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  1. Indian IT service companies in Germany

    This was  a writing on the wall, specially when you hit an year which forces you to optimize costs. My experience is that companies will continue to own IT service management roles, Product owner roles and other things will be moving out. I mean the Indian firms are still quite tiny here, its companies like Accenture, Capgemini etc which are already quite big here and have big outsourcing/nearshoring centers.   Indian firms potentially hire Client Partners, Sales, Account Managers who are local talent. 
  2. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    Trying to wake up this thread. Last year I had a car accident using a car2go / Share Now vehicle. The car2go insurance took the 1000 EUR deductable, and I had hired a lawyer for any potential issues as I was partly to be blamed for the accident. The car did lose 40% of its value. In the end the police waived off any fine on me, and the car rental insurance never came back if they wanted to press more claims or to close it.    Meanwhile I am looking to buy a car this year, and I do not understand if this would impact the SF Class with the car insurance.   Does anyone here have experience on this?