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  1. Hello, I am also curious how the Verbrauch Energy Certificate is done? Is there any standard for the minimal temperature that should be kept in the apartment while the measuring is done? I am asking because we rented an apartment with 65 kWh which is good, but in 2 rooms the temperature does not get over 18 degrees even with the heating turned on at maximum power. Is it possible that they did the measuring at 17 grad inside to get a good value?
  2. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Any news from the OP? Did things change in a good way?
  3. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Not being an ass kisser and telling the truth in the face caused me some trouble yes, it's getting tougher and tougher to be honest nowadays ...
  4. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    I talk from experience, a bitter experience. After getting a lawyer involved things got much worse in my case. Of course it depends how big is the company, the bigger they are the less they will care. So don't call me an idiot because I advise someone based on my experience.  I hope that he will not follow my advice, and that he gets his rights and whatever he is looking for. He did not tell if the company is part of a big sindicate, ID he has a Betriebsrat and if he knows of other cases similar and how did those turn out. If there is a history of people winning from persons in a similar situation, then he should stay, but if the last person that wasadvisec by his boss to quit and didn't was thrown out after 1 month, or they made his life a nightmare then ... Is that a less idiotic advice?
  5. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Also another thing, make sure you have a legal insurance, or make one asap. They usually have a freeze time of 3 months, so if things get nasty in less than 3 months it will be useless.
  6. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    In your place I would give in my notice until the end of the month and start looking for jobs. 3 months should be plenty to find a job. You will loose ALG for some months if you can't find anything right after, but this shouldn't be a problem. Getting lawyers into this will just make things worse.
  7. Abfindung for Private Insurace

