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  1. Unfortunately for me it didn't work, I was using the same account from 2 phones together with my wife, maybe they saw different IPs or something, what is certain is that they closed it and I lost all my history...

    Now I am afraid to open a new account even from another email, what if they still watch the IP and they ban also this new account?

    I just casually browsed for items and bought some stuff or sold some stuff from time to time, nothing commercially or out of normal usage ... I really don't know why they blocked the account.


  2. I don't want to bring bad news in advance, but I had the same problem, I used some form on their website to contact them and the conclusion was that my account was

    completely blocked, so practically I lost it, so I don't know what to advice you really:

    This is the message that I received from them and it seems that I am not the first one:



    vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht.

    Die Anmeldung über Ihr Nutzerkonto ist nicht mehr möglich.

    Diese Entscheidung ist endgültig, und wir bitten Sie daher, Abstand von unserem Marktplatz zu nehmen. Weitere Anfragen Ihrerseits werden wir gern zur Kenntnis nehmen, jedoch nicht mehr beantworten.

    Wir wünschen Ihnen dennoch alles Gute.  
    Viele Grüße vom eBay Kleinanzeigen-Team,

  3. On 5/3/2022, 7:17:51, bbogdanmircea said:

    Just as an info, after the appeal to telc they checked the results for my B1, and I passed the tes with Very Good, from 165 Points to over 270 !!!

    The difference in the Schrifftliche Prufung was almost 110 Points, they wrote that they made an error but I don't know what really happened.

    So if you are sure that you did well and you receive a very low score, please appeal as these errors seem to happen quite often :(


  4. Hello, after more than 1 month after taking the B1 Prufung I finally received the results.

    Unfortunately the results are quite strange, I got very high grades for the Mundliche Prufung and I passed, and I got very low grades for the Leseverstehen and Horverstehen which I always did 100% or close to 100% in the Test exercises and I failed it.

    I am pretty sure that I did them almost perfectly and that something strange has happened.

    I noticed also some other strange stuff when I did the test, like some people who did the Schriftlicher Ausdruck in 5 minutes and then left, it looked that they knew in advance what they needed to write ...

    My question is if I can ask to see my results for the Schriftliche Prufung, and where should I write?

    Should I write to the school where I did the test, or are the tests corrected directly by TELC?

    I am pretty sure that a mistake has been made, either intentionally or not, and I got much smaller grades than what I actually did.


  5. Ok, very dissapointed after trying to apply.

    Got an appointment at 8.00 AM on Monday at the local Rathaus.

    Everything seemed to go ok until I told her that I did the exam last week.

    She said she can't take any application without having the complete papers.

    Funny thing I have multiple colleagues who told me they applied without having all the papers and then they brought them

    when they had the results from the exams or other documents ready, but the application was running in parallel during this time.

    Should we try to apply at the regional center, maybe the local employees are too pissed off to actually work?

    This is my impression after the meeting, the employee looked really bored and not to eager to work.


  6. Ok, I did the B1 Exam, waiting for the results now but I guess I can go and make the application in the meantime?

    I want to make an appointment for the Einbuergerung test but I find it very difficult to find where it is online, any idea if there is some central

    website where I can find all the appointments in NRW?


  7. Thanks a lot, I guess this depends a lot on the person that you meet when you make the Antrag?

    I called around 1 week ago to the Amt, and I asked this and the person there answered that he doesn't recomment to make the Antrag without

    already having a B1 Test result at hand ...

    Just for my curiosity, when did you apply, was it recently or a long time ago?

    I already made a Termin for a B1 Test at the end of the month and now I am preparing for it, so I guess it is too late to walk to the Amt?


  8. Thanks a lot!

    If both me and my wife want to apply, do we have to fill one or two Antrag documents? I see the data for the family is already included.

    Is there any possibility to obtain a proof from the employer that I speak German and to skip the B1 test?

    I have an A2 already.


  9. Hello, I just called to ask about the Antrag for Citizenship, they told me that I need to bring a Test Result for minimum language level B1.

    The question is if this is mandatory and how to obtain it.

    I think my German is over this level but I don't know what these tests consist off.


  10. Hello, does the freiwilligversichert status depend only on the income level, or is it possible that you are pflichtversichert even if you have a big income?

    And what is the limit?

    I have the impression that I lost some money while I was freiwillig, especially as my income has decreased at some point due to Kurzarbeit but the Krankenkasse kept on taking the full amount from my account.

    Should I ask for some backpayments now?


  11. Hello, a final question about Kurzarbeit.

    If I am freiwilligversichert, so basically I get the health insurance payments from my employer and then the insurance gets the full amount from my account, should the amounts have been lower?

    Should I now inform them that I was in Kurzarbeit and ask for some backpayments?