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  1. Hello and forgive me if this has been covered - the search results gave me old threads that weren't exactly my situation. So thank you for reading!   I'm a US citizen married to a German citizen. I had German residence from 2014 to 2017 and they gave it to me without any German but said I'd need to learn some to renew it.  I learned most of the way through A2, but I didn't do the course because we were traveling a lot. No one told me it was required. We were in the US from 2017 to 2022, and now we are back. I'm applying again for an Aufenthaltstitel.   The email confirmation for my appointment said to bring Nachweise Integrationskurs/ Teilnahmebescheinigung Integrationskurs - proof of integration course/certificate of participation in integration course. First of all, how do they expect me to have done this huge course before I'm even living here (unless they are considering my previous stay here and thinking I should've already done it)? It's much too long for that. They also say to bring proof of A1, which is no problem, but do I need an official A1 test or is a certificate enough (Lingoda)? Are they maybe asking for one or the other? Because also in that list are employment contract, 3 months proof of income, and notice from job center – which you wouldn't necessarily bring all of. So maybe the list has some optional items?   Also, I'm hearing conflicting information (which is why I didn't want to just go by older threads here) about whether the integration course is required for US citizens, for spouses of German citizens, and for temporary (vs. permanent) residence.   Thank you for any insight into this matter! My appointment is December 12, so I'd have time to get started on something (but how would I even go about getting proof that I'm eligible for a discount?) but not finish it.      
  2. Getting permission to sublet flat

    Thanks all for your feedback. To clarify: I would get a long-term contract, but for example I thought it could be nice to be able to sublet it for a month in the winter if I travel. When I look at the apartment listings, there are so many sublets available that I thought it must be a thing that's allowed with some landlords. Unless most of these listings are people doing it without asking their landlords?     This sounds to me like I could rent out a room but keep my room occupied, and still go away for a time (recuperating half my rent, for example), without a problem. However I'm not sure if this is referring to short-term sublets (vacation), long-term sublets (roommate), or both.
  3. Getting permission to sublet flat

    Hello,   I'm looking for a flat, and I'd like to find one that allows subletting. Is this something that's agreed upon in the original rental contract? When I look on websites like wg-gesucht.de and immobilienscout24.de, I don't see filters for that. So is it something I'd need to individually ask each landlord when I'm inquiring about a listing?    Thanks. 
  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Guess I'll probably have to start over. 
  5. Hello,   First: apologies if this has been discussed - I didn't find in the first pages of search results.   My husband is German. I'm American and we've been married since 2014.   I had an 3-year German residence permit from 2014–2017.  Then we were in the US for 5 years. Now if I apply for a new residence permit, can I already apply for permanent residence (since 3 years of residence is required for PR for spouses of Germans)? Or does the gap invalidate those 3 years?    Thank you, Danielle