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  1.   I figured it out! I went diving through all of my documents and found my Sozialversicherungsausweis which had my Versicherungsnummer on it - it was exactly the same as my Rentenversicherungsnummer! 8 numbers, 1 letter, 3 more numbers.   Thanks!
  2. Hey guys - thank you so much for this useful resource!   I'm tripping over one really simple thing before I post off my forms: Versicherungsnummer - the space on the form can fit a 12 digit number - I have three numbers and I'm not sure which one to put in it: I have my Gesundheitskarte with one number labelled Versicherung which is 9 digits long - which seems the obvious one - but it's not long enough. I also have a Versichertennummer on my Gesundheitskarte which has one letter followed by 9 digits. Then, I have a Rentenversicherungsnummer which I got in a letter from Techniker Krankenkasse as a proof of insurance letter, this is a jumble of 12 letters and numbers that seems to fit perfectly with the space on the form. I feel really stupid - I feel like the Rentenversicherungsnummer is the one - but surely they would ask for your Rentenversicherungsnummer if that's what they wanted?!  Can anyone put me out of my misery? Thank you all so much again - this has been so useful. I will post my timeline once I have received my reimbursement (fingers crossed) tyrsu