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  1. The end of private in-house caregiving

    A friend just told us she is paying now 3000€ per month for a foreign lady to take care of her mother, 24/7. She has no medical experience. Although I'm glad people are getting well paid for it, it's quite a lot of money for the vast majority of population.
  2. All things Tesla

    2400 self acceleration issues... dozens and dozens of lawsuits, ALL dismissed.
  3. Toytown Form Posting Broken

    Thanks, disabling javascript worked, although now I can't quote. Was about to give up on the website.
  4. Some comparison.   TM3 SR+ - Battery 57.5kWh - "real range": 405km -  Weight: 1835kg - https://ev-database.org/car/1555/Tesla-Model-3 VW ID3 Pro - Battery 58kWh - "real range":350km - Weight 1815kg - https://ev-database.org/car/1831/Volkswagen-ID3-Pro   TM3 LR - Battery 75kWh - "real range": 485km -  Weight: 1919kg - https://ev-database.org/car/1591/Tesla-Model-3-Long-Range-Dual-Motor VW ID3 Pro S - Battery 77kWh - "real range": 455km -  Weight: 1933kg - https://ev-database.org/car/1832/Volkswagen-ID3-Pro-S---4-Seats   The Tesla is much more efficient. Bear in mind the M3 LR is dual motor.
  5. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    This document ( EG-Ubereinstimmungsbecheinung ) is issued by the manufacturer, specifically for your VIN. If you don't have it, the manufacturer can issue a new on, but at a cost.  
  6. Each business area is different. And no company is 100% vertically integrated. Despite Tesla even having a lithium refinery, they still buy many components, services and raw materials from 3rd party.  Or on the other extreme, you have Apple, the least vertically integrated company on the top. They don't own a single factory, and even a lot of their R&D, contrary to popular belief, is outsourced. It works for them. They are the masters of supply chain management.      
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Today I contacted a garage here in Munich to check for prices to convert from Euro 5 to Euro 6.  The lady was incredibly nice and told me i don't have to! It seems there is a clause in the rules for Munich that, independently of being Euro 5 or 6, if the NOX emissions are below 270mg, you are excluded from the ban! You just need to carry with you a copy of the EG-Ubereinstimmungsbecheinung!   Which makes sense, because it should be about emission values and not a sticker.
  8. All things Tesla

    https://www.autoevolution.com/news/tesla-rumored-to-start-model-3-project-highland-production-at-giga-shanghai-on-june-1-214632.html   Seems Model 3 refresh comes half a year sooner than predicted, although my personal prediction was by the summer/end of summer..
  9. First, the international schools have 1h of German per day. Second, I've looked at those "bilingual schools" and they are German-centric. It's just a bit better than public system, but still not good for non-speakers. It's more for the German rich kids to learn English than for foreign to learn German.
  10. All things Tesla

    No, mine can charge at 2.9kW, just checked it a minute ago with the app. I think the limit is 3.2kW, depending on voltage drop and maximum current you can draw.
  11. All things Tesla

    No, it's different. But there is danger, as it is a magnetic field. People think it's harmless, but because they think of phone charging. Car charging will require a magnetic field thousands of times more powerful. Not only dangerous, but also generate a huge amount of electromagnetic interference. 
  12. All things Tesla

    No, this is ridiculous expensive. In 10 years we will laugh at all the crazy EV charging ideas that are popping up now.
  13. All things Tesla

    My recommendation is NOT to buy any wall charger. Do yourself a favor and don't waste 500€, the normal 16A plug is more than enough.
  14. All things Tesla

    None. LFP batteries are super cheap but only suitable to low range cars. Expect something around 420-450km range. Together with double giga casting, it means a very cheap Tesla Model Y. Very similar to the one made in Shanghai, but without the import tax and transportation cost. My best guess is around 39-41k before Umweltbonus, i.e. 3-5k cheaper.   Anyway... personally I would not buy the low range version, but for many people it's more than enough.
  15. All things Tesla

    Not only that, double giga casting, this reduces costs considerably.  
  16. All things Tesla

    Seems like a much cheaper, low range version will come out soon!
  17. My underaged son recently performed voice acting and the studio offered 150€ for the performance. Now the question is how can we properly make the transaction. Do I need to register myself or my son to properly issue an invoice? Or is this any legal way for me to handle this small income? What about VAT?
  18. Small service provided. How to pass an invoice?

    @PandaMunich, thank you for the help! Just to clarify, I have to give them an invoice, but how do I write such invoice? Is there a template or so?   @fraufruit, thank you! I don't think we have an engineer, but he is great with people and acting. Maybe politician  
  19. All things Tesla

    ... and yet... people keep buying shitty french cars...
  20. All things Tesla

    My impression is more than half the people buy a car based on personal taste and intuition, not logic.
  21. Germany: Conformism and its consequences

    Well, if you have a social life in a large expat bubble, then you can ignore most of the issues. TBH it's the only reason I'm still in here. In my case, the expat bubble is my son's international school.
  22. All things Tesla

    For the Polestar 2. - again, supporting China... - More expensive than the Tesla. Starts at 57k. - base version comes bare bone, you need to add at least 7500€ to make it similar to the Model 3. - range is very poor 487km vs Tesla 626... https://www.polestar.com/hk/polestar-2/range-and-charging/numbers/ - charging speed is 205kW vs 250kW. It's good   Again, both cars have much less range than the Tesla. Should be fine if you don't make long trips and if you're OK on paying much more. Bear in mind, I didn't even went on details like SW.
  23. All things Tesla

    - The Nio 75kWh has much less range. 456 vs 626km. The 100kWh version gets 590km, but still below Tesla. Even the super cheap Model 3 SR+ has more range (510km) - The NIO is much, much more expensive! The 75kWh starts at 59500€! The 100kWh, which is comparable to the Tesla AWD starts at 68500€! - The NIO charges much slower than the Tesla. 140kW vs 250kW - The NIO won't have the same service center coverage as Tesla - AFAIK there is no official EuroNCAP test, but the ET7 scored below the Tesla, but not by much - It's chinese. You would be supporting China.   You have to ask yourself why should you spend at least 8k more for a car with much less range, and that has slower charging... but hey, car purchases are in general intuitive, not logical.
  24. All things Tesla

    I think they have a replacement for next year? Anyway, one more "Tesla killer" that failed.