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  1. I've lived in Germany for about 8 years, mostly in Frankfurt and I can say that locals are indeed very friendly, but I've encountered some that are tricky to deal with. For doing business, Frankfurt could indeed be tricky. Some people here seem to look into the smallest detail and generally feels tense as I have to calculate my every possible step to avoid getting myself in a situation where the other party finding something fairly insignificant to bother me with. Nice people I've encountered pretty much everywhere in Germany, which is amazing. The nicest, probably in Cologne, very relaxing to do business with, kind, friendly and flexible. Bavaria is a mixed bag - from the greatest experiences with Germans ever in Munich to inflexible in Nuremberg especially, Bamberg and close to the Austrian border and on the opposite in Salzburg, Austria. Essen, Dortmund are not the friendliest, nor most flexible. Berlin - always good experiences, not great, but good.


  2. I have been struggling since the Coronavirus made my occupation redundant, I have been trying to find any form of help regarding applying for HARTZ IV but due to my limited German I'm stuck with these horribly long forms and quite frankly I don't know what to do. Are there any organisations that provide low cost or pro-bono help with navigating the process, help with filing the applications in or around Frankfurt area. I've been living off savings but seriously concerned I'm about to hit rock bottom soon.


  3. 9 hours ago, ChrisTTG said:

    Is it possible for me to live in Germany and run everything in the UK as normal? If so, how to do that? I think it is possible if the business in the UK is a Limited company but that is not the setup I have as I am just a Sole Trader.


    I saw a few responses above that running that particular operation of yours (the online biz t/o circa 30K) set in the UK is impossible to manage from Stuttgart and it got me thinking what have I been doing last 5 years, it must have been the "impossible" and I can tell you 100% yes you can run it from your residence in Stuttgart without a peep. To be honest with a decent internet connection you can run your online business, set in the UK from anywhere on planet Earth. What is the issue you're concerned with? Her Majesty allows for seamless information, sales, accounting and tax reporting exchange via Quicken/QuickBooks for the simplest of solutions, there are better ones, online, subscription based up to 500 companies if you desire domiciled around the globe.


    It also works as a Sole Trader but why would you want to be a Sole Trader at all is the better question. In my view you have zero benefits vs Limited.


    I mean I've been managing online assets domiciled in god knows where and running an online business was simply the point of being manageable from everywhere ...


    Plus think about it, do you really want to move your business from the UK to Germany. You're better off keeping your operation UK-based indefinitely. Turning it into a Limited Company is 20 quid! With corporate taxes expected to slide down a notch to support post-Brexit interests, EU and Germany are very high tax, high red tape for any small enterprise. Existing and future business assets should be domiciled and taxed under the best conditions (which is clearly the UK) and are separate from your personal income based on residence. Not to mention if it's working and changing it may lead to it not working no more means do not change your company set-up until necessary/beneficial.


  4. On 2/7/2017, 8:46:28, justere said:

    Super, thank you!!


    I believe I'm quite a reasonable individual and treat people fairly and politely, I have no intention whatsoever on apologizing to him though! Our contract does not mention showering and judging by the document that you sent it seems as though this could be completely disregarded anyway! If anything I am expecting an apology from him!


    I'm really sorry you're experiencing such audacity. Living in a shared building may be a challenge sometimes with having unreasonable neighbors. Don't let yourself be intimidated. Showering was indeed deemed a reasonable use of apartment facilities for up to 30 min and as long as it doesn't consistently break any Hausordnung rules of the building. Bear in mind though that unlike the US even if a court ruled one way in a case that doesn't automatically apply to your particular situation. If you anticipate this guy will keep causing you trouble (which it seems he may and will), do your research on him, check with the local government office. Don't apologize! I have seen that apologizing in Germany often is perceived as weakness and may give him more zeal to mess with your family. I would do my research quickly and probably file a harassment complaint pre-emptively. Having said all that almost always I've found all Germans that I deal with including neighbors to be very considerate and polite people. There are exceptions and in such rare exceptions I hit first and hit hard (legally of course).


  5. On 4/1/2007, 10:25:43, ruapehu said:


    Highly unlikely; no company in Germany is legally entitled to allow anyone to work those kind of whatever he does, he's presumably either self-employed or engaged in some illegal work..


    Oh wow. Assume much?

    He may be working two jobs. And I can tell there are many companies that will let you work more hours. Hell I work sometimes 60 hours a week or more. To assume "illegal" and to actually put it in the same sentence with "self-employed". As if being self-employed is somehow a second class occupation, like borderline illegal. I'm shocked.


  6. @lapsus_alumni


    About your X<Y question. I am in no way saying that the insurance company should pay for my mistakes. Insurance companies, unlike me can spot a frivolous and easily beatable claim and can negotiate with said companies from a much different level.


    You must agree that rental companies must carry the burden of maintaining their cars in a condition safe for the passenger. Can you imagine a single rental customer litigating every time the rental company wants to make a quick buck on his back. Otherwise why do we have insurance companies at all. If you are insured for 1 million dollars and you die and they pay out are they making a profit on your particular case?


    And in my particular case I've only had a single car related event since I got my DL in 2000. Allstate even lowered my insurance as a "safe driver". The only time I've ever had a case with a rental company is when in 2007 I blew a tire and I paid for a new tire service cause the deductible was 300£ and the tire change cost less.


  7. Car hire excess insurance - that's exactly what I need. How is it called in Germany?


    As for my liability insurance I'll call tomorrow (English speaker was not avail today) but I doubt the car rental coverage is in as I didn't request it specifically. Regardless I am looking to buy an insurance package that this time would definitely include car hire excess coverage. I just want peace of mind.


  8. Hi Toytown,


    I have encountered this troubling issue in Germany. I need to rent a car a few times a month for a day or two and there is one thing that bothers me every time is that most and in my case the car rent company I often use have a very weird (to me) rental policy.


    Now they advertise their prices with an insurance coverage included but with a 2000 EUR deductible! There is an option to pay extra per day to make the deductible 750. I am normally naive and I always take the insurance upgrade but just today something super weird happened to me and it was clearly not my fault and pre-existing and being super minor (to me it was a maintenance issue, not a damage) they wanted me to pay 150 EUR. I had to elevate it to the manager and after a high-voiced talk he agreed that it couldn't possibly be right to claim it as a damage on my part. This whole ordeal got me thinking that I feel super un-protected pretty much every time I rent a car in Germany. They don't offer full protection (no deductible) and if I ever end up having to pay their deductibles it would be very nasty.


    I have a personal liability insurance and I was wondering if this one would cover any such situations. Do you guys have any tips and ideas how to mitigate such issues when dealing with rental companies as it seems that they are always in the position to force you and annoy you with paying for their maintenance oversights.


    Also are there insurance policies that would cover such deductibles?


    Any info would be highly appreciated as I am sure many people encounter these problems.