,hopefully back to normal after COVID-19. 
  2.   He purposely formats them like that. Why? Who knows
  3. 2 speed tickets

    I'm jumping on this topic rather than making another one. My wife got a speeding ticket on her car, 148 in a 120 but the picture doesnt show the driver, it looks like the camera didnt take a picture correctly. It's back in Dec so we dont know if it was me or her driving. Do we have a chance of appealing it because we cant determine who is driving?