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  1. Is BAMF violating the European laws?

    Not only how, but also when. Some member states take years to transpose the directive, on purpose!
  2. Is BAMF violating the European laws?

    There are no European laws, just directives. Each country has to translate those directives to local laws. Probably Germany has done it differently.
  3. Need advice on damaged car

    Thank Saint Elon for Sentry Mode!
  4. Kindergarten staff negligence

    I had terrible experiences with German kinderkrippe and kindergarten. My son had a few accidents and was brutally spanked once, and the caretakers said nothing! The kid had blood all over his face once! They did not clean him, they said nothing related to the incident, nothing! Shit system, even the private. Now he is at an international school and we get a nurse (permanent staff) report even for small things.   My theory: Germans expect this. Either your kid survives or he is not worthy.
  5. Damage to third party car while working.

    Which is the biggest cost? Car repair or a huge fine for a company by telling unlicensed operators to use a forklift? This is your pitch.
  6. No more VW Beetle

    Good, fucking hipster car.
  7. Problems with Sixt - Asking me to pay for scratches

    I´ve fallen in the same trap several years ago. Took the car from a dark garage, could not see any scratch. Left it back there and then they claimed damages.
  8. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

    Worst case (full recession) you loose up to 30%, on average for the full stock market. If you get out before it dips so much, you just have to stop investing for some time and pick the opportunity when the market overreacts. I did that in 2008 and doubled my money in 1 year. Too bad I only had 4k€ available to invest back then...
  9. Complete FAIL

    Because it was a mistake? That is not a geological active area.
  10. Stop buying shit from Ebay. I think some of the sellers are set up with DHL guys. The very last time I used it, the package tracking showed that it was delivered to the local post, then got lost! As I was not the sender, I could not force DHL to track it. The poster refused to do it and Ebay gave them no fault when I activated buyer´s protection. JUST STOP USING EBAY!
  11. From an European perspective, I hope Boris wins, so that this Brexit ends quickly, one way or another, so we can block the city of London and its nefarious influence in EU finance. From a brit perspective, you guys are fucked up.
  12. Happened 300m away from me. The owner of the house has to pay 200.000€ for ordnance removing, which was found AFTER the house was built. Now the whole neighborhood is trying to help her, as they could be next.
  13. Don´t mix pleasure with work.  
  14. Questions regarding ERASMUS

    Hi,   A friend´s son, from Portugal, is coming for ERASMUS in Germany. I made a quick search in the forum but could not find a good answer. Does he need to get a German health insurance? What is the procedure here? Also, any other tips, like is it absolutely required to have a bank account, are there some benefits he can claim as a student, etc?
  15. And you are sounding more ridiculous by following a non issue. Really, nothing else to pick on?
  16. Well, quick google search, 2nd link: https://forums.tesla.com/forum/forums/once-you-go-tesla-you-never-go-back   So yeah, at least since 2013, when the Model S was released.
  17. FFS, I bought a Tesla and I own Tesla stocks. So not only I am entitled to talk about Tesla stocks, I have first hand knowledge on their products and the misinformation around them, which leads these so called analysts to issue wrong or sometimes purposely fake reports!
  18. E-car tips

    So I finally confirmed my Tesla Model 3 order this past week! It will take some weeks to receive it, but in the meantime I want to prepare for it.   I came up with some topics where I could use some help and maybe this is also useful for others thinking on moving to EVs.   Questions: Is there an electricity tariff for night charges? My supplier is E.On but I could move to another. Any useful tips on where to do in-city charging? Which charging stations are cheaper? How to register for them? Useful smartphone apps for charging stations? I´ve seen google maps has them now, but maybe there are more useful ones. Any recommended electrician in Munich to change the garage installation for higher amperage? Or does Tesla recommend one? How much should I expect for a service like that? What other cable/adapters would I need to be on the safe side, i.e. maximum compatibility with all charging stations. Any "must have" accessories for the car? I will get a USB drive for the "Sentry mode" for sure!   Bear in mind, I will probably do most of my charging at home, but if it is much cheaper outside, I would go once a week to a public charger.
  19. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

    Let's put it like this: a German colleague and his working wife, both with PHDs, dressed on their best suites to convince a private Kindergarten to accept their kid. The private is around 800€ per month for 8h. You won't get a place on a public one.
  20. E-car tips

  21. Tesla just announced record sales! There goes the "bankrupt" and "no demand" theory! https://electrek.co/2019/07/02/tesla-global-delivery-record-q2-2019/   Once you drive a Tesla, you don´t go back! I´ve driven it with several friends, which are now in the process of convincing the wives to buy one!  
  22. E-car tips

    Teslas with unlimited supercharger are worth several thousands of euros more than new ones, especially for taxi drivers.
  23. Strange things that happened to you

    Once I was on a Saturday night listening to metal in this bar in Portugal: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g189186-d8048779-i160062245-Encanas_Bar-Vila_do_Conde_Porto_District_Northern_Portugal.html   Then, from the front door a motorcycle came in, with a skull on the top mud guard! The rider stepped off, wearing a German WW2 German "Stahlhelm"! Although the whole bar was already completely gobsmacked, the weirdest thing was about to happen. Behind the driver, a dwarf (which I personally knew) came. The rider picked him up, placed him on the counter, where he started a freaky dance! After some seconds, the whole fucking bar was dancing around him!!
  24. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

    Depends on how expensive your kids are. Are they going to public school or using private kindergartens?