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  1. Tax return for non-Kleinunternehmer self-employed

    Panda is a Lady? Wow, been on this forum for years and never realised that. Can you tell me if the calculations from the link hold for freelancing? Is it true that after the first year you will have to pay almost all your earnings as tax? This is the only link I could find with real calculations based on hourly rate and how much you actually earn after taxes. And another question, if I sell services to another EU business then I would need to give them invoice without VAT with reverse charge, but do I still have to pay VAT in Germany or how does that work? Is it possible in this case to do all the tax by myself or do I need to have a Steuerberater?
  2. Hello, I am also curious how the Verbrauch Energy Certificate is done? Is there any standard for the minimal temperature that should be kept in the apartment while the measuring is done? I am asking because we rented an apartment with 65 kWh which is good, but in 2 rooms the temperature does not get over 18 degrees even with the heating turned on at maximum power. Is it possible that they did the measuring at 17 grad inside to get a good value?
  3. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Any news from the OP? Did things change in a good way?
  4. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Not being an ass kisser and telling the truth in the face caused me some trouble yes, it's getting tougher and tougher to be honest nowadays ...
  5. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    I talk from experience, a bitter experience. After getting a lawyer involved things got much worse in my case. Of course it depends how big is the company, the bigger they are the less they will care. So don't call me an idiot because I advise someone based on my experience.  I hope that he will not follow my advice, and that he gets his rights and whatever he is looking for. He did not tell if the company is part of a big sindicate, ID he has a Betriebsrat and if he knows of other cases similar and how did those turn out. If there is a history of people winning from persons in a similar situation, then he should stay, but if the last person that wasadvisec by his boss to quit and didn't was thrown out after 1 month, or they made his life a nightmare then ... Is that a less idiotic advice?
  6. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    Also another thing, make sure you have a legal insurance, or make one asap. They usually have a freeze time of 3 months, so if things get nasty in less than 3 months it will be useless.
  7. Getting fired with an unlimited contract

    In your place I would give in my notice until the end of the month and start looking for jobs. 3 months should be plenty to find a job. You will loose ALG for some months if you can't find anything right after, but this shouldn't be a problem. Getting lawyers into this will just make things worse.