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  1. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    I phoned today HUK but not so lucky. I have 2 cars, she asked me for the kilometers for the 1st car and as the last kilometer she had was from 2015 she said that I didn't do less kilometers. I bought the car at 110k in 2015, have an insurance for 20k/year and now in 10.2020 I have 225k km. For the 2nd car, she said that she will reduce the kilometers from 8k annually to 6k but no backpayment. Should I switch insurance?
  2. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    Yes, I think you are right, I will call today and see what I can find out. Somebody told me he called and based on a photo of the actual Odometer he got a 30 Euro rebate, but you must travel at least 5000 km under your actual quota to be able to get something.
  3. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    I sent yesterday a message from My HUK but no answer... maybe there is a certain way you have to do it, like an official letter sent to HUK? I was looking for a template for the letter maybe.
  4. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    Hello, I am coming back with the other question around. My insurer ( HUK ) never asked me how many kilometers I actually did since I have the insurance. But this year because of Corona and working from Home I don't think I did 10% of my 20000 km. So how can I ask that they give me some money back?
  5. Best way to reject a job offer

    Would be nice to hear from somebody working in HR what is the practice with refusing offers.   How would you write to say that for now you can't accept the offer for personal reasons, but this had nothing to do with the offer itself and you hope that in the future a collaboration is still possible in German? Or what would be the best way to write it. And saying that you received a contract today, what is a normal period to either refuse or send back the signed contract?
  6. Costs of life in Aachen

    Can't believe I wrote this 7 years ago! First months in Aachen what a time was that! Last year I returned to Aachen, now I can do some update about living in a huge 3 room apartment, also 2 cars to care for and higher costs for electricity, rent, gas, internet. Total is now around 2k euro, I am amazed a little where the difference is, of rent is 800 versus 550 so 250 difference, probably has and current is a little more expensive but food stays at 350 euro still ... Oh yes now I get it, the health insurance is killing me, 800+ euro a month but I get half of that from my employer.
  7. Legal insurance

    Anybody having ARAG?
  8. Best way to reject a job offer

    About burning bridges, do you agree that some companies, if you refuse them once they will never hire you again, or at least put you on some black list and directly reject your application? Once I interviewed for a company, received an offer but refused it as I thought it was too far away, needed to move etc. Then after some time like 1 year as I was looking for a job I applied again but they immediately rejected my application. Did you encounter the same? I find this to be very unrightful as you are basically trapped in accepting once you get an offer from a big company.   And second thing, is there some convention when it is better to refuse an offer? For example if you receive a contract that for accepting you must sign and send, but you refuse because you don't like something or have a better offer, what is the best way to proceed? Should you write an email or should you call and say that you are no longer interested? How to formulate it so that they don't put you on the black list for the future?
  9. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Just a confirmation, that Kurzarbeit does not affect ALG in case of a Kündigung, so if you worked 24 months then had 5 months KUG null then the company fires everyone you are still entitled to 12 months of ALG?
  10. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Not really, I just want to understand what are the rules as it seems to me that is is not clear if you are supposed to stay at home in your work clothes and be ready day and night to go to work, or there is some reasonable time like 1 day from getting the notice to get back to work.
  11. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    I agree totally with the last paragraph from the previous post! Can you provide a link about the 1 day notice for being back? I could really use that in case of a prolonged Kurzarbeit and no possibility to take the vacation days earned at the beggining of the year.
  12. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    For me KUG 100% should be same as ALG I, which if I am not mistaken has the rule that as long as you go the the Arbeits Agentur and let them know when you would like to take holiday and they approve it, then you can take 2 weeks/year or something like that. KUG 100% is really nice for german nationals as you can travel whenever you want so basic like holiday, but for other nationals who technically can't leave Germany to visit this is not quite like a holiday. Any ideas for Kundigung during Kurzarbeit, is there an possibility to reduce the Kundigungfrist when finding a new job from 3 months to let's say 1 month without getting into trouble? Is it possible if only an agreement is made with the company like an Abfindung or something like that?
  13. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit   Indeed, it seems to be a hot topic but more leading to no vacation for the months of KUG Null... which makes sense in a way.
  14. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    Ok thanks. Any idea about the Vacation Days for the months of Kurzarbeit? Are there also reduced proportionally to the % of not working? So if you have 2.5 days vacation/month, and you have 4 months Kurzarbeit 50% then you get only (4 x 2.5) x 50% ? So if you have 100% Kurzarbeit then you lose vacation for all those months?
  15. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    What is the definition of "go away"? Is it possible to go outside DE in the weekends? It is possible to go to Netherlands or Belgium which is like 20 km away?