    Hello, after 1 year of ending the relation with my former employer, I received a letter from them and also from a Private Insurance Company. I worked at my former employer for 5 years, and when joining I opted for an aditionaly Private Insurance. Now I received this letter that basically says that my employer has closed this insurance: (poor Google Translate following, Employer = D, Insurance = G)   The amount of your accrued entitlement is so small that it falls below the limits described in § 3 (2) 1 BetrAVG and can therefore be compensated unilaterally by D. An entitlement is insignificant if the amount of the benefit resulting from the expectancy (retirement pension) is included Reaching the age limit laid down would not exceed 1% of the monthly reference value according to § 18 SGB IV We make use of our law. Enclosed you will receive the compensation documents of G with the request for processing. Please note the information on taxation and social security treatment Once we have received the document signed by you, G will pay the severance payment amount to your account. With the severance payment, all entitlements to occupational pension benefits are no longer valid.   Also in the envelope I also received some papers also from the private insurance:   Contract Dear Ms. , You left the services of D .07.2018. For this reason, you will receive a legally vested pension entitlement pursuant to the German Occupational Pensions Act (BetrAVG) within the framework of the G for D. Please refer to the attached calculation sheet for the scope of your vested pension entitlement. The amount of the vested expectancy corresponds to the so-called entitlement achieved. This is calculated from the contributions or converted remuneration components that were spent until retirement under the provident fund.   If you retire before reaching the contractual retirement age and receive a full retirement pension from the statutory pension insurance, you can receive the early retirement benefit at the same time. In this case, a recalculation of the amount of the advanced retirement benefit from the vested pension entitlement takes place. In the event of claim, please contact D or submit it directly to the support fund on presentation of this certificate. Please inform us of any changes to your personal data, such as your personal data. Moving, name change, etc., your former employer and the provident fund. Only then can a timely processing take place.   If you have any further inquiries, we will be happy to address them.    Termination of severance pay for a legally vested right according to § 3 BetrAVG The supply of X is scheduled for departure on .07.2028.   As a result of the severance payment, the beneficiary's entitlements under the promise of benefits under the company pension scheme lapse through G. In the course of the severance payment, the insurance no. XXXXXXXX dissolved.   The settlement amount represents income from employment and is therefore taxable in accordance with $ 19 para. 1 no. 2 ESTG. The severance pay is to be treated as a pension in accordance with § 229 SGB V. The benefit is therefore subject to a contribution in the statutory health and long-term care insurance, provided that the beneficiary is compulsorily or voluntarily insured in the statutory health insurance.   The settlement amount should be taxed as: (Please note that there can only be ONE main employment relationship.)   Main employment relationship   Or   In addition to employment   Technical data A. Name Date of birth Date of employment Date of commitment Service departure 07.2018 01.03.2049 Reaching the age limit   Calculation form for the amount of your vested benefits G for D B. Amount of the vested pension entitlement (your entitlement to benefits under the cessation of employment) (a.) Monthly retirement pension upon reaching retirement age: (b.) Monthly survivor's pension in the event of death before reaching retirement age: (c.) Monthly occupational disability pension in the event of disability before reaching retirement age: (d.) monthly orphan's pension for death before reaching the age limit: 30.13 18.08 30.13 3.03 €   Now the question is, do I have other options than to fill the forms and get some payment? Can I continue to pay myself and add to the existing amount without cashing out? What do you suggest?  
  8. Filing a tax return - help on how to file I found this link with some helpful information, can anybody confirm that these are the correct fields where to enter the amount that I payed to TK?
  9. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello, I decided to make an investition and buy the program QuickSteuer 2019. Until now, the program is pretty neat, as I was able to enter the data from each Lohnsteuerbescheinigung separately, I have 4 of them, 2 for each job, then one for remaining holiday and another for 2 holiday that the company forgot to pay. But I have a problem, I can't find how to enter that for my second employer, I am paying entirely the KV directly to my insurance, so on the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung for the second employer the value for 25 is 0, as I am getting also the employer contribution and then I pay both the employer and my part directly. But I guess I should mention that somewhere in the forms to show this. Any ideas at leas where this should be mentioned in the forms if I am a Selbstzahler for the KV as an Arbeitnehmer? And another thing, for 2 months I was in a training at a location that was 220 km from my home, for this training I traveled on Monday and returned on Friday, can I claim this as Werbungkosten and how should I mention it, should I mention the 2 month period, but only 8 days x 220 km? Thanks!
  10. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Ok, then I guess I should install ELSTER or get a Steuerberater. The ELSTER install is free of cost but first I have to apply according to the guide on the WIKI?
  11. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    I never used the ELSTER app until now. I always used the 2013 forms as they are nicely referenced in the wiki.  Can I also fill the forms for the different Lohnsteuerbescheinigung that I received, and if yes how should I do it? Multiple forms ?
  12. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello, can anyone provide at least some general guidelines for my situation? If I changed tax class in October 2018 from 4 to 3 how should I fill in the forms, 4 or 3 or both? How to fill in for the period I was without income and for the period that I received Arbeitslosengeld?
  13. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

    Do you have a legal insurance? If not probably you are pretty screwed.
  14. Filing a tax return - help on how to file

    Hello, I have a similar question. Last year I was: 1.01-25.07 employed with one company 25.07-1.10 unemployed, received unemployment for 1 month 1.10-31.12 employed with another company How should I fill in the forms, just add the columns from the 4 Lohnsteuer Bescheinigung that I got? I also changed my tax on 1.10 from 4 to 3 as my wife is no longer working, how to complete the forms, with tax 3 or 4? Also for the second employer I pay myself the medical insurance total amount, but with the first one it was automatically deducted. Does this make also a difference?  
  15. Car is broken, we are stranded

    Finally my car was shipped Thursday before Easter. The communication with the local company to which ADAC forced me to ship the car was really bad. I called them from Monday to Thursday every day and told them that I am waiting my car from ADAC and if they can call me when it is there. They said they can't. Finally on Thursday I decided to pay them a visit, and lo and behold, my car was there since Tuesday so they were lying to me for 3 days! Then I payed 130 Euro for 3 days of parking + 3.5 km of towing to my mechanic.