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  1. Vacation threat

      How am I being uncooperative ? The question is can my employer legally book my holiday for me without my consent ?
  2. Vacation threat

    Hi ,     I'm being threatened by my employer over my vacation. I have made it quite clear that I need to be flexible with my remaining 2019 vacation as I need to go back 'home' for a legal issue. I have also assured my employer that I will take all vacation by the end of 2019.    I have now been told that my employer will book my vacation for me if I do not 'book' it all now.    Is this even legal ? Can they do this  , what is the law governing this ?   Any suggestions ?
  3. Savings accounts for children

    I am having trouble finding a good savings account for my 6 year old son. What we want is something with a good (ish) interest rate where we can put in money when we have it , ideally not having to pay in a monthly amount or open a new 'parent' account with the bank.   Anyone have any experience or suggestions on this one?