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  1. Commerzbank customer experiences

    Usually the activation uses some letter you receive by Post at home. No idea about mobileTAN ... never used it.
  2. Working/living in Belgium – family living in Germany

    Hello, I have a question on the same topic, more or less. We are living in Aachen, and my wife is in the application process for a job in Belgium. The company offering the job mentioned that if we move our residence to Belgium, then the netto salary will be much higher, because of the RSI (Regime Speciele D'Imposition) which is like a tax reduction if you move to Belgium. Of course that at least for the moment, we would like to continue living in Germany and just commute to Belgium, as the financial aspects of living in Belgium are total foreign to us. Is there any way to find what would be the difference between moving and staying, and what would change? What happens with the medical insurance and social insurance if you work for a Belgian Company, but you live in Germany, will they be German or Belgian, and can you still go to your doctors in Germany?
  3. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    I phoned today HUK but not so lucky. I have 2 cars, she asked me for the kilometers for the 1st car and as the last kilometer she had was from 2015 she said that I didn't do less kilometers. I bought the car at 110k in 2015, have an insurance for 20k/year and now in 10.2020 I have 225k km. For the 2nd car, she said that she will reduce the kilometers from 8k annually to 6k but no backpayment. Should I switch insurance?
  4. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    Yes, I think you are right, I will call today and see what I can find out. Somebody told me he called and based on a photo of the actual Odometer he got a 30 Euro rebate, but you must travel at least 5000 km under your actual quota to be able to get something.
  5. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    I sent yesterday a message from My HUK but no answer... maybe there is a certain way you have to do it, like an official letter sent to HUK? I was looking for a template for the letter maybe.
  6. Insurance question with kilometer traveled

    Hello, I am coming back with the other question around. My insurer ( HUK ) never asked me how many kilometers I actually did since I have the insurance. But this year because of Corona and working from Home I don't think I did 10% of my 20000 km. So how can I ask that they give me some money back?