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  1. E-Bay Kleinanzeigen - Zugang gesperrt.

    Unfortunately for me it didn't work, I was using the same account from 2 phones together with my wife, maybe they saw different IPs or something, what is certain is that they closed it and I lost all my history... Now I am afraid to open a new account even from another email, what if they still watch the IP and they ban also this new account? I just casually browsed for items and bought some stuff or sold some stuff from time to time, nothing commercially or out of normal usage ... I really don't know why they blocked the account.
  2. 70k EUR gross for life in Dusseldorf

    Probably the rent for a 3 Room Apartment will cost a minimum of 1000 euro, another 500 euro for gas, electricity, internet, another 500 euro for food, so you still have around 2000 euro remaining for you and your family. I think this is pretty good
  3. E-Bay Kleinanzeigen - Zugang gesperrt.

    I don't want to bring bad news in advance, but I had the same problem, I used some form on their website to contact them and the conclusion was that my account was completely blocked, so practically I lost it, so I don't know what to advice you really: This is the message that I received from them and it seems that I am not the first one:   Hallo, vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Die Anmeldung über Ihr Nutzerkonto ist nicht mehr möglich. Diese Entscheidung ist endgültig, und wir bitten Sie daher, Abstand von unserem Marktplatz zu nehmen. Weitere Anfragen Ihrerseits werden wir gern zur Kenntnis nehmen, jedoch nicht mehr beantworten. Wir wünschen Ihnen dennoch alles Gute.     Viele Grüße vom eBay Kleinanzeigen-Team,