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  1. Low-cost therapy & couples counselling

    You're very welcome!
  2. Low-cost therapy & couples counselling

    The other bit is managing the process, kiplette .    All of me will be there for you (both) - and you're absolutely right that people notice if you're not 100 % attending, makes one feel even less heard.    Thank you for double checking - no stupid questions.    Warm regards, 
  3. Are you and your partner struggling, fighting or feeling disconnected and looking for support in the Frankfurt region?   I'm currently in training to become a couples counselor (Imago Therapy) and licensed therapist (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie), and am therefore opening up 5 low-cost spots for couples from now until November. The part of me that's here for you both and looking after your needs during these sessions will be there for you, as always.    If you're interested in regularly hourly sessions between now and November (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly), at a fee that works for your budget (min. 25 euros), please apply. Sessions will take place at my home, or online, over Skype.    To apply for one of these spots, please e-mail me at danielle@daniellevandekemenade.com In your e-mail, tell me 1) what's going on, 2) what regular fee would work for you both and, 3) when you'd be available for a first session together.    To find out more about me, please visit www.daniellevandekemenade.com