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  1. Police Brutality in the USA

    1) Portugal was spending much more than 2% (up to 5%!) before the 2011 crisis. Only recently that dropped 2) We are not a major weapon manufacturer. Germany, France and others spend money, but also earns a lot of money from selling tanks and submarines! The 2% rule should include provisions for weapon manufacturing earnings.
  2. Police Brutality in the USA

    We can ask Chechnya for help.
  3. How lound is too loud on a Sunday evening?

    @daneelo is right. Your husband needs to moderate. One thing is to have a child that makes noise while playing. The other is having a careless adult who doesn't give a shit about neighbors. Regarding "how loud is too loud", of course there is legislation on that, but that requires a professional measurement to quantify it. But that is not needed, a complain by the neighbor is enough. Just tell your husband to stop being an asshole.  
  4. Coronavirus

    There is one more point I would stress out. Sweden has a regionalized healthcare system, like Spain. This proved disastrous in Spain. Unsure if it played a role in Sweden, but in general this is a concerning topic for me, as in Portugal there are attempts to regionalize the country. I think it is a terrible idea to let each region decide how to manage healthcare. There is no practical reason for that.
  5. Police Brutality in the USA

    A big part of their defense budget is just a jobs program. Not only for personnel but also manufacturing. Military-industrial complex. Europe together has more than enough equipment and personnel to defend itself. And ramping up during a crisis would be easy. You don´t need instant capability, you just need production readiness, and weapon factories in europe are enough.   Examples: US has thousands of tanks, despite the tank age being over, due to widespread use of RPGs, attack helicopters, smart missiles, etc The previous US conflicts in the past 25 years never used used even a third of the total personnel. Even the 2nd Gulf war only saw less than 200.000 US troops on the ground, and not all at the same time. Any large scale war (vs China, for example) will simply be decided by nukes.  
  6. Coronavirus

    @Anna66, if they had a strong lockdown for the first month, they could go to a soft lockdown in the next month. Don't tell me their economy can't handle 1 month like that, if other countries with much higher unemployment can. I summarize this choice to amateur hour, stubbornness, arrogance.
  7. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    Although I would be happy if someone can tell you that you have legal ground, I highly doubt it. Changing jobs in Germany is high risk. In my team we have also fired a few people on probation, one after 4 months and another after just one week. It happens. We also fired a guy after 9 months, so even after probation. It happens.   Why did your wife let her job? You had to move?
  8. Coronavirus

    Why? This constitution excuse is bullshit. They did enforce a soft lockdown, how different is that from a full lockdown from constitutional perspective? Where do you draw the legal line?   BTW, at the current drop rate, I predict they will not go down to zero before reaching 5500 deaths.
  9. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    Great launch!   Too bad Jim Bridenstine transformed this into a Trump's political show. Well, that's what happens when you place a political ally in charge of NASA.
  10. Coronavirus

  11. Coronavirus

    You drunk?  
  12. Coronavirus

      Page 153, 159, 162 on this thread... those were the very first I saw, many more. You search the rest.
  13. Coronavirus

    Belgium made a lot of mistakes, and their health minister was heavily criticized too.
  14. Coronavirus

    Not according to their gibberish. They clearly said they expected herd immunity in May.
  15. Coronavirus

    Another blow for Sweden. As I´ve said weeks ago, their idiot "soft lockdown" approach is now transformed into a temporary "locked out". https://www.thelocal.se/20200529/denmark-and-norway-open-borders-for-eachothers-tourists   Can we call the responsible persons idiots now? They failed to achieve herd immunity, their economy is as badly hit as others, their first wave has no end in sight and they managed to be temporarily locked out. Just so they could dine out and leave the kids in school so they could go to the coffee shop.   And with 84 more deaths today, they are clearly far away from having it under control. I suspect that this week they will again be the country with most deaths per million in Europe.
  16. Police Brutality in the USA

    Last time I was in NY, 2008, I already felt something wrong with the police. I had 3 interaction with them but the relevant one was asking for directions near chinatown and the guy went for his gun! We are tourists, in a super tourist area, and these cops are not used to having people approaching them! In another story (long one), we were almost arrested simply by walking! A patrol car came in upstate new york, the cop asked us if our car broke down and when we said "we don´t have a car" the guy went for the gun, started shouting very loud when I shouted "WE ARE EUROPEANS!". He immediately calmed down and said "HA! I understand! You LIKE to walk!".
  17. You earn 100k, why don't you hire a professional accountant and him take care of that?
  18. Police Brutality in the USA

    Same shit as decades ago, the difference is now we have cameras everywhere.
  19. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Yeah, but no online configurator like in America, so I assumed it was not up and running yet.
  20. Lufthansa Strike

    Unsure how it is in other countries, but in Portugal the whole air flight industry, especially ground crew, is a "job for the boys" thing. You know "someone" who can get you a job there.
  21. Berlin to get a Tesla Gigafactory

    Interesting, I heard that they had a large backlog in US and that V3 would take a while to arrive here.
  22. Kudos! Lots of respect!  
  23. Lufthansa Strike

    I hope they do give their slots, it is shameful what is going on in German airports. This is pure monopoly and the EU is right.   Germany needs the EU as much the EU needs Germany. So no kick in the nuts, a compromise must be reached.
  24. Climate change

    Who? Please quote.
  25. Space rocket launches and ISS docking news

    There are 3 things you can make money in space with: primary sector; mining Secondary sector: manufacturing of 0-g items, life fiberoptics Tertiary sector: tourism, satellite communications, satellite launch, satellite servicing, government services   I think mining will come in 10 years. Manufacturing can come in 5 years. high end fiberoptics looks to be profitable even with a cargo Dragon. Surprisingly, tourism cannot generate that much revenue.  Satellite launch has also hard limitations.  But internet by satellite is a huge and profitable area.   To make mining and manufacturing profitable, we need to scale up launches to reduce costs per kg. My guess is that new satellite constellations will provide this boost.