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  1. Only in America...

    Adopted daughter and incest don't mix together. Incest is forbidden for genetic reasons, not for morality reasons.
  2. Only in America...

    They use Indian numerals, but the guy that came up with this cheap trick called them arabic.
  3. E-car tips

    So I finally confirmed my Tesla Model 3 order this past week! It will take some weeks to receive it, but in the meantime I want to prepare for it.   I came up with some topics where I could use some help and maybe this is also useful for others thinking on moving to EVs.   Questions: Is there an electricity tariff for night charges? My supplier is E.On but I could move to another. Any useful tips on where to do in-city charging? Which charging stations are cheaper? How to register for them? Useful smartphone apps for charging stations? I´ve seen google maps has them now, but maybe there are more useful ones. Any recommended electrician in Munich to change the garage installation for higher amperage? Or does Tesla recommend one? How much should I expect for a service like that? What other cable/adapters would I need to be on the safe side, i.e. maximum compatibility with all charging stations. Any "must have" accessories for the car? I will get a USB drive for the "Sentry mode" for sure!   Bear in mind, I will probably do most of my charging at home, but if it is much cheaper outside, I would go once a week to a public charger.
  4. E-car tips

    That´s also a service center, so they are probably waiting for service.   There is a Tesla forum where every day you have dozens of posts from people waiting for their cars. So yes, there is clearly a demand.
  5. E-car tips

    More than 1 month waiting for the Tesla... and they say demand is poor... The latest ship arrived 10 days ago in the Netherlands but no phone call from Tesla, perhaps my car is on the next one, which arrives next week...
  6. That is interesting, because it could be considered a datenschutz issue.
  7. You really have no clue on what China is...  
  8. Of course there is! It will protect you for the next shit to come!
  9. Yes, data, users and infrastructure are valuable. But if either Tesla or Google reach robotaxis first, they are both big enough to ignore it and make their own.
  10. I see the risk that their entire business model ceases to exist simply because they were not the first in robotaxis. And I don´t see them as the front runners for robotaxi, they are most likely bankrupt in a few years.
  11. Uber is both the worst in capitalism and in general a bad company. I´ve analysed their cost structure and they might eventually make a profit, but nothing spectacular. Worst, they could be gone overnight either due to stricter laws or the advent of robotaxis from competitors. I think their robotaxis R&D is going nowhere, so either they buy a company that achieves it or they license the technology, or they partner with such a company or they simply die very quickly.   2 year prediction: potentially a small profit 3-5 year prediction: most likely bankrupt
  12. Identity Theft - What Is Possible and How Can I Stop It

    Unsure about Germany, but these types of phone "contracts" in Portugal are only valid with a recording from their side. I had a similar situation in Portugal and requested to hear the conversation.
  13. Only in America...

    Knowing the difference between right and wrong does not imply the maturity required to understand the consequences. That is why we have the distinction between "adults" and "children".
  14. Climate change discussion

    Nah, just university "scientists" doing what they do best: wasting people's money. CO2 entrapment is not economically feasible by a factor of 100x or 1000x. Spraying salt on clouds is also stupid.   Just some distracting ideas.
  15. Powerline recommendations

    I have all Fritz box equipment. I have a router, plus 2 powerline repeaters. The trick to make it work well is to bind them on a mesh. Problem is doing, as it took me several hours to get it working, and I´m pretty good with computers.   But after that I go around the house and see only 1 wifi spot. I can also switch between floors without having a video call failing.
  16. Things you can say during sex and at a job interview

    What is the dressing code?
  17. Palatin back in big values. 1.30€. Been raising like crazy for a few weeks. FDA approval could be within 1-2 months. Competitors have been having issues.   Of course if FDA fails, it goes down the drain...but if it passes... could easily double or triple!   I've bought some more at 0.59 a few months ago, but then sold also some in February at 0.86...
  18. Complete FAIL

    Not really a complete fail, a large diesel generator powering an electric charger is still much more efficient that a normal diesel car.
  19. Looking for English School

    There is much more to it than just learning a new language.   After 2 years of talks with other parents, and with our (very bad) experience from German (private!) Kindergartens, we decided that the German educational system was not for our son. And looking back now I realize it was the best decision we´ve made since moving here.
  20. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Lol, can't you see the incoherence here? For you, that tattoo is bad. For me, others are bad. Let's talk about the concept: with a tattoo, you are exteriorizing something personal. Now your brother in law will be judge at first sight, the same way I judge hipsters or other types of idiots by their tattoos.
  21. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    So... he is an idiot for getting a tattoo?
  22. Opinions on MMR vaccinations for children

    Finally!   https://www.dw.com/en/measles-german-minister-proposes-steep-fines-for-anti-vaxxers/a-48607873
  23. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Life is unfair. Sticking your head on the sand and thinking people don´t care about tattoos doesn´t help.
  24. Schools/Facilities for Autism In Munich

    Bump! A friend is looking for a Spanish or English speaking kindergarten with support for autistic children. Either Munich or Ingolstadt. Any tips?
  25. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Would you trust this guy at first sight? This girl did, so it seems different people see tattoos differently. https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/05/british-backpacker-raped-forced-drive-outback-kidnapper-9415994/