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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      Im not sure if this is a pro or against argument for Brexit (I or II). common agricultural policy (CAP) is a complex business and Im not sure because of political views one should abstain from current facilities.  It like saying to your Bank manager, sorry, I'm against taking out a loan at 3% because he has been charged 7% on his loans for years and believed it was fair. Obviously there is a catch, and so has EU grants.  I'm all for localisation and CAP or EU does not fit all norms, especially when islands are concerned.  IMHO Eastern Europe has for the most part, presented many opportunities for West Europe Agri to flourish. Not for the Farms, anywhere in EU,  but for Food processing and distribution businesses.  CAP is to provide a level playing field for Environment, sustainability and so called Climate Change subsidies.  While West Europe put up heavily subsidized windmills, PV farms and Bioreactors, the rest have to make do with what small acreage farms are offered by the Food chains/giants.   
  2. Farmers "daily" markets inexistent in DE

    Has anybody asked, what Senior blauundweiss wants?  Is it the experience, the service, and atmosphere or the product? Soon we hope to deliver Fresh n alive. I dont think a stall, or market-Hall would allow this. 
  3. We have Beehives and planning training and training events for next March.
  4.   This is one of 4 greenhouses.  
  5. Thanks, Yes and No, as first point of contact. What I did first was approach a lot of local knowledgeable Architekten, to pick their local knowledge and options towards planning permission process options.  Unfortunately, 80% were not interested in small projects, a couple were interested but unhelpful and one was so far great with good feedback.  Because I want to develop a Horticultural biz, it may persuade a local Farmers Union, where I can get Preference Planning.  Our site is on the border of two districts so I am battling for one advantage.  Organic Biz to aid Wine region or Social Agri tourism  biz to aid a Municipality.  If I can have an off the record conversation with Bauaufsicht then yes.  This was possible when I built renovated  houses in UK, but frowned upon.  Here in Bavaria, I not sure of reactions.   I tied all this in Berlin, before moving south. In Berlin, I could not sneeze without upsetting Heritage ppl.  Unfortunate for me in Berlin to pick a spot close to industrial waste ground, trying to turn it Green.  Hence the Move and start over again. 
  6. "Take over" can mean a lot of things in business. In my case written contract and or Lease.
  7. As per my answer above.  NO prior research on the obvious regarding planning permission. I did go by instinct and judgement.  I've a lot of experience being a adventurer and pioneer. Unfortunately this time in Germany and learning fast.  
  8. Sometimes researching can take more time than getting opportunity foothold.  A wise man said to me once, never look a gift house (opps horse) in the mouth.    My concept is simple, and I hope not to give the game away too soon otherwise everybody will copy me.
  9. I tried uploading pics but there seems to be a upload limit on a Newbie
  10. Does anyone have experience or advice on how to go about getting permission to rebuild, repair renovate the similar business, buildings and services (Bavaria)?   We have taken over a small site that was an old flower nursery with old Glasshouses. Not used for over 20 years.  We want to rebuild the Glasshouses, workhouse and land.  Our aim is to develop an organic centre, with indoor and outdoor grown fruit and veg for our CSA community and local delivery.  Also if possible to build a Yurt Kitchen for summer workshops. cooking and preserving events or onsite Market stall.   The property suffered the last 20 years of neglect and requires major hard work. Not a big deal with able-bodies ecopreneur.   Ground needs cleaning, new fencing, glasshouse repair or rebuild and all the utilities need connecting. The problem is that the foundations and structures are not repairable and may need a complete rebuild.     At the moment (April 2019) the site is unsecured, dangerous with broken glass and a eyesore.   We are wondering how to go about rebuilding and business operations permits.  
  11. Mull    Davit

    Hello Newbie

  12. How to become a successful business person starting with less than nothing?

    1. LukeSkywalker

      First, you read a book about people who became successful business persons and then take it from there.

    2. Mull

      My post is the title of a Book I'm writing. But I have not finished the first book Yet,  "How to make a million out of nothing".

      You are about right with your advice, but successful business persons do not write books. One thing I noticed is that the "successful" are shy at admitting success. 

      One of the ways to the desired path is, find role models, fitting the competencies and principals you desire, study them and mimic, but consider bettering the observed outcomes of your role model(s). 

      If all else fails, ask them where they went wrong. From my experience, the successful "shy" like talking about their mishaps.