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  1. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    I've been reading a lot regarding this topic. Why are those non-Tesla charging stations so badly maintained and so few? Seems the main reason is that they are not profitable! The upfront investment is too high and the usage is not high enough to justify it. With Tesla it works because Tesla does not need them to be profitable (although I guess they are marginally profitable).   Without Corona I would charge perhaps 10-20x per year on a supercharger, but that's doing very long trips. This year I already used it 4x. But most charging sessions are quite short, 10-15 minutes.  
  2. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Try me. Rules: Western Europe.  
  3. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Check the one I gave you, it follow the route you want.
  4. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    Lol, actually quite the opposite. That's a myth hard to die. Mountain routes are BETTER for Evs than for normal cars. They charge on the way down and have much more torque than ICE.   BTW, that path is easily done with a Tesla (Model 3 AWD). You don't even need to charge. Look here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=8f5e95cf-a023-4cd6-953f-bb425485e31e      
  5. Coronavirus

    As @murphaph said, vaccine passports, plus mandatory vaccination for school aged children. They don't need to make it mandatory, they just have to make it hard to live without it. And of course they should make it mandatory for certain jobs, like caretakers. You are not forced to take it, you can quit your job.
  6. Our elderly die because of Russia for a long time ago. Our elderly, our middle aged and our young people die when Trump, elected with Putin's help, perpetuates climate change industries. Our elderly, our middle aged and our young people die when Putin's lackeys spread anti-vaxx bullshit in Facebook and Twitter. DON'T give him more power!
  7. Russia has 8% of people with at least one shot. Europe will reach 45-50% by end of May. Big difference.
  8. Coronavirus

    We don't need herd immunity to keep it under control. My forecast is this is under control by the end of May, or mid of June. By mid of July I seriously doubt there is any restriction left. I also think some restrictions will be lifted within 2 weeks. Restaurants will open by end of May.
  9. Sorry, that argument is void. Russia has its own vaccination problems. They prefer to export than to give it to their own people?
  10. Tesla Gigafactories, News and Conversation

    BTW, Tesla will have 3 superchargers in the center of munich until the end of the year for those without charging capability at home. TBH the solution should be to force companies to install chargers at work. I'm pushing for that in my company.   One note: Tesla would still be profitable in Q1 without Bitcoin and regulatory credits, the article is wrong.
  11. Police brutality in the USA

    Lots of drones. Flying becomes easier than walking or rolling, because of battery energy density improvements.
  12. Putin can go fuck himself. Bad politics also cost lives. The world had to endure Trump for 4 years partially because of Putin. So fuck him and fuck Sputnik V. That and the chinese vaccines are the only ones I refuse.
  13. Indian IT service companies in Germany

    What do you mean with high level?
  14. Indian IT service companies in Germany

    All being outsourced. Not only because of price, but because Germans are crap at software. Guess what? Overengineering is a disaster for SW.  
  15. 916.388 yesterday. We are over 3.2M already, with 3 days to go. Definitely we will reach 4M. My guess is around 4.3M but it could be that the magical 4.5M is reached.
  16. Coronavirus

    This does not sound like Covid. Just keep monitoring the situation. If you have a SPO2 measuring device, use it once a day and check values. We do that at home, when one of us has such symptoms, once a day we check SPO2 and check all symptoms in everyone.   My wife had some trouble breathing and a low SPO2 yesterday and got a bit concerned. In the morning SPO2 was back to normal. Conclusion: dust allergies from yesterday's cleaning.
  17. Conspiracy theorists

    As always, you can say that stupidity kills people. And leave it there.  At some point you stop giving a shit for idiots. Especially in Europe, which will be able to enforce enough vaccines. In non-EU countries, it's harder, you actually need to make an effort to educate idiots.
  18. Police brutality in the USA

    It's complicated to say. Some of the crime we know today will be gone. Car theft or smartphone theft will be gone. House robberies will be gone. On the other hand, you might have more violence, riots and so on.
  19. Seems to be confirmed! 1.088.000 vaccinations today! Monday and Tuesday was also strong. I think they can pass 4M this week.
  20. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    There are many people like me that prefer a quieter life, with a house and a garden, instead of a noisy apartment. I will never live in an apartment again. Also these towns will change considerably. They will have their own vibe as more well-off people move in. And your international, weathy center, will not be so international any more, a lot of people will just move. This is good for all.
  21. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

    This madness has been spreading across the globe, even Portugal is going through a housing price increase. Cheap money, a younger generation wanting modern and expensive houses, and fools saying you only need to pay interest, not actually pay the house. This is not going to end up well. One minor crisis and all crumbles fast. And I think that crisis is the upcoming sovereign debt crisis within 2-4 years.   As an example, in 2008 crisis, housing prices in Portugal only dropped 11%. Why? Houses were already cheap and not so much debt to banks. In Spain, they fell over 50%. Entire towns became empty! Why? They had a decade of cheap money and a mindset as described above.     On the long run (15 years), I think city prices will drop considerably, as robotaxis will allow people to move to the countryside.
  22. So, per week, was a typo.
  23. I spent some time looking on why vaccinations dropped last week. It seems deliveries were not so good for 2 consecutive weeks, but the last delivery a few days ago puts the numbers above 4 million vaccines per week. This means during middle of this week or beginning of next week we should see a push for 4M per week, compared with 3.4M last week. Still, we need 4.5M per week, that's the goal
  24. (old) Recommendations is to keep values below 800ppm. Opening the windows for a minute can easily drop it to 400. Airplanes are at around 700 average (I measured it twice), so my guess is that the 800 value is still correct. Otherwise we would have seen a huge increase in cases of people flying.
  25. Was talking to a friend and we both realized that it's rare the time we have to show our ID on EU flights. Is there any background check going on in Germany?