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  1. Vacation threat

      How am I being uncooperative ? The question is can my employer legally book my holiday for me without my consent ?
  2. Vacation threat

    Hi ,     I'm being threatened by my employer over my vacation. I have made it quite clear that I need to be flexible with my remaining 2019 vacation as I need to go back 'home' for a legal issue. I have also assured my employer that I will take all vacation by the end of 2019.    I have now been told that my employer will book my vacation for me if I do not 'book' it all now.    Is this even legal ? Can they do this  , what is the law governing this ?   Any suggestions ?
  3. Data protection act and CV

        Correct out of a job if new don't win the contract, if old miraculously win position would unbearable. My eggs can only be in one basket is the problem.   
  4. Data protection act and CV

      Largely correct , it is highly unlikely my current company will  win the bid for the new contract and I will be out of a job. Therefore I have no option to move to another company and ensuring that I am not in my current companies bid will make things easier.   
  5. Data protection act and CV

      The issue is the new contract does not start until early next year. The new company have my guarantee I will join them in terms of a contract  
  6. Data protection act and CV

      You are missing the point I don't want them to use me full stop,  so I am not going to help them. They haven't a clue what I do on daily basis so it would all be fabrications. 
  7. Data protection act and CV

    Some good advice here thanks. I now believe the only way is to resign from my current company with a long notice period , this way they cannot guarantee I will be an employee of theirs for the new contract start and therefore cannot use my name/details in their bid. All very messy :-(    They have a very old copy of my CV and I assume by refusing to give them the latest version I am not in the wrong ?
  8. Data protection act and CV

    So my question maybe was not clear. I don't want my current company to use my data / CV in their bid. I have already give permission to a new company to use my data/CV in their bid. I want to ensure that my current company do not use me in their bid , some legislation references should be enough wrt GDPR to stop them. The other alternative is to resign now! 
  9. Data protection act and CV

    How does the data protection act cover CV's ? For example i currently work for a company who have a copy of my CV , can they use it as they wish to bid for other contracts without my express permission ?   The CV has not been updated since 2012 and I refused to give them an updated version so it is pretty useless.    I have expressly forbidden them to use my personal data and CV in a forthcoming contract bid as I intend to move companies. My understanding is they will be in breach of the data protection act if they do use it.  I've told them verbally but should also write them a letter stating my wish and any useful legislative info